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5 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Whistler you’ll want to check out!

5 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Whistler you’ll want to check out!

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Less than two hours north of Vancouver lies Whistler – a Canadian mountain town blanketed with history and spectacular scenery. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in BC and the perfect place to get away! 

It’s no wonder Whistler was chosen to host the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Now that is going for gold!

In between all the adventures you’re sure to have in Whistler, be sure to stop for a break at one of the many cafes and coffee shops in Whistler. Dotted around the whole town, the coffee shops in Whistler serve scrumptious treats and beverages – how could one possibly choose where to go? 

That’s where we come in! 

As a regular to Vancouver and, at one stage, a local, I’ve done the trip from Vancouver to Whistler countless times. After all those visits, I must say there are a few stand-out cafes in Whistler that you really should try. 

So grab your fresh cup of java, take a sweet deep breath of that wonderful cafe and coffee smell, and let’s get to it!

The BEST Cafes and Coffee Shops in Whistler

1. Purebread 

Bailey looks at the food at Purebread in Whistler, BC
The hardest part is choosing what to have!
  • Two Locations: One location in downtown Whistler the other in Whistler Olympic Park
  • Type of food: Simply delicious baked goods and sweet treats. 
  • Average cost per meal: $8 CAD
  • Why we love it: Largest selection of baked goods!
  • Hours: Main St 8 am to 5 pm, and Millar 8:30 am to 5 pm every day of the week!

Purebread is exactly what the name says. Pure.

This family bakery has been a solid establishment in Whistler for years, and their sweet and savory treats have been making people smile for just as long. 

This lovely bakery specializes in bread, savories, cakes, and all sorts of different treats. Its mission is simple: bake delicious goods and bring smiles to people’s faces – which they have been very successful with. 

The people at Purebread are all about making the best tasting food possible. All of their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced where they can be. They use only the best quality ingredients to make their goodies as delicious as possible!

A selection of treats at Purebred Café in Whistler, BC
Photo credit: Purebread Cafe
A coffee at Purebread in Whistler, BC

When walking through those doors at Purebread, passionate baking and eating good nourishing foods is what you will find. In fact, the hardest part about visiting Purebread is choosing what to have. You will be overwhelmed with the choices and unique pastries on offer! 

My go-to? Well, I love the spinach and feta brioche, or if I’m feeling sweet, the almond croissants are so bad they’re good! 

What’s not to love? The family-owned business has been around since Whistler was just a small village – they’re a huge part of the community and my belly! Oh, and the coffee is strong and delicious too! It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Whistler!

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2. Blenz Coffee Whistler 

Blenza Coffee Whistler Iced Tea
Photo credit: Blenz Coffee
Blenz Coffee and Croissant in Whistler, BC, Canada
Photo credit: Blenz Coffee
  • Location: Downtown Whistler at Whistler Olympic Plaza
  • Type of food: Catering to both breakfast and lunch, including lots of different coffees.
  • Average cost per meal: $8 CAD
  • Why we love it: Best hot chocolate in Whistler
  • Hours: 7:30 am to 4 pm every day of the week for that hot cocoa fix!

Step into the welcoming haven that is Blenz Coffee Whistler, where they’ll be happy to meet all of your needs with delicious breakfast meals and friendly staff.

Being one of the finest coffee shops in Whistler is no small feat. With a commitment to the best ingredients, they’ve created an award-winning hot chocolate and 100% high-grade Organic Korean Matcha green tea powder that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Not only that, but they’ll also treat you to some tasty treats. This is a great place to pop in and grab a delicious chocolate croissant and your favorite coffee to go, or slow down and stay awhile.

They go to great lengths for their rich European-style coffees. They’re made with freshly ground beans from all over Latin America. They also offer organic whole leaf teas sourced internationally, including single-origin Colombian chocolates crafted by hand!

On a summer day in Whistler, I love their ice tea. I usually just pop in and grab one to go as I soak up Whistler’s vibrant atmosphere. Of course, Bailey being the hot chocolate lover she is, only enjoys the best in Whistler, and that’s here! Nothing beats a warm cup of hot chocolate on a chilly evening during the winter or fall in Whistler.

If you’re in the area and have a craving for a delicious, high-quality, and profound customer service experience, then Blenz is the best cafe in Whistler to visit.

3. Portobello

Portobello Whistler front entrance
Photo credit: Portobello Whistler
Portobello Breakfast buffet Whistler
Photo credit: Portobello Whistler
  • Location: 4599 Chateau Blvd, Whistler, BC V8E 0Z5, Canada
  • Type of food: Made to order meals for breakfast.
  • Average cost per meal: $10 to $15 CAD for breakfast.
  • Why we love it: Perfect for a fancy sit-down breakfast
  • Hours: Open every day from 6:30 am to a late and casual 8 pm!

Portobello is a must-stop for foodies who want to sit and enjoy breakfast. The cafe/restaurant is actually located in the Fairmont Chateau – one of the best places to stay in Whistler. The aromas of freshly baked bread, rich, fragrant coffees, and mouthwatering treats will captivate you as soon as your nose starts detecting its delicious scent in Portobello’s open kitchen!

They offer an elevated casual dining experience delivered by their animated customizable sandwiches selection. They also provide gourmet pastry or coffee beans, which come from just down the street at Counter Culture Coffee Company!

Between freshly baked bread and fragrant coffee, the mouthwatering delights at Portobello are hard to beat. They serve made-to-order meals such as waffles, breakfast bowls, and loaded bagels!

Portobello will serve you breakfast, lunch, and even dinner if you let them; however, I come for the coffee and maple bacon waffles! If you do visit later in the day, their smoked brisket is something you should order.

Once you’re done with all of your adventures, you can pull up to their full-service bar that carries all the great local craft beers and have a lovely night soaking up all this cafe has to offer. It’s one of our favorite things to do at night in Whistler!

Oh, and all their finest fare is crafted right in front of every guest; how’s that for entertaining!

4. Mount Currie Coffee Company

A sandwich at Mount Currie Coffee Company
Food and Coffee at Mount Currie Coffee Company
  • Location: 103-4369 Main St, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada
  • Type of food: Breakfast burritos, paninis, and baked treats.
  • Average cost per meal: $9.
  • Why we love it: Their paninis are out of this world good, and their coffee is the best in Whistler!
  • Hours: Open every day from 7 am to 4 pm to serve you great coffee and even better food.

The Mount Currie Coffee Company is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The company is known for its high-quality coffee and friendly service. The mountain-loving folk at Mount Currie Coffee Company bring their A-game to every cup of coffee they brew – it’s my favorite cup in Whistler.

They pride themselves on sustainably sourced coffee as well as some of the best paninis you could ever have. Combine this with their breakfast burritos and sweet tasty treats, and you have a recipe for a great little cafe.

Not only can you hang out there, but they will pack all their stuff up so you can head into the mountains straight away such as to Joffre Lakes. They even carry containers to carry their delicious coffee that are guaranteed to keep it nice and warm up in the chilly mountain air.

Mount Currie Coffee Company are a small-batch roaster committed to delivering quality coffees that reflect their mountain hometown. They’re not just another company in a tourist town – they want your taste buds (and other senses) to experience true brewed bliss!

Driven by nature, special creativity, and their passion for great coffee makes this cafe in Whistler a must-visit as well. The staff at Mount Currie Coffee Company know how to serve you with classic Canadian kindness, and will leave you coming back for more!

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5. Lift Coffee Company

Lift Coffee Company sandwich
Yum! Photo credit: Lift Coffee Company
  • Location: 4293 Mountain Square, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada
  • Type of food: Paninis, gourmet coffees, and smoothies!
  • Average cost per meal: $10.
  • Why we love it: Artisan sandwiches made to order (get one to go for your hike.) 
  • Hours: 7 am to 4 pm every single day of the week!

Even though Lift Coffee Company is fifth on our list, they can hold their own with the best of them (and this list is in no particular order.) 

Lift Coffee is known for its delicious lattes, flat whites, and sandwiches. They always serve their drinks with a smile that will take you back to the days when people cared deeply about their customers! All those smiles come alongside great food options like artisan grilled cheese or pesto flavourful pasta dishes – there isn’t anything this small business can’t handle.

This happening coffee shop serves up great coffees, smoothies, and delicious paninis, all in a fantastic modern setting. They make every sandwich to every order so you can rest easy knowing they will be fresh as can be.

We love Lift Coffee for its artisan sandwiches. Unlike a lot of places that simply slap some meat and cheese between two slices of bread, Lift takes the time to craft a sandwich that will tantalize your taste buds with every bite! Grab a few to go and take your loved one to enjoy a picnic – one of the most romantic activities in Whistler!

Lift Coffee Company’s outdoor heated patio is always the talk of the town. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a warm drink on a cold day or soaking up the sun on a summer afternoon, Lift has you covered. The patio is the perfect place to relax and take in the stunning views of downtown. Oh, and your best friend (dog) is invited! 

Things to do While You’re in Whistler

While you’re in Whistler, be sure not to miss out on some of the best activities in the area! Below, I have just listed a glimpse of my favorite things to do in Whistler to add to your Whistler itinerary!

  • Go ziplining – There are many epic ziplining tours in Whistler with the most incredible mountain and forest views! The Sasquatch® is just as mighty as it sounds. Not only is it the longest zipline in North America but it also descends 2,133 (7,000 feet). It is only one line though so if you’d rather ride several lines or go for something less intense there is also the Eagle which departs from the same location! The tour features five different ziplines, including a 732 m (2,400 ft ) zipline with a 30-story descent – still a thrilling time!
  • Brandywine Falls – The nature all around Whistler is stunning and the 70 meters (230 feet) Brandywine Falls surrounded by rough cliffs is not one to miss! This is a really short hike – only about 15 minutes one-way starting from the parking lot. It’s accessible from April to October and you’ll cross a wooden footbridge, some train tracks and head through the forest until you make it to the first viewing platform.
  • Ride an ATV/buggy – One of our very favorite tours in Whistler was a buggy tour! In our small 4-wheel utility vehicle, we zoomed the mountain tops and admired all of the panoramic views (when we weren’t splashing in the puddles, that is!) If you prefer to take an ATV tour in Whistler, that is possible too with the same company. The buggy tour is $335 CAD whereas the ATV tour costs $209 CAD.
  • Scenic flight – Although fun, scenic flights around Whistler are not cheap but are 100% bucket worthy! There are a few different options here but the most unique options are the scenic helicopter flight with a mountain landing and a seaplane flight that departs and lands from the water! The helicopter tour includes a 20-minute flight and a 15-minute glacier landing on Rainbow Mountain for the cost of $325 CAD. On the seaplane flight, you’ll be in the sky for 30 minutes and it costs $199 CAD. Whichever you choose both options have mindblowing views of mountains, glaciers, and lakes!

Where to Stay in Whistler, BC

Our room at Adara Hotel in Whistler, BC
Our room at Adara Hotel had a suite below it and a bedroom upstairs!
Bailey on our balcony with a view at the Adara, Whistler
The view and pool were our favorites!

There are tons of choices when it comes to hotels in Whistler, below are some of my very favorites:

Adara Hotel – Our Top Choice

Our go-to hotel in Whistler is the Adara Hotel. For us, it is the perfect mix of luxury and affordability with everything you need for a comfortable stay. They offer underground parking and are only a one-minute walk from the Whistler Stroll, so you can park your car and leave it while you explore Whistler Village. They also have a beautiful outdoor pool and hot tub offering mountain views – perfect for relaxing in the evening. The loft rooms are our favorite, and most also offer mountain views from the upstairs patio.

You can check prices, availability, and book Adara Hotel on here.

Hi Whistler – Budget-friendly Hostel

For those travelers on a budget, the Hi Whistler is one of the only budget options. Although a hostel, the place is very clean and comfortable and they also have private rooms. They also have Cheaky’s Café which serves coffee, snacks, meals, beer, cider, and wine. It’s a great place to meet travelers and enjoy your time in Whistler. A single bunk in a mixed dorm room averages $56 CAD.

You can check availability on or Hostelworld.

The Listel Hotel Whistler – Mid-range Hotel

The Listel Hotel is a beautiful place to stay in the heart of Whistler. It has an almost unbeatable location close the village and to the gondolas which is convenient if you are planning to ski! I still consider it a budget option for Whistler but the hotel has lots of luxuries including a spa, restaurant, and bar. Rooms on average cost $300 CAD.

You can check availability on

Delta Hotels by Marriott Whistler Village Suites – Luxury Hotel

For a luxury hotel in the heart of Whistler, the Whistler Village Suites is my top choice. For Whistler, it’s still a great value hotel and has a swimming pool, 3 hot tubs, a bar, a fitness center, and a restaurant. The rooms a very nice and for groups they have 2 bedroom apartments. Some of the suites even have balconies with mountain views!

You can check availability on

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Thanks for Reading

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie on the Skybridge in Whistler, BC
Thanks for reading!

The coffee shops in Whistler that are the best, according to locals and tourists alike, offer a variety of unique services. Coffee drinkers can enjoy freshly roasted coffee beans or try their hand at making their own latte art while taking in views of gorgeous mountain scenery.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best cafes in Whistler! If you did, be sure to stick around the plan more of your upcoming trip to Whistler and Canada!

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