Mount Crichton Loop Track

The Mount Crichton Loop Track is one of the shortest day hikes near Queenstown. this means that it is accessible by almost anyone and great for those with limited time. Heres everything you need to know about the Mount Crichton Loop Track.

Mount Crichton Loop Track

Queenstown is surrounded by hiking trails that help visitors explore its natural beauty. The Mount Crichton Loop Track is just one of these trails and considering its rather short distance, this hike is rather neat. Along the trail, you can find stunning waterfalls, spectacular viewpoints, and interesting history. If you are after a short and easy hike to enjoy a beautiful day around Queenstown the Mount Crichton Loop track is a great choice!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mount Crichton Loop track!

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Where is the start of the trail?

The Mount Crichton Loop Track starts from the main highway that connects Queenstown and Glenorchy. The car park for the trail is just past the entrance to the Twelve Mile Delta campground turn off on the left-hand side of the road (if you’re driving from Queenstown). The drive only takes around 15 to 20 minutes and you can easily locate it on Google Maps.

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Mt Crichton loop track
One of the viewpoints along the way!

How hard is the Mount Crichton Loop Track?

The trail is very easy and is also well maintained. Not only is the trail short but it also doesn’t incline much. There are also plenty of places to stop with shade, and given enough time, almost anyone could do it!

On the signs posted it says the loop takes 2.5 hours, however, Bailey and I completed the trail in 1 hour 45 minutes with taking a couple short stops for photos!

Mount Crichton Loop track
The main sign at the start of the trail!

Highlights on the trail

Although this trail is in no way Queenstown’s finest, it still does boast some pretty beautiful scenery. These include a stunning viewpoint that overlooks the Remarkables mountain range, a picturesque waterfall located at the Sam Summers Hut, and of course, the Sam Summers Hut itself!. The Sam Summers Hut is an old hut used by Sam and his family back in the gold mining days. It is still original and is over 80 years old!

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For some of the trail you also follow rivers and cross small streams and the water is beautiful! Be sure to check out the small mining tunnel you see sign-posted along the way. These signs also provide some great info into life back then!

Sam Summers waterfall on the mt crichton loop track
The Sam Summers waterfall!
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What to bring

For this hike, any shoes will do as the trail is maintained really well, in fact, I actually hiked the Mount Crichton Loop track in flip flops! As for water and food, I would still recommend bringing a small bottle per person and maybe a snack each. Other than that. the rest is up to you!

The Mount Crichton Loop Track is a great short hike that most people would enjoy. In no way is it the greatest hike to do, but if you feel like surrounding yourself with nature and getting some sun then I highly recommend giving the trail a go! If you’re after more hiking ideas, however, you can check out our 4 hikes you can do right from your hotel here!

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Mount Crichton Loop Track

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