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5 BEST Yasawa Islands Resorts in Fiji (for all Travelers and Budgets!)

5 BEST Yasawa Islands Resorts in Fiji (for all Travelers and Budgets!)

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If you’re anything like me, the main reason to travel to Fiji is to experience the pristine islands, with their white sandy beaches and bright blue waters. So, you probably want to go to the Yasawa Islands while you’re here! 

We love this remote collection of islands because it feels like a tropical dream world. We’ve been to Fiji so many times and even got married here, and the Yasawa Islands remain one of our favorite parts of the country to explore.

Although you can certainly splash out on luxury resorts, there are also some fantastic options for those on a backpacker budget. Yup, we’ve found that the Yasawa Islands really do cater to all types of travelers, so stay tuned for our top resort picks! 

Tips for Booking Yasawa Islands Resorts

Two people drink cider on the beach in Fiji
A man enjoys sunset at a view point while staying at Waya Lailai Eco Haven Fiji
Everyone enjoys a good sunset

Book far in advance 

My number one tip for booking a resort on the Yasawa Islands would be to get organized and do it early! Resorts fill up very far in advance, especially during the dry season – between May and October. If you leave it too late, prices will skyrocket and you might struggle to find anywhere decent. And trust me, nothing is more stressful than the last-minute accommodation scramble! 

Check for hidden resort fees

These are always a kicker! Besides the resorts, the Yasawa Islands are mostly untouched, so the hotels have a captive market. You’ll need to eat at the resort you’re staying at, and we’ve found that many of them have mandatory meal plans that you’ll have to pay for on top of the base accommodation price. Make sure to always read the fine print! 

A Fijian man welcomes people in the Yasawa Islands Fiji
Everyone here is so welcoming!

Check how far away it is

There have been times when I’ve been so excited at the prospect of staying at a beautiful resort or getting a good deal that I haven’t stopped to consider the location… and then regretted it. If you’re short on time, travel time can make a HUGE difference to your trip, so be sure to check the distance between the resort and the ferry. The journey can take up to 5 hours, which is fine if you’re here for a week or so, but not so much if you’ve only got a couple of days. 

Consider what type of accommodation you want

This may sound obvious but it’s an important consideration. A lot of Yasawa Island resorts have different options, ranging from budget digs to luxury accommodations. In fact, lots of places have shared dorms that backpackers and budget travelers may find suitable, or private rooms with shared bathrooms. 

You’ll probably hear the term “bure” quite a few times when browsing accommodation. It’s the Fijian term for a room or bungalow, so don’t let it throw you off too much! In our experience, bures can be a basic hut with a bed in it, or they can be super fancy with en-suite bathrooms and seating areas.

The BEST Yasawa Islands Resorts 

1. Paradise Cove Resort – $$$ (Best for Luxury Travelers)

A woman snorkels at Paradise Cove Resort Fiji
Snorkeling at Paradise Cove Resort!
Paradise Cove Resort Fiji
Is this heaven? Photo credit: Paradise Cove Resort
  • Location: Naukacuvu Island, 2 hours and 40 minutes from Port Denarau by ferry
  • Price range: $308 – $1,145 USD per night
  • Types of rooms: Bungalows, king suites, one or two-bedroom villas
  • Amenities and facilities: Three pools, two restaurants, bar, kids’ club, spa, gym, non-motorized water sports equipment
  • Best for: Luxury travelers who prefer more amenities, people who don’t want to travel too far on the ferry
  • Mandatory resort fee: $105 USD per day for the meal plan

If I had to choose one word to describe this property, it would be “WOW!” Paradise Cove Resort is seriously breathtaking.

Honestly, I’d happily sleep on the sand if it meant getting to experience the idyllic beauty of Naukacuvu Island, so staying in this luxurious resort feels like a dream come true. As adventurous travelers, we appreciate the fact that guests get to use the resort’s kayaks and snorkel equipment for free. In fact, the snorkeling along the beachfront is fantastic, just FYI!

When you’re not in the sea, there are three pools to relax in. We especially loved the boat-themed bar next to the main pool, and we were super impressed by the quality of the restaurants as well. 

And of course, we have to mention the rooms. They range from simpler (but still pretty plush) bures to spacious villas with all of the trimmings. The beachfront options are especially spectacular, but you can’t go wrong here.

We think this resort would be ideal for a honeymoon, because it offers tranquility and privacy, and they have adults-only suites and areas. But with that being said, it’s a great choice for families, too, and the kids’ club is perfect for keeping the younger ones entertained so that parents can enjoy some time to themselves. 

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2. Coconut Beach Resort – $$$ (Best remote luxury escape)

A woman holds a coconut at coconut beach resort Fiji
We found coconuts at Coconut Beach!
A Fijian Man holds drinks on the beach at Coconut Beach Resort Fiji
Time for a cocktail! Photo credit: Coconut Beach Resort
  • Location: Blue Lagoon Tavewa Island, 4 hours and 45 minutes from Port Denarau by ferry
  • Price range: $282 – $419 USD per night (2-night minimum stay)
  • Types of rooms: Bungalows and villas
  • Amenities and facilities: Restaurant, spa, bar, non-motorized water sports 
  • Best for: Travelers looking for a peaceful, back-to-nature experience
  • Mandatory resort fee: $65 USD per day for the meal plan

One of the reasons we love Fiji so much is the incredible warmth and hospitality of the people, and Coconut Beach Resort encapsulates that perfectly. It’s a small resort and only has eleven bures, so it feels very VIP. The owners go above and beyond to make you feel at home, but at the same time, we like that the setup affords a lot of privacy. After all, we come to Fiji to switch off and unplug! 

I also like the fact that you won’t find any cheesy entertainment shows here, but there are some authentic cultural experiences, like crab racing, craft classes, and kava ceremonies. Kava is a drink that the locals use to relax since alcohol is so expensive, and we always try it when we’re in Fiji, even though I admit that to me, it does taste a lot like mud.

But I think perhaps the biggest reason to stay here is the location. Sure, the ferry ride is long, but you’ll be staying in the famous Blue Lagoon, which is not only beautiful but home to incredible marine life! 

I was so excited to learn that the resort offers a shark encounter dive where you can swim with reef sharks, lemon sharks, and blue sharks! But if that’s a bit too extreme for you, even just snorkeling on the house reef is absolutely wonderful. The island is also close to the epic Sawa-i-Lau limestone caves, which we would 100% recommend exploring.

3. Barefoot Kuata Island Resort – $$ (Best for diving and snorkeling)

Daniel giving a thumbs up underwater during a shark dive fiji
Shark diving!
A bungalow at Barefoot Kuata Resort Fiji
Can’t beat waking up here. Photo credit: Barefoot Kuata Resort
  • Location: Kuata Island, 1 hour 45 minutes from Port Denarau by ferry
  • Price range: $29 – $264 USD per night
  • Types of rooms: Bunk dorms, bungalows
  • Amenities and facilities: Bar, restaurant, pool, games room, non-motorized water sports equipment
  • Best for: Those who want to swim with sharks, people who don’t want to travel for too long
  • Mandatory resort fee: $61 USD per day for the meal plan 

We have lots of good things to say about the Barefoot Kuata Island Resort, but our top reason to stay here is that it’s an amazing place to go snorkeling and diving with sharks! In fact, we recommend doing both while you’re here. The snorkeling is in shallow water so you’ll be swimming with Fiji’s famous (and harmless!) reef sharks, and then you can also do a shark dive to spot fearsome bull sharks!

What we think is especially amazing about this is that you normally need to be an advanced PADI diver to do a bull shark dive, as they’re usually found in deep waters and remote channels. However, that’s not the case here, and so it’s possible to do an introductory dive without any certifications at all! And if you do have a PADI certification like us, then you can do a deeper dive. This is such an incredible – and rare – opportunity and so honestly, we’d stay here for that alone. You can read more here about our experience shark diving in Fiji!

Barefoot Kuata Island is perfect for anyone who wants to spend most of their time in the water, but we do love the laid-back, rustic feel of the island itself, too. There are hammocks everywhere to lounge in, but if you do feel like getting a workout in, you can even join in with a staff volleyball game. Although I must warn you, these guys are pros and will definitely put you through your paces.

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4. Barefoot Manta Resort – $$ (Best to swim with manta rays and beachfront rooms!)

A manta ray at Barefoot Manta Resort Fiji
Swimming with Manta Rays!
A bungalow at Barefoot Manta Resort Fiji
How fun are these bungalows? Photo credit: Barefoot Manta Resort
  • Location: Drawaqa Naviti Island, 2 hours and 50 minutes from Port Denarau by ferry
  • Price range: $29 – $253 USD per night
  • Types of rooms: Dormitories and beachfront bungalows 
  • Amenities and facilities: Restaurant, bar, non-motorized water sports equipment
  • Best for: People who want to swim with manta rays, snorkeling
  • Mandatory resort fee: $61 USD per day 

Whenever we visit somewhere as remote and beautiful as the Yasawa Islands, we really enjoy unplugging and spending as much time outdoors as possible. And if you’re the same, then the Barefoot Manta Resort is ideal.

The bures are basic but comfortable and every single one is on the beach! You don’t need to worry about luxury digs, because there’s just too much to do on this island to want to spend much time in the room. 

I mean, this is the best place in the Yasawa Islands to go swimming with manta rays! They congregate in Fiji between May and October, and the channel where they go to feed is right off of the Manta Resort – how insane is that? In fact, the resort actually employs marine biologists to study these fascinating creatures, and they offer guests the chance to swim alongside them. 

This experience costs roughly an extra $38 USD, but we think it’s more than worth it. Swimming along manta rays is a mesmerizing experience and you get to see so many here. There are actually three different beaches and reefs to snorkel on, and the experts will accompany you to ensure that you see as many as possible. Honestly, we think it’s worth staying here for the manta rays alone! 

5. Waya Lailai Eco Haven – $ (Best for budget travelers)

A man walks through the jungle at Waya Lailai Eco Haven Fiji
Going for a hike!
View from a bungalow at Waya Lailai Eco Haven Fiji
A nature lovers paradise! Photo credit: Waya Lailai Eco Haven
  • Location: Wayasewa Island, 2 hours 5 minutes from Port Denarau by ferry
  • Price range: $67 – $75 USD per night 
  • Types of rooms: Bungalows and family suites
  • Amenities and facilities: Restaurant, bar 
  • Best for: Budget travelers, families
  • Mandatory resort fee: None!

If you want to do the Yasawa Islands on a budget, then I don’t think there could possibly be a better choice than Waya Lailai Eco Haven!

This place does things a little differently from most Fijian resorts. It’s not beachfront, although don’t worry, I can assure you that there are still plenty of opportunities to snorkel on coral reefs and head out on boat trips. And the scenery is still spectacular, with lush green volcanoes towering overhead! 

This resort is all about being sustainable and supporting the community. There are school and church visits, market trips, kava ceremonies, and meke performances, so we think that this is a fantastic place to immerse yourself in Fijian culture. And since we just love hiking, for us the biggest draw is the chance to do guided and sunset and sunrise hikes to some of the island’s mountaintop viewpoints. 

This place is definitely easy on your wallet, which is quite rare in Fiji! All of the rooms can be shared by up to four people, so this is a really cheap way to experience the Yasawa Islands. In fact, there’s no resort fee, which saves you quite a bit of money. The food at the restaurant is also very well-priced – you’re only looking at about $4 USD for breakfast, which is one of the cheapest rates we’ve ever seen in Fiji.

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How to Get to the Yasawa Islands

A ferry on its way to one of the Yasawa Islands Fiji
Land ho!

Return ferry 

If you’re only visiting one resort, the easiest way to travel to the Yasawa Islands is via ferry – aka the Yasawa Flyer! This is a modern catamaran that you can book on the South Sea Cruises website.

We’ve booked a few different tours with South Sea Cruises and can highly recommend them! You can read about our experience with South Sea Cruises and our favorite tours they offer here.

It leaves at 8:45 am every day from Port Denarau, although you can get picked up from the airport at 7:15 am if you’re flying into Nadi that morning. The service also includes free transfers from hotels in Nadi, Wailoaloa, and Denarau, both on the way there and the way back, which is handy. 

The price for the ferry depends on which island you’re going to. If you’re traveling to Barefoot Kuata Island, a return ticket costs around $185 USD. Meanwhile, to go to Coconut Beach, which is the most remote option on our list, tickets would cost about $219 USD. 

View of an island from the ferry as it goes towards a Yasawa Island in Fiji
Almost there!

Hop-on hop-off ferry 

If you want to visit multiple Yasawa Islands, don’t worry, you won’t need to keep going in and out of Port Denarau. Instead, you can book this hop-on hop-off pass, and then the Yasawa Islands are your oyster! 

Once you’ve purchased the pass, you’ll still need to make reservations for your transfer at least 24 hours beforehand, so that the crew can plan the best route. Fortunately, that only takes a second, and we find that this pass is the easiest way to island hop. All you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the journey! 

You can choose a pass that lasts between 5 and 15 days, with prices ranging between $250-$455 USD per person. We appreciated the free WiFi on board the boat, because as beautiful as the scenery is, it can definitely help the journey go faster when you’re traveling for a few hours! 

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Thanks for reading!

Bailey and Daniel take a selfie on an island in Fiji
Thanks for reading!

The Yasawa Islands are a piece of paradise in Fiji which is basically paradise already! If you’re looking for the perfect island getaway in Fiji, then these islands are calling your name. I hope our guide has helped narrow down the best Yasawa Islands resorts to choose from whether you’re splurging on a holiday or traveling on a budget.

For more ideas for your dream trip, have a look at our other Fiji blogs. After visiting this tropical paradise many times and getting married here, we have lots of travel tips and inspiration for you!

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