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13 Things You Need to Know Before Backpacking in Brazil

Celebrating Newy Years in Rio de Janeiro while backpacking in Brazil

These are a few tips that would have saved me a lot of hassle, money, and embarrassment should someone told me before starting our two months of travel in Brazil.

9 Best Things to do in Natal, Brazil

Drinking a coconut on the sand dunes of Natal, Brazil

A travel guide and stories about Brazil’s Northeastern holiday cities of Fortaleza and Natal.

COMPLETE Guide to Exploring Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

Bailey sits on a viewpoint overlooking Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

From our first moments entering the park I thought “this place is sick,” it reminded me so much of Darwin, huge rock formations surrounded by fresh water swimming pools – but without the worry of Crocs (and I don’t mean the tacky shoes nobody should ever wear)!

Things to do in Pipa, Brazil & City Guide

A sunset in Pipa Brazil

Pipa is a beautiful beachside town on Brazil’s Northeast coast, and shamefully is often missed by tourists. This place is so relaxed and utterly beautiful we will tell you why you need to go there and how to get there.

15 Brazil Highlights – The Best things to do in Brazil

Bailey posses for a photo on a viewpoint overlooking the ciaty of Rio de Janeiro in BrazilBailey posses for a

In this travel guide, we show you all of the best things to do in Brazil – that we call our Brazil highlights. It’s filled with the best attractions in Read more…

Complete Guide to Ilha Grande, Brazil

Bailey sits back on our boat tour around Ilha Grande, Brazil

This top travel destination for those who visit Rio de Janeiro has very little information available to english speaking tourists. We have created a complete travel guide (based on our mistakes) so you can have the relaxing time we hoped for on Brazil’s most beautiful island.

9 BEST Things to do in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Plaza 24 de Setiembre in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

This is a complete guide to all of the best things to do in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It includes lots of info on activities and tours as well as some Read more…

10 Reasons to Visit Samaipata, Bolivia

A birds eye view of the ruins of El Fuerte de Samaipata

Considering to visit Samaipata, Bolivia? Well, let us help you decide! In this blog, we’ll tell you about 10 different reasons why you should visit Samaipata – information you NEED Read more…

Sucre Spanish School – Guide to learning Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia

Sunset over Sucre city from our hostel and spanish school

We unpacked out bags and signed up for two weeks in a Sucre Spanish School Hostel!

The Death Train Bolivia: Everything You NEED To Know

on the death train bolivia

As our time in Brazil came to an end we had to make a massive journey to Bolivia. Of course, we looked at flights but given the lack of adventure Read more…