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Parking At Moraine Lake – Everything You Need To Know!

Parking At Moraine Lake – Everything You Need To Know!

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Parking at Moraine Lake is a nightmare! It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Banff and almost every visitor to the region wants to visit. This has created what’s now known as the hardest place to get a parking spot in Canada.

But it’s not all bad news…

I’ve personally visited Moraine Lake many times to enjoy hikes like the Larch Valley Trail and Consolation Lakes, and every time I’ve managed to get a parking spot. It wasn’t luck. In fact, getting a parking spot at Moraine Lake is easy if you’re willing to endure a very early morning.

The question is, what time should I arrive?

Well, after so many visits all throughout the spring, summer, and fall, I’ve pretty much got it figured out. But the time changes throughout the year, on weekends vs weekdays, and for special occasions such as Larch season in the fall.

So, in this blog, I’ll show you exactly how to get a parking spot at Moraine Lake at any time of the year as well as give you the time you need to arrive!  

Parking at Moraine Lake FAQs

A full parking lot at Lake Moraine
The car parking lot doesn’t take long to get full!
What time does Moraine Lake parking lot fill up?

This all depends on the time of year and whether it’s a weekend or not. On average, the parking lot is full by 5:00 am on weekends and 5:30 am on weekdays.

Can you stay overnight at Moraine Lake parking lot?

No, you cannot. Although vehicles can remain in the parking lot overnight (for guests at the hotel or people shooting astrophotography) you cannot stay in your vehicle overnight.

What time does the road to Moraine Lake close in the morning?

The road to Moraine Lake closes as soon as the traffic control workers begin their shift for the day at around 7 or 8 am. By this time the car parking lot is well and truly full. After this, you need to wait until they open it again, however, this is usually only to allow a few cars in then it will close again, and so on…

Can you park campervans/ motorhomes at Moraine Lake?

Yes, there are parking bays for campervan and motorhomes. These are more limited, especially for larger motorhomes.

Is parking free at Moraine Lake?

Parking at Moraine Lake is completely free! You need to have a Parks Canada Pass though to be in the area of Banff National Park.

What is the best time to arrive at Moraine Lake in the morning?

lake Moraine at sunrise in fall
If you get amazing weather you’re in for a real treat!

If you want to ensure you get a parking space then the best time to arrive is as early as possible. However, here’s what I’ve found.

During the week, any time before 5:30 am will guarantee you a spot, and on the weekends, any time before 5:00 am.

However, here are some exceptions to the rule. In fact, during Larch season on weekends, I’d recommend getting to the Moraine Lake parking lot before 4:30 am.

During Larch season (the time when the Larch trees are orange) the area is visited by thousands of people wanting to hike the Larch Valley Trail. Because of this, it’s super busy! During the week though, 5:30 am is usually still fine in Larch season as you don’t get all of the local Canadians from places nearby coming for the day or weekend trips.

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What happens if you don’t get a spot?

The Ten Peaks on the Larch valley Hike at Sunrise in Banff National Park
The Larch Valley Trail that starts from Moraine Lake

Okay, so let’s say you woke up late and didn’t get a spot (hypothetically obviously as after reading this you won’t!) Then your best bet is to head straight to Lake Louise Park and Ride and get a parking spot (more on that below.) From here you’ll have to wait for the first shuttle to leave at 8 am,

If you decided to arrive after 9 am and just hope to get a parking spot at Moraine Lake, I’ve got bad news… it’s highly unlikely and time-consuming. But why?

Well, as you head towards Lake Louise, the turn off to Moraine Lake is on your left. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to turn onto the Moraine Lake road from here (it’s blocked and maned by traffic controllers.)

Instead, you are required to drive all the way to Lake Louise, do a loop, and drive back down to the turn-off. Now, you need the road to open at the exact time you drive past so you can turn in. If you miss it, well it’s either do the loop again or try the park and ride.

The full loop in peak season can take 30 minutes. Trying this a few times will quickly waste your day away! Trust me, I tried it!

Basically either get a parking spot super early, head to the park and ride, or drive around for hours trying! I always choose the first option!

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Getting a Parking Space in the Late Afternoon

Daniel proposing to me at Lake Moraine.
That’s right, I proposed to Bailey at Moraine Lake.

There is a sure way to get a park at Moraine Lake without the early wake-up call, and that’s to arrive late in the afternoon. During the Canadian summer, it doesn’t get dark until 10 pm. So arriving after 5 or 6 pm will ensure you get a parking spot and have time to enjoy the lake.

I’ve been to Moraine Lake a few times in the afternoon and never had a problem getting parking. It’s also very quiet and you can enjoy the hiking trails and viewpoints without the crowds. Sometimes I even take a couple of drinks with me to the viewpoint to enjoy.

Although sunset isn’t that famous time to visit, it’s still pretty amazing if you have good weather! It also is a great time of day to enjoy the trails without the crowds such as Consolation Lakes or the Larch Valley.

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The Shuttle to Moraine Lake from Banff and Lake Louise

A shuttle at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park
One of the shuttle buses at Moraine Lake

If getting a parking spot at Moraine Lake sounds too stressful, don’t worry you’re not alone. Instead, there are some other great options with the best one being the shuttle provided by Parks Canada and Roam.

There are shuttles that run from Lake Louise from an overflow parking lot and from Banff town. These shuttles are cheap and start running as early as 8 am. You can find all the info on the Banff Lake Louise website or the Parks Canada website with the first being the easiest and most informative.

These shuttles are great if you’re not an early riser and don’t mind missing sunrise at Moraine Lake.

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Facilities at Moraine Lake Parking Lot

The facilities at Moraine Lake are pretty limited. In fact, even the toilets are “drop toilets” (or “pit toilets”.) Basically, there isn’t a flush and they don’t smell the nicest. Aside from that, there is a small café that serves coffee and snacks as well as bins for rubbish a recycling waste.

Other than that, it’s all nature hiking trails and one of the best-located hotels in Canada – the Moraine Lake Lodge. There are a few different fun things to do at Moraine Lake that you can easily check out once you’re there.

Before you go…

A couple take a selfie at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park
Thanks for reading!

Parking at Moraine Lake can be stressful. However, by following the times in this guide you are certain to get a parking spot. I can’t stress enough that waking up 15 minutes earlier can make your day much more enjoyable!

Thanks so much for reading. I really hope you get a parking space at Moraine Lake! If you found this blog helpful then you’ll love our other Canada blogs or the blogs listed below!

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