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Hi, we are Dan & Bailey!

We have been traveling the world full-time and blogging about it all for seven years now. We’re experts when it comes to travel and as travelers ourselves, understand the needs of those visiting a destination for the first, second, or hundredth time.

We love adventure travel so you’ll often find us out in nature. However, as travel experts, we also dedicate our time to experiencing and vetting tours, hotels, and experiences for our readers. We live and breathe travel, so you can plan your trip with confidence!

All our content is human-written and based on our travels with our readers in mind. Although this blog is no longer our hobby, but a profession, we still try to keep the fun in our writing and not only help you plan but also get you excited about the places we love!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Our Favorite Places

New Zealand
Sri Lanka

What We Write About

Hiking is a part of being atravel blogger see our tips here!
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Amazing places
Money advice for travel

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