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Vancouver Island

Just off Canada’s Pacific coast lies the natural paradise known as Vancouver Island. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, sits on the southern end and is home to stunning architecture, the award-winning Butchart Gardens, and a good mix of historical landmarks, museums, and artwork that illustrate the indigenous history of the area.

We love visiting Vancouver Island to see the amazing scenery and wildlife, and one of our favorite tours involves going whale-watching. We’ll list all the tours and animals to keep an eye out for in our articles below.

There are also a ton of hiking trails, parks, and beaches to explore as well. We’ve taken road trips to many of the island’s cities and towns, and have written all about our experiences along the way.

Other than the countless things to do here, Vancouver Island is full of friendly people and delicious food too. Every time we visit we find it harder and harder to leave, but that’s just what the fresh ocean air does to people.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Vancouver Island for yourself! If you need more convincing, check out all the posts below that highlight our time spent in this Canadian wonderland.

Planning Essentials for Vancouver Island

Before buying your tickets, check out our top tips for visiting Vancouver Island. We’ve got options from our favorite hotels to our favorite places to eat, and you can read all about them below.

Things to do on Vancouver Island

We absolutely love getting away to Vancouver Island any chance we can get. It’s the perfect place to relax and reset. After visiting again and again, we figured it’d be beneficial to share our favorite things to do here which you can find in these blogs.

Vancouver Island Itineraries

There are a surprising amount of places to visit on the island, so if you already know how long you’re staying, read up on our ideal itineraries for any epic Vancouver Island adventure.

Best Tours on Vancouver Island

Taking tours is one of our favorite ways to go sightseeing and learn about the places we are visiting. We’ve been on plenty of tours when traveling around Vancouver Island, so we’re sharing our favorites with you!

Vancouver Island’s Top Attractions

There are just some experiences on Vancouver Island that you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s a list of the top sights to see during your stay. We’ve been to each of these attractions so you can rest assured that you’re getting a first-hand account of what to expect.

Vancouver Island Road Trips

We love packing the car and hitting the road any chance we can get. These are some of the road trips we’ve taken on Vancouver Island which include our suggestions for the best places to stop along the way.

Nearby Places to Visit