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How to Plan the MOST ROMANTIC Whistler Honeymoon

How to Plan the MOST ROMANTIC Whistler Honeymoon

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Whistler, BC, isn’t just Canada’s favorite winter sports destination; it’s also ranked as one of the top honeymoon spots in North America! Not only are there so many amazing things to do in Whistler, but every year, thousands of newlyweds choose this cute alpine town for its enchanting mountain scenery and world-class hospitality. It really is the perfect backdrop for romantic memories that last a lifetime.

Of course, planning this special time requires a good deal of research, which is why we’ve put together this complete guide, so you can have the most incredible time celebrating this new chapter in your life.

From relaxing spa days and nice dinners to adventure-filled tours in Whistler, this guide is all about giving you the very best options to pick from. We’ll cover everything from ziplining and skiing to the best restaurants in Whistler. And no guide would be complete without checking out the best hotels in Whistler for newlyweds!

So let’s look at the best places to stay, eat, explore, and relax in Whistler for your romantic honeymoon.

Don’t have time to read the full article? At a glance, our top hotel for newlyweds would be the luxurious Fairmont Chateau with its INCREDIBLE spa. Our favorite (and truly unforgettable) activity to try is this 30-minute scenic flight around Whistler, and don’t forget to stop by The Bearfoot Bistro for a beautiful 4-course meal during your stay.

The 10 Most Romantic Things to do on Your Whistler Honeymoon

1. Explore Whistler from the skies

The views of a valley near Whistler, BC on our float plane scenic flight
The views of a valley near Whistler, BC on our float plane scenic flight

There’s no better way to explore Whistler than from the sky. Seeing this amazing region from up high is beautiful, exciting, and sometimes a little scary, but one thing is for sure, it’s unforgettable. I guess it has a lot in common with marriage, after all!

Now, one of THE most unique ways to explore the skies here is via a floatplane, where the gorgeous alpine lakes become your very own airport. For the adventurous among you, it really doesn’t get better than this.

We went on this 30-minute scenic flight, and Dan and I agree that it’s easily one of the top 3 tours in Whistler we’ve ever done. Taking off in the water was a little scary at the start because at the start you honestly feel like you’re not going fast enough as you slowly run out of lake! But once we were in the air, we were just in awe at the surrounding landscapes and loved every minute of it.

It’s safe to say that you couldn’t ask for a better photo opportunity, and trust me, you couldn’t ask for better bragging rights than by saying you’ve been on an aerial adventure like this one! But more importantly, you’ll be making some truly amazing memories, and learning all about your honeymoon destination, of course.

Scenic flights in general aren’t necessarily the cheapest tours you’ll find, but then again, honeymoons are all about the experiences you have, after all! With that said, we think this flight is pretty reasonably priced at $209 CAD per person. You can check availability and book your unforgettable floatplane experience online here.

The view from a heli tour with Blackcomb Helicopters in Whistler
Photo credit: Blackcomb Helicopters

If you want to take your sky-high adventure to new heights, why not travel aboard a helicopter on this small-group Whistler helicopter tour? Not only does it give you another chance to see Whistler from up high, but it also includes a 15-minute alpine landing, where you can get out and take photos from high above the gorgeous wilderness.

The entire experience can last as long as 45 minutes, given that the weather is acceptable for the alpine landing! Along the way, you’ll also enjoy expert commentary from your pilot – we couldn’t think of a better local teacher.

Tickets for this helicopter tour cost $342 CAD per person and can be booked online here.

2. Explore Whistler on two wheels

Biking around Whistler, BC
You can cover a lot more ground and there are a ton of trails!

After a hectic handful of months prepping for the big day, now’s the time to truly relax, and why not try a little bit of active relaxation by hopping aboard your trusty bike and exploring a whole new area? Whistler has so many incredible biking tracks, from mountain trails to urban streets, but it’s up to you which side of Whistler you’d like to check out first!

If you haven’t brought your bikes with you, that’s no problem! This highly-rated Whistler eBike tour provides you with all the equipment you’ll need, plus you’ll be joined by a local guide for the entire journey. It’s a great activity to try early on in your honeymoon, as your guide can help you discover the best places to eat, explore, and most importantly, have fun!

The tour itself lasts for approximately 2.5 hours, and we love that there are multiple departure times throughout the day – no early waking up if you don’t want to! The eBikes make riding through town and beyond a breeze – seriously, if you’ve never tried them, they’re so much fun.

Tickets for this tour cost $162 CAD per person, although this is a very popular tour that often sells out in advance. So to secure the best dates, we recommend checking online and booking in advance.

If you’d rather get to know the trails on your own, you’re in luck! There are loads of places where you can rent out mountain bikes in town, including Premium Mountain Rental, which offers 4-hour rentals from $100 CAD.

3. Unleash your inner foodie

A beautiful fish dish on the Finer Things Dinner Tour
How yummy does this look?! Photo credit: Whistler Tasting Tours

Whether you’re feeling peckish after an outdoor adventure in Whistler, or are simply feeling a touch of hunger creeping in after hanging out at the spa, there’s nothing like enjoying an evening full of amazing food and great company.

What better way to enjoy the finer side of Whistler cuisine than on your very own 4-hour food tasting experience? With dishes from award-winning chefs, the chance to saber your own bottle of champagne, and an expert guide by your side at all times, this has to be one of the best ways to toast your new marriage here in Whistler. Plus, your stomachs will thank you too!

Limited to just 15 people, this is a small-group experience, which means more time getting to know the group and your guide. You’ll enjoy no less than 4 food tastings, with everything from local wild salmon to seasonal desserts, icewine confections to amuse-bouches, and so much more.

As a couple of guilty foodies ourselves, this tour is exactly the kind of thing we look out for, but we’re not the only ones who think so as it’s super among visitors to Whistler! Tickets for this experience cost $194 CAD per person – you know you’ll be enjoying a night of class and good food as part of this incredible local tour. You can check availability and book your places on this tour online here.

4. Kayak the River of Golden Dreams

Kayaking down the River of Golden Dreams
Kayaking down the River of Golden Dreams

Kayaking the River of Golden Dreams on your honeymoon has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? This is a very unique, and relaxing kayaking tour. So if you want to explore Whistler, but still want to have a relaxing and, most important, romantic honeymoon, this is a great activity.

The River of Golden Dreams is an unspoiled and undeniably gorgeous location you can explore via kayak or canoe. This self-guided tour explores two of Whistler’s largest lakes, starting at Alta Lake. From Alta Lake, you’ll head down the river mouth while floating along, occasionally paddling in the currents.

Chances are you’ll even get to see some wildlife during your adventure. Perhaps some geese, and certainly some beaver dams. But most importantly, it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the moment – this is your honeymoon after all!

You’ll finish in Green Lake, where you’ll both be picked up and taken back to where you began. The tour costs about $149 CAD per person and lasts around 3 hours. You can find out more information and book your kayaking tour down the River of Golden Dreams in advance online.

5. Visit Pemberton and go horseback riding

Bailey horseback riding in Pemberton, BC
The views are stunning!

Horseback riding is a fun activity anytime, but we think it’s an activity especially suitable for a romantic honeymoon in Whistler!

To do this activity, you’ll need to head to the small town of Pemberton, just outside of Whistler. It’s about 30 km (19 miles) away and worth a visit on its own. Pemberton actually has more horses per capita than anywhere else in British Columbia! There are tons of trails throughout the area that will take you through forests, meadows, and rivers.

You can definitely explore Pemberton on foot or by bike, but the best way (and in my opinion, the most romantic way) to experience the beauty of the Pemberton Valley is on horseback.

We wrote about our experience horseback riding near Pemberton on a tour offered by Copper Cayuse Outfitters. We took their 2-hour tour and rode through wildflower meadows and across two rivers – the Ryan and Lillooet rivers. You may even see some wildlife from horseback, with deer, elk, and brown bears abundant in this area. On our tour, we actually saw three black bear cubs!

The highlight for us, though, was the views. Along the way, we had unobstructed views of Mount Currie, and it was breathtaking – we couldn’t stop taking photos.

The guides were amazing from start to finish, helping us feel completely at ease in the saddle. Even if you’ve never tried horse riding before, we encourage you to give it a go! Tickets for this tour start at $98 CAD per person.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option to see some horses, you can always head to Dreamcatcher Meadows, a gorgeous farm with views of the mountains and river, and see them for free. You’ll have the opportunity to see some majestic horses and even go for a tour of the property!

6. Visit Brandywine Waterfall

Brandywine Falls, Squamish, BC
It’s one of the most accessible and most beautiful waterfalls near Squamish!

Visiting Brandywine Falls is a must-do on your honeymoon in Whistler. You’ll find the falls on the outskirts of Whistler, just a short 15-minute drive from the village heading towards Vancouver. If you take a trip from Whistler to Vancouver, this is one of the best stops on the drive.

The best part is, that you can enjoy these spectacular views after an easy 5-minute walk! Once you’re there, you’ll be amazed at not only the waterfall but also the stunning valley lookout.

One thing to note is that the falls are only open in the summer, so it’s one of those great summer-only activities in Whistler.

This is such a short trip but a great easy activity to do in Whistler for your honeymoon.

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7. Hike to Joffre Lakes

A person enjoys the view of Middle Joffre Lake
Bailey and Daniel take a photo together at 2nd Joffre Lake

If you know us, then you would know that we love stunning alpine lakes (almost more than traveling itself!). Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to visit many blue lakes situated high up in the mountains. With that said, Joffre Lakes just outside of Whistler is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

Just picture stunning mountain peaks, a glacier, turquoise lakes, and a beautiful pine forest. So if you’re feeling a little adventurous on your honeymoon, you’re probably thinking… where do I sign up? This is one hike you must schedule into your Whistler itinerary – trust me!

It’s easily one of the most popular hiking trails in all of British Columbia and the main trail leads to not one, but three lakes – the lower, middle, and upper lake. They’re all stunning, but my personal favorite is the middle lake.

The hike to the furthest lake (the upper lake) took me around 2 hours and is 3.5 km (2.2 miles) long. The trail is steep almost the entire way, and it’s recommended you allow 3 hours to hike up, according to the signs on the trail. The hike back down is quicker as it is all downhill.

Important: At the start of the trail, there is a large car parking lot and another one a minute down the highway. These may seem large, but they often fill up before lunchtime. Our recommendation is to arrive before 9 am to start the hike. This way you can easily get parking as well as avoid the bulk of the crowds.

Honestly, we can’t recommend the Joffre Lakes hike enough. The trail is one of the best things to do in Whistler. So if you fancy enjoying the great outdoors on your honeymoon, don’t forget a trip to Joffre Lakes!

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8. Wander the “Whistler Stroll”

Bailey walks through Whistler Village
Walking through Whistler Village!

The “Whistler Stroll” is the main walking street in Whistler. We love just wandering around aimlessly here hand in hand, as it is so relaxed, yet vibrant. The walking street is always full of people and surrounded by boutique shops, restaurant patios, and a seemingly endless number of amazing cafés.

If you’re feeling like a light bite, don’t forget to stop by Purebread for some of their amazing baked goods and coffee! We love their delicious muffins, but they sell all sorts of goods, from mini cakes to almond croissants.

There is also often live music and street performers scattered throughout the stroll, with the most popular time being weekends. Events also frequently take place here and when Dan and I were in Whistler in 2019, we managed to catch the annual Canada Day Parade!

Wandering the Whistler Stroll is one of those typical “must-do” activities in Whistler, and even if you don’t plan on it, you’ll likely find yourself here at one stage or another during your honeymoon!

9. Fly through the sky on a zipline

Two people come down the Sasquatch Zipline as seen from the bottom
Looking down The Sasquatch in Whistler, Canada
Look how big this zipline is!

As you might have guessed by now, Whistler is definitely an adventure paradise! So if you’re the adventurous type, why not make the most of this while you’re enjoying your honeymoon here?

The famous Sasquatch® Zipline is a thrilling honeymoon activity, and best of all you can do it side by side! We’ve been on ziplines all around the world, and I can easily say our experience on the Sasquatch® was the most exciting. It’s only one zipline instead of multiple tracks, but I can assure you it is enough stretching 7,000 feet (2,133 meters).

The Sasquatch® Zipline only operates from June to September, so if you’re visiting Whistler in the summer, add this to your itinerary! It is $147 CAD and since it’s the most popular zipline in Whistler, be sure to book it in advance.

However, if you’re visiting during the winter, don’t worry, there is another great zipline option. One of the most well-reviewed experiences in Whistler is this 2.5-hour superfly zipline tour, where you’ll enjoy some of the best views of the BC backcountry while racing down the zipline! What we love about this tour is that you can also zipline alongside another person – so you can experience the thrills as a couple all at the same time.

Oh, and did we mention that the tour actually begins with a 4×4 ride up Rainbow Mountain!? Now that’s what we call backcountry adventure! Tickets for this experience cost $198 CAD per person, and you can book your spot online here.

10. Hit the slopes

people skiing on the mountain in Whistler
Ready to go skiing?

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Whistler in winter is skiing and snowboarding. If you and your loved one like winter sports, then Whistler is the perfect place to hit the slopes on your romantic getaway.

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the largest ski resorts in North America. With over 4,757 acres (1,925 hectares) of skiable terrain, 36 lifts, and over 200 runs, Whistler Blackcomb is suited to the novice skier all the way up to the pro. We love this ski resort, and we’re pretty certain you will too!

Full-day ski lift tickets start from around $37 CAD per person, and you can save money by booking online in advance! You can also arrange gear rental if you have not brought your own, with ski rentals starting at $73 CAD per day.

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The 3 Most Incredible Honeymoon Hotels in Whistler

Although Whistler is a relatively small (but undeniably cute!) alpine town, its reputation as a world-class holiday and activity destination definitely proceeds it. With that said, securing the best hotels in Whistler can be difficult, especially if you don’t book in advance!

That’s why it’s so important to reserve your room ahead of time when arranging your very special trip here – these rooms are popular and can often be booked out months beforehand. To help paint a picture of the best hotels on offer for your honeymoon, let’s take a look at three of them now.

1. Fairmont Chateau Whistler (Most Luxurious)

Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Photo credit: Fairmont Chateau Whistler

When it comes to the most luxurious stays in Whistler, the Fairmont Chateau ranks as one of the best, offering sensational 5-star service from the moment you arrive to the moment you head home. With 6 on-site restaurants, two heated pools, a host of renovated rooms, and some of the most gorgeous views, it’s safe to say that this hotel is honeymoon-worthy!

For those with the budget to spend on this degree of luxury, a stay here is sure to be the highlight of your trip, taking your experience in Whistler to a whole new level.

Their spa and wellness center is famous here in Whistler, offering a swathe of treatments ranging from facials to massages, rituals and so much more.

The rooms here at the Fairmont might just be the jewel in the crown, however, ranging from their modern and stylish Fairmont Gold Room up to the undeniably lavish Fairmont Gold Penthouse Suite. With a range of rooms to suit every taste and need, it’s safe to say that you’ll find your ideal honeymoon room here at the Fairmont!

Of course, no stay in the Fairmont Chateau would be complete without making the most of all the activities right on your doorstep, with local ski lifts quite literally on your doorstep. And during the summer, Lost Lake is perfect for swimming and is just a 4-minute drive away.

Rooms here at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler start from $422 CAD up to around $2,000 per night depending on the season and type of room you are searching for. While it is not a budget hotel, it most certainly is the level of luxury that would make any honeymoon truly sensational.

For the best rates and room selection, we highly recommend checking availability and reserving your room as early as possible. With, you can always secure your booking ahead of time, and can always cancel within the given timeframe.

2. Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre (Best Views)

the outside of Pan Pacific Whistler Hotel and how the chairlift is right next to it
Just look at this huge hotel…and the chairlift right next to it! Photo Credit: Pan Pacific Whistler

The Pan Pacific Whistler Village Center is a full-service, all-suite European-style hotel located within a five-minute walk from the Whistler Village chairlift, making it one of the best places to stay in Whistler for a ski holiday). It features a breakfast buffet, complimentary wireless Internet access, plus slope-side valet ski and bike storage.

While staying here, you can pamper yourself in the sauna, heated outdoor saltwater pool, or one of two outdoor hot tubs. Or, spend the day on the sundeck overlooking the mountains! Take advantage of the free in-resort shuttle, as well.

The modern rooms have seating areas with fireplaces, a fully equipped kitchen, a balcony, and breathtaking mountain and city views. Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre is definitely one of the best honeymoon stays in Whistler.

Rooms start at $230 – $700 CAD per night depending on the season, and for the best prices we recommend reserving your stay at the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Center online here.

3. Riverside Resort (Best Budget Stay)

A great budget option in Whistler North. Photo Credit: Riverside Resort

Nestled in more than 40 acres of land and surrounded by breathtaking green space, Riverside Resort lets guests experience Whistler naturally all year long! It features free Wi-Fi in all public areas, snowshoe rentals, an on-site café, and an on-site market, where you can buy snacks, drinks, and RV and camping supplies. You can also find a volleyball court, BBQ facilities, and a kids’ playground on the premises. 

Riverside Resort has a wide range of rooms to suit all seasons and budgets. You can choose from cozy Log Cabins, private Walk-in Tent Sites, RV Sites, and unique Yurts. All cabins and yurts include a dining and seating space, and all heated rooms have a private entrance.

While staying at Riverside Resort, there are tons of activities for you to enjoy. You can relax in the spa or play a match of beach volleyball with your new neighbors. There are also facilities available for skiing, zip-lining, and mountain biking. If you wish to explore Whistler’s bustling core, the resort also provides a complimentary shuttle service to Whistler Village.

If you want to save your honeymoon budget for the activities, this is a great budget-friendly stay for your honeymoon in Whistler.

Rates here start at approximately $200 CAD per night, and you can check availability and prices for the Riverside Resort here!

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3 Best Places to Eat on Your Whistler Honeymoon

Whistler is full of award-winning restaurants! If you’re trying to decide where to go for a delicious meal that is sure to provide a special experience for your honeymoon in Whistler, here are the top three places to try:

Bearfoot Bistro

a sandwich and salad prepared by the Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler
Doesn’t that look tasty?! Photo Credit: Bearfoot Bistro

The Bearfoot Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Whistler if not all of BC. Try their 4-course tasting menu for a romantic and special dining experience. From the main menu, the Wagyu beef, Perigord truffles, and Berkshire pork are outstanding!

They do offer specials during their daily happy hour from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm for their oysters and drinks specials. Keep in mind though that their dinner menu doesn’t begin until 5:30 pm.

Head to the restaurant’s underground wine cellar and try to saber the top of a champagne bottle off, a tradition that dates back to the Napoleonic era. In the cellar, you will be surrounded by over 20,000 bottles of wine, so take your pick of the bottles and see if you can successfully saber it!

This restaurant is also the first stop on this 4-hour food tasting experience we mentioned earlier, so if you’re foodies like us, you can experience this incredible restaurant, along with other fantastic locations, all as part of this tour.

The Bearfoot Bistro is open from Monday to Sunday from 3:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

Red Door Bistro

two spring rolls plated at Red Door Bistro in Whistler
Beautiful and delicious! Photo Credit: Red Door Bistro

Red Door Bistro definitely sets the mood. This cozy, candlelit spot is another great dinner option for your special night out.

The cuisine here is French meets West Coast. You’ll find steak and seafood options, but they are especially praised for their duck dishes. Whatever you decide on eating, be sure to save room for dessert! The peanut butter bombe and baked apple cheesecake are crowd favorites.

If you’re hoping to enjoy a glass of vino with dinner, they have a diverse, comprehensive wine list for you to choose from as well.

Be sure to make reservations in advance (like a month out), because this place books up. Red Door Bistro is open daily from 5 pm to 9 pm.


two pasta dishes from Quattro restaurant in Whistler
Pasta is one of my favorite meals! Photo Credit: Quattro

Does it get more romantic than Italian? Quattro has a warm, inviting atmosphere and serves up authentic, contemporary Italian cuisine. Better yet, it’s staying on-trend and pairing the cuisine with an award-winning wine list as well. Plus, they also have one of Whistler’s best-hidden patios to take advantage of in the warmer months.

They offer Italian spins on classic dishes like rabbit, lamb, and halibut, as well as offering amazing, fresh pasta. Again, if possible I definitely recommend saving room for their dessert, but if not, they also have some nice liquid dessert options such as limoncello and espresso martinis.

Quattro is open every day from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Spa and Wellness Centers in Vancouver to Spoil Your Loved One

Whistler is home to some amazing spas, and it is a great way to relax and spend some time unwinding on your honeymoon. Here are a few options for you to check out for a couple’s massage:

Scandinave Spa

view of the Scandinave Spa, Whistler
Relax in paradise! Photo credit – Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa is located just a few minutes’ drive from Whistler Village in a Nordic-inspired outdoor spa that’s surrounded by native forest. It’s huge at 20,000 square feet (1,858 sq m) and is the best way to relax after a long day of adventuring around Whistler in December.

The outdoor baths are mirrored on old Finnish traditions and have the added benefit of being surrounded by Whistler’s incredible natural beauty. You can also get a traditional Scandinavian massage to truly relax after having all the fun in Whistler.

Whistler’s most unique spa is open from 10 am – 9 pm daily. Access to the baths starts at $110 CAD per adult, depending on the season.

The Spa at the Fairmont Chateau

If you’re already staying at the Fairmont Chateau, this is definitely a convenient option! Or, if you didn’t fancy splurging on the hotel room at the Fairmont, this could be a good happy medium where you still experience some of their amenities.

The Spa at the Fairmont Chateau is a stunning, luxurious indoor and outdoor getaway. Reflecting the beauty of Blackcomb, this relaxing sanctuary has an emphasis on using naturally derived ingredients, with signature massage treatments, body therapies, and so much more.

They have several different types of massages, starting at $225 CAD. If you would like to make it a couples massage, be sure to ask to be side by side when booking so you can have the experience in one of their luxurious couples suites.

Whistler Day Spa

Whistler Day Spa is one of the more budget-friendly options for your relaxing spa day. They are located at the Pan Pacific Hotel, making this a very convenient option if you choose to stay there. They offer a wide variety of services, including facials and several different types of massages.

When visiting this spa you’ll also have access to the Pan Pacific hot tub, pool, and sauna with any massage, facial, or spa package booked! They also provide you with robes and lockers, so come early, or stay late and enjoy the added amenity.

They also typically have some sort of promotion or last-minute deal going, so be sure to check that out before booking! If you do want to make the occasion last, they even offer affordable prices for packages. The Alpine Escape package, which includes a 50-minute full-body Swedish relaxation massage and a 50-minute hydrating facial, costs $329 CAD per person.

This spa also has quite the list of raving reviews, so you certainly aren’t giving up any stars for quality service at these more affordable rates.

Other Places to Visit Near Whistler on Your Honeymoon

A view of Vancouver, Canada from the zodiac boat
There are so many amazing things to do in Vancouver!
Views looking down while on the Sea to Sky Gondola
The epic views looking down the Sea to Sky Gondola.

If you’re visiting Whistler on your honeymoon, the exploring doesn’t have to stop there. There are several other amazing surrounding cities as well! Some places you can consider visiting include:

  • Vancouver – Full of natural beauty, Vancouver offers plenty of fun things to do and see! The city is set right on the west coast of British Columbia, and has the Pacific Ocean on one side and the mountains on the other side. You can also find great hotels, restaurants, and places to relax and pamper yourself – all necessary for a romantic honeymoon!

Renting a Car in British Columbia

A rural road with Mt Currie in the background
Road trips are the best way to explore Canada!

If you’re arriving in British Columbia via plane, then I can’t recommend getting a rental car enough. British Columbia is a large province, and traveling between the best places to visit in BC requires transport. Although you can use public transport on some occasions, this means your trip will not only require more time but more planning.

Car rental in Canada isn’t relatively cheap, but it’s not that expensive either, especially if you get a budget car. The cheapest car with a pick-up and drop-off in different locations is around $100 CAD per day. The price does vary though, depending on the time of year. For car rentals, I use the website Discover Cars. It’s a search engine with lots of deals with good customer service. In fact, I’ve used Discover Cars all over the world, including in Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. Read my honest review of Discover Cars here for more details!

Another popular option is to rent a campervan or motorhome (only for the brave in winter.) Using Motorhome Republic, you can search hundreds of deals across multiple companies to pick a great vehicle and the cheapest price. Having a motorhome is a stunning way to see Canada, and using crown land and campsites, you can often camp for free or very cheap in the most beautiful places imaginable!

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie in Whistler after riding the  Sasquatch zip line
Thanks for reading!

Honeymoons are such a special time, and usually, your first trip together as husband and wife! We hope this guide helps make the planning for your honeymoon in Whistler a breeze. Congratulations on your marriage, and we wish you a memorable and romantic honeymoon!

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