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Things to do in Suva – Fiji’s Capital City

Last updated : June 3rd, 2019

at the presidents house in fiji with the guard

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Suva is Fiji’s capital and although many don’t come to Fiji to visit Suva its still an important part of this small nations history and culture. So in this blog, we list some of the many amazing things to do in Suva, Fiji. 

Things to do in Suva, Fiji

Suva is the capital city in Fiji. Many tourists visit Fiji and don’t ever visit Suva due to its location, Suva is about 4 hours away from Nadi international airport by taxi! Suva does have its own airport but most international flights to Fiji land in Nadi making the journey to Suva long.

Many people come to Fiji just to lay on the beach and enjoy the “island life.” However, if you do want to see more of Fiji including how most of the people of today live in Fiji, then a trip to Suva is necessary!

But besides just checking out the hustle and bustle of Fiji’s largest city, there are also a few “touristy things to do in Suva that could keep you busy for a day or two.

If you want to check out Suva, this blog will tell you all of the best things to do in Suva, Fiji.

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Visit the Fiji Museum

In Suva, there is the national museum of Fiji. The museum is located in a nice garden and only costs a $5 FJN entry fee.

The different exhibits in the museum include ancient artefact displays of weapons, tools and pottery. There is a biodiversity display about some of the plants and animals found in Fiji as well as a room mostly dedicated to fabrics and weaving. You’ll also find large impressive boat and raft replicas in the maritime exhibit.

the fiji museum is one of the best things to do in suva
One of the boat displays at the Fiji Museum.

Throughout the museum, there is lots of written information that, if you read it all, would take you hours to get through! But, if you focus on the highlights then your visit might only take an hour.

fiji museum artifacts
One of the many artifacts on display at the museum.

The Fiji Museum isn’t “high-tech” by any means, but I was impressed with the detail and information available. It was a good way to gain some insight into Fiji’s history both culturally and politically, and overall was one of the best things to do in Suva.

You’ll find the Fiji Museum in the Thurston Gardens right in the centre of Suva.

Visit the President’s House

The president lives in a huge beautiful house up on a hill in Suva. You cannot enter the house, or even get past the gates for that matter. But, you can look at the house form the gates and even take a picture with the guard.

This guard stands at the front gates and does a march every 15 minutes. While he won’t acknowledge or talk to you, you can stand next to him and get a photo as a memory.

The President’s House is located right near the museum in the heart of Suva on Queen Elizabeth Drive.

at the presidents house in fiji with the guard
Mum and I posing for the camera with the President’s House guard.
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Coffee at the Grand Pacific Hotel

The Grand Pacific Hotel is the nicest hotel in Suva. It is huge and has become somewhat of an icon in Fiji. The Queen stayed at this hotel when she visited Fiji as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Meghan and Harry) on their very recent visit in 2018.

Staying at the Grand Pacific Hotel is well out of budget for most travellers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit. You can go inside and have a coffee at the café. From there, you get gorgeous ocean views and see the inside of the hotel. For a minute, you might even feel like royalty yourself!

grand pacific hotel
The front of the Grand Pacific Hotel

Buy fresh produce at the Suva Municipal Market

There is a fresh produce market right in the heart of Suva. For cheap produce (and some of the best produce at that) this is the place to go! In Fiji, you can have tropical fruit such as mangos and pineapples for very cheap. Also, be sure to try cassava or taro which are commonly eaten by the locals (root vegetables similar to potatoes but takes longer to cook.)

If you go to the markets after 6 pm everything is half price as the stalls are all closing up for the day. Just be warned though, that at this time of the day the selection can be limited.

The Suva Municipal Market is huge, with two stories and hundreds of stalls. Besides fruit and veggies, you will also find spices and seafood at the markets. Exploring the markets is interesting and a great way to see what the local people eat.

The main produce market in Suva is on Harris Road and open Monday to Saturday every week.

suva marketplace
The entrance to the Suva Markets – they are huge!

Go shopping

If you want to do some souvenir shopping then Suva is the best place to do it! Suva is significantly less “touristy” than the islands, Port Denarau, or Nadi and therefore prices for souvenirs are cheaper.

Besides souvenirs though, you will find plenty of clothing stores and grocery stores in Suva that are reasonably priced and cheaper than other places in Fiji. If you need to do some serious shopping while in Fiji, Suva is the place!

The central streets of Suva are great for shopping and wandering around. While Fiji is pretty safe in general, I do recommend keeping your wits about you and not carrying any valuables in your back pockets. Some petty crime such as pickpocketing can happen in Suva.

shopping is one of the best things to do in suva
Shopping is one of the best things to do in Suva!

Try some traditional cuisine

While in Suva, you might as well get adventurous and try some Fijian dishes! The two most common are Kokoda (Fijian cerviche), which is fish cured in lime juice and served with coconut milk, or Ika Lolo which is a cooked fished dish served with veggies and cassava in coconut milk! Both are amazing and you will find them at pretty much any restaurant in Suva!

If seafood isn’t your thing, try some Indian food! There is a huge Indian influence in Fiji and they sure know how to cook good Indian food. One restaurant in Suva, in particular, that is renowned for amazing Indian food is called Maya Dhaba, it is located at 281 Victoria Parade.

ika lolo traditional fijian dish you must try
Ika Lolo – a common Fijian dish with fish served in coconut cream with veggies and cassava on the side. So yum!
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While Suva isn’t exactly the beautiful Fijian beach escape, a trip there even for just one day is a great way to immerse yourself in the Fijian culture and have a look at how people live in a Fijian city today.

I hope this blog about the things to do Suva will help you to better explore Fiji!

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