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Is Motorhome Republic Legit? Our Review After 4 Road Trips

Is Motorhome Republic Legit? Our Review After 4 Road Trips

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Thinking of renting a motorhome for an epic road trip?

I’ll bet that you’ve definitely stumbled upon Motorhome Republic by now. It’s one of the most popular motorhome rental sites out there, but of course, when you’re shelling out a ton of money on a rental, you want to be 100% sure that the company you’re using is legit! 

We’ve used Motorhome Republic on four different trips across New Zealand and Canada, and we can confirm that they’re legitimate and won’t steal your money. That’s the short answer, but stay tuned for our in-depth review where we’ll share exactly why we like using Motorhome Republic, the things that we don’t love, and some insider tips. Buckle up! 

Is Motorhome Republic Legit?

A large motorhome parked up at a viewpoint in Kaikoura, NZ
They’re super legit!


Motorhome Republic is one of the largest online motorhome rental agencies in the world. They’re a bit like for hotels, or Airbnb for apartments, only they deal in RVs instead!

They’re one of the most trusted sites out there and we like using them because it allows us to compare prices and suppliers easily, without spending hours researching different companies, with a million different browser tabs open. Using Motorhome Republic simplifies the rental process because all of the best options are in one place! 

We also consider them to be trustworthy because they’re really transparent with their pricing. Some rental agencies will display super low prices to begin with so that you click through, and then pile on the hidden fees later. We find this tactic to be underhanded and a waste of time, so we appreciate how transparent Motorhome Republic is. 

In fact, we’ve used Motorhome Republic four different times now and we’ve always been really happy with the prices and level of service they have provided us. They definitely won’t steal your money, and we’ve found them to be very transparent and trustworthy. We will definitely use them again!

Are Motorhomes More Expensive on Motorhome Republic?

A motorhome drives along a remote road in New Zealand
Time for a road trip!

No – in fact, we have actually saved money by using Motorhome Republic! You can browse so many different companies at once to get an idea of what the going rates are for different types of motorhomes in different parts of the world. This has prevented us from overpaying and helped us to find the best prices out there.

The motorhome rental companies that list themselves on Motorhome Republic often have sales on, too, and the site will show you those motorhomes first to make sure that you don’t miss out on a great deal. We’ve found some real bargains this way, and if that weren’t enough, they also have a lowest price guarantee. If you find a cheaper price in Australia or New Zealand, Motorhome Republic will not only match it, but they’ll give you an extra $150 off!

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What are the Benefits of Booking Through Motorhome Republic? 

A motorhome drives along a remote road near fox Glacier, New Zealand
You can visit some beautiful and remote places in a motorhome

Fantastic layout 

I like using Motorhome Republic because the layout of the site is clear and easy to use. It doesn’t feel cluttered or confusing, and so it makes searching for my perfect motorhome so much easier. It’s way easier than trying to navigate 10 different rental sites at once to find the best price! 

List all inclusions and exclusions 

Another thing that we love about using Motorhome Republic is how transparent it is. All of the inclusions and exclusions are clearly listed so we always know exactly what we’re getting and don’t get any surprises on the day! This makes planning a road trip so much easier and means we don’t have to waste time digging around in the fine print. 

Easy to choose extras 

Motorhome Republic makes it so easy to add any extras you might need for your motorhome rental, like additional drivers, chairs and tables, WiFi hotspots, child seats, and even camping equipment!

It only takes the click of a button, and it’s easy to see the price, which is determined either per day or per rental. This makes it so easy to ensure you have everything you need and understand exactly what it will cost. Basically, we just tick a few boxes and build our perfect bundle. 

Zero excess rental cover is available 

Third-party coverage is included as standard with Motorhome Republic, as they don’t sneak in hidden fees. However, we also like how easy it is to add zero excess rental cover, which basically means your excess is covered up to a certain amount, so you usually don’t have to pay anything if you damage your vehicle or do something like lock your keys in the van. The limit varies by country but in New Zealand it was $3,500 NZD, so we thought it was definitely worth it! 

Campervans and motorhomes parked in new Zealand
Motorhomes are such a fun way to travel

Instant book on some rentals 

Some of the rental options on Motorhome Republic offer instant booking, and there’s even a filter you can use if you need to find something last minute. Meanwhile, those that don’t offer instant booking have a booking agent instead who will contact you to assist with the process. Either way, we’ve always found it to be really smooth and easy. 

Booking agent to make the process smooth

When we’ve picked motorhome rentals that didn’t offer instant booking, an agent has reached out to us instead to ensure that we got the option we wanted. If the exact model you want isn’t available, the booking agent will also help you to find another suitable choice that ticks all of your boxes.

Lowest price guarantee

Motorhome Republic will match a lower price and in Australia and New Zealand, they’ll actually beat it by $150 AUD or NZD. Basically, you’re guaranteed to get the lowest price when booking through Motorhome Republic. And, as we mentioned earlier, they don’t display an unrealistically low price as clickbait and then add lots of hidden fees later – the price you see is the price you pay, before any optional extras you want to add.

Easy-to-understand cancellation policies

Some rental agencies purposefully make cancellation policies difficult to understand to trip up their customers and maximize profits, but Motorhome Republic isn’t like that. You can read the terms of the RV rental before you pay, and we’ve always found that Motorhome Republic makes it very clear. Most motorhomes offer free cancellation up to two months in advance, and then cancelling three weeks before your trip incurs a 10% charge, but we always make sure to double-check this before we pay. 

See the latest reviews 

Up-to-date reviews are super important when booking an RV rental. After all, it’s going to be your temporary home! So we like that Motorhome Republic clearly displays ratings for each rental company and they make it easy for users to head over to the company’s page on TrustPilot, where it’s easy to filter views and read the most recent ones. 

What are the Negatives of Booking Through Motorhome Republic? 

Two motorhomes parked in New Zealand
There are lots of different models

You are not booking directly 

As mentioned, Motorhome Republic is a third-party site, so you’re not booking directly with a company. We actually like this because it means there’s a big company to uphold our rights as customers and hold the rental companies to account, but some travelers feel more comfortable booking directly, without the involvement of another company. 

Not all companies are on Motorhome Republic 

Not every country has a ton of rental options available on Motorhome Republic. Not all rental companies list themselves on Motorhome Republic and in some parts of the world there are only a handful of options available. We know for sure that they have a ton of fantastic options in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but the site might not be ideal for every destination. 

What is Motorhome Republic’s customer service like?

We have had nothing but great experiences with Motorhome Republic! Once, when we arrived to pick up our vehicle, there was an issue with our card not working, but the customer service team was fantastic and helped us get everything sorted with the supplier. The booking process was also really simple, and when we changed our mind about the campervan we wanted, our agent made it really easy for us to switch. 

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What is our personal experience with Motorhome Republic?

A motorhome under the stars in New Zealand
They’re great!

We love using them!

The only reason that we ever book a motorhome directly nowadays is if we have a special discount code that we found online for a company that doesn’t list their vehicles on Motorhome Republic. However, to be honest, that’s pretty rare these days because we usually find a better price by browsing on Motorhome Republic anyway, especially with their price match guarantee! 

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie while exploring Christchurch, New Zealand
Thanks for reading!

Hopefully, our review of Motorhome Republic was helpful if you’re considering using them. I love vacationing with a motorhome because of the freedom and flexibility, but it can be pricey, so it’s worth using a site like this to find the best deal. Motorhome Republic is definitely legit and has saved us a ton on our road trips in Canada and New Zealand.

At this point, I might even call us professional roadtrippers because of how many we’ve done! If you’d like advice on the best routes and sights, have a look at our blog and just click the destination where you’re headed.

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