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21 BEST Things to do in Pemberton, BC

21 BEST Things to do in Pemberton, BC

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Pemberton, BC is a magical mountain town known for its beautiful scenery. It’s located only 25 minutes north of Whistler and is surrounded by three different provincial parks.

This vibrant little place is right at the foot of Mount Currie with some incredible lakes nearby. So if you’re into camping or hiking, this is definitely the place for you! In town is worth exploring too with awesome local breweries and restaurants.

Pemberton is beautiful in all seasons whether you’re admiring the mountains on a clear summer day, taking in the beauty of the fall leaves on a hiking trail, or skiing in the winter. Whatever brings you here and whenever you come, you’ll be totally immersed in the beauty of this part of British Columbia.

After visiting, I think Pemberton is easily one of British Columbia’s hidden gems!

So, to help you plan your trip, here are 21 things to do in Pemberton, BC, plus other important tips to know before visiting.

About Pemberton, BC 

A rural road with Mt Currie in the background
Pemberton is just beautiful!

Despite having a modest population of around 3,400 people, this local community is not nearly as remote as you may think. The Village of Pemberton is located right off Highway 99 or the Sea to Sky Highway as it’s often called.

As it’s only a short 25-minute drive from Whistler, a 1.25-hour drive from Squamish, or a 3-hour drive from Vancouver, it’s an easy add-on if you’re taking a road trip from Vancouver to Whistler.

Besides the picturesque location, Pemberton is known for its seed potatoes. Yes, really! They have some of the best seed potatoes in the world.

You’ll see potato dishes on restaurant menus and signs along the highway telling you that you’re in a seed potato area. So what’s the deal? Well, during the gold rush, settlers came to this area and discovered just how great the soil was for growing things. The potato was the popular crop chosen back then and still is today, with 27 different varieties grown around here.

Besides being a great place to grow things, Pemberton is blessed with that picture-perfect scenery that is the stuff of postcards. You can’t go far without finding a lake or hiking trail to explore. One of our all-time favorite hikes in BC at Joffre Lakes is close by – more on that later!

This is an excellent base for discovering a little slice of the West where you can lose track of time and take in your incredible surroundings.

Things to do in Pemberton

1. Go horseback riding 

Daniel and Bailey pose for a photo while horseback riding in Pemberton, BC
The views are epic!
Bailey rides a horse through a field in Pemberton, BC
And so peaceful!

Horseback riding in Pemberton tops our list because it’s such a beautiful way to see the Pemberton Valley!

We booked a 2-hour ride with Copper Cayuse and it took us on a scenic journey along the banks of the Ryan River to the Lillooet River. You’ll pass through forests and fields with views of the towering Mount Currie. Keep an eye out for wildlife too – we actually saw a mama bear with her cubs! It almost feels like you’re exploring a movie set.

It’s so peaceful and relaxing – even if you’re a beginner rider. The guides are all really helpful and friendly and will pair you up with a horse that matches your experience level. All you’ll need to bring is long pants and closed-toed shoes.

This experience is one of the best tours around Whistler! It departs in either the morning or afternoon and lasts for 1-2 hours, depending on the option you choose. The rides start at around $98 CAD and are totally worth it for a unique adventure around Pemberton.

2. Joffre Lakes

Bailey and Daniel take a photo together at 2nd Joffre Lake
Of course, we brought beers!
Three friends stand in the swimsuits with Joffre Lakes after a swim
But when one goes in, we all go in!

If you know me then you would know that I love stunning alpine lakes (almost more than traveling itself!). Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit many blue lakes situated high up in the mountains. With that said, Joffre Lakes, just 30 minutes from Pemberton is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

Just picture stunning mountain peaks, a glacier, turquoise lakes, and a beautiful pine forest. Yep, I know what you’re thinking… where do I sign up!

It’s easily one of the most popular hiking trails in all of British Columbia and the main trail leads to not one, but three lakes – the lower, middle, and upper lake. They’re all stunning, but my personal favorite is the middle lake.

The hike is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) long in total and goes uphill as you work your way to Upper Joffre Lake. Along the way, you’ll see the three amazing lakes, creek crossings, great views of the mountain range, a waterfall, and the Matier Glacier at the top overlooking Upper Joffre Lake. To get back, simply retrace your steps and enjoy the easier hike down and a second look at these stunning lakes.  

Honestly, I can’t recommend the Joffre Lakes hike enough. The trail is a must-do activity in British Columbia if you’re in Pemberton or an easy add-on to your Whistler itinerary. If you do only one hike while you’re here, make it Joffre Lakes!

Note: In the summer, this is a super popular destination and parking can be a problem. For this reason, BC Parks now requires that you get a Day Pass (it’s free) before arriving. Plan two weeks in advance to apply for this pass to avoid disappointment.

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3. Head to the Beer Farmers  

Bailey with a beer on the patio at Beer Famers in Pemberton, BC
What a place for a beer!
A burger at the Beer Farmers in Pemberton, BC
Best burger in Canada right here!

Just a short 10-minute drive from Pemberton, The Beer Farmers is a family-run brewery that’s an awesome place to hang out for an afternoon and enjoy the beautiful views (and brews!).

For over 100 years, the Miller family has been farming in the Pemberton Valley and decided to try their hand at brewing in the mid-2010s. Dubbed “The Beer Farmers,” we were super impressed to learn they’re one of a handful of breweries in the world that grows and malts their own barley!

They have a spacious outdoor seating section with picnic tables and umbrellas, so we grabbed a seat and enjoyed the unbeatable view of Mt. Currie while we waited. I don’t think I ever get tired of that view! We ended up ordering a flight each to sample a little bit of everything, which included a delicious stout and an IPA, but my absolute favorite was the Salted Plum Sour (we ended up grabbing a few cans to go before we left!).

The family also owns Miller Fries food truck which was parked up next to the seating area, so we had to give them a try. Like the rest of the fam, they are committed to local, fresh meat and produce; the juicy burger and crispy fries were just what we needed. The truck isn’t always open, though, so give them a call before you visit to check.

4. Walk in a sunflower maze 

Bailey walks through the sunflower maze in Pemberton, BC
Don’t get lost!
sunflower maze at Laughing Crow Organics in Pemberton, BC
So beautiful!

Located on shared property with The Beer Farmers, the sunflower maze at Laughing Crow Organics is one of the attractions that make this place family-friendly!  

This is one of those Instagram-worthy shots that you have to see to believe with 100,000 sunflowers growing in a huge maze. You’ll have to time your visit right as sunflower season is from mid-August to early September. Tickets are $9 CAD and can be purchased online here or with cash on arrival.

If you aren’t visiting during that season, this farm is known for so much more than its vibrant sunflowers. You can pick pumpkins in the fall or grab some fresh veggies grown right here anytime from June until November.

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5. Hike to Rohr Lake

View at Rohr Lake, BC
One of Pemberton’s hidden gems!
Rohr summit, BC
Hiking the summit is hard but worth it!

For another must-do trek that isn’t as well known, the hike to Rohr Lake is a hidden gem near Pemberton. It is located a little further than Joffre Lakes on the opposite side of the road and is accessed via a dirt road with very little signage.

However, for those who can find the trailhead, this epic 5-kilometer (3-mile) each-way hike offers breathtaking views and one of the best first come, first served free campsites in Canada.

You can find the turn-off to the trail by checking out this pin location on Google Maps. The road is just before that point and is clearly shown on the map. There are several areas to park along the old logging road, and the only way to park right at the trailhead is with a high clearance 4WD. With that said, those with 2WD vehicles can drive as far as possible before pulling to the side and hiking from there. This may add an extra kilometer to your hike.

The hike does require climbing over some boulders and lots of steep, uneven terrain. Overall, the trek is worth it due to the lake’s beautiful views, making it perfect for hiking and nature enthusiasts alike! 

If you choose to camp at Rohr Lake, I highly suggest making the attempt at Rohr Summit. The spectacular trail leads from the campsite right to the summit, and the views are spectacular! It is quite the climb and a hard task without camping the night.

At Rohr Lake campsite, you’ll just have to find a spot and camp where you can. Because this is a wild campsite, you’ll need rope to tie up your food and bring enough supplies. There is no cell service either, so please come prepared.

6. Cool off in Lillooet Lake 

Bailey floats in Lillooet Lake in Pemberton, BC
The water is freezing!
Bailey stands at Lillooet Lake at sunset in Pemberton, BC
Not a bad place for sunset!

If you are visiting Pemberton in summer, you must put Lillooet Lake on your list.

The water is supplied by a glacier, which can be found about 95 kilometers (60 miles) upstream at the Lillooet ice cap. Though it is freezing cold, visiting the lake makes for a refreshing day trip … if you’re brave enough to take a dip!  

Even if you don’t want to swim, the lake’s glassy appearance coupled with the surrounding mountains is worth stopping by to see. Lillooet Lake is also perfect for other water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and camping (more on that later)! 

Surprisingly, Lillooet Lake is actually not located in the town of Lillooet, but rather in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District. To get here from Pemberton, you’re looking at only a 25-minute drive along Highway 99. Keep an eye out for the turn-off onto the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road where you can find access to the lake and campgrounds.

If you continue onto the service road for another 30 km (18 miles), you will reach Tsek Hot Springs (or Skookumchuck hot springs), perfect for warming up after a cool day at the lake! You can also camp there if you wish. 

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7. Go camping

View from behind our tent of Bailey and 3rd Joffre Lake
Not a bad place to camp at Joffre Lakes!
Camping at Rohr Lake
Camping at Rohr Lake

Pemberton is the place to visit to get your camping fix! There are a variety of campgrounds to choose from and all have some pretty amazing views.

Whether you plan to visit for a day trip, picnic, or are staying for a week or two, here are some of the most popular campgrounds to put on your list! 

Joffre Lakes 

We’ve already mentioned these incredible lakes and to really take the time to enjoy them, I recommend camping nearby. Joffre Lakes is located at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, a 25 km (15 mile) drive east of Pemberton.

Camping at Joffre Lakes is only available at the Upper Lake, which is a 2-hour hike from the parking lot. There are 26 sites available and MUST be booked through this website. It is not a first come first served type of deal. Be sure to print out your booking slip twice to give to the park ranger and attach to your tent.  

Bring plenty of warm clothing, as the lakes can get very cold at night, even in the summer. It is HIGHLY recommended that you either arrive before 7 am to find parking or take a shuttle to the lakes.

Rohr Lake 

Rohr Lake is another one of our favorites to camp at, just 9 minutes northeast of Joffre Lakes.

It’s ideal to camp here if you want to break up the hike to Rohr Peak. We recommend hiking to your campsite one day and then heading to the peak in the morning. The hike up isn’t clearly marked and is quite challenging, so best for experienced hikers only!

The campsite is free and you get what you pay for, as there are no facilities. Be sure to leave no trace behind and use extreme caution when setting up camp, as the site is located in grizzly bear territory.

Lillooet Lake 

Lillooet Lake has a total of four campgrounds with a multitude of campsites within each. There are no reservations, so arrive early to find the best site. The campsites are $15 CAD per group of up to 6 people.

Swimming, fishing, and other water activities are allowed at Lillooet Lake and the campgrounds. You can also rent canoes and kayaks if you are staying at the nearby Lillooet Lake Lodge.

Nairn Falls Campground 

Located in the beautiful Nairn Falls Provincial Park, this is a cozy campsite that sits on the Green River. It’s just off Highway 99 and only 5 minutes from Pemberton.  

There are 94 campsites to choose from open May 15-September 30. However, because of the site’s popularity, it’s recommended to reserve your spot in advance. There are also some spots available for walk-in camping.

Amenities are limited, but the surrounding area includes plenty of hiking and walking trails to enjoy – including the hike to see the actual Nairn Falls! The trails are kid and beginner friendly, and you can bring your dog with you. 

8. Whistler day trip

Bailey on an ATV tour in Whistler, BC
ATVing in Whistler is a blast!
The view out the window of the Sasquatch Zipline in Whistler as another cart moves by.
Did you even go to Whistler if you didn’t ride the Peak 2 Peak gondola?!

Whistler is only a 25-minute drive from Pemberton, so it’s an easy day trip if you’re in the area. Whistler is a fantastic place to visit for some of the best winter activities in BC, but it’s also a great summer destination full of amazing things to do

When there’s snow on the ground, Whistler is the place to be for winter fun. The Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is one of the largest in North America with 36 lifts and 200 runs. I love it here! The powder is at its best in January and February, but skiing is possible from December until March. It is pricier with lift passes starting at $190 CAD for adults, but it’s a fantastic way to spend a winter day.  

For a more budget-friendly skiing option, visit Whistler Olympic Park for cross-country skiing with 90 km of trails with breathtaking views. Ski rentals are $32.50 CAD for adults. The Olympic Plaza here also has a beautiful ice-skating rink! It’s surrounded by mountains, twinkling lights, and the Olympic rings – a perfect setting for a winter skate. Skating here is $8 CAD including a skate rental, or only $2 CAD if you bring your own skates.  

Whistler in summer means beach days! Lost Lake is an excellent place for that. It’s one of the largest lakes around here and is surrounded by Blackcomb Mountain. Lost Lake is a 20-minute walk from Whistler’s Upper Village or you can catch a free shuttle bus here in the summer.  

The Whistler Bike Park is another epic summer activity with 70 trails and the largest rideable terrain of any bike park in North America. To relax, hit up one of the many outdoor patios in Whistler to enjoy a drink and the atmosphere –Basalt and The Living Room are a couple of my picks.  

Whistler is also a vibrant town with plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes to treat yourself. If you’re visiting Whistler on a honeymoon, be sure to check out the Scandinave Spa Whistler!

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9. Visit Pemberton Brewing Company 

Bailey with beers from Pemberton Brewing Company
So good!
beer at Pemberton Brewing Company
Photo credit: Pemberton Brewing Company

For a cold, refreshing beer close to town, make sure to stop by Pemberton Brewing Company. This hidden warehouse brewery is in the industrial part of Pemberton, but you’ll still be surrounded by mountains.

It’s the perfect spot for post-biking/hiking refreshments. If you’re here on a hot summer day, you’ll love the “misters” on the patio – really refreshing!

They have a high-quality selection of locally crafted beers. There are the classics like pilsners and IPAs (for all you IPA lovers out there) while also putting their own Pemberton Brewing spin on things. Their selection is updated all the time and you can always create a signature flight to try a few and find what you like.

Pemberton Brewing Company is open Monday to Thursday from 3-7 pm and Friday to Sunday from 1-7 pm.  

10. Shop local at the Farmers’ Market 

If you want to get the true taste of this town, you’re going to want to make time to visit the Pemberton Farmers Market.  

This is one of the best destinations for locally grown fruits, vegetables, hand-made items, tasty pastries, and other goodies. It’s that farm-to-table experience where you know everything you’re getting is fresh!

Some of the vendors are regulars and others change weekly, so there’s always something new to see.

The Pemberton Farmers Market is a weekly event held every Friday from June until the end of October. They are open 3-6 pm and you can find the market under the pavilion at the downtown Pemberton Community Barn.

11. Eat at Mile One Eating House 

Brisket sandwich at Mile One Eating House 
The food here is so good!
Seafood chowder at Mile One Eating House in Pemberton, BC
Bailey loves their chowder!

If you’re still hungry, Pemberton is home to some fantastic places to eat. Among them is Mile One Eating House which is a popular hotspot for foodies or anyone looking for a good meal.

Mile One has a rustic feel paired with casual artisanal comfort foods that warm both the heart and the belly. They pride themselves on using locally and ethically sourced produce, eggs, and meat to craft delicious meals. 

You can stop by the restaurant to enjoy the most down-to-earth comfort food like chili and mac n’ cheese (we really enjoyed the Reuben sandwich and seafood chowder as well), and stop by their grocery hub to pick up your favorites, or other things to try! 

Mile One Eating House is located about a 10-minute walk from where the Farmers Market is, so you could carve out a whole day in Pemberton to indulge your foodie side! 

12. Coffee at Mount Currie Coffee Company 

Mt Currie Coffee Company
Mt Currie Coffee Company is so good! (Yes, that’s apple and almonds in my croissant!)

With so many awesome things to do in Pemberton, all your daily adventures will need some fuel. Mount Currie Coffee Company is the best place to get it!

Stop by and grab drinks like a Canadiano (latte with maple syrup) or Green Machine smoothie to power you up for some hiking. If you’re feeling hungry, they have a big glass display showing off all the day’s goodies, like jalapeno cheddar scones, a selection of regular, gluten-free, and vegan cookies, and delicious flaky croissants.

For something a bit heartier, try out their paninis or (my fave!) the breakfast sandwiches stuffed with scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, and more on fresh sourdough focaccia.

They’re open daily from 7 am to 3 pm, but make sure you arrive early for the best choice, as things go quickly. While you’re there, you can browse their shop or admire the awesome art they have on display which they change up regularly to keep things interesting. 

13. Play disc golf   

Bailey plays disc golf in Pemberton, BC
Disc golf is a growing sport and it’s so much fun!

Disc golf is getting super popular these days, so if you haven’t tried it, this is your sign to head to the Pemberton Disc Golf Course.

You can either drive or walk here – it’s only a few minutes’ drive out of town, and you can park at the One Mile Lake upper parking lot and walk about 5 minutes in on the trail. We wanted to stretch our legs, so we opted for the 30-minute walk using the One Mile Lake trail, then took the connector trail to Nairn Falls and found the course on the way after a few minutes.

There’s a sign that shows you the 9-hole course, which is super fun and a little challenging because it’s in the forest – trees don’t make for easy obstacles!

The course is unsupervised, so you’ll have to grab a frisbee from town first, and since it’s in the forest, we also recommend good footwear and bug spray! It’s a great activity to try out, especially if you’re planning on exploring the One Mile Lake area on your trip.  

14. Golf 

Sunstone Golf Club, Pemberton
Photo credit: Sunstone Golf Club

If you’re more into traditional golf or want to give it a try, you have a couple of awesome courses to choose from around Pemberton.

Both courses have stellar views, but Big Sky Golf Club might have a bit of an edge in that department. It’s even been ranked among the top 100 golf courses in Canada!

Rates here vary by season, but in the summer, you can book a tee time after 4 pm for $99 CAD per person, and that drops down to $59 CAD for the end of September and October. You can grab a bite after your round at their Fescues Restaurant, which has standard pub-style food and a good selection of beers and cocktails.

For a slightly more budget-friendly option, check out nearby Sunstone Golf Club, where you can book a tee time to play a full round on summer evenings for $50 CAD, or 9-holes for $40 CAD, no matter which season.

The course is right at the base of Mount Currie and takes you through wide open meadows and dense forests. Their bar and grill has happy hour deals daily from 3-5 pm, including some snacks like cauliflower bites and calamari to grab after your round.

15. One Mile Lake 

One Mile Lake, Pemberton
Such a beautiful place for a walk!

One Mile Lake is just south of town and is a nice, low-key Pemberton activity to add to your itinerary. It’s super easy to access from town and is a nice way to stretch your legs – especially if they’re sore from any hikes you’ve been doing!

The Pemberton Visitors’ Center is an easy starting reference point and also a good place to get any other additional info on the area. From the Visitors’ Center, head south towards the community garden, pass over the Pemberton Creek bridge, and you’ll soon see signs for the One Mile Lake Conservation area.

There is a track left or right, but the trail circles the lake, so it doesn’t matter which you choose. It’s a flat, very accessible, and easy track with picnic tables dotted around the lake so you can rest, enjoy the scenery or have a little picnic. You might have guessed from the name that the whole track is about a mile long (1.6 km), so it doesn’t take too long to walk.

We decided to grab an early morning coffee and take it slow, enjoying the fresh air and lake view – spotting a few loons and canoers enjoying the calm water. You can hang out and bird watch, swim, kayak, or have a picnic on the docks, but just be careful as it’s an unsupervised area. Oh, and bring some bug spray! 

16. Visit Nairn Falls  

Nairn Falls, BC
The beautiful Nairn Falls!

Nairn Falls Provincial Park is easily accessible from town and is another on the list of free Pemberton activities!

You can drive to the parking lot where the trailhead begins, but we decided to walk 3.5 km (2.2 miles) from town. It’s pretty easy to find – just take the One Mile Lake Trail until you see the turnoff for Nairn Falls Trail, and continue past the disc golf course until you come to the parking lot/trailhead.

From there, it’s about 1.5 km (0.9 miles) to the viewpoint of the falls. There you’ll be amazed as 60 meters (197 feet) of powder blue water makes its way through rocks carved out over thousands of years!

We recommend wearing good shoes for this hike as the trail is a little uneven and can get slippery in some sections. The park is well-maintained and has lots of signs explaining the geological features and formation of the falls, as well as picnic tables at the trailhead for a little snack when you’re done.

If you have camping gear, it’s an awesome spot to set up for a night or 2 to enjoy this pristine park – but make sure to reserve a site first!  

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17. Stop for a coffee and some food at The Cheese Pusherman Roadhouse  

Breakfast at The Cheese Pusherman Roadhouse  
Photo credit: The Cheese Pusherman Roadhouse  
Sausage rolls at the Cheese Pusherman Roadhouse  
Photo credit: The Cheese Pusherman Roadhouse  

Assorted cheeses, house-smoked meats, freshly baked goods, and live music – what more could you want?! Located about 7.5 km (4.7 miles) east of Pemberton, The Cheese Pusherman Roadhouse is an awesome place to stop in for a bite.

We love all-day breakfast, so I dug into an omelet with smoked sausage and blue cheese while Dan devoured the smoked meat hash with fried eggs.

Everything here is so fresh and delicious, but the real crowd-pleaser is their potato donuts. Yep, you read that right! These donuts are more than worth a visit – fluffy and moist, with a few flavors to choose from. Our favorites were the Maple Glaze and Boston Cream, but if you want a box to go, call ahead and pre-order because they go fast!

They also put on live music gigs, a great chance to relax with a glass of wine and sample some of their cheeses while you enjoy the show. 

They’re open every weekday (except Thursday) from 8 am – 3 am and 9 am- 3 pm on weekends.

18. Visit Pemberton Museum  

We always love stopping in to support local museums, so we spent a morning at the Pemberton Museum to learn a little about the area. It’s a pretty impressive collection with thousands of well-preserved artifacts and photographs since 1982.

Displays include information on the Lillooet people pre-contact and guide you through stories of the settlements, the gold rush, railway expansion, pioneer women, and town establishment. They also have loads of interesting items, from clothing and tools to household items and traditional snowshoes.

If you’re taking a stroll around Pemberton, love history, or need a rainy-day activity, make sure to stop in! They’re open 10 am – 5 pm Tuesdays to Saturdays from May until October, and admission is by donation. 

19. U-Pick strawberries  

North Arm Farm strawberries Pemberton
Photo credit: North Arm Farm
Strawberries at North Arm Farm, Pemberton
Photo credit: North Arm Farm

One of the best things to do in Pemberton is sample all the local fruit and veggies, and it’s even better when you pick it yourself!

We stopped in at North Arm Farm, open 9-5 daily and just a few kilometers outside Pemberton in the Mt. Currie area, to get in on their U-Pick program.

You can pick your own strawberries from June-July, blueberries from July-September, and then even your own pumpkin for spooky season. Strawberries are my favorite, so we lucked out visiting in mid-July!

Here’s how it works: you bring your container (or buy one there, if you need it), weigh it beforehand, walk down to the patch, choose a row and get picking! Once you’ve picked all the fruit you want, they’ll weigh the container again, and you pay by the pound. And then you have endless strawberries to snack on during road trips and hikes – you can’t go wrong with that!

If you visit during the summer, it’s a good idea to wear long sleeves and definitely bring some bug spray. We forgot ours that day but were lucky enough to get a spritz from some fellow seasoned fruit pickers, thankfully! 

If all your hard work makes you a little hungry, they also have a great shop and restaurant with soups, sandwiches, and items like jams, sauces, teas, and more.

20. Go fishing 

Small bull trout in Squamish BC caught while fishing
A small bull trout!

If you love fishing but didn’t pack your gear, don’t worry – you’ve got options! The rivers and lakes in this area are teeming with fish, and Pemberton Fish Finder provides year-round guided fishing trips like these ones for the Pemberton and Whistler areas.

The half-day tours are around $260 CAD per person and while you’ll need your own transportation to get to the meeting point, they’ll provide all the equipment, a guide, and local knowledge of all the best spots to hook a great catch.

Whether you’re ice fishing in the winter or heading out in the summer you’ll need a BC freshwater fishing license regardless of when you go. Grab one from Tourism Whistler on your way to Pemberton, or register online

21. Paragliding 

Pemberton Paragliding view
Photo credit: Sea to Sky Paragliding
Pemberton Paragliding
Photo credit: Sea to Sky Paragliding

We love any kind of adrenaline-filled activity, so I made sure to sign us up for a paragliding adventure with Sea to Sky Paragliding to see Pemberton from a slightly different angle.

They offer tandem flights for $285 CAD from May-September, where a trained paragliding pilot will take you on a flight starting 4,000 feet above the valley floor!

We met up with our pilot in Pemberton and were shuttled about 40 minutes or so to the top of Mt Mackenzie, where the launch pad is located. They were super friendly and explained everything we needed to know to be safe and comfortable before the flight, and they also included a debrief at the end.

The flight lasted around 25 minutes, and the views of the lush valley, rivers, and mountains were absolutely insane! It made us appreciate the beauty of Pemberton and the surrounding mountains a little more, and we highly recommend this activity if you can fit it in.

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Where to Stay in Pemberton

Pemberton Valley Lodge front of hotel
Photo credit: Pemberton Valley Lodge

Now that you know how much Pemberton has to offer, you might already be planning a trip here, so you’ll need a place to stay. While there are a ton of great campgrounds, if indoor plumbing and a comfy bed are more your style, not to worry!

With Pemberton being a small town, there isn’t a huge variety of hotels. If needed, you can always check out our guide to the best areas and hotels in Whistler and just plan to drive to Pemberton. If you want to stay closer to town though, here are our top picks!

Pemberton Valley Lodge – $$$

An all-suite hotel in the Pemberton Valley, the rooms at the Pemberton Valley Lodge have stunning views of the mountains. There are rooms with fireplaces and kitchens too for an extra homey feel. The lodge has mountain bikes available in the summer and snowshoes in the winter. Plus there’s a hot tub which feels amazing after a long day of hiking!

Some of our fav spots like Nairn Falls Provincial Park and One Mile Lake are only a few minutes away from the property too. Check availability and book your suite at the Pemberton Valley Lodge.

The Log House Inn – $$

For a rustic, comfortable place to stay right in Pemberton, The Log House Inn is the way to go. It’s like you’re staying in a giant log cabin! The rooms are cozy and comfortable and if you can opt for the booking that includes breakfast – it’s a delicious gourmet spread! Rooms can be booked online here.

The Hitching Post Motel – $

The Hitching Post Motel is a good budget-friendly option to stay while you explore the area. The rooms are simple but include nice extras like kitchens with a fridge and stove along with satellite TV. It’s only a 5 minute drive from Pemberton City Center. Book a stay with

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie in Pemberton, BC
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When it comes to small towns near the mountains, Pemberton has it all. From the insane views, incredible hikes, great campsites, and the sweetest fruit, this is a place worth popping into. Plus it’s so close to Whistler, you can easily fit in both epic destinations on the same trip!

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