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Is Banff Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons You MUST Visit Banff!

Is Banff Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons You MUST Visit Banff!

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When a holiday destination is as famous as Banff, we can’t help but wonder whether it’s going to be too touristy or ruined by all the hype. And honestly, Banff is very touristy, which is partly why we chose to live 20 minutes down the road in Canmore instead. But, having spent so much time in Banff, we can’t deny that this place is special. 

Whether we’re skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, we always have so much fun in Banff. From the mountains and lakes to the fun party scene, Banff offers so many adventures. And if you’re debating whether or not to visit, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, I’ll give you my top 10 reasons why you should visit this iconic mountain town.

Reasons to Visit Banff

1. To see the amazing wildlife

A young grizzly bear along the roadside grass on the Bow Valley Parkway in Banff
A young grizzly bear along the roadside on the Bow Valley Parkway in Banff

One of the things that we love the most about visiting Banff is seeing all of the amazing wildlife in Banff National Park!

We’ve seen a lot of black and grizzly bears over the years, although sadly both populations are in decline, so these days the best way to find them is on this bear-spotting tour. Even if you don’t see any in the wild, you’ll see Boo the Bear at the refuge in Golden – tell him we say hi! 

There are thousands of elk around Banff National Park, and we always see at least a few when we visit! Similarly, we always spot so many bighorn sheep along the Bow Valley Parkway and near Lake Minnewanka. Pikas, marmots, and porcupines are a common sight, and we’ve seen mountain goats while out hiking in the park, too. Rarer animals to spot include moose, caribou, and wolves, but there’s some luck involved in this!  

Honestly, you’ll spot tons of wildlife as you explore Banff National Park. But for real wildlife enthusiasts, we love this small group wildlife tour. We were so impressed by the way the guides planned our route to avoid the big group tours, which maximized the chances of seeing wildlife – and created a more peaceful experience! Tours leave around dusk daily, last 3 hours, and cost $100 or $146 CAD depending on the season.

If you’re a wildlife fanatic like us, you can learn more about our favorite wildlife tours in Banff here.

2. Explore the vibrant town

Bailey bowls at High Rollers in Banff
High Rollers is a great place to have some fun!
Bailey enjoys rooftop drinks in Banff National Park
Rooftop drinks with a view? Yes, please!

Banff is a triple threat because along with the breathtaking scenery and myriad of outdoor activities, it also has a really fun downtown area. Just because we come to Banff to hike, ski, and spend time in nature doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy a good party while here!

Okay, you don’t have to party, though. Honestly, there are so many fun things to do in Downtown Banff!

During the day, we love grabbing coffee at one of the cute cafes in town. We love the Wild Flour Bakery, which has a strong local vibe and makes a mean cup of coffee. Meanwhile, trying the fondue at the Grizzly House is a must. We especially love warming up this way during the winter after a long day on the slopes! 

Since Banff is in Alberta, it would almost be rude not to head to a steakhouse while you’re here and chow down on some famous Alberta beef. We like sitting out on the patio at Chuck’s Steakhouse and taking in the views of Sulphur Mountain and Mount Rundle. 

The steakhouse is on Banff Avenue, where there are tons of pubs, bars, and restaurants to check out. If we want drinks with a view, then our go-to is the Rose and Crown, because we love the views of Cascade Mountain from the rooftop, as well as the live music in the evening. And since we love craft beer, you can often find us in the Banff Ave Brewing Co. Then, if we want to continue the night afterward, the Dancing Sasquatch is always the clear choice. 

3. See the Rocky Mountains

view of Banff town from up above on the Banff Gondola
The view of Banff from the Banff Gondola
Bailey at Surprise Corner to Hoodoos Viewpoint over Banff National Park
The Banff hoodoos give you a great view of the Rockies!

Banff is in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, so you’ve really got no choice but to see them while you’re here! I mean, you can see Mount Rundle and Cascade Mountain from town, as we mentioned above. Plus, the Sulphur Mountain gondola is right in town, too. You can read our guide to riding the Banff Gondola or skip to the chase and buy your tickets online here – we definitely think it’s worth it for the views!

We also love the views of Castle Mountain when driving along the Bow Valley Parkway and all of the amazing hikes to the different viewpoints in Banff National Park. There are almost too many to count! 

And of course, along with the Rocky Mountains comes startling blue lakes surrounded by even more dramatic, jagged peaks. Even though we live so close to Banff, we never get tired of spending the day at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. We even got engaged at the latter! 

Moraine Lake is only open between 1 June and early October, and the access road is now closed to private vehicles, so we find that the easiest way to visit is by taking a tour. This tour kills two birds with one stone by taking you to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. It costs $113 CAD and the guide, Jeff, provides tons of commentary about the history of mountaineering in Banff National Park. Even if you’re not a huge hiker, it’s way more interesting than you’d think and Jeff’s passion for the area was contagious!

4. Get lost in the blue and green lakes

Daniel poses for a photo at Peyto Lake Viewpoint in Banff National Park
Check out the colors of Peyto Lake!
Two people canoe on Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Canada
Emerald Lake is quite literally emerald!

Okay, so we’ve mentioned visiting Moraine Lake and Lake Louise above, but there are tons more stunning lakes to explore in Banff.

We always enjoy driving out to Emerald Lake, named after its insane color. But if you’re looking for a very relaxing way to sightsee and spot wildlife, we recommend this Lake Minnewanka Cruise – plus, it’s only 20 minutes from downtown! To learn even more about it, you can read our full review of the Lake Minnewanka Cruise (spoiler alter: it’s worth it!).

Lake Minnewanka is right next to Two Jack Lake, which is one of our favorite places to hang out in Banff during the summer. We often rent kayaks or SUP boards at The Banff Canoe Club in town, then drive to the lake and spend the day chilling out at the day-use area. Sometimes, we even stay overnight at the campground

Meanwhile, there are some epic stops along the Icefields Parkway. It’s home to Bow Lake and the gorgeous Peyto Lake, which is shaped like a dog’s head! We also love catching a sunset at the Peyto Lake Viewpoint after a day of exploring. 

We think this full-day tour is a fantastic way to see as many of Banff’s epic lakes as possible, especially if you’re short on time. In a single day, you’ll see four or five of the park’s most striking bodies of water (depending on whether Moraine Lake is open). You start by visiting Lake Louise, Lake Minnewanka, and Moraine Lake before heading along the Icefields Parkway. The tour costs $195 CAD and we love that it runs during the winter, too, so you can still see the lakes when they’re frozen and covered in snow – it’s breathtaking in an entirely different way! 

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5. Go on breathtaking hikes

view along the plain of Six Glaciers hike in the summer months
How beautiful is the Six Glaciers Trail?

Hiking is one of the main reasons we come to Banff so often, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the scenic trails here, too. In fact, “scenic” is far too mild of a word for how stunning these hikes are. They’re insane! 

We compiled this list of the best hikes in Banff, as well as highlighting some of our faves below.

Tunnel Mountain

For something short and sweet, the 4.5-kilometer (2.8-mile) Tunnel Mountain hike is perfect, and the trailhead is only a 15-minute walk from Banff town center. The switchbacks make the uphill hiking nice and easy, and you can even do it in the winter using microspikes. We’re always amazed by the panoramic views of the Vermillion Lakes and the surrounding mountain peaks. 

Johnston Canyon 

Johnston Canyon is also a must! It’s a real highlight of the beautiful Bow Valley Parkway. During the summer, you can hike along the trail to the Lower and Upper Falls by yourself. If you go all the way to the Upper Falls, the hike will be 2.7 kilometers (1.6 miles) long, so this is another easy one with a huge payoff. 

The canyon is stunning in summer with its turquoise water and pretty waterfalls, but it’s arguably even better during the winter when it transforms into a true winter wonderland. For safety reasons, it’s best to join this guided ice walk, which includes a guide and all of the necessary equipment, so you don’t need to worry about organizing rentals separately. For $107 CAD, we think it’s totally worth it because it’s such a magical experience – it feels like exploring Narnia! 

To learn even more, read our guide to visiting Johnston Canyon here!

Snow covers the pathway to Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park in winter
Snow covers the pathway to Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park during winter

Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass

As huge hiking enthusiasts, we love a challenge… and sometimes, we just want to get off of the more popular trails and feel like we have the mountains to ourselves! The Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass Trail certainly delivers on that front, although you do need to be a little patient. 

The entire hike is 21.7 kilometers (13.5 miles) long, and we won’t lie, it’s difficult. If you go all the way to Harvey Pass, it’s an 8-hour round trip. The views from Harvey Pass are absolutely incredible, but you can always turn back after Bourgeau Lake, cutting the hike down to 4-6 hours. 

Hiking tours

If you’re not an experienced hiker, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the incredible hikes in Banff National Park. Joining a tour allows you to hike safely because you’ll be with a guide who knows the mountains like the back of their hand, and is there to assist you if you have any problems. 

Without a doubt, Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places to hike in Banff National Park, and when we fancy a bit of a challenge, it doesn’t get much better than the 6 Glaciers Trail. This guided hike will take you along this awe-inspiring trail, which takes you right up into the mountains for some of the most sensational views of the Rockies. It costs $600 CAD for two people, and since it’s a small-group tour, you can even ask your guide to tailor the route to include the Lake Agnes Tea House Trail, another favorite of ours! 

Of course, we know all too well that Banff can be expensive so if you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, you can book this tour for $150 CAD, which includes a packed lunch and offers the choice of four different routes. I think this is a real advantage because you can always ask the guide to advise you based on the time of year and conditions of the day. For example, one of the choices is the Larch Valley Trail, which is best enjoyed during the autumn. 

6. Enjoy tons of shopping on Banff Ave

Chocolate at Banff Candy Store
The Banff Candy Store
Evelyns Cafe in Banff, Canada
Don’t forget the coffee!

We’ve already talked about Banff Ave being a hub of cool restaurants and bars, but we have to mention the shopping here too. Anyone who enjoys a bit of retail therapy now and again (which I think is most of us!) will definitely come away with their wallet feeling lighter. 

Personally, Cool as a Moose is my favorite place on Banff Ave to pick up souvenirs. It’s got such a good selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts, and you can find so many fun gifts to take home to friends and family. I love the staff here, too, they’re so friendly!

Now, as a huge sweet tooth, I just have to go and stock up at Banff Candy Store every time I’m in town. They’ve got pretty much every kind of candy you can think of, including all of the Canadian classics like maple candies and saltwater taffy, so make sure to treat yourself – you’re on vacation after all. 

Meanwhile, you can pick up gifts for your four-legged friend at Banff Doghouse, or update your hiking gear at one of the outdoor clothing stores, like Patagonia, the North Face, or Canada Goose. Just because Banff is a small town doesn’t mean that the big brands don’t come here! 

7. Relax in the natural hot springs

Banff Upper Hot Springs
The Banff Hot Springs are a great stop!

Hiking, skiing, and partying in Banff can be tiring, so sometimes we just need to relax and recharge, and the Banff Upper Hot Springs are perfect for that! The spring also offers beautiful mountain views, so there’s really nowhere better to unwind and reflect on all of your adventures. 

Normally, you’d expect to either hike for a while or pay a hefty price for hot springs with such incredible views, but not in this case! Banff Upper Hot Springs is managed by Parks Canada, so a soak will only set you back $17.50 CAD. The hot springs are located just a 10-minute drive from the center of town, so it’s easy to get here. It’s first-come, first-serve, and you can only buy tickets at the door.

The only problem is that since these wonderful hot springs are so accessible, they get very crowded. However, you can get around this by going when it’s raining – I mean, you’ll be wet anyway! Or, go in the evening, as the tour groups will have gone home by then. Winter hours are 10 am – 10 pm, but in the summer, the hot springs are open until 11 – and since the sun sets as late as 10 pm, you won’t miss out on the mountain views. And honestly, a twilight hot spring soak sounds ideal to me!

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8. Drive to the most beautiful highway in Canada

Scenic road down the Icefields Parkway in Canada
The Icefields Parkway
Bailey steps onto a rock at Waterfowl Lakes on the Icefields Parkway
Waterfowl Lakes!

The Icefields Parkway is easily the most beautiful highway in Canada, but it has to be a contender for one of the most beautiful roads in the world. As locals to the area, we’ve driven it so many times, but we never get tired of it. Quite the opposite, in fact. Every time we make the journey, we fall deeper and deeper in love! 

Best of all, the Icefields Parkway is right on your doorstep in Banff. It begins at Lake Louise and stretches all the way to Jasper, passing some of the most beautiful spots in the Rockies along the way. From bright blue lakes and glaciers to epic viewpoints and waterfalls, this highway showcases the breathtaking beauty of the Rockies like nowhere else. 

Daniel’s favorite stop along the highway is the Waterfowl Lakes Viewpoint, while Peyto Lake is one of the most popular. The Weeping Wall is a must during winter and the Big Bend Viewpoint is undeniably epic.

However, we both agree that the Athabasca Glacier is the crown jewel of the Icefields Parkway! We absolutely loved doing this Athabasca Glacier Tour, because we got to travel across the glacier in a Behemoth vehicle before getting out and walking on the ice, which was incredible! We also visited the glass-floor Skywalk and soaked up the insane views from above. 

If you’re renting a car, you can drive this gorgeous road yourself. If not, there are some excellent tours of the Icefields Parkway available. During the summer, when we drive the highway ourselves, we tend to stay overnight and split the journey into two days so that we have time to visit all of the stops to fully appreciate them…and do a hike or two!

We stayed at The Crossing the last time we did this, and it broke up our journey perfectly. But for more options, check out our guide on where to stay along the Icefields Parkway.

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Check out the Viator website here! Or, for more info, read our detailed review about Viator here.

9. Hit the slopes at one of the 3 ski resorts

Bailey skis at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff National Park
Skiing at the Lake Louise Ski Resort!
Bailey at Lake Louise Ski Resort
Let’s go!

With not one, not two, but THREE amazing resorts on your doorstep, Banff is basically skiing heaven during the winter. I grew up in the Rockies so I have high standards when it comes to skiing, but you just can’t go wrong in Banff, and Daniel loves to snowboard here. On weekends during the winter, you’ll often find us at one of the ski resorts in Banff National Park. 

The closest one to Banff townsite is Mt Norquay, which is about 15 minutes away by car. The views here are epic, and lift passes aren’t badly priced (by Banff standards) at $124 CAD for a full day. However, the runs here aren’t my favorite personally. They’re better suited for beginners, and I do enjoy coming here if I don’t want to stay on the slopes for an entire day. But in general, I like more of a challenge! 

The Sunshine Ski Resort caters more to advanced skiers, although there are plenty of green runs for beginners too. We love the black and double black runs, so for us, it merits paying extra for lift tickets (you’re looking at $165 CAD for a full day here). And for the ultimate winter experience, you can stay at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge and ski in and out every day. 

I’ve saved the best for last, though. My favorite ski resort in Banff has to be Lake Louise! It’s the furthest away, as it takes around 40 minutes to drive here – but trust me, it’s worth it. It’s an incredible place to ski, and since it’s one of the biggest resorts in Canada it’s got plenty of runs for skiers of all abilities. Lift tickets start from $139 CAD for the whole day. 

10. Enjoy some of the best tours

Last but not least, the fantastic tours are another strong reason to visit Banff. They’ve got tourism down to a fine art here, and we have done some incredible tours. It’s really not hard to have a memorable trip in Banff with so many adventurous activities on offer.

Athabasca Glacier Trip From Banff

Daniel on one of the large Ice Explorers on the Athabasca Glacier on a tour
Athabasca Glacier!
Jasper Skywalk along the Icefields Parkway
The skywalk is a little freaky but awesome!

They say that there are no guarantees in life, but I’m confident that booking this Athabasca Glacier tour guarantees an incredible day out. I mean, you get an epic road trip along the Icefields Parkway, with stops at Bow Lake and the Crowfoot Glacier, which are both stunning, just FYI. 

And then, better still, you get to climb into a huge all-terrain vehicle to cross the Athabasca Glacier, with a stop to walk on the ice. This is truly one of the most amazing things we have ever done in not just Banff, but the whole of Canada. Driving across and walking on an ancient glacier, with ice as far as the eye can see, is certainly not an experience you forget in a hurry! 

The tour also includes admission to the Skywalk, a glass walkway suspended 279 meters (915 feet) over the Sunwapta Valley. The views were insane from here, and looking down through the glass bottom certainly made my stomach do some backflips. To get even more excited, read exactly what to expect at the Skywalk here.

This tour costs $339 CAD per person and is available from May to mid-October. I would advise booking in advance because visiting the Athabasca Glacier is such a popular thing to do. 

Helicopter Tour over the Canadian Rockies

View from a helicopter looking out over the mountains around Banff, Canada
View from a helicopter looking out over the mountains around Banff, Canada

I really don’t know if it’s possible to take a helicopter tour anywhere more beautiful than Banff – and this Helicopter Tour over the Rockies left us absolutely speechless!

Helicopter tours aren’t cheap, and Banff isn’t cheap, but there’s a reason people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to fly over the Canadian Rockies. In the end, we just couldn’t pass up the chance to do it, and were so glad we did. Even though we’ve hiked to so many viewpoints in Banff and visited many beautiful places, our jaws were just on the floor. 

I like that when you book this tour, you can choose your flight duration. So if you’ve got the budget for a 55-minute flight, I honestly can’t imagine anything better than spending an hour flying over the Rockies. However, the cheapest option is a 20-minute flight, which costs $253 CAD per person with a minimum of two per booking. It takes you over mountain peaks, beautiful Lake Louise, and the Plain of the Six Glaciers. 

Canoeing Tour on the Bow River

Two people canoe in Moraine Lake on a beautiful day
This is the best place to canoe!

On this Banff tour, we got into the Canadian spirit by climbing into a traditional canoe and paddling down the Bow River! Not only was it a ton of fun, but I found it a fantastic way to take in the stunning scenery of Banff National Park. The paddling was also pretty gentle, so it was a very calm experience and we had time to really appreciate the views. 

Our guide, Brooke, delivered such interesting commentary about the National Park and Canadian history in general, and she was also an expert at spotting wildlife along the riverbank, which made the experience even better. We’ve done a lot of canoeing in the Rockies but the chance to get into one of the big, old-timey canoes is actually pretty rare. 

The tour finishes with refreshments on the riverbank, which is a nice touch. It runs from mid-May until the end of September, as naturally, it’s way too cold during the winter. Tours also leave from a central location within walking distance from downtown. We felt it was well worth the $76 CAD for such a fun hour and a half on the water. 

Via Ferrata Climbing

Mt Norquay Chairlift Via Ferrata
The Via Ferrata! Photo credit: Mt Norquay

There are opportunities for rock climbing in Banff, but to be honest, it’s a bit too risky for my liking. However, you don’t have to be a seasoned rock climber to get up high and experience those jaw-dropping views, because you can do it with this Via Ferrata Climbing Tour instead! 

Via Ferrata is Italian for “iron path” and it allows you to climb up a mountain or cliff face with much less effort than it would usually require because you’ll be using a series of rungs, cables, and bridges. Oh, and you’ll be securely harnessed in, which certainly makes me feel a LOT more comfortable. 

It’s less effort and less danger for the same views – what’s not to like?!

The Via Ferrata in Banff offers insane views and it takes about 2 hours to get to the top, so it’s not ridiculously tiring. I won’t sugarcoat it, the climb can be a little scary, but it’s perfectly safe and no experience is necessary. 

This tour costs $200 CAD, including a roundtrip shuttle from central Banff, the chairlift ride to the starting point, safety equipment, and the use of rain gear, hiking boots, and backpacks if you don’t have your own. You can do it between June and mid-October, and I’d recommend wearing layers because it can get pretty chilly when you get up high! 

Is Banff worth visiting?

Bailey poses for a photo on Banff Ave walking street

Without a doubt, yes!

If we’re being honest, as locals of the area, we probably get annoyed by how busy Banff is way more than the tourists do. But even so, we still love coming here – why do you think we chose to live so close? It’s an incredible town on the doorstep of some of the most beautiful places in Canada (and maybe even the world, not to mention countless adventurous experiences. 

To sum it all up, Banff is not overhyped! It’s popular for a reason, and it completely lives up to its stellar reputation. 

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Where to Stay in Banff, Canada

At the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Me, at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Choosing accommodations is one of the most important parts of your trip and in Banff, the selection can be overwhelming and expensive. There are lots of different areas to consider when it comes to deciding where to stay in Banff National Park. There are also plenty of great hotels in Banff town to consider. Below are some amazing hotels we recommend for all budget types.

Luxury – $$$

The Fairmont Banff Springs is easily the most luxurious hotel in Banff. It’s not cheap but the place is simply incredible – it seriously looks like a castle! Inside the hotel, you’ll find 11 restaurants, 14 shops, bowling, bars, a top-rated spa, a couple of pools, and so much more. It’s a luxury resort-like stay and the only one of its kind in Banff. If you’re visiting Banff on a honeymoon then this should be the hotel you choose!

Prices can be as low as $650 CAD or upwards of $1,000 CAD depending on when you book. You can check prices and room availability for Fairmont online here.

Mid-range hotel – $$

Our top choice for the mid-range budget, the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort has a swimming pool, hot tub, gym, and all the rooms have kitchenettes or full kitchens. It’s the perfect place for families since two and three-bedroom units are also on offer. The location is peaceful on Tunnel Mountain yet only a 5-minute drive from Banff town.

Prices start at $130 CAD and you can check availability and book Banff Rocky Mountain Resort online here.

Budget-friendly hotel – $$

The Banff Inn is the perfect mix of comfort and affordability. It has a budget-friendly price tag but also comes with lots of luxuries. The hotel is located right on Banff Ave and all rooms are air-conditioned. In the hotel, you’ll find a hot tub, steam room, and sauna, as well as a restaurant and bar.

Prices range from $180-$440 CAD depending on the season. Regardless of when you go, we suggest booking the Banff Inn well in advance as this is one of the most popular hotels in Banff.

Budget-backpacker hostel – $

The Samesun Backpacker Hostel is a great budget hostel with dorm rooms. It’s perfect for those on a tight budget who want to stay in the heart of Banff town. This is only a backpacker place though, as there are no private rooms available.

Dorms at the Samesun Backpacker Hostel run roughly $50 CAD in winter and $100 CAD in summer. They can be booked on either or Hostelworld.

Important info: Accommodation in Banff can be tricky. For starters, you need to book well in advance if you want to have a large selection. I suggest booking a place ASAP! Using is great too because lots of hotels offer free cancellation so just lock in a place (or two) for now and make the final decision later!

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie ith drinks on a rooftop bar in Banff, Canada
Thanks for reading!

After reading about all the fun things to see and do in Banff, it’s probably no surprise we love it so much. And with gorgeous views and so many adventure opportunities, we think this cute mountain town is well worth a visit. But don’t just take our word for it… we highly recommend experiencing Banff for yourself!

If you’re considering a visit, check out our other blogs about Banff. We’ve also written about many destinations all over Canada (Bailey’s home country). To get started, just click on one of the links below. And as always, thanks for reading!

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