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Canada Road Trips

After traveling around Canada extensively, it’s safe to say that we have taken our fair share of road trips. We’ve driven around different parts of Canada, and for a time, we even lived out of our van so we could easily get up and go! Since Bailey was born and raised here, we have a lot of insight regarding what to expect when traveling through this scenic country.

We love sharing unique attractions, our favorite places to visit, and fun things to do in Canada, and our favorite way to get to these areas is by packing up the car and enjoying the sights along the way. The majority of these adventures are around Alberta and British Columbia, and we’ve got a lot of detailed road trips that can be used as guides which we’ve grouped by area below.

Views along Highwood Pass, Kananaskis, Alberta

Best Alberta Road Trips

The Alberta province is home to some dreamy landscapes including clear blue rivers, fossil-filled deserts, and lush green forests. There are a lot of places to explore, and since there’s an international airport in Calgary, that’s where our road trips begin.

This blog is the best place to start for anyone looking to take an epic road trip through Alberta.

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Best Calgary Road Trips

Calgary makes a great base for some epic road trips, especially if you’re flying into the city’s international airport. See the best of the Rocky Mountains, with options to explore the Icefields Parkway and Banff along with more quaint mountain towns, stunning canyons, and national parks.

This list includes 8 different road trip itineraries from Calgary, ranging from 1 to 14 days.

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Stunning view of the road through the Kananaskis in Alberta, Canada

Road trips from Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, and we usually stock up and enjoy a delicious meal here before heading out on a road trip. Below are our guides that outline our favorite routes to popular places from Calgary. Of course, you can cater these trips to suit your needs, and even complete them from the bottom up. Either way, there are plenty of stops along the way to keep everybody entertained.

Road trips from Edmonton

Edmonton offers so many fun things to do from going to one of the many festivals to shopping in the largest mall in North America! Its ideal location also makes it a great starting place for many of our favorite road trips!

Other Alberta Road Trips

Driving through Glacier National Park

BEST BC Road Trips

British Columbia is a province on Canada’s west coast, and the scenery varies from stunning ocean views to winding mountain paths. We’ve lost count of how many road trips we’ve taken through BC, and we’re always adding more to the list. These road trips typically start in Vancouver since there is an international airport there.

Read this blog first to start planning an epic British Columbia road trip.

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Vancouver Island Road Trip Itineraries

Best Vancouver Island Road Trips

Vancouver Island is part of BC, but as a separate island, it’s truly an adventure all on its own. There are so many beautiful things to see from amazing beaches to endless forests and stunning parks, plus this blog includes different multi-day road trips to suit any itinerary.

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Flowers and Victoria harbor on Vancouver Island, BC

Road trips from Vancouver

Vancouver is a super fun, diverse area with loads of history and art that we love to learn about when we’re in the area. It’s a coastal city with everything from hiking trails to adventure activities and a lot of excellent restaurants. After living in Vancouver, we’ve come up with some of our favorite trips from this epic city which you can find below.

Road trips from Whistler

We’ve visited Whistler dozens of times over the years, and while it’s well known for having some of the best winter activities in the country, there are plenty of year-round activities to enjoy as well. Here are some of our favorite road trips we’ve been on while staying in this epic town.

Road trips from Golden and Revelstoke

Golden and Revelstoke are small areas in BC less than 2 hours apart. Both places offer unique activities such as visiting Golden’s resident grizzly bear and hiking around Mt Revelstoke National Park. We usually spend a few days in each area, and we’ve enjoyed taking the below trips as well!

Vancouver Island Road Trips

Vancouver Island is a paradise for nature lovers, and there is a surprisingly large amount of things to see and do here. Whether we’re enjoying a beach day or walking around the capital, we always end up wanting to stay for longer. We’ve included some of our favorite road trips that we’ve taken around the island below.

Other British Columbia Road Trips

Other Popular Places