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5 BEST Multi-Day Island Cruises in Fiji

5 BEST Multi-Day Island Cruises in Fiji

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If you’re anything like us, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Fiji is all the gorgeous remote islands. But you may be wondering how to visit them all!

While staying on Fiji’s mainland can be great, if you want that quintessential island experience then a multi-day cruise is the way to go. We find this is by far the best way to explore the pristine, uninhabited spots that Fiji is famous for – I mean, you’re not traveling here to see cityscapes, right?

We’ve been to Fiji more times than we count. It’s a super special place for us because it’s where we got married! We know all of the most reputable tour companies, so if you’re looking for the best multi-day island cruises, then we’re here to lay it all out for you. 

Quick Pick: Our Favorite Cruise

This is a tough decision, but our personal favorite cruise is this 7-night cruise of the Yasawa Islands. Your home for a week is the luxury small ship the Caledonian Sky. But it’s not staying on the ship that stole our hearts – it’s all the exploring you get to do! From glass-bottomed boat rides to swimming in beautiful lagoons and daily island hopping. Plus, there’s a real feel for the local culture with visits to local schools and cultural performances.

While the price tag may seem a lot at first, this is basically like booking an entire vacation at once since all your activities, meals, and transport between islands are covered! It’s only offered 1-2 a month and does book up quickly. If you are looking for something shorter, this 4-night cruise is a shorter version of the same tour!

The BEST Fijian Island Cruises

1. 7-Night Yasawa Islands Cruise on a Luxury Ship (Our Top Choice!)

A woman walks out of the water on a multi day cruise in Fiji
There are so many amazing places you get to see in a week!
Fijians cook a lovo feat on a multi day cruise Fiji
Get ready for a delicious Lovo feast! Photo Credit: Captain Cook Cruises

This week-long cruise around the Yasawa Islands just screams “tropical vacation!” Honestly, the itinerary is insane – you’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe as you explore the pristine beaches and coral reefs of these lush volcanic islands.

This cruise is our top choice because it delivers incredible experiences from start to finish. From glass-bottomed boat rides and snorkeling to swimming in lagoons and exploring caves, we can’t imagine a better way to go island-hopping. There’s even a visit to Monuriki which is where Cast Away was filmed. Everyone was shouting “Wilson!” when we were here!

We also love the fact that you get to immerse yourself in Fijian culture with visits to local schools and authentic cultural performances, including a fashion show. And honestly, those are just off the top of our heads – you’ll learn more about the culture each and every day. 

Another thing that we appreciate about the cruise is that the crew creates a fantastic, friendly atmosphere and all of the social events make it easy to bond with fellow travelers. As soon as you step on board, it feels like you’re part of a big boat family! 

A boat sits at a beach in the Yasawa Islands Fiji
Care for a swim?

This cruise doesn’t come cheap, starting at $5,416 USD for a standard cabin. However, we think that the inclusions are very generous. In addition to everything we’ve mentioned already, the price includes the use of water sports equipment and all meals, accompanied by free alcoholic drinks.

The cruise only runs once or twice a month and it’s very popular (with good reason!) so it books up fast. We recommend booking as far in advance as you can, and thankfully, Viator offers free cancellation up to 24 hours before departure, so you can reserve a spot with peace of mind. This is why we always book with them! 

2. All-inclusive 8-day Cruise to Fiji’s Most Remote Islands

A woman enjoys a sandbar on a multi day tour in Fiji
How can you not love this?
People snorkel with sharks on a multi day cruise fiji
Snorkeling with sharks! Photo credit: South Sea Cruises

We love this all-inclusive 8-day cruise because not only does it allow you to explore some of Fiji’s most remote island chains – like the Yasawa and the Sacred Islands – but it also places a big emphasis on the local culture.

With activities like a traditional church service on Sunday, cooking lessons, and even Fijian-style bingo, you’ll feel like a local in no time! We always enjoy participating in authentic cultural experiences in Fiji, so if you’re the same, this cruise is a fantastic choice. 

But don’t worry, there’s still tons of time to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. We love how it kicks off with sparkling wine at sunset on Monuriki – aka the island where Cast Away was filmed. The adventure certainly amps up the next day, though, with snorkeling with sharks at a secret reef, and later in the cruise, you go swimming with manta rays. Honestly, I think the cruise is almost worth it for the snorkeling alone!

A beautiful beach on a multi day cruise fiji
The crystal clear blue waters of Fiji are my favorite

Prices for the cruise start at $3,052 USD, although this does vary by date and how luxurious you want your cabin to be. With a fully stocked mini-bar, bubbles at breakfast time, and authentic Lovo-cooked dinners on the beach, we found the inclusions to be pretty generous. 

Again, this cruise is in demand. It’s available most Fridays between October and March, but it books up fast, so don’t wait too long. For us, it’s the best cruise in terms of cultural experiences, and the crew is so wonderful. Their positivity is infectious! 

3. All-inclusive 4-Night Cruise on Luxury Ship

A woman enjoys a paddle board on a multi day cruise fiji
Paddleboards are a great way to pass the time
Fijian women dance during a cultural show on a multi day cruise Fiji
This 4-day cruise is packed with culture. Photo credit: Captain Cook Cruises

We like this 4-night Yasawa Islands cruise because it’s essentially a shorter version of our top choice! You still get to visit multiple islands and explore crystal clear waters with the boat’s SUP boards, kayaks, and glass-bottomed boats. And since we’re crazy about scuba diving, we also like the fact that you can opt to do a dive for an additional cost! 

This tour is a great choice if you want the experience of a cruise, but don’t want to spend a full week on board a ship. You still get to spend four nights on the luxury boat the Caledonian Sky, but then you’ll have time to add a resort stay to your vacation either before or after.

As with the 7-night cruise, we think that this tour does a fantastic job of delivering immersive cultural experiences – particularly the lovo feast on the beach! There’s no better way to round off a day in paradise. 

And with nightly festivities like meke dancing and an onboard dance party, we’d say this cruise strikes a good balance between adventure and relaxation. In fact, if you just want to chill, there’s even the option to add some spa treatments to your cruise! 

View of an island from the ferry as it goes towards a Yasawa Island in Fiji
On the way to another island!

I also have to give a shout-out to the food on board, which is really good! Drinks cost extra but we also find the bar prices to be reasonable by local standards, so you don’t need to worry too much about spending a fortune if, like us, you want to enjoy a beer (or three) when you’re on holiday. 

This cruise usually runs once or twice a month, departing on Tuesdays, so check ahead for dates! Prices start at $3,095 USD for a standard suite, based on two people sharing. If you want to get the cheapest price possible, I’d recommend taking advantage of Viator’s free cancellation policy and booking in advance, because I’ve found that the standard suites fill up first! 

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4. 5-day Cruise to the Yasawa Islands and Blue Lagoon

A woman snorkels during a multi day cruise in Fiji
There are so many chances to snorkel!
A Fijian man does a traditional dance on a multi day cruise in Fiji
Whoa! Photo credit: South Sea Cruises

Our favorite thing about this 5-day cruise is that over the course of just a few days, it plunges you into the local culture. I would say this cruise is perfect for anyone who wants to get a taste of Fiji’s island culture without committing to a longer cruise. 

From feasting on the beach and getting to know villagers, to basket weaving and kava ceremonies, this cruise showcases Fiji’s rich culture. We especially love that the last night of the cruise involves a barbecue and then a big, Fijian-style party to show you how the locals really get down. 

And of course, no Fijian cruise could be complete without a healthy dose of natural beauty. I mean, you really couldn’t pick a more beautiful setting than the Yasawa Islands, but activities like snorkeling with manta rays and exploring the Sawa-i-Lau caves take it to the next level. These caves are so beautiful – they took my breath away, and I’m sure it will be the same for you! 

A Fijian man welcomes people in the Yasawa Islands Fiji
Everyone here is so welcoming!

The boat is relatively small, with a maximum of 60 travelers, which I think is perfect. It’s big enough to offer a comfortable experience and you still get that personal and friendly atmosphere on board. The crew are fantastic and I love that they’re attentive but not pushy. If you want to relax the entire time, that’s fine, and if you want to spend every second exploring and participating in activities, they’re more than happy to accommodate that too.

Cruises depart on Mondays, and prices for a cabin on the Hibiscus Deck, which is the more basic option, begin at $1,983 USD. Be sure to reserve your spot way in advance if you’re traveling to Fiji between June and September, because cruises are very in-demand during that time, and places on reputable cruises like this one sell like hotcakes.

5. Mini Cruise – 3-Nights Exploring Fiji’s Islands (Most affordable option!)

Three women take a picture while on an island during a multi day cruise fiji
Island life!
People swim with sharks on a multi day cruise Fiji
Would you swim with sharks? Photo credit: South Sea Cruises

If you’re short on time or have never taken a cruise before, we think this 3-night cruise is your best bet. We like how the itinerary balances cultural experiences, adventure activities, and breathtaking scenery perfectly, allowing you to taste everything Fiji has to offer in just a few days.

From visiting the island where Tom Hanks filmed Cast Away (a favorite stop of ours for sure!) to swimming with reef sharks and watching the crew put on a show, this cruise makes sure you get to tick off all of the must-do highlights when island hopping in Fiji. You can read 5-star reviews online here and previous guests say they wished the cruise was longer it was so good!

The boat itself is also really nice, and we love the fact that there’s a pool on deck! The staff are amazing, and the welcome show they perform on the first night will put a big smile on your face. Honestly, we found it was quite sad to say goodbye, even though the cruise was only a few nights long. 

View of an island from a boat on a multi day cruise fiji
The views from the water are spectacular

All in all, this cruise does deliver a wonderful few days! I’d recommend doing a longer cruise if you can, but that isn’t always possible and a 3-day island cruise in Fiji is still going to be unforgettable. I also think that this cruise is a great choice for families and solo travelers who may be nervous about committing to something longer. If you’re traveling with kids, Nou will organize tons of fun activities for them! 

The cruise leaves on Fridays and the standard rooms start at $1,395 USD. This is one of the most affordable multi-day cruises in Fiji, and we always book through Viator to make sure we get their lowest price guarantee. 

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Why take a Fiji Island Cruise?

A beautiful beach seen from a cliff on a multi day cruise fiji
So many colors!

Really, the question should be “why not?” Multi-day cruises are the best way to discover Fiji’s magical, untouched islands.

For us, these cruises feel like stepping into a dream world. The small cruise boats can reach far-flung, picture-perfect islands that the big cruise ships just can’t get to, so it’s an incredibly special experience. 

Okay, so honestly, that would be enough for us, but another reason to take a Fiji island cruise is that it’s just so convenient. They leave from Port Denarau, which is near Nadi and the airport, so it’s really easy to get to. We find that it’s a much easier way of island hopping than booking several different resorts and creating your own itinerary. With a cruise, you stay on the boat and your route and activities are all organized for you, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy it. And I don’t know about you, but we definitely come to Fiji to relax! 

Another thing that we like is that, since you get to stay on the boat for several nights, there’s no need to pack and unpack over and over again. It sounds like a small thing but it does make a difference. 

Why We Book Cruises With Viator

Two men on a boat during a multi day cruise fiji
You’ll see these everywhere!

When you’ve been traveling for as long as we have, you definitely learn the value of booking through trustworthy sites! We completely trust Viator, so we feel confident that if anything does go wrong, they’ve got our back.

However, we also use them to choose tours with the best reviews to make sure that the chances of that happening are low. Still, just in case anything does go wrong, we find it comforting to know we can call on their 24/7 support from anywhere in the world.

Although we’ve listed prices in USD throughout this blog, you can actually book in your own currency on Viator, so you don’t have to worry about bank charges. They really do add up after a while, so this is a big pro as far as we’re concerned! 

People snorkel on a multi day cruise Fiji
There’s always an excuse to get into the water

We also love the fact that there are no hidden costs with Viator. There have been so many times in the past when we’ve booked directly, thinking we were saving money, only to then have taxes and fees added on. With Viator, you see the final price, which makes budgeting so much easier.

Viator also has a lowest price guarantee, so if you do find a cheaper price somewhere else, they’ll match it! This way, you get the security of booking through an established, reputable site, while still benefiting from the best prices. Sounds like a win-win to us! 

Finally, one of the biggest advantages for us is that a lot of tours on Viator offer free date changes and cancellations, which is very reassuring in case you want to shuffle your plans around. It also allows you to reserve in-demand experiences well in advance without worrying about losing your money if something comes up and you need to cancel. We’ve taken advantage of this many times during our travels, and it’s saved us a ton of money when our plans have changed.

Where to Stay in Fiji

the private island of Beachcomber Island Resort
This place is just wow! Photo Credit: Beachcomber Island Resort

There are so many great areas to stay around Fiji. You can choose to stay on the main island of Viti Levu or venture out to the smaller surrounding islands. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. To help, these are my top picks for each area in Fiji that fit a range of budgets.

Nadi – The Ramada

Located right on Wailoaloa Beach, the Ramada Suites by Wyndham is the most luxurious hotel in this area. It features an exclusive pool and restaurant for guest use only. It is the tallest building in the area offering incredible views of the coastline and sunsets!

Because of its close proximity to the airport (only a 15-minute drive), many people stay here for a night before or after their flight. It’s a good place to spend some time before catching a ferry out to an island. A King Studio Room with a sea view goes for around $200 USD. Check availability and book a stay at the Ramada here!

Port Denarau – Radisson Blu Fiji Resort

The Radisson Blu Resort is just stunning, and for what you get, the price is very reasonable too. This resort is huge offering tons of activities for both families as well as couples. There is an adults-only pool as well as an area specifically for kids. It is beachfront and offers spa services as well.

Rooms here start from around $400 USD per night and range from standard hotel-style rooms with king beds or two queens, up to two-bedroom suites. Some rooms feature courtyard views while others have a view of the lagoon. All rooms have a balcony and minibar. Check availability and prices at the Radisson Blue Resort here!

Yasawa Islands – Barefoot Manta Island Resort

Barefoot Manta Island Resort is perfect for those wanting a real island getaway experience without paying huge amounts of money. Surrounded by a vibrant protected coral reef, this is the best place to go for ocean lovers. You can even swim with manta rays just off the shore from May-October!

You can easily get to Barefoot Manta Island Resort on the Yasawa Flyer ferry that departs Port Denarau regularly. The ride should take about 3 hours.

They offer dorm beds for only $29 USD a night. There are also private beachfront bungalows available starting at around $200 USD per night. Check prices and availability for Barefoot Manta Island Resort here!

Mamanuca Islands – Beachcomber Island Resort

Beachcomber Island Resort is one of the most popular island resorts to stay in Fiji. Its affordable pricing mixed with its close proximity to Viti Levu make it one of the best places to stay in Fiji. You can reach the Beachcomber Resort from Port Denarau by riding the Yasawa Flyer ferry. The ride should take about 2 hours.

There are many different rooms and bungalows to choose from – something for every budget! Remember all these prices also include ALL your meals. Dorm beds go for as little as $60 USD per night, whereas you can get a standard twin room for $225 USD. Check prices and availability at Beachcomber Island Resort here!

Coral Coast – Maui Palms

Mixing beach life and luxury, the Maui Palms is perfect for those wanting a bit of pampering on their holiday. There are lots of on-site activities and the snorkeling right in front of the resort is great. Expect an infinity pool, games room, bar, restaurant, and beautiful ocean-view villas with private balconies!

The location on the Coral Coast means you don’t need a boat to get there but can still experience some of the tranquility and beautiful beaches you might find on the smaller islands. There are also a few restaurants nearby, so you won’t be confined to the hotel. Rooms and villas here start at around $250 USD and up. Check prices and availability for the Maui Palms here!

If you’re looking for more info about where to stay in Fiji, be sure to read our blog. It includes detailed info on each area, the best things to do nearby, prices, getting to hotels, and so much more.

Thanks for reading!

Bailey and Daniel take a selfie on an island in Fiji
Thanks for reading!

Taking a multi-day cruise is an amazing way to explore some of Fiji’s most beautiful and remote islands. With the options we’ve talked about, you don’t need to worry about booking transport to multiple islands or figuring out experiences to fill your days – the itineraries are set and are incredible from start to finish.

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