About Us

Couple photos at the secret garden in Perth

For those of you who don’t already know, we are Bailey and Daniel! We are a couple who lives for travelling.


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What do we love most about travel? 

The adventure! The thrill that comes along with experiencing something totally new. We are constantly pushing the limits and stepping outside of our comfort zones, whether that means taking local transport in a developing country or jumping out of airplane. The amazing thing about travel is that everyday is a new experience for us, we never stay in one place longer than a week to keep having new adventures while learning about unique cultures and seeing some of the most beautiful corners of the world.



adventure travel blog of dan and bailey

A Little Bit About Us

We are from different corners of the world ourselves, Daniel is from Australia and Bailey is from Canada. Naturally, we met while travelling! As a couple, our biggest common interest has always been travel and our sense of adventure. Two years of taking short trips while working in Australia led us to take to big leap to quit our jobs and jump on a plane to Latin America – that’s where the blog started.


Where are we now? 

Now (February 2018) we are in Western Australia for a couple of weeks! We have been travelling for 16 months since we quit our jobs. 18 countries and countless adventures so far. You’ll have to follow our blog and social media to keep up with where we are as we are actively travelling and change cities every few days!


Where are we going next? 

After our time enjoying the beautiful Western Australia, we are headed to New Zealand! We have big plans for living out of a van in New Zealand (the true land of adventure) and then potentially a Southern Asia trip after that!


Thanks for joining us on our adventures!

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