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33 Unique and Fun Things to do in Fiji (to have the best holiday EVER!)

33 Unique and Fun Things to do in Fiji (to have the best holiday EVER!)

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This blog is about the 33 most unique and fun things to do in Fiji to help you plan your trip. These suggestions are about getting the most out of your trip to Fiji and having the most memorable experiences possible!

Fiji is a beautiful island nation boasting incredible scenery and some of the friendliest people I have ever met! For such a small country, there is just so much to see and do. With most tourists only visiting for a week or two, this means you have to choose how you want to spend your time wisely.

After visiting Fiji for myself, I have come up with this big list of 33 unique and fun things to do in Fiji. I’ve carefully handpicked each experience and activity and there is something for everyone from cultural experiences to food to adventure!

So, without further ado, here are some of the top activities and attractions for travelers visiting Fiji!

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1. Try Kava

free kava ceremony in fiji
Me, trying “Kava” for free at a hotel bar/restaurant!

Kava is a traditional Fijian drink. It is made from a ground-up plant root (Piper methysticum) and mixed with water. Traditionally, only village chiefs drank Kava. But nowadays, Kava is consumed at celebrations or even just socially with friends. In Fiji, alcohol is very expensive so Kava is the local people’s substitute.

Kava tastes a little like muddy water or really bad tea. After having many glasses you may start to feel “chilled out” or relaxed as Kava tends to have this side effect.

Don’t have Kava for the taste or the feeling, try Kava for the cultural experience. Attend a Kava ceremony and try one of the most popular drinks in Fiji for yourself in the traditional (ceremonial) way.

You can pay to go on a village tour and try Kava there, or, some hotels/resorts will do Kava ceremonies on certain nights (so you might just get lucky and try Kava for free!) You can also buy Kava at stores and mix it up for yourself.

2. Stay in a Bure

a bure in fiji
A bure!

Another authentic Fijian experience is staying in a Bure. A Bure is a Fijian-style bungalow which many resorts have on offer as an option for accommodation. These Bures are usually on the beach and have an outdoor shower. It’s a fun alternative and much more interesting and authentic than your typical hotel room.

The Bure pictured above is where I stayed for five nights at the Uprising Resort. It was really affordable and was right on the ocean!

3. Go Scuba Diving

daniel and bailey taking a selfie while scuba diving
We love scuba!

Fiji is world renowned for scuba diving! There are tons of brightly coloured fish and corals to see as well as sharks. Yes, sharks! Scuba divers come from all over the world to go shark diving in Fiji.

To go shark diving you’ll need to go on an organized trip out at Beqa Island. There, you will dive with the sharks and watch them get fed. To be honest, I didn’t do this myself simply because of the high price tag ($240 USD) but I spoke to people who did and they reckon it was incredible! They felt safe the whole time and saw tons of sharks!

If shark diving isn’t your thing, there are tons of other scuba trips that take you to brightly colored coral reefs off the shores of isolated islands. These scuba trips are much cheaper than the shark diving trips and if you aren’t already scuba certified, there are many companies who offer the training.

4. Watch a Fire Show

fire dancers in fiji
Fire dancers!

A traditional way of dancing in Fiji is with fire. Fire dancers in Fiji are very talented and put on a unique show right in front of your eyes as they spin poles lit with fire.

If you want to see a fire show, you can go to a paid show such as one at the Fiji Culture Village, or you can try and catch a free one in a bar or restaurant. Just be aware, not all fire dancers are as talented as the next. If you want to see the really impressive ones, then I recommend going with the paid experience!

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5. Explore a Tiny Remote Island

visit an island in fiji as one of the best things to do
Beautiful sandy beach on a tiny island in Fiji!

Did you know there are well over 300 islands in Fiji?! Exploring islands is one of the most popular things to do in Fiji. In fact, many people base their entire Fiji holiday on island hopping alone.

Some islands are isolated with no inhabitants while others have their own little towns. Some have electricity and internet, and some don’t. Some islands are many hours away by ferry and some are just off the coast. So, choose your islands wisely!

You can either spend a few nights on the islands or just do day trips from the main island. There are day excursions leaving from Nadi and Port Denarau daily to various different islands. I went to Robinson Crusoe Island and had a great day out there! Expect to pay between $100-$200 FJD for a day trip to an island including lunch.

6. Eat a Traditional “Lovo” Meal

the lovo meal
A lovo is cooked in a traditional earth oven!

A “Lovo” is a meal cooked in an earth oven (the ground.) This is a traditional method of cooking in Fiji and it is still used today. Meat and vegetables and potatoes are placed on hot rocks and covered with cloth and leaves to cook.

Many day excursions include the “Lovo” as lunch or dinner and it is always very tasty. Expect to have a selection of fish, chicken, beef, potatoes, cassava, and vegetables.

After the food is done cooking, you normally watch them uncover it from the ground. This is a unique and memorable experience. Once the food is uncovered, it is placed on a table as a buffet-style meal for everyone to enjoy!

7. Visit the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

Standing next to the colorful the temple in Nadi, Fiji
Visiting this temple in Nadi is quick, but it is one of the best things to do in Fiji!

There is a huge colorful Hindu temple in Nadi. This temple is open to visitors and is a great place to stop at for a few minutes and explore. Hinduism is a very popular religion in Fiji due to the large Indian influence here.

Historically, many Indians immigrated to Fiji and their culture still lives on in Fiji today. In fact, Indian food is some of the most popular food in Fiji (more on that later!)

The temple costs $5 FJD entry fee and only takes about 20 minutes to explore. You are allowed to take pictures of the outside but not the inside. Ladies must have their knees covered but don’t worry if you are wearing shorts, as they will give you a shawl to use for free.

8.  Enjoy the BEST Sunsets

sunset in fiji

Fiji has some incredible sunsets. You simply couldn’t visit Fiji and not enjoy multiple sunsets over the water. Grab a hammock or a cocktail (or both) and enjoy the show from just about any beach in Fiji.

Another great way to experience the gorgeous Fiji sunsets is on a boat. There is a really great sunset cruise you can join for the absolute best seat in the house!

But the truth is, no matter where you enjoy the sunset, be sure to do so! I watched the sunset every single night while I was in Fiji and they never disappointed!

If you are an early riser, checking the sunrise too is a great idea!

9. Drink Cocktails Made With Fresh Local Fruit 

two different classic cocktails in Fiji

In Fiji you can get some really delicious fruit cocktails. But what sets these cocktails apart from many that you could order back at home is that they use fresh fruit! No artificial flavors or sugary syrups here, just blended fruit, ice, and lots of alcohol!  

A “Fiji-style” pina colada was my personal favorite. However, you must also indulge in various flavors of mojitos or taste a typical mai tai. Most hotel bartenders also have their own tropical creations that you should ask to try as well!  

Tip: Almost everywhere in Fiji has happy hour deals where you can snag discounted cocktails. Watch out for these deals in restaurants and bars near you to save up to 50%. Most of the time happy hour is around 4 or 5 pm. 

10. Ride a Quad in the Jungle

riding a quad bike on a tour in Nadi, Fiji

Riding a quad through the jungle in Fiji is something many tourists miss out on. This is a shame as it one of the best tours available in Fiji! It’s full of adrenaline and offers some of the best scenic views around the island.  

Quad tours typically depart from Nadi or nearby and tour through the jungle, on beaches, and even up into the mountains for panoramic views! It is one of those activities the whole family will love. Just be sure not to wear your nicest clothing as you will likely get very muddy! 

This particular quad tour comes highly rated. Although a bit pricey, it is quite an adventure and includes transfers and lots of photos!

11. Go on a Catamaran Cruise 

island view from a cruise day trip from Nadi Fiji
Cruising to remote islands is one awesome day trip from Nadi!

Spending a day cruising around on a catamaran is one of the top things to do in Fiji on the water. On the boat, you will relax and enjoy gorgeous island views and crystal-clear water.  

Most full-day catamaran cruises include lunch, lots of drinks, as well as stops for swimming and snorkeling. You can do as little or as much as you want on a full-day catamaran cruise in Fiji.  

The majority of catamaran day-trips depart from Port Denarau not far from Nadi. However, some also offer hotel pick up at hotels as far as the Coral Coast. Typically, you can expect to pay around $100 USD for a full-day cruise including lunch.  

This particular cruise is one I did, and loved! I spent the morning swimming, snorkeling, and adventuring, and then the afternoon sun tanning and drinking – a day well spent if you ask me! 

12. Visit the Mud Pools in Nadi 

the mud pools in Nadi, Fiji

The Sabeto Mud Pools and Hot Springs is one of the best things to do in Nadi! Just on the outskirts of town is this little gem of an activity that’s essentially an all-natural day spa. Visitors first cover themselves in mud which leaves the skin super soft (take my word for it!) Then, you get to enjoy natural hot pools of all different temperatures.  

For only $15 FJD it is one of the cheapest things to do in Fiji! You can just jump in a taxi from Nadi or Denarau to visit the pools. The entire activity should only take an hour or so, and it is something people of all ages will enjoy.  

Tour tip: Most Nadi day tours also include the mud pools as one of the stops. This tour is very highly-rated and visits both the mud pools and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant (more info below) as well as a few other top attractions in Nadi! 

13. Wander the Garden of the Sleeping Giant 

the garden of the sleeping Giant in Nadi, Fiji
The Garden of the Sleeping Giant in Nadi is beautiful!

Right next to the Mud Pools is the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. This garden is gorgeous and has thousands of orchids around to check out. The mountain next to the gardens looks like a “sleeping giant” which is where this garden got its name. 

When I was there, I spent about an hour wandering the different trails and watching hundreds of frogs jump around on Lilly pads. After the walk, they served me a fresh fruit juice (included in the entrance price!) 

The entrance fee to the garden is $18 FJD. Like the mud pools, it is often an included stop on day tours of Nadi.  

14. Try Standup Paddleboarding 

standup paddle-boarding in Fiji
It was actually way harder than it looks!

The calm ocean waters around Fiji make for the perfect place to try standup paddle-boarding. The truth is, it isn’t as easy as it looks, but if you try in a calm bay, then you’ll have a better chance of success! 

Most remote islands have standup paddleboards available for hire, or sometimes even free to use. I went on a day trip to Robinson Crusoe Island and went paddleboarding there. It was actually quite challenging and fun at the same time. If you choose to spend a couple of nights on a remote island, you might be able to practice and get really good! 

15. Eat Kokoda (and even learn to cook it!) 

kokoda in fiji
Kokoda is one of the most popular things to do eat in Fiji. I love it, it’s soooooo good!

Kokoda is a traditional fish dish that is very popular in Fiji. It is similar to ceviche in the sense that the fish is “cooked” in very citrusy lime juice but with a Fijian twist, it is served in a coconut sauce. To me, the coconut juice balances out the citrus and adds a sweet taste (which is super tasty!)

Kokoda is often served with Cassava (like fries but made with Yuca instead of your typical potato.) It is often a starter or appetizer and ranges in price depending on the type of fish used, portion size, and how fancy the restaurant is in general.  

If you’re really into food then I recommend actually learning to cook Kokoda and possibly other Fijian dishes at a cooking class. Cooking classes are always a lot of fun and you get to bring new recipes and knowledge back home with you! For foodies, this is a must-do activity in Fiji! 

16. Learn about History at the Fiji National Museum 

boat replica in the Fiji Museum, Suva
One of the lifesize boat replicas in the museum.

History buffs and museum-lovers listen up! Yes, Fiji has a national museum and I actually went there. Most travelers skip the Fiji Museum because, let’s face it, most people come to Fiji to drink on the beach or enjoy the ocean. But Fiji actually has a lot of history and culture to share that you can learn about at the National Museum of Fiji.  

This museum is located in the city of Suva, Fiji’s capital city. Although the museum is one of the best things to do in Suva, many people never make it to Suva simply because it’s located about a 4-hour drive from Nadi. However, if you do make your way to this side of the island, the museum is a place you really should visit.  

I myself am not typically a huge fan of museums. However, this one was pretty interesting with lots of artifacts and explanations everywhere. It only cost $10 FJD to enter and took about an hour to go through. With that said, if you read all of the information you could easily spend a lot longer there.  

Tip: The museum is actually located in some gorgeous botanic gardens that are worth a wander too! These gardens are called the Thurston Botanic Gardens, and although I personally don’t think they are worthy of being included on this list of the best things to do in Fiji, it is a nice side trip if you’re already visiting the museum.  

17. Go to the Fiji Culture Village 

fiji culture village dancers
A performance at the Fiji Culture Village.

The Fiji Culture Village was one of my favorite activities I did while in Fiji! The Fiji Culture Village is a mock village set up just outside of Nadi. Here, visitors learn all about traditional Fijian ways of life including weaving, fire making, and building demonstrations. You’ll also get to meet the village chief and go inside huts and temples.  

I went to the evening experience at the Fiji Culture Village and after touring the village we ate a traditional “lovo” meal (food cooked in an earth oven) while enjoying a show of dancers, singers, and fire dancers! 

I really enjoyed the evening experience because of the fire dancers, but if you want, they also offer a slightly different experience in the afternoons too with lunch instead of dinner.  

Visiting the Fiji Culture Village is one of the most popular things to do in Nadi. It is very reasonably priced, includes food, and also picks up at most hotels. For families or those just simply interested in Fijian culture, this is a great (and unique) experience to have in Fiji! 

Learn More: We wrote an entire blog about visiting the Fiji Culture Village, check it out for more info and details!

18. Eat Indian Food 

indian-style curry served in Fiji
Indian curry is super popular and tasty in Fiji!

Okay, so this one might sound kind of weird. You’re probably wondering why I recommend eating Indian food as opposed to Fijian food in Fiji. Well, the truth is, eating Fijian food is an obvious thing to do, so I thought I would switch it up a bit and tell you to try something you might not have known about. 

Fiji actually has a history of Indian immigrants, and therefore Indian culture is very prevalent. You’ll see Hindu temples all over the place as well as restaurants serving curries, papadams, naan bread, and a selection of Indian food. Honestly, outside of India itself, Fiji is probably the next best country to eat authentic Indian food! 

Most of the time, Indian dishes are quite cheap in comparison to western dishes or Fijian dishes with seafood. You also don’t need to go to an actual Indian restaurant to have Indian food, and you’ll typically find a selection of curries on the menu at most restaurants all around Fiji! 

19. Visit Kula Wild Adventure Park 

kula eco adventure park in Fiji
Kula Adventure Park is also a wildlife sanctuary. Photo Credit: Kula Wild Adventure Park

This is one activity that I highly recommend for families. Kula Adventure Park offers all sorts of activities to keep the little ones entertained. Now, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t go. Adventure Parks aren’t usually my thing, so I skipped it this time. But I’ve heard from lots of people with kids that it is a great way to spend a day while in Fiji and it is sure to tire the kids out.  

At Kula Adventure Park there are waterslides, canopy adventures including ziplining and parks, walking trails and canopy walks, as well as interactive animal experiences. Yup, they have it all! 

Kula Adventure Park’s fees change depending on what activities and experiences you want to have. You can read the updated fees on their website. Alternatively, you can book this organized tour that includes hotel pick up and a visit to a local school too!

Kula Adventure Park is located on the Coral Coast and very accessible from most hotels on Viti Levu.

20. Ride in a Helicopter on a Scenic Flight 

helicopter landing on a beach in Fiji
A helicopter ride is one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences!

There is no better way to view the gorgeous ocean and thousands of tiny islands that make up Fiji than from the sky. From a helicopter you can see the islands, the mountains, and just Fiji’s overall beauty! 

This helicopter tour departs from a floating helipad and includes a 45-minute flight with pilot commentary. It isn’t cheap at over $250 USD, but helicopter tours never are. Alternatively, you could always book a helicopter ride as a transfer out to a remote island to stay for a few days. This is one (expensive) way to arrive in style at your chosen island resort! 

21. Shop and Eat at Denarau Island 

views from lunch at port denarau
I had lunch here at Port Denarau – such a nice view!

Denarau Island is a small island that is actually attached by a road to the main island of Viti Levu. It has become somewhat of a tourist haven full of fancy resorts, restaurants, and shops. For this reason, many travelers chose to stay on Denarau Island for their Fiji holiday.  

But even if you aren’t staying on Denarau Island, the port is well worth a visit for a few hours anyway. Here you’ll find lots of stores and restaurants. I went there one afternoon for lunch and enjoyed a meal and drink right on the marina. It was beautiful. Surprisingly, the food wasn’t expensive either!  

To me, Denarau is one of those must-visit places in Fiji and somewhere everyone should check out even if it is just for an hour or two.  

22. Visit a Local Market 

entrance to the Suva markets
The Suva markets are huge, and sometimes very busy!

Without a doubt, the best place to find fresh and fruit and veggies in Fiji is at one of their local markets. This is where the locals shop for groceries and there is no reason why you can’t visit! Load up on some local fruit to bring back to your hotel with you for a little snack later on.

At local markets sometimes you can find things other than food as well. It’s a great place to shop for unique souvenirs. And besides that, you’ll always meet some friendly locals while you’re there.  

In Nadi, the Nadi Market is the largest, and in Suva, check out the Suva Municipal Market. If you want souvenirs rather than food, then you should consider heading to the Nadi Handicraft Market instead.  

Tour option: This tour in Nadi takes you to a market to pick up fresh ingredients before using the ingredients in a guided cooking class!

23. Cruise on a River

river tubing in Fiji on the Navua River
River tubing is easily one of the best, and most adventurous, things to do in Fiji! Photo Credit: River Tubing Fiji

Fiji isn’t all about the ocean, in fact, there are plenty of rivers around too! On the main island of Viti Levu, you can choose from a range of river adventures.  

One of the most popular activities in Fiji is river-tubing. On the Navua River you can join a tour that will have you floating down the river in a tube. This particular tour also includes hotel pick up, lunch, and a village visit! 

Another different river activity in Fiji is jet boating. This particular tour takes you on a crazy jet boat ride on the Sigatoka River as well as a walking tour and village tour.  

Cruising along on rivers in Fiji is a great way to take in a different landscape than the beach, and explore a side of Fiji that is a little less known.  

24. Go Ziplining 

Ziplining in Fiji
Ziplining in Fiji

Ziplines in Fiji are high above the jungle canopy and are sure to get your heart racing while also offering spectacular views! 

Not far from Denarau and Nadi is a pretty crazy zipline experience. This particular zipline experience includes 16 different ziplines that stretch over 3 miles!  The entire experience lasts for a couple of hours and includes a cave visit.  

It’s a really fun half-day activity and easily one of the best things to do in Fiji for an adventure lover! 

25. Take a Photo with the President’s Guard 

at the presidents house in fiji with the guard
Mom and I posing for the camera with the President’s House guard in Suva, Fiji.

In the city of Suva, you’ll find the president’s house. While you can’t go inside, you can wander around the outside and admire the building and grounds.  

At the front gate there is always a president’s guard. The guard does a march every 15 minutes, but other than that, just stands there protecting the gate. Tourists often visit here (myself included) to get a photo with the guard. He won’t speak to you or even acknowledge you for that matter, but it is okay to take a photo! Oh, and it’s free! 

Tip: The president’s house is located in Suva not far from the National Museum. Therefore, combining these two activities on a day trip is a great idea! 

26. Enjoy the Evening Atmosphere at Wailoaloa Beach 

sunset at wailoaloa beach in Nadi, Fiji
There are quite a few restaurants, bars, and hotels lining this nice beach in Nadi!

Wailoaloa Beach is my favorite area in Nadi. Here, there are lots of small hotels and restaurants lining the beach. Although it isn’t the nicest beach around by Fiji standards, it’s a super fun place to hang out especially in the evenings.  

As the sun begins to set at Wailoaloa Beach, all of the people come out and there are lots of drinks to be had! The beachside restaurants fill up and you’ll have a choice of places with live music, dance shows, and even kava ceremonies.  

I actually stayed at the Smugglers Cove hotel on Wailoaloa Beach for a few nights so I really got to know the area. It seemed like the hotels and restaurants all took turns doing special entertainment nights. There were always happy hour deals too! It was just a vibrant place to have dinner and drinks each night that I really enjoyed.  

27. Go Deep-sea Fishing 

Bailey catching a fish in a fishing boat
Me, catching a fish when I went on a deep sea charter in Australia (I didn’t get the chance to go in Fiji this time around.)

Deep-sea and game fishing is another unique experience you can have in Fiji. Fishing isn’t the most popular thing to do in Fiji, but it’s one that lots of people would enjoy. With the right gear and guide, you can catch some seriously big (and impressive) fish!  

Some of the fish you might just get lucky enough to catch include marlin, mahi mahi, tuna, walu, and more. Some of the fish are catch and release, while others you can actually take home with you and ask your hotel to cook up! 

Tour recommendation: This is a great private fishing charter that offers both half and full-day options. Although I never went fishing while in Fiji, it comes really highly rated with exceptional reviews! 

28. Jump Out of an Airplane 

Daniel Skydiving with his parachute open
Daniel goes skydiving all of the time!

The thing I love most about skydiving is that it is a scenic flight experience and thrill activity all in one! I’ve been skydiving twice in my life, and Daniel actually solo skydives as a hobby – so we are big advocates of skydiving.  

The truth is, if you’ve never been skydiving before then maybe it is time you do so! Sure, it sounds scary, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience that’s totally worth it! 

Skydiving in Fiji isn’t cheap though and you can expect to pay over $200 USD for a jump. You can choose between a 12,000 ft drop and a 14,000 ft drop, with the latter being the most expensive. The plane departs from Nadi, so this is another great activity if you’re staying in and around Nadi and Denarau.  

29. Go on an Overnight Island Cruise 

Looking over a railing on a cruise in Fiji

Can you say luxury?! This isn’t something for everyone purely because of the cost. Overnight cruises around Fiji cost thousands of dollars depending on the number of nights, what’s included, and how fancy the accommodation and boat are.  

An overnight or multi-day cruise in Fiji is one luxurious and convenient way to explore lots of the different islands in Fiji. You will get to snorkel a ton and enjoy an ocean view sunset every day! 

You can watch for deals to book these cruises or even book a package deal with a travel agent including flights. Otherwise, there is this one particular 3-night cruise that although costs $850 USD, includes 4 days of cruising and activities, all of your meals, and accommodation right on the boat.  

I personally get really seasick, so this is not something I would ever do. But for those of you who would enjoy this, just know that I’m extremely envious!

30. Visit Natadola Beach 

Natadola Beach, Fiji
Natadola Beach, Fiji

Natadola Beach is known as the nicest beach on all of Viti Levu. In fact, many people say it is nicer than any of the beaches on the remote islands too! It is huge, has pristine white sand, and the water is crystal clear. It is definitely the best beach to visit while you’re in Fiji! 

Natadola is located about an hour’s drive from Nadi, 45 minutes from the Coral Coast, or two hours from Pacific Harbor. For this reason, it is very easy to visit on a day trip with a taxi or even rent a car and drive yourself.

Alternatively, there are some really nice hotels right on the beach that are great places to stay. If you stay at Natadola Beach you’ll be able to experience the beach when it is the least busy first thing in the morning before all of the tourists arrive. 

Natadola Beach is free to visit. However, if you want a lounge chair and umbrella, you’ll have to negotiate a price with a vendor, or buy something from one of the beachside restaurants.  

Note: It is a beautiful beach, but do be warned, it is busy and lots of vendors walk up and down trying to sell things. This makes it not the most peaceful or relaxing of all of the things to do in Fiji. 

31. Drink Fresh Coconut Juice 

buying fresh coconut water in nadi fiji
A roadside vendor selling fresh coconut juice in Fiji,

Coconuts are everywhere in Fiji! Therefore, they are cheap and easy to buy. I drank a ton of fresh coconut juice while in Fiji. Not only is it delicious, but it’s hydrating too which saved me on some of the hottest and most humid days. 

You can buy fresh coconut juice pretty much anywhere. From restaurants, hotels, vendors on the side of the road, markets, or even at the beach. Expect to only pay a couple of dollars. For the freshest coconuts, they will cut into them right in front of you and then just stick a straw in and you’re good to go!  

32. Visit a Fijian Village 

a weaving demonstration
A weaving demonstration in the village!

There are many small villages in the remote areas of Fiji today. Lots of these villages are very poor and live in traditional ways. Tours have begun operating to these villages as a way to help them make income and even provide donations and goods brought by tourists.  

The only way to visit any true village in Fiji is on a tour – you simply wouldn’t find them on your own, and likely wouldn’t be welcomed either. But with the right tour provider you can have an ethical village experience in Fiji. Lots of village tours (like this one) visit schools as well as markets.


relaxing in fiji
Me, enjoying my holiday in Fiji the best way I know how…cocktail in hand!

Let’s face it, one of the absolute best things to do in Fiji is to actually do nothing at all. That’s right, I’m talking about relaxing on the beach, hanging out poolside, drinking ice-cold Fiji Gold beers – all of that holiday relaxing stuff! Fiji is all about relaxation and enjoying the utter paradise. Turn off your phone, take off your watch, and enjoy “Fiji time” (where there is no hurry for anything at all!)  

Relaxing is what Fiji is all about, and taking a few moments to do absolutely nothing is a must while in Fiji! 

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Before you go…

selfie with a drink in fiji
Thanks for reading! I hope you have the best time in Fiji and this blog has helped make that possible!

The best things to do in Fiji are a balance of experiencing the culture as well as exploring the beautiful landscapes. But the truth is, no matter what things you choose to do in Fiji, you will fall in love with the country and want to return again one day and cross more things off your bucket-list!

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