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Best Bars in Queenstown

Last updated : November 4th, 2019

Best bars in Queenstown!

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If you need to know where to drink in Queenstown, then this blog is for you! It is a complete list of the best bars in Queenstown including information on what makes each bar so special. 

Best Bars in Queenstown

Queenstown is one of the best places in New Zealand to head out on the town both day and night. The town’s small centre is filled with bars. From the humble tradies bar to the more extravagant and luxurious ones, there is guaranteed to be a bar in Queenstown that won’t suit your taste and style.

On Friday and Saturday nights, thousands of people head out for a night they will or won’t remember. But, during the week the party continues as holidaymakers head out for a drink themselves. Its safe to say experiencing Queenstown’s nightlife is one of the best things to do in Queenstown!

However, the tricky part is knowing where to go. With so many bars it can be hard to determine which one you should go to. This can be especially important if you’re not in Queenstown for long! In this blog, I outline all the best bars in Queenstown including four words that describe its vibe and atmosphere.

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where to drink in Queenstown
Anybody who knows Bailey and me, knows we love to have a drink or two!

Smiths Craft Beer House – Beer, Relaxed, Old school, Rustic

Smiths is one of my favourite places to go when I want to try some new beers. These guys change their taps regularly and have a HUGE selection of beers both on tap and bottled. The best way to describe Smiths is as an old school pub. Wooden Bar, great beer, burgers on the menu, and local staff who share your passion for beer.

Smiths is a small place but I can’t recommend this place enough if you want to try some of New Zealand’s great craft beers. Also, Bailey has informed me they have the best Poutine she has had outside of Canada as they actually serve it with real cheese curds which is just another reason why its made our best bars in Queenstown list!

Best bars in Queenstown
That is one tasty Poutine!

1876 – Party, Casual, Social, Good value

1876 is a rather large bar located on the edge of the town centre. They have a large indoor and outdoor seating area and also have heaters for those cold nights! This bar is very popular with locals or those on a budget and they offer specials on a very wide range of drinks.

All day every day you can get $5 beers, wine, and mixers (and between 4 to 6 pm they’re only $4!) On a sunny day this place gets busy. It attracts a very young crowd and if you up for a party day or night 1876 is a great choice! At night they often have live music and different food specials each night!

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World Bar – Trendy, Young, Stylish, Social

World Bar would be Queenstown’s most trendy bar. I love coming here on weeknights as it always draws a crowd and a good vibe. They have live music as it gets late and serves one of the best cocktail menus in Queenstown – my personal favourite is the Crazy Kiwi. This cocktail is made with the local fruit Kiwi and it is delicious!

World Bar also has great food but the atmosphere in the bar can be quite loud so it’s not for those romantic dates! Like I said, this place is trendy and the crowd here is young!

Best bars in Queenstown!
World Bar!

Yonder – Trendy, Local, Variety, Workspace

Yonder is another very trendy bar in Queenstown and it’s conveniently located right next to the World Bar. Yonder is actually a café at the front, and bar out the back. I honestly don’t know if I like coming here more for a coffee or drink, but regardless you can’t go wrong at Yonder.

The crowd here is young and trendy and you will often find lots of people working from their laptops in the designated “workspace”. As we do the same, we love coming here! The bar often has live music and they also have really great drink specials in the afternoon! Yonder easily made our list of the best bars in Queenstown!

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Atlas – Beer, Relaxed, Unique, Friendly

Atlas is another craft beer bar. They don’t have a huge menu for food but serve some bar favourites like wings! These guys stock a really good selection of beer that’s constantly changing but when the keg is gone, it’s gone!

They are located right on the water and this place is great on a warm summer day or night out. The small bar makes meeting others easy and the staff know their stuff when it comes to beer. They also let you taste a range of beers before you buy so you can see what you like and pick great beers all night.

Best bars in Queenstown
Beers, Beers, Beers!

Cowboys – Social, Late Night, Party, Country

Cowboys is a country bar that is usually the life of the party. When other bars are dead Cowboys is usually pumping. This bar is not elegant or fancy, but it is a great place to come and have a night you won’t remember. They also have a mechanical bull that gets fired up most nights and serve 1-litre beers!

When I head out in Queenstown I seem to always end up at Cowboys, but its located right in town so I guess that’s a good thing!

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Attiqa – Wine, luxury, Elegance, Live music

Attiqa is an elegant bar located upstairs from the main walking street. It can be easy to miss this place so keep an eye out for a small door near the corner of Mall St and Rees Street. Antiqua is a bar suited to those who enjoy soft live music and that slightly more luxurious touch!

On the top level, they have the most gorgeous outdoor area that serves drinks with amazing views until 10 pm. Downstairs they are known as the live music bar of Queenstown with a fancy touch. Attiqa is known for finding very talented local artists who set a really nice vibe and get the drinks flowing. If you like wine then Antique is definitely your top pick as they have a massive selection of wines from around the world!

best cocktail in queesntown
Just look at that tasty cocktail from Attiqa!

Now go and enjoy the best bars in Queenstown!

It isn’t just the nightlife that makes bar hopping in Queenstown great, during one of Queenstown’s sunny days, a whole heap of bars become the perfect places to soak up some rays and enjoy yourself in one of the most scenic places in the world! I found that the best times for enjoying a cold drink is on a warm sunny day!

Queenstown’s day and nightlife are part of the reason why so many fall in love with this rather small town. Across a few streets, you can find so many different bars to suit everyone’s taste. This list above is our personal favourites form a wide variety of styles. It’s the perfect list for any visitor and a gateway to your own best bars in Queenstown list!

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