About Us

Couple photos at the secret garden in Perth

About Us

For those of you who don't know us, nice to meet you, we are Dan and Bailey!

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We are just another couple of crazy backpackers, likely, not so different from yourself! Our list of places to see around the world is constantly growing and our passion for living an exciting life full of adventure and culture fuels us!

We are just your regular twenty-five year old backpackers. We travel on a budget, we like a good party, and we are suckers for a funny travel story. In fact, you may have already ran into us in a hostel, chatting with fellow travelers over a beer (we like to talk as much as we like to write!)  

We are from different corners of the world ourselves, Daniel is from Australia and Bailey is from Canada. Naturally, we met while travelling! As a couple, our biggest common interest has always been travel and our sense of adventure. 

What do we love most about travel?

The adventure! The thrill that comes along with experiencing something totally new. We are constantly pushing the limits and stepping outside of our comfort zones, whether that means taking local transport in a developing country or jumping out of airplane. The amazing thing about travel is that everyday is a new experience for us. Learning about unique cultures and seeing some of the most beautiful corners of the world makes life that much more exhilarating. 

Where are we now? 

Now (May 2018) we are in New Zealand!

Based in Queenstown, we are exploring the South Island this winter! We are going to learn to ski and snowboard this year as well as tackle some of the craziest activities the adventure capital of New Zealand has to offer!

We are working on converting our van into a camper van so that when summer comes we can live in the van, lace up our hiking boots, and enjoy nature!

Where are we going next? 

To be completely honest, we have no idea (isn’t that great!) India has been on our radar for quite some time now but so has the Philippines so I guess we will just wait and see what happens!

the lookout on rottnest island

Thanks for following us on our adventures!

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