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8 Things to Know BEFORE Visiting Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

8 Things to Know BEFORE Visiting Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

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Fiji has some incredible cultural experiences you can take part in and traditional shows to watch. Of all the islands we have visited in Fiji, we found that Robinson Crusoe Island offers some of the best and most unique activities like cooking classes, firewalking, snorkeling, and hermit crab races (yes really!). If an authentic and fun Fijian experience is what you’re after, there might be no better place to visit!

Not only does it have one of the best beaches in Fiji, but Robinson Crusoe Island offers so much more. It was once reserved for local ceremonies, but now anyone can visit this beautiful island. There are a lot of ways to visit and we wrote this blog to help you know what to expect and plan a perfect day out to one of the country’s most culturally enriching islands. 

Don’t have time to read the full article? Robinson Crusoe Island is a great getaway in Fiji. I recommend booking this all-inclusive day and night combo tour. You’ll have a day full of amazing cultural experiences and fun activities ending with a spectacular sunset and beach bonfire with a Fijian feast!

1. About Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

A list of daily activities on a chalk board to do at robinson crusoe island fiji
All of the activities available
Visitors to robinson crusoe island on the beach swimming with boats in the background fiji
Lots to do!

Robinson Crusoe Island (local name Likuri Island) is located off of Fiji’s southwest coast. Until the 1980s, Likuri Island was uninhabited except for its use in sacred ceremonies and as a place of recreation for the chief of the area. Perhaps the most significant thing about this island is that pottery dated to be over 3,500 years old was found on the island and is a direct link to Fiji’s first inhabitants.

It has become a place of learning and sharing Fijian culture as it is still used for ceremonies to this day. You will find that Fijians love sharing their unique history with visitors and this island is a great place to experience it!

So how did it get its modern name? For those who are unfamiliar with the book or movie Robinson Crusoe, the premise is of a man (Robinson Crusoe) who becomes shipwrecked off of an island north of Venezuela. During his time surviving there, he has many different adventures with pirates, locals, and animals before eventually escaping the island. While Venezuela is very far from Likuri Island the name came from the island’s similar descriptions from the book.

2. Where is Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji?

Looking at Robinson Crusoe island from the boat ferry over Fiji
On our way!

The island itself is a short distance off the coast, but tours begin slightly up the Tuva River located on mainland Fiji near Batiri. If you are coming from Nadi or Denarau pick-up is usually 2 hours before the tour start time. It takes approximately 30 minutes to cruise down part of the river and across the calm waters of the bay to the island.

The boat you take down the river and to the island is a small, covered pontoon-style boat with no bathrooms or air conditioning. The ride to the island was still very comfortable and I loved the feeling of the wind on my face as we made our way here! 

It is important to note that tours to Robinson Crusoe Island only operate Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday so you will want to plan accordingly.

3. What are the best tours to Robinson Crusoe Island Fiji?

Robinson Crusoe Sunset Cruise, Dinner, and Cultural Show 

The local beer fiji gold on a table as fijians perform a dance in the background robinson crusoe island
Beer and a show!

We are huge fans of any sort of sunset cruise and dinner experience and Fiji has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! This Sunset Cruise, Dinner, and Cultural Show takes everything we love about Fiji and puts it into one convenient package! It only takes 5 hours and starts at 5 pm so it’s a great experience to end off one of your vacation days.

The evening starts with a stunning sunset cruise down the Tuva River and across the bay to Robinson Crusoe Island. Once you arrive, you will take part in a traditional kava ceremony. Kava is a drink made from the powder of a plant root mixed with water. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t taste good, but it is worth trying just to partake in this special ceremony.

You’ll have a bit of time to explore the island on your own. As you will find out for yourself, the people here are so friendly and everyone we met during our time on the island made us feel like family.

Dinner is an amazing Fijian lovo feast cooked in earthenware pots and served at your table as you enjoy evening performances. Fiji is known for its fire knife dances and the performers here really take it to the next level!

Unless you would like to purchase alcoholic drinks, everything on this tour is included for $123 USD.

Full-Day Fiji Culture Tour 

A fijian woman holding flowers and dancing as part of a performance robinson crusoe island fiji
So pretty!

This Full-Day Fiji Culture Tour is loaded with amazing experiences. From traditional performances to cooking classes and even hermit crab racing (you heard me right) you will come away with one-off-a-kind memories!

Beginning your day at 10 am, you head to Robinson Crusoe Island and have 5 hours here. I highly recommend spending at least a little time snorkeling around in the beautiful reefs just off the beach, but don’t miss a cooking class or coconut tree climbing! Of course, there are the adorable and highly competitive hermit crab racing competitions you will undoubtedly want to participate in – especially if you’re traveling as a family. We saw some kids having a blast and big kids like us had fun too!

In between your morning and afternoon activities, you will be served a delicious Lovo lunch before rounding off the day with fire knife dancing performances. This tour includes lunch, transportation, and all activities for $108 USD.

Day and Night Combo Tour 

A fijian man performs a fire dance at night at robinson crusoe island fiji

If you can’t choose between the last two tours this Day and Night Combo Tour takes the best from both and combines it into one! It’s one of the most popular tours to take to Robinson Crusoe Island and offers a multitude of activities over the 11-hour day. As soon as you set foot on the island, you will be greeted with a traditional kava ceremony, and from there, a fun-filled day of cultural activities begins!

In the afternoon, you have the opportunity to take part in basket weaving, catching mud crabs, pottery making, and snorkeling. However, my favorite activity was taking a jungle walk to the site where they found the 3,500-year-old pottery! Seeing the location for yourself is a special experience and adds a deeper level of cultural significance to the island.

The evening starts with a delicious complimentary buffet and is followed up by a range of performances from firewalking and fire knife dances to traditional music and a bonfire. By the time you make it back to your hotel, you will be exhausted, but will have had an incredible day!

This tour is all-inclusive for $142 USD, so you don’t have to worry about transportation or food costs.

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Check out the Viator website here! Or, for more info, read our detailed review about Viator here.

4. Where can you visit Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji from? 

If you want to visit Robinson Crusoe Island for yourself, pick-up and drop-off are included for people staying in the Nadi, Denarau, and Coral Coast regions. If you are staying outside of those areas or not in a hotel you can arrange round-trip transportation through a local taxi service or your hotel. Keep in mind Fiji does not have ride-share services like Uber so you will need to set up transportation beforehand. 

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5. Do you need to book a tour to Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji in advance?

A fijian man gives a demonstration in a covered area by a fire pit on robinson crusoe island fiji
Where they cook the food underground

I would recommend that you book in advance since this is one of the most popular islands for cultural experiences in Fiji. Especially during peak tourist seasons, tickets can sell out a month or more in advance. The peak season for Fiji is June to September as the weather is best during this time.

Alternatively, for any New Zealand or Australian holidays, you can expect more visitors. So if you plan a visit during either country’s school break or Christmas time, you will want to book in advance.

What we love about booking on Viator is that it saves your spot in advance and lets you pay later. So if travel plans change, you can cancel your reservation or change the dates for a full refund up to 24 hours the day before your booking!

6. Is the cultural show good?

A fijian man does a traditional dance in a green outfit robinson crusoe island fiji

Yes, this is one of the best places in Fiji to see a cultural show. I find it extra special since it was used as a location for significant ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years prior. Besides shows, you will also take part in ceremonies as well. When you take a trip to the island you’re in for a treat!

When you visit you will undoubtedly take part in a kava ceremony. Kava is a root that is used to make tea and you get a taste when you first arrive just about anywhere. It is fantastic for relaxation and a great community bonding experience. While I didn’t love the taste, I don’t regret trying it!

Fiji’s fire knife and Meke dances are world-renowned and have been performed for hundreds of years. In Fiji, these dances were and still are predominantly used for religious ceremonies or as an art form. The fire knife dance specifically was taught to warriors as a form of self-discipline and a way to demonstrate battle prowess.

Firewalking is practiced worldwide, but in Fiji, it is a way to honor your ancestors and respect the gods. It is still done at important events in Fiji like weddings and funerals. 

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7. What is the food like on Robinson Crusoe Island Fiji? 

Lunch on robinson crusoe island fiji is chicken, salad and bread
Delicious BBQ and veggies

Fijians can cook up some delicious food and Robinson Crusoe Island is no different. We found the food to be excellent and watching them cook it underground during the sunset dinner tour in earthenware pots was especially fun!

Generally, you will find that your included meals are a BBQ buffet with various meats, fish, vegetables, and salad. The food isn’t spicy and instead relies on local flavors from fresh vegetables and herbs.

8. Is the snorkeling good at Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji? 

The snorkeling on Robinson Crusoe Island is decent, but not the best you will find in Fiji. While there are still some beautiful fish and coral reefs to see the best snorkeling in Fiji is found in the Mamanuca Islands.

If you want to do some seriously great snorkeling I would recommend you check out the Malamala Beach Club. We saw turtles, lots of fish, and even some small reef sharks! Plus the waters around the island are absolutely stunning. We have a full review of Malamala Beach Club if you decide to go there too!

Where to Stay in Fiji

the private island of Beachcomber Island Resort
This place is just wow! Photo Credit: Beachcomber Island Resort

There are so many great areas to stay around Fiji. You can choose to stay on the main island of Viti Levu or venture out to the smaller surrounding islands. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. To help, these are my top picks for each area in Fiji that fit a range of budgets.

Nadi – The Ramada

Located right on Wailoaloa Beach, the Ramada Suites by Wyndham is the most luxurious hotel in this area. It features an exclusive pool and restaurant for guest use only. It is the tallest building in the area offering incredible views of the coastline and sunsets!

Because of its close proximity to the airport (only a 15-minute drive), many people stay here for a night before or after their flight. It’s a good place to spend some time before catching a ferry out to an island. A King Studio Room with a sea view goes for around $200 USD. Check availability and book a stay at the Ramada here!

Port Denarau – Radisson Blu Fiji Resort

The Radisson Blu Resort is just stunning, and for what you get, the price is very reasonable too. This resort is huge offering tons of activities for both families as well as couples. There is an adults-only pool as well as an area specifically for kids. It is beachfront and offers spa services as well.

Rooms here start from around $400 USD per night and range from standard hotel-style rooms with king beds or two queens, up to two-bedroom suites. Some rooms feature courtyard views while others have a view of the lagoon. All rooms have a balcony and minibar. Check availability and prices at the Radisson Blue Resort here!

Yasawa Islands – Barefoot Manta Island Resort

Barefoot Manta Island Resort is perfect for those wanting a real island getaway experience without paying huge amounts of money. Surrounded by a vibrant protected coral reef, this is the best place to go for ocean lovers. You can even swim with manta rays just off the shore from May-October!

You can easily get to Barefoot Manta Island Resort on the Yasawa Flyer ferry that departs Port Denarau regularly. The ride should take about 3 hours.

They offer dorm beds for only $29 USD a night. There are also private beachfront bungalows available starting at around $200 USD per night. Check prices and availability for Barefoot Manta Island Resort here!

Mamanuca Islands – Beachcomber Island Resort

Beachcomber Island Resort is one of the most popular island resorts to stay in Fiji. Its affordable pricing mixed with its close proximity to Viti Levu make it one of the best places to stay in Fiji. You can reach the Beachcomber Resort from Port Denarau by riding the Yasawa Flyer ferry. The ride should take about 2 hours.

There are many different rooms and bungalows to choose from – something for every budget! Remember all these prices also include ALL your meals. Dorm beds go for as little as $60 USD per night, whereas you can get a standard twin room for $225 USD. Check prices and availability at Beachcomber Island Resort here!

Coral Coast – Maui Palms

Mixing beach life and luxury, the Maui Palms is perfect for those wanting a bit of pampering on their holiday. There are lots of on-site activities and the snorkeling right in front of the resort is great. Expect an infinity pool, games room, bar, restaurant, and beautiful ocean-view villas with private balconies!

The location on the Coral Coast means you don’t need a boat to get there but can still experience some of the tranquility and beautiful beaches you might find on the smaller islands. There are also a few restaurants nearby, so you won’t be confined to the hotel. Rooms and villas here start at around $250 USD and up. Check prices and availability for the Maui Palms here!

If you’re looking for more info about where to stay in Fiji, be sure to read our blog. It includes detailed info on each area, the best things to do nearby, prices, getting to hotels, and so much more.

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie as they arrive to Malamala Beach Club in Fiji
Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide to Robinson Crusoe Island has helped you plan your own trip here. It’s well worth a spot on your Fiji bucket list to experience a taste of the rich culture (and delicious buffet!) on this little island. If you want to visit right now, I recommend the all-inclusive day and night tour so you get the most time here!

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