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Where to Stay in Queenstown, New Zealand

Last updated : November 4th, 2019

where to stay in queenstown

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For such a small town, there sure are a lot of options for accommodation in Queenstown. This blog breaks down where to stay in Queenstown based on location, what you want to do and see, and how you are travelling!

Where to Stay in Queenstown

Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Its surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and breathtaking lakes. I think we can both agree it is a must visit place on any holiday in New Zealand!

But there’s only one problem…

Being such a tourist town, there are is a wide variety of places to stay in Queenstown. With countless Airbnb’s, holiday parks, hostels, and hotels to choose from it is hard to know where to stay in Queenstown.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you sorted!

This blog breaks down all of the different areas around Queenstown, accommodation for different budgets, as well as reviews and suggestions of places to stay!

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Queenstown Town Center

Queenstown centre is small. You can walk the entire town centre of Queenstown within a few minutes! Here, you’ll find all of the most popular shops and restaurants as well as the gorgeous lakefront.

If you want to be able to walk everywhere and be right in the hustle and bustle of it all then staying in the town centre is ideal. But there’s a catch!

Centrally located accommodation in Queenstown generally books up the fastest, so be sure to book in advance especially in the peak seasons (June-September and December-March.)

My suggestions for where to stay in town…

Novotel Lakeside Queenstown

Gorgeous rooms with lake views! A spa, concierge service, and restaurant are all onsite.

Nomads Queenstown Backpackers

Budget accommodation right in the heart of Queenstown! Dorm beds or private rooms are available.


Frankton is one of the outer suburbs of Queenstown. It is about a 10-15 minute drive from the town centre depending on traffic (yes, this little town has traffic!) The airport is actually in Frankton which makes staying here convenient for flying in and out of Queenstown.

In Frankton, you will have a large selection of Airbnb’s as well as hotels. But there’s a catch…

The downside to staying in Frankton is that you will need to take a taxi, Uber or the bus into Queenstown.

*The public bus in Queenstown costs $2 per trip once you have an Orbus Card. This card costs $5 and can be bought from any bus driver. Once you have the card each trip is $2, without the card, pay $5 cash to the driver.

Check out this website for more information on the public bus in Queenstown

My suggestions for where to stay in Frankton…

Wyndam Garden

Hotel located right near the airport and bus stop. Standard rooms or apartments are available.

ASURE Apartments

Located along the lake, these 2 and 3 bedroom apartments come with air conditioning, full kitchens, and laundry.


On the opposite side of Queenstown from Frankton is an area called Fernhill. Fernhill mostly is residential meaning there are few hotels but plenty of Airbnb’s available.

The benefit of staying in Fernhill is that you are a 20-30 minute walk from town or a 2-minute bus ride.

It is a quieter suburb and offers incredible lake views. In fact, when I lived in Queenstown for 6 months, I lived in Fernhill and I loved it!

My suggestions for where to stay in Fernhill…

Mercure Queenstown Resort

Gorgeous hotel with lake views, a pool and hot tub, lounge bar, as well as a restaurant.

Platinum Queenstown

2 and 3 bedroom fully equipped villas perfect for groups or families. Located right at a bus stop to easily get into town.

Consider staying in an Airbnb instead of a hotel. If it is your first time using Airbnb use this link and save! It is a great way to find affordable and nice places to stay!

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Arrowtown is a beautiful little town. It is also a touristy town but is much less busy than Queenstown. There are lots of shops, pubs and restaurants in Arrowtown.

The only issue with staying in Arrowtown is its distance from Queenstown. Arrowtown is about a 30-minute drive from Queenstown.

You can take the public bus for $2 from Arrowtown to Queenstown but routes are limited and it does take a little while. Therefore, if you plan on staying in Arrowtown but want to visit Queenstown regularly having a rental vehicle is a good idea!

My suggestions for where to stay in Arrowtown…

arrowtown motel is a great place to stay near queenstown

Arrowtown Motel

This motel offers comfortable and affordable rooms with kitchenettes as well as apartments.

new orleans hotel is where you should stay in arrowtown

New Orleans Hotel

This charming hotel brings your back to the gold mining days. It is located right on the main street of Arrowtown.

millbrook resort an option for where to stay near queenstown

Millbrook Resort

This luxury accommodation is located just outside of Arrowtown and boasts gorgeous mountain views and amenities.

Arthurs Point

Arthurs Point is about a 10-minute drive from Queenstown centre. There arn’t many shops or restaurants in Arthurs Point although it is the closest place to stay near Coronet Peak ski field. In winter, it is almost impossible to find accommodation in Arthurs Point for this reason alone.

Which brings me to another important part of figuring out where to stay in Queenstown – are you going to be skiing or snowboarding…

My suggestions for where to stay in Arthurs Point…

Queenstown Top 10 Holiday Park

Budget rooms and campsites. Shared bathroom, laundry and kitchen facilities.

where to stay in queenstown near coronet peak

Swiss-Belresort Queenstown

Luxury accommodation right near Coronet Peak. Free shuttle provided to and from Queenstown.

Where to Stay in Queenstown for Skiing

If you plan on spending most of your time skiing or snowboarding in Queenstown then choosing where to stay should revolve around ease of access to one of the two ski feidls.

As mentioned above, Arthurs Point is the closest area to Coronet Peak as it is located right at the mountain’s base. Queenstown is about 10 minutes from Coronet Peak’s base and same with Arrowtown making them other good options.

If you plan on skiing at the Remarkables, then Frankton is your best choice, followed by Lake Hayes, Shotover Country and Queenstown.

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where to stay in queenstown for skiing

Staying close to the ski fields can be more conveientnt if you have a car, but if you don’t, then taking the bus will be your only option anyways. Buses leave from queenstown center to go to both ski fields every hour during the winter and cost $20 for a return trip.

*Even if you do have a rental car be sure to check if you are allowed to drive it up to the ski fields. Many rental companies have clauses against this meaning you won’t be covered if you get into an accident or you could face a fine. Read our blog about renting a campervan in New Zealand for more information!

Where to Stay in a Campervan or Motorhome in Queenstown

If you are staying in a campervan or motorhome you will need to stay in a holiday park (or caravan park) in Queenstown. There are a couple in town as well as a couple outside of town.

Freedom camping is not allowed in Queenstown and you will have to drive well outside of Queenstown to freedom camp. Click here for more information on freedom camping zones near Queenstown. Be sure to only freedom camp where allowed otherwise you will rish getting a hefty fine!

Camervan rental in New Zealand examples of 4 birth campers

My suggestions for holiday parks in Queenstown…

Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park

Located right in town this holiday park offers powered campsites and access to nice facilities.

Queenstown Top 10 Holiday Park

Budget rooms and campsites. Shared bathroom, laundry and kitchen facilities.

Where to Stay in Queenstown on a Budget

Queenstown is famous for being expensive and when it comes to hotels that can be true (especially during peak season!) But if you book in advance and stay in the right places you can find hotels for good value!

Hostels are a great option if you are on a tight budget. There are many different hostels in Queenstown where you can get a dorm bed for under $40 a night. Even if you are loking for a private room, hostels tend to be cheaper than hotels in the same area.

Another great option for finding cheap places to stay in Queenstown is to use Airbnb. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, you should try it! You can get entire units, whole houses, or even just a private room for a fraction of the price of a hotel!

Use this link to save on your Airbnb booking in Queenstown!

My suggestions for where to stay on a budegt in Queenstown…

YHA Lakefront Queenstown

This cozy hostel is located only a couple of minutes walk from town center.

The Base Queenstown

This party hostel is perfect for meeting other travelers. It is right in town centre!

Sir Cedrics Pod Hostel

This hostel actually offers pods as opposed to dorm beds as an affordable option still offering privacy!

If you have stayed anywhere spectacular in Queenstown be sure to let us know in the comments!

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