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Ideas for Fun Day Trips from Perth

Ideas for Fun Day Trips from Perth

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Day Trips from Perth

This guide includes some great ideas for day trips from Perth. it includes some local secrets shared by me after calling Perth home for over 20 years! To truly fall in love with Perth you need to dig a little deeper and travel a little further than most places. But let me tell you, it’s worth it!

One of the most amazing things about Perth is the fact that it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful areas in the world. The best thing is that you don’t always have to travel that far to experience them. There are many rivers, secluded beaches, and breathtaking landscapes that make for the perfect day trips from Perth.

There are hundreds of spots to waste away the days and all of them seem to bring their own uniqueness. They attract people for all sorts of reasons. For me, it’s just about getting out of the city and surrounding yourself with nature. Saying goodbye to the thousands of cars, losing track of time, and above all else having a great time!

Whether you fancy pristine beaches, kayaking down rivers, or drinking way too much wine, there will be something for you in our day trips from Perth post! Although this list is a day trips from Perth post. We still highly recommend turning your Perth day trip into an overnight adventure!

Every trip from Perth can be turned into an even better experience if you decide to camp under the stars or stay in a luxury lodge! So in this post, I will also touch on the options to extend particular day trips from Perth into slightly longer stays as a multi-day trip!

7 Day Trips from Perth

1. Rottnest Island

As far as day trips from Perth go, Rottnest Island is one of the most popular among both locals and tourists alike. Rottnest Island is located 20km from Perth and boasts some of the most breathtaking and secluded beaches in Australia. Rottnest Island is also home to the Quokka, made famous by the selfie taken by Rodera Fedora.

Whether you enjoy exploring the island’s many beaches, swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing, there are so many amazing things to do on Rottnest Island. The island’s many riding and walking paths make exploring this magical Perth hotspot a breeze.

That View

I love the color of the water!

However, you don’t only need to spend a day at Rottnest and you can instead opt to spend a night or two, either in accommodation or in the campsite. This is a great way to make sure you explore every hidden spot and also enjoy one of the best seats in the house for a Western Australian sunset!

Accessing Rottnest Island is easy and rather inexpensive. There are 3 ferry companies that make regular trips to and from the island or there are great Rottnest Island tours on offer. Bike hire, supermarkets, a pub, and a few restaurants are also available on the island. So get over to Rottnest for one of the most magical day trips from Perth! It’s the most popular thing to do in Perth for a reason!

For more information on costs, bookings and what to do on the island, check out our complete guide to Rottnest Island here!

Rottnest Island is a day trips from Perth

Just one of the many secluded bays on Rottnest Island

2. Margaret River

Located around three hours from Perth, Margaret River is almost too far to make our day trips from Perth list. But it has anyways because if you’re in Perth, Margaret River simply cannot be missed! Plus, there are some great Margaret River tours from Perth that will take care of the entire experience.

The coastline near Margaret River brings in the world-class surf while the inland region is famous for world-class wines. The forest areas in Margaret River are great for bush walks and the many trails make getting amongst nature and the cool crisp air a breeze – no pun intended!

The wine tours in Margaret River visit the best wineries in the area are a perfect way to satisfy any self-confessed wine lover. With hundreds of wines to taste and many vineyards to explore you simply couldn’t get bored in this beautiful region. Even if the wine isn’t your thing, the cheese or chocolate factory might just tempt you enough to make the long trip!

Visiting a winery on a day trips from Perth

One of the amazing wineries!

Surfing in Margaret River is also considered world class and the Pro Circuit makes a stop here every April as the world’s best battle it out in the Margaret River Pro! If you are lucky enough to visit during this time be ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Also, a huge drawcard for Margaret River is the amazing cave systems dotted around the coast. These Caves were formed thousands of years ago and are simply amazing! I highly recommend Lake Cave – It’s breathtaking!

Margaret River is a personal favorite of mine and as a Perth local, I have spent many weekends in this fantastic region! Spending only a day in Margaret River is truly not enough to see all the main attractions however if time is limited it is still better than missing out!

Day trips from perth

Enjoying that view!

3. Jurien Bay

Located two hours driving from Perth, Jurien Bay holds a special spot in my heart. It’s where I completed my first ever skydive and where that passion started! However Jurien Bay is so much more than just skydiving and in fact, it’s more about the beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, surrounding landscapes, and wildlife that bring the thousands of visitors every year.

The beaches that line the coast near Jurien Bay are simply beautiful. The turquoise waters and pearly white sand are reason enough to make the trip worth it, however, it offers much more!

Jurien Bay’s aquatic life is unique and makes day trips from Perth worth every minute in the car. With a Sea Lion colony that calls the bay home, it’s a great chance to get up and close on one of the Sea Lion tours offered in Jurien Bay.

Also famous is the great fishing. Many locals travel the distance for the chance to reel in a huge Dhufish! This great tasting fish is worth every stroke of the reel (one taste is a good reason to visit Jurien Bay!) However, it’s not just the Dhufish that people come for! The Crayfish or Western Rock Lobster are also in abundance and popular for eating!

The Pinnacles are another unique site to visit close to Jurien Bay! The Pinnacles are a huge area filled with strange rock formations that stand up straight like soldiers in a march. I personally have seen nothing like it anywhere else in the world! You can also join a Pinnacles tour from Perth if that’s more convenient.

With all these amazing things to see it’s no wonder Jurien Bay made my “Day Trips from Perth” list. Jurien Bay is heaven on earth and is well worth a visit!

Bailey enjoying the beach while Daniel went skydiving!

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4. Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is famous for all things wine! The region has become famous for its delicious fortifieds and is the only place I have enjoyed sparkling red! The warmer temperatures of the Swan Valley make it perfect for getting out of the city and tempting your taste buds with some fantastic wines!

Wine is not the only thing this beautiful region produces though! With chocolate, cheese, and nougat, no one will be bored or disappointed with this day trip from Perth. With factories onsite you can see for yourself how everything is made – oh and don’t forget the free samples!

Drink wines on one of our day trips from Perth

Red wine in the making!

The best way to enjoy this fun day out is on a Swan Valley wine tour from Perth. You’ll have a built-in designated driver and get to visit amazing wineries along the way and your guide offers local insight into how the wines are produced. It’s definitely one of the best tours from Perth you can do! The tours usually run all day and that means you no longer need to worry about driving home!

A tour company we highly recommend is Up Close and Local. We did the Wine Lovers Premium Experience tour with them and had such a fantastic time! We visited 4 amazing wineries and tried about 30 wines. The tour included a cheese spread that had cheese from all around the world, local olives and salami, and wine! We highly recommend joining this tour for a fun day out!

the swan valley is a great day trips from perth

The Swan Valley!

5. Penguin Island

Penguin Island is a really underrated spot in Perth in for that reason is not visited much by locals. However, don’t let that deter you. Penguin Island is perfect for those wanting to visit a unique and interesting place while supporting an environmental protection zone.

The Blue Penguin (or Little Penguin) is the smallest penguin in the world. This means they could not survive the colder climates their cousins thrive in to the south! For that reason, some 1200 penguins call Penguin Island home giving visitors the perfect opportunity to see them up close in the wild or in the Discovery Centre on the island.

The Discovery Centre has 3 feeding times. During these times they feed 10 injured Penguins that can no longer survive in the wild. Along with feedings, the island boasts 2km of walking trails that take you around the island and show you how important this place is – not only to the Penguins, but also other wildlife including Pelicans!

Penguin Island is a beautiful island uninhabited by humans and protected by law to ensure the survival of these cute animals. The Rangers rely on visitors to fund the conservation project. So, I encourage every visitor to check it out!

For more information on what to do and how to get there, check out our Penguin Island blog post here!

Penguin Island is one of the best day trips from Perth

Meet a few of the gang!

6. Black Diamond Lake and Honeymoon pool

These two hidden gems were up until recently, unknown to me. It wasn’t until I set out to find some more hidden spots to share with everyone on my blog that this place crossed my path! It is another spot around two hours from Perth, that in my opinion is well worth a visit!

Black Diamond Lake is definitely the more beautiful of the two and if time is short I highly recommend spending it there! The lake itself is stunning and the color of the water is out of this world – oh and it’s not black, the lake actually shines blue! When I saw it for the very first time I was amazed and just couldn’t wait to jump in!

Unfortunately, no camping is allowed at Black Diamond Lake so you will have to settle for just one day. However, that’s where Honeymoon Pool comes in handy!

Day trips from Perth, Honeymoon Pool!

Honeymoon Pool was a great place to cool off!

Honeymoon pool is a swimming area in the Collie River and the adjacent campsite make it the perfect place to spend a few nights under the stars and surrounded by nature! The swimming spot is truly special and the peppermint trees that shade the area are amazing!

If a day trip from Perth is all you have time for then Black Diamond Lake is the best option as the long drive limits time to explore!

Black diamond lake is the best day trips from Perth

I told you, I couldn’t wait to jump in!

7. Busselton

Busselton is another coastal town located around 1.5 hours south of Perth. Although a small town, there are ton of fun things to do in Busselton!  With beautiful summer temperatures and stunning beaches you really can’t go wrong!

Busselton’s jetty is its postcard and the 1.8km jetty is truly a sight to see. With the option of either walking or taking the train to the end, it’s accessible to everyone. Once at the end you can venture down to the underwater observatory that was voted the number 1 aquarium in the south pacific on TripAdvisor!

During the months of September to December, the waters off Busselton are home to some 30,000+ migrating Humpback Whales! This gives visitors the perfect opportunity to catch them splashing around on one of the whale watching tours, or if you’re lucky enough from the shore!

A unique thing to do in Busselton is to enjoy a scenic walk through the world’s only pure Tuart Forrest! These forests suffered severely in early times due to logging. Now Busselton is home to the only Tuart Forest and thankfully it’s 100% protected.

Day trips from Perth to Busselton are really popular among Perth locals, and when you get there it won’t be hard to see why!

The jetty on your day trips from Perth

A picnic looking out at the jetty!

Perth itself is a beautiful city. However, to truly appreciate this stunning part of the world it’s necessary to venture away from the busy highways and seek out the truly magical spots that make Perth my beautiful home! The treasures that surround the most isolated city in the world are plenty. You just need the adventure bug to find them! Using this day trips from Perth guide, I’m confident you will leave Perth with some pretty amazing memories!

For more information on Perth or the places mentioned above, check out our Perth category on our blog here!


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