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13 BEST Beaches in Fiji (that you just HAVE to see!)

13 BEST Beaches in Fiji (that you just HAVE to see!)

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Your holiday in Fiji wouldn’t be complete without taking the time to unwind, sink your toes into the fine sand, and gaze at the azure seas of the South Pacific. Undoubtedly, Fiji’s beaches are known for being some of the most glorious and pristine in the world. 

And while there are surprisingly only a few must-visit beaches on the country’s main island, the rest of the islands off the coast boast shorelines so picture-perfect that they have appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters.

There is certainly plenty of things to do in Nadi if you choose to stay there, but I recommend getting out and exploring as many of the other island beaches as time and money allows you to. Each beach has its own unique beauty and offerings!

Fiji is, without question full of amazing places to visit – a true paradise of islands and beaches. But with so many idyllic stretches of sand to pick from, searching around for the perfect beach is a waste of your precious holiday time. So in this blog, I’ve come up with the TOP 13 best beaches in Fiji that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Where are the BEST Beaches in Fiji

As Fiji has such a beautiful and extensive coastline, choosing the best beaches here is impossible, especially since each one has something unique to offer every visitor. 

If you’re eyeing the tropical wonderland for a honeymoon, there are adults-only resorts set on stunning beaches you can check out on the Mamanuca group of islands. 

If you simply want to go on day trips in Fiji, the beaches on and around the main island of Viti Levu are your best bet. 

Meanwhile, if you really want to get away from it all and have an authentic and exclusive Fiji island tour experience, the Yasawa Islands in Fiji’s Western Division is a must-visit. 

Above, you can see the map of the 13 best beaches in Fiji that I’ve listed in this blog. That way, you can plan your holiday better and make the most out of your stay in the country

In case you’re still undecided about which beach and location are perfect for you, keep reading to know our list of the best beaches in Fiji to visit.

13 BEST Beaches in Fiji

1. Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach, Fiji
Natadola Beach, Fiji

About a half-hour drive from Nadi Airport along the famed Coral Coast, you will discover the stretch of pure white sand of Natadola Beach. It is regarded by locals and tourists alike as one of the best beaches in Fiji, particularly when it comes to swimming. 

There are also some awesome surfing spots here. Natadola Inside, located inside the bay, is ideal for beginners, while Natadola Outside, found at the channel’s entrance, is best for experienced surfers.

If you’re not up for some action, you can always go snorkeling at the ends of Natadola Beach. Here, you will discover extensive coral reefs with gorgeous marine species, making for a superb snorkeling experience. There are horses for hire available right on the beach, too, in case you want to ride along the sand or embark on more experienced treks.

If you want to stay near here, the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, the only five-star hotel on Natadola Bay, is a must-book. In fact, it is one of the best hotels to stay at in all of Fiji – stay there for yourself and dare to tell me if I’m wrong.

2. Horseshoe Bay (Matangi Island)

Horseshoe Bay beach with clear waters and palm trees
These views never get old! Photo credit: Matangi Private Island Resort, Fiji

If you are not visiting Horseshoe Bay on Matagi Island, then you’re missing out on something amazing. Listed in the book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”, this horseshoe-shaped beach is definitely one of the world’s must-sees. 

It boasts powder-soft pristine sand and unspoiled reefs just off the coast. Spend your days dipping in the cool waters or setting up a romantic picnic on the sand.

If you want to get the whole experience, you can stay in a room at the Matangi Private Island Resort, the only accommodation provider on the island. 

To reach Horseshoe Bay, you will fly from Nadi International Airport to the island of Taveuni. From there, you will be taken on a scenic 20-minute boat ride to the resort.

3. Malamala Island

aerial view of Malamala Beach Club in fiji
This is the perfect place to spend the day in luxury, island-style! Photo Credit: Malamala Beach Club

Malamala Island is located on a little piece of paradise in the Mamanuca Islands, roughly a 30-minute boat ride from Port Denarau. This makes it one of the best Fiji beaches to include in your day trip from Denarau or Nadi.

If you choose, one of the top tours in Fiji can get you here! This 8-hour tour includes transportation, towel service, Wi-Fi, and the use of non-motorized water sports.

Upon arriving here, you will be welcomed by crystal-clear seas and picture-perfect white sands. But the island’s highlight is actually the Malamala Beach Club, known to be the world’s first-ever beach club on an island. How cool?!

The club gives you the chance to escape the tourist crowds and relax in the seclusion of a private island. While here, you can lounge in one of the luxurious cabanas on the beach and unwind while your dedicated butlers attend to your every need. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go on a stroll around the entire island (this will only take about 20 minutes) or head to some of the best snorkeling spots offshore!

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4. Castaway Island

View of Castaway Island in Fiji
This is easily one of the best places to stay in Fiji. Photo Credit: Castaway Island Resort Fiji

Officially known as Qalito Island, Castaway Island is tucked away in the 20-island Mamanuca Chain to the south of Yasawa Islands. It is one of the most popular beaches in Fiji, thanks to its seemingly endless white sand beach and technicolor hard coral gardens off the coast. 

What I love about visiting Castaway Island is that you won’t run out of things to do. You have access to a stunning beachfront, where you can go diving, snorkeling, and coral viewing. There are also facilities available for high-energy watersports like windsurfing and kayaking. 

So, if you want to have a variety of experiences in one place, Castaway Island should be on your list of must-visit Fiji beaches! Especially if you’re visiting Fiji for your honeymoon, this is one of my top recommendations!

The island is also home to the four-star Castaway Island Resort, featuring private thatched bures (bungalows) set amid beautiful tropical gardens. You can get to the island by launch transfer from Denarau Marina or by heli/seaplane transfer from Nadi Airport.

If you enjoy the convenience of tours, there is a high-speed catamaran Castaway Island day cruise. It includes lunch, transportation, snorkeling gear, use of Castaway Island Resort’s pool, and 5 hours on Castaway Island.

5. Beqa Island

Beautiful sunset at Beqa Lagoon Resort on Beqa Island, Fiji
Views and photo credit go to Beqa Lagoon Resort.

Beqa Island is often overlooked for its more glamorous relatives, the Mamanucas and Yasawas. It is at this island, however, that you can discover the genuine essence of tropical leisure!

Aside from the fact that there aren’t any roads, cars, or traffic on the island, the resorts also have no TVs and internet (except for communal areas). But while lacking modern conveniences, Beqa’s world-class snorkeling, diving, fishing, and surfing spots make up for it!

The Beqa Lagoon, located right in front of Beqa Lagoon Resort, is home to a thriving hard coral reef with a variety of brightly colored marine life. 

It’s hard to get bored here with so many water activities available on the island! Feel free to go snorkeling, windsurfing, and canoeing all day long. The best part is that almost all of them are free if you’re staying at a resort. You can even find a PADI-certified dive center here and go shark diving with this tour. We recently took that exact tour, so you can read about our experience diving with sharks in Fiji here!

The island is also famous for its Fijian Fire Walkers spectacle, one of the best ways to know more about the local way of living and their thriving history and culture. 

You can find several lovely resorts on the island, my personal favorites being Beqa Lagoon Resort and the adults-only Royal Davui Resort. If you’re staying in a resort, the easiest way to reach the island is via a resort boat transfer from Pacific Harbour on Viti Levu. Alternatively, you can ride the local boat that departs from Navua for roughly FJ$40 per pax one way.

6. Wailoaloa Beach

view of wailoaloa beach in Nadi, Fiji
View of Wailoaloa Beach from the rooftop bar at the Ramada Hotel.

Wailoaloa Beach isn’t the most stunning in all of Fiji. But if you want to stick close to Nadi (where the airport is), this is one of the best Fiji beaches to include in your itinerary. 

This brown-sand beach sits a mere 13-minute drive away from Nadi International Airport. It’s a great place to go swimming, play beach sports, and unwind under the palm tree shades.  A couple of times a week, you can visit one of the many bars and restaurants on the beach, where you can watch traditional Polynesian dances. 

However, what really sets Wailoaloa apart from the other Fiji beaches is its genuinely gorgeous sunset. Maybe it is because you can see the Mamanucas Islands sitting in the background. Or maybe because of the beach’s orientation that makes the sun look livelier. Either way, you surely won’t be able to stop snapping photos.

If you prefer staying near Wailoaloa Beach, the resorts within a 10-minute drive include Grand West Villas, Aquarius on the Beach, and Ramada Suites By Wyndham Wailoaloa Beach Fiji.

7. South Sea Island

island resort in Fiji - one of the best places to stay in Fiji
South Sea Island is a popular day trip from Nadi.

South Sea Island in Mamanuca Islands is the most sought-after day cruise island in Fiji. It is a mere half-hour high-speed catamaran ride from Port Denarau, so you’re always just a short boat ride away from the main island of Viti Levu. 

Despite its small size, South Sea Island offers tons of activities to keep you amused. You can ride the semi-submersible submarine to get a glimpse of the island’s underwater paradise or dip all day in the saltwater swimming pool. 

I recommend trying the free non-motorized water sports equipment (e.g., snorkeling gear, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards) to make the most out of your stay! If you’re doing Fiji on a budget, this is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. There are also plenty of sights for beginner and certified divers as awesome beach dives and a purposefully sunk shipwreck are located nearby.

You can also take a full-day South Sea Island cruise from Port Denarau which includes an open bar with beer and wine, lunch, hotel transfers, and a traditional Fijian performance.

8. Seagrass Bay

Views from a daybed at Laucala Island Resort looking out at an infinity pool and the ocean.
How dreamy are these views?! I’d say it’s worth staying here to visit this beach. Photo credit: Laucala Island Resort

Seagrass Bay is a must-visit beach for your Fiji bucket list. This stretch of pristine white sand is easily one of the most remote beaches in Fiji as it is set at the ultra-private Laucala Island Resort on the 3000-acre Laucala Island. To have access to this beach, you need to be staying at one of the 25 luxurious villas at the resort.

Aside from the privacy, you’ll get when at the beach, what I love about visiting Seagrass Bay is its strategic location. The white-sand beach is sandwiched between a tropical forest teeming with rare wildlife and crystal-blue seas boasting thriving marine residents. 

This means you can enjoy the refreshing greenery on one side while dipping into the warm water for some snorkeling on the other side.

To reach the island, you will be driven to the private Laucala Nadi Lounge from Nadi International Airport. From there, you will board the resort’s King Air B200 and fly across the sea for 50 minutes.

9. Robinson Crusoe Island

standup paddle-boarding in Fiji
Paddleboarding at Robinson Crusoe Island

Imagine crystal-blue waters, white-sand beaches, and plenty of lush vegetation all around you. Add that to a day full of cultural activities, exciting water sports, and warm Fijian smiles, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of tropical cloud nine!

This is exactly what you’ll get at the short yet sweet day tour to Robinson Crusoe Island, one of the most stunning beaches in Fiji. The island sits just a half-hour cruise off the coast of Viti Levu, making it an ideal location for Fijian travelers looking for an accessible island getaway. 

You can embark on five different kinds of tours to get to the island: Half-day Tour, Fiji Culture Day Tour, Village & Crab Catching Tour, Sunset Dinner and a Show Cruise, and Day & Night Combo Tour. Each one offers a different experience that will immerse you in the culture and natural beauty of Fiji. 

If you want to extend your stay on the island, feel free to book one of the bungalows at Likuri Island Resort. The hotel offers stand-alone units right on this pristine beach – you won’t regret staying here!

10. Yasawa Island Resort

Yasawa Islands Resort beach area with tiki huts and a small boat on the bay.
The water is so clear!

Tucked away in Fiji’s sunniest and driest area, Yasawa Island is part of the Yasawa Group of Islands. You can enjoy tropical warmth and perfect water temperatures here all year round, and even in the wettest months, there is little to no rainfall on the island. 

That said, Yasawa boasts 11 picture-perfect Fiji beaches that overlook the South Pacific and are excellent spots for water sports like snorkeling and diving, whatever the tide and whatever the season.

But while these beaches are all worth visiting, the beach right in front of the Yasawa Island Resort and Spa (the only development on the island) is by far my favorite one. It prides itself in its long stretch of white sand, perfect for long walks and Instagrammable photos. Of course, the water is teeming with marine life waiting to be discovered, too. 

The easiest way to get to Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is through the resort’s daily charter service. It’s a short 25-minute scenic flight from Nadi International Airport.

If you’d prefer to stay closer to these gorgeous islands, our guide on the best Yasawa Islands resorts will be helpful! While there are options for luxury travelers, there are budget-friendly resorts too.

11. Long Beach (Kadavu)

Beautiful sunset at Kadavu Island Fiji
Have you ever seen a more beautiful sunset?

If your idea of the perfect tropical vacation is endless walks by the shoreline while taking in a breathtaking sunset, Long Beach is your best bet. As its name suggests, it is the longest Fiji beach, stretching out to a couple of kilometers along Kadavu Island’s north shore.

Long Beach is definitely a popular choice among many Fijian tourists, thanks to its pristine shoreline and warm waters. But it’s also a dream destination for divers as it is home to the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the world’s biggest barrier reefs! The area features thriving coral gardens and exciting shipwrecks and gives you a chance to swim with manta rays- a magical experience in my humble opinion.

The Great Astrolabe Reef and Long Beach are not the only reason to visit Kadavu, though. Plenty of exotic and rare bird species call the island home, so birdwatchers are in for a treat.

As you might have guessed, a day isn’t long enough to enjoy all that Long Beach has in store, so I suggest staying at the Matava Resort

To reach Kadavu, you will hop on a 50-minute domestic flight with Fiji Airways from Nadi International Airport. You can also try the ferry ‘Lomaiviti Princess’ that connects Suva with Kadavu Island once a week.

12. Liku Beach

Tokoriki Island Resort sunset with palm trees and an infinity pool.
You can see why sunsets are what they’re known for! Photo credit: Tokoriki Island Resort.

Liku Beach is tucked away on the shores of Tokoriki Island on the stunning Mamanuca Islands. It sits right in front of the luxurious adults-only Tokoriki Island Resort and stretches 3,000 feet. 

What I love about this beach is how perfectly named it is. You see, “liku” is a Fijian name for “sunset,” and its name does not disappoint. The beach is best known for the breathtaking sunsets that occur every single night. 

In addition to the stunning sunsets, Liku Beach’s west-facing waters provide a variety of water sports, including kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling, to enjoy. You’ll also discover a gravity-defying vertical jungle background here.

Once you’re done relaxing on the beach and taking in its gorgeous sunsets, you can just take the staircase on the middle beach to Tokoriki Island Resort. You can book accommodations here if you wish to stay longer. 

To get to Tokoriki Island, the resort can arrange the transfers for you. You can choose from a helicopter, speedboat, catamaran, or seaplane transfer.

13. Tivua Island

Tivua Island in Fiji on a sunny clear sky day
If I could teleport here now, I would!

Tivua Island, sitting just 90 minutes away from Port Denarau Marina, is an excellent choice for backpackers from Nadi, Denarau, or the Coral Coast who want a quick taste of the Fijian tropical experience. Exclusively owned by Captain Cook Cruises, this tiny gem boasts stretches of fine white beaches and 500 acres of coral gardens. 

Here, it’s easy to get lost in the moment with so many options for fun. If you’re after water-based activities, you can try stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and glass-bottom boat trips. Those interested in learning about Fijian culture will have the chance to go on a medicine nature walk, learn how to husk and weave coconut fibers, and attend a traditional Kava ceremony.

Those wanting to experience the area’s natural beauty can observe seasonal birds and turtles, dive among the colorful sea life, and stroll in the gardens filled with flowering tropical Hibiscus. There’s even a chance you’ll see baby black-tipped reef sharks here. And if you’re on the island to unwind, you can take advantage of the beach massages, complimentary use of shade bures, and catered food and drinks. 

Two private seaside bures are available on the island. Couples, honeymooners, and families needing a place for their children to snooze can use them throughout their stay.

From Port Denarau Marina, Captain Cook Cruises departs two times a day on most days. We’ve also included an option to visit Tivua Island on our list of the best day cruises in Fiji.

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Where to Stay in Fiji

the private island of Beachcomber Island Resort
This place is just wow! Photo Credit: Beachcomber Island Resort

There are so many great areas to stay around Fiji. You can choose to stay on the main Island of Viti Levu or venture out to the smaller surrounding islands. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. To help, these are my top picks for each area in Fiji that fit a range of budgets.

Nadi – The Ramada

Located right on Wailoaloa Beach, the Ramada is the most luxurious hotel in this area. It features an exclusive pool and restaurant for guest use only. It is the tallest building in the area offering incredible views of the coastline and sunsets!

Because of its close proximity to the airport (only a 15-minute drive), many people stay here for a night before or after their flight. It’s a good place to spend some time before catching a ferry out to an island. A King Studio Room with a sea view goes for around $200 USD.

Check availability and book a stay at the Ramada here!

Port Denarau – Radisson Blu Fiji Resort

The Radisson Blu Resort is just stunning, and for what you get, the price is very reasonable too. This resort is just huge offering tons of activities for both families as well as couples. There is an adults-only pool as well as an area specifically for kids. It is beachfront and offers spa services as well.

Rooms here start from around $400 USD per night and range from standard hotel-style rooms with king beds or two queens, up to two-bedroom suites. Some rooms feature courtyard views while others have a view of the lagoon. All rooms have a balcony and minibar.

Check availability and prices at the Radisson Blue Resort here!

Yasawa Islands – Barefoot Manta Island Resort

Barefoot Manta Island Resort is perfect for those wanting a real island getaway experience without paying huge amounts of money. Surrounded by a vibrant protected coral reef, this is the best place to go for ocean lovers. You can even swim with Manta Rays just off the shore from May- October!

They offer dorm beds for only $29 USD a night. There are also private beachfront bungalows available starting at around $200 USD per night.

You can easily get to Barefoot Manta Island Resort on the Yasawa Flyer ferry that departs Port Denarau regularly. The ride should take about 3 hours.

Check prices and availability for Barefoot Manta Island Resort here!

Mamanuca Islands – Beachcomber Island Resort

Beachcomber Island Resort is one of the most popular island resorts to stay in Fiji. Its affordable pricing mixed with its close proximity to Viti Levu make it one of the best places to stay in Fiji.

You can reach the Beachcomber Resort from Port Denarau by riding the Yasawa Flyer ferry. The ride should take about 2 hours.

There are many different rooms and bungalows to choose from – something for every budget! Remember all these prices also include ALL your meals. Dorm beds go for as little as $60 USD per night, whereas you can get a standard twin room for $225 USD. For those willing to spend a little more, their Oceanfront Bungalow will cost about $250 USD per night.

Check prices and availability at Beachcomber Island Resort here!

Coral Coast – Maui Palms

Mixing beach life and luxury, the Maui Palms is perfect for those wanting a bit of pampering on their holiday. There are lots of on-site activities and the snorkeling right in front of the resort is great. Expect an infinity pool, games room, bar, restaurant, and beautiful ocean-view villas with private balconies!

The location on the Coral Coast means you don’t need a boat to get there but can still experience some of the tranquility and beautiful beaches you might find on the smaller islands. There are also a few restaurants nearby, so you won’t be confined to the hotel.

Rooms and villas here start at around $250 USD and up.

Check prices and availability for the Maui Palms here!

If you’re looking for more info about where to stay in Fiji, be sure to read our blog. It includes detailed info on each area, the best things to do nearby, prices, getting to hotels, and so much more.

Before you go…

selfie in fiji with a cocktail
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all of the stunning beaches in Fiji.

Beaches in Fiji are a haven for nature-lovers who want to relax and recharge their batteries in the midst of unspoiled beauty. So whether you’re in the mood for a swim, an adventure, or just pure relaxation, the country has the perfect beach to make your vacation more special.

I’m sure you’ll have just as much time on these beaches as I did! The best beaches in Fiji are waiting for you!

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