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20 Things to KNOW about the Columbia Icefield Skywalk

20 Things to KNOW about the Columbia Icefield Skywalk

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The Columbia Icefield Skywalk – or Glacier Skywalk, as it’s also often called – is a one-of-a-kind experience in Jasper National Park. This glass bridge is a true engineering marvel constructed with advanced techniques and materials.

Aside from the impressive architecture, the bridge provides an astonishing view of the Sunwapta Valley and the glaciers of the Columbia Icefield.

There are a couple of different ways you can do the Glacier Skywalk, but it’s best to plan in advance because slots are limited and, unsurprisingly, they book up fast. And while there are many fun things to do in Jasper, seeing the stunning vistas from this unique walkway was one of my favorites.

But if you want to add the Columbia Icefield Skywalk to your Jasper itinerary, there are some things you should know beforehand. That’s precisely why we’ve put together this guide to everything you need to know before you visit the Columbia Icefield Skywalk!

1. About the Columbia Icefield Skywalk

Glass boardwalk on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park

The Columbia Icefield Skywalk is a glass-floored observation platform suspended from a cliff 280 meters (918 feet) above Sunwapta Valley, between Jasper and Banff on the Icefields Parkway. It’s famed for the amazing views it offers of the Rocky Mountains, Sunwapta Valley, and the icefield glaciers.

It’s one of the best places to visit in Alberta, and although the views are the main attraction, you’ll also learn a lot about the province and its natural history while visiting. There are information boards all around and an audio guide is included in the admission price, so you’ll definitely be leaving with some new knowledge about the area.

The Skywalk was built with two main goals: to maximize the sense of exposure while ensuring visitors’ safety and to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. It was designed to stand up to the elements while retaining an open-air feel with minimal visible infrastructure.

It first opened in May 2014, and quickly became a popular tourist attraction, especially because it’s a pretty incredible photo opportunity!

2. Is the Columbia Icefield Skywalk the same as the Glacier Skywalk and Jasper Skywalk?

A closeup of the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
Yep, they’re the same!

Yes, the Columbia Icefield Skywalk is the same thing as the Glacier Skywalk and the Jasper Skywalk. These three names are used interchangeably to describe the same glass bridge.

So, if you hear someone mention the Jasper Skywalk or the Glacier Skywalk, you can be sure that they’re talking about the Columbia Icefield Skywalk. Sometimes, it’s also known as just “the Skywalk.”

Wow, we used the word “Skywalk” so many times there that it’s starting to sound a little weird…

3. Where is the Skywalk located?

The road through the Icefields Parkway, Canada
It’s located along this stunning stretch of highway!

The Skywalk is located next to the Columbia Icefield, which straddles the border between Banff and Jasper National Parks. And if that weren’t enough, it also sits on the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia!

You’ll find the Jasper Skywalk along the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93), which is a scenic road with several natural attractions along the way, such as Bow Lake and Athabasca Falls. I mean, just check out the photo above!

The Glacier Skywalk is just 5-10 minutes down the road from the Jasper National Park Icefield Information Centre and Glacier Gallery (also known as the Discovery Centre). Visitors normally head there first and then are transported to the Skywalk by bus, but we’ll go into more detail about that later.

The Skywalk is 97 kilometers (61 miles) away from the town of Jasper itself, and it takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes to drive between the two. It’s also 191 kilometers (119 miles) from Banff, so it should take you around 2.25 hours and you can check out the best spots to stop along the way in my guide here!

Finally, it’s 134 kilometers (84 miles) from Lake Louise, and the drive takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes. It’s the perfect midway stop if you’re driving between Lake Louise and Jasper.

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4. Is there parking at the Jasper Skywalk?

Daniel poses for a photo on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
We loved our visit!

No, you can’t park at the Skywalk itself, since it protrudes from the edge of a cliff right next to the highway. There’s simply no room for a parking lot here. 

Instead, you’ll need to park at the Jasper Discovery Centre down the road and take the bus. The bus ride is included in your admission ticket, so it’s all nice and easy. The actual Skywalk is located only 6.7 kilometers (4.1 miles) from the Discovery Centre, so the journey should take you less than 10 minutes.

When you purchase your Skywalk ticket, you will get a departure time, which is when you will get onto the bus and get transported right to the Skywalk.

5. How do you get to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk?

Bailey looks out the window of the bus that takes you to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
On the bus and ready to check this place out!

There’s no public transport to take you to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk, so your options are somewhat limited. Basically, there are two main ways to get to the Skywalk: you can either drive yourself, or visit as part of an organized tour from Banff, Jasper, or Lake Louise.

If you drive yourself, you’ll need to head to the Discovery Centre and park there before taking the bus to the Skywalk, so remember that when programming your GPS!

6. Do you have to take a guided tour of the Skywalk?

Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
You explore at your own pace!

No, you can visit the Columbia Icefields Skywalk independently. Your admission ticket includes a self-guided audio tour and round-trip transport between the Discovery Centre and the Skywalk. There’s a commentary on the bus on the way to the Skywalk, but once you get there, you’ll have a headset and information boards to guide you.

However, you can visit the Skywalk as part of a guided tour as well. There are guided tours from Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise that include all of your transport, so you don’t need to worry about logistics or driving. Plus, you’ll get an even better understanding of the area and its history with a guide to explain it all!

Usually, the Jasper Skywalk is just one of many stops on a longer day tour of the Icefields Parkway. On guided tours, you’ll often get the chance to make some other stops, such as the Athabasca Glacier and Bow Lake, and there’s usually a picnic lunch involved, too.

There are pros and cons to doing it yourself versus going on a guided tour. When we drove here, we were able to create our own itinerary, and take as little or as long as we liked at each stop. We also beat the crowds to get awesome photos from the Skywalk. However, the guided tour provided some interesting commentary and took the pressure off driving and planning so it really depends on personal preference.

7. What are the best tours from Banff that visit the Skywalk?

A bear eats grass at the Bow Lake viewpoint
The best tours visit other attractions on the Icefields Parkway such as Bow Lake!

I’ve visited Banff many times and lived in the nearby town of Canmore, so I can personally guarantee that this place makes an excellent base for exploring the surrounding national parks.

A day trip along the Icefields Parkway to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk should definitely be added to your Banff itinerary. The below Canadian Rockies tours include transport from Banff to the Skywalk as well as some pretty awesome other stops.

Athabasca Glacier Snow Trip from Banff

This full-day tour from Banff takes you along the beautiful Icefields Parkway, stopping at some of the scenic spots along the way. Once you arrive at Columbia Icefield, you’ll hop on an Ice Explorer Tour taking you to the Athabasca Glacier and then the Glacier Skywalk.

It also includes a picnic lunch atop a mountain and a professional guide to provide interesting and informative commentary throughout the day. The tour costs $322 CAD per person and includes hotel pickup and drop-off in Banff.

Banff to Jasper One-Way Tour

If you’re making your way through the Alberta region, a one-way tour from Banff to Jasper is a great way to enjoy the sights while traveling between the two towns. 

You’ll stop at Bow Lake, a bright blue glacial lake, and take a walk around the Crowfoot Glacier, as well as explore Athabasca Falls, which is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies. And of course, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the Glacier Skywalk and hike on the Athabasca Glacier.

The tour costs $279 CAD per person and includes a picnic lunch, as well as hotel pickup and drop-off in Banff and Jasper respectively.

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8. What are the best tours from Jasper that visit the Columbia Icefield Skywalk?

Jasper to Banff One-Way Tour

This 10-hour one-way tour starts in Jasper and drops you off at your hotel in Banff at the end of the day. As with the other tours, you can visit the Athabasca Falls, Bow Lake, and Crowfoot Glacier, as well as enjoying the Ice Explorer tour that includes walking on the Athabasca Glacier and along the Jasper Skywalk.

Prices start at $282 CAD and include comfy transport, a picnic lunch, and all admission tickets. But breakfast isn’t included, so fill up ahead of time and be ready by 8:30 am for a day of stunning sights and adventure.

Jasper to Lake Louise One-Way Tour

If you’re heading to Lake Louise after Jasper, you’re in for a treat! It’s one of the most picturesque places in Canada and there are many fun things to do in Lake Louise, especially in summer.

If you’re coming from Jasper and don’t have your own car, this one-way tour from Jasper to Lake Louise is perfect. You’ll see all of the main attractions along the Icefield Parkway, and get to enjoy the Skywalk and the Athabasca Glacier. The 10-hour tour starts at 8:15 am and costs $276 CAD, including a picnic lunch and hotel pickup and drop-off.

9. When is the Glacier Skywalk open?

Beautiful waterfalls as seen on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
Waterfalls as seen from the Skywalk!

The Glacier Skywalk is usually open from early May until early October every year, but exact dates vary from year to year and are weather dependent.

The good news is that when you book an admission ticket through Viator, you have more flexibility to change your visit date if the weather conditions are bad, as long as you do so more than 24 hours in advance. Luckily, we didn’t experience bad weather on our trip, but some friends avoided losing money by purchasing through Viator.

The tickets are $37 CAD on weekdays and $47 CAD on weekends, 5-16 year-olds cost $24/32 CAD per person, and kids under 5 are free. These tickets include round-trip transfer from the Discovery Centre and entry to the Skywalk.

As a general rule, the Skywalk is open from 10 am until 5 pm, but this does vary slightly throughout the year. Usually, it opens at 11 am until the final week of May, and this later open time resumes for the last week before its closure in October.

So if you’re visiting in May or October and want to go as early as possible, make sure to double-check the times before you go. You can check the opening dates and hours when you go to book online, but updated information might not be posted until spring.

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10. When is the best time to visit the Columbia Icefield Skywalk?

Pathway from the parking lot to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
The Skywalk is often less busy in the morning.

It’s best to either get there at either 10 or 11 am, when the Skywalk opens, or to arrive later in the afternoon, around 3:30 pm. At these times, you’ll be able to avoid crowds, enjoy the beautiful views in peace, and get some gorgeous photos.

Since the Skywalk is in a pretty remote location, most visitors drive here from Banff or Jasper, and it gets busiest in the early afternoon. If you can avoid this time, you’ll have a quieter and less crowded experience.

If you want to arrive earlier or later in the day, it’s a good idea to stay nearby at the Glacier View Lodge or The Crossing Resort. This way, you won’t have to worry about the long drive. Both hotels are some of the best places to stay on the Icefields Parkway and make for a beautiful spot to spend a night.

Regardless of what time of day you visit, we definitely recommend booking in advance. This is a super popular attraction and only a limited number of people are allowed to enter every hour. If you don’t reserve your tickets online, you might end up waiting hours for a slot to open up, or you may not get to visit at all. 

When we last visited, we ended up having to wait around the Discovery Centre for 3 hours while we waited for a space to open up! Don;t make the same mistake as us!

Hot Tip: Book your Glacier Skywalk tickets with Viator. You can book now and pay later, plus you’ll have free cancellation until 24 hours before. The price is exactly the same as booking directly on the Skywalk website (it just already includes GST). Booking with Viator always gives us piece of mind if plans change and we need to cancel.

11. Should you book the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in advance?

The walkway and suports on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
The supports and glass keep the Skywalk safe!

Yes, definitely. If you don’t book the Jasper Skywalk in advance, you might end up waiting for several hours for a time slot to become available, as it’s a very popular attraction.

The experience is organized into time slots. There are a limited number of visitors per slot, so once the bus from the Discovery Centre is full, you’ll have to wait for the next one.

If you book a guided tour, it’ll include your entrance to the Skywalk. However, if you’re heading here on your own, you’re responsible for purchasing the admissions ticket.

Buying tickets in advance through Viator is super easy, saves you time, and ensures you get to visit on the day that you want. From my experience, the Skywalk is very popular and can sell out – this is especially true on weekends during the summer months.

12. How much does it cost to do the Skywalk?

The glass floor on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
It’s scary walking across the glass at first! Photo credit: zhukovsky Depositphotos

The Jasper Skywalk

If you want to do the Skywalk alone, it costs $37 CAD for adults and $24 CAD for children aged 5-16 on weekdays. On weekends, the price is slightly higher at $47 CAD for adults and $32 CAD for children. This includes your audio guide and the bus from the Discovery Centre.

You can also combine the Jasper Skywalk with a visit to the nearby Athabasca Glacier, which is part of the Columbia Icefield. I did this on one of my visits and these two activities paired perfectly!

This Ice Explorer Glacier Tour combines both, first taking you across a frozen roadway to the Athabasca Glacier, where you can walk on the glacier and fill up your water bottle with crystal-clean water. Afterward, you’ll head to the Jasper Skywalk to take pictures and enjoy the view. This tour starts and ends at the Discovery Centre and costs $104 CAD for adults and $67 CAD for children on weekdays, or $125 CAD for adults and $81 CAD for children on weekends.

Parks Pass

You’ll also need a Parks Pass to drive along the Icefields Parkway which is where the Skywalk and the Discovery Centre are located, since the road is considered to be an alternative scenic route.

The Parks Pass covers all of the National Parks in the Rocky Mountains, and can be purchased online or in-person at national park gates, information centers, or campgrounds. If you purchase the pass online, you’ll need to print and display it on the dash of your car. To avoid the hassle of printing, we bought our Parks Pass at the toll booth located at the beginning of the Icefields Parkway.

There are two main options available, a daily pass or an annual pass.

Daily pass:

The first option is to buy a daily pass, which is valid from the date of purchase until 4 pm the next day. So if, for example, you buy one on the 1 August at 1 pm, it will be valid until 4 pm on the 2 August.

Per day, the Parks Pass costs $10.50 CAD per adult or $9 CAD for seniors, while anyone under 17 is free. You can also get a group pass at $21 CAD for up to 7 people inside a single vehicle. So basically, if there are more than 2 adults in the car, then this is the cheapest option.

Annual pass:

There’s also the Annual Discovery Pass, which can be a cost-effective option if you’re spending a while traveling around the Rocky Mountains. This pass costs $72.25 CAD per adult, or you can get a group pass for $145.25 CAD which again, covers up to 7 people in one vehicle. 

This pass is valid from the month of purchase until the end of the same month the following year. For example, if you buy an Annual Discovery Pass on 1 August 2023, it will be valid until 31 August 2024. It gives you access to 80 locations within Canada including Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park, and many more.

And just as a quick note, if you’re visiting the Columbia Icefield Skywalk as part of an organized tour with transport from Banff, Jasper, or Lake Louise, then you don’t need to worry about buying a Parks Pass separately. It will usually be included in the price of your tour.

13. How long does it take to visit the Skywalk?

View from the glass viewpoint on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
The view that makes the Skywalk worth it!

If you arrive at the Discovery Centre having booked your slot in advance, you can hop on the bus at your scheduled time and be at the Skywalk in under 10 minutes. Buses depart regularly, between every 15-30 minutes depending on the month that you’re visiting, so you’ll have lots of slots to choose from if you book in advance.

The Jasper Skywalk itself is 400 meters (437 yards) long, so you could walk from one end to the other and back in as little as 15 minutes. However, you’ll definitely want more time than that to enjoy the Skywalk and soak in the incredible views. For one thing, you’ll certainly want to take some time snapping photos of the surrounding landscape. You’ll also have your audio guide to listen to and information boards to read.

The experience should take 1-1.5 hours from start to finish, but you can spend longer at the Skywalk if you wish. There’s no time limit and buses back to the Discovery Centre run regularly throughout the day, so you can take as long as you like to explore! 

14. Can you visit the Skywalk at the same time as the Athabasca Glacier (Ice Explorer Tour)?

Daniel hangs out the door of an Ice Explorer all-terrain vehicle on the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield, Canada
Be prepared for the cold! Even on a summer’s day, the glacier is freezing – no pun intended!


When you visit the Columbia Icefield, you can easily visit the Athabasca Glacier and the Skywalk in one day.

By now, you’ve learned a good deal about the Columbia Skywalk, but if you’re in this area, I would make sure to visit the glacier as well. The Athabasca Glacier is the most visited glacier in the world, attracting over 1 million visitors per year, which isn’t surprising. Not only is it gorgeous, but how often do you get to walk on a glacier?

When you book this 3-hour combined Ice Explorer and Skywalk Tour, you can experience both the Skywalk and the Athabasca Glacier and save money, too. With prices starting at $115 CAD, it’s cheaper to book the two experiences together than buying an Athabasca Glacier hike tour and the Skywalk admission separately.

It also saves time, because you’ll be taken straight from the glacier to the Skywalk without heading back to the Discovery Centre in between. You won’t be hiking on this tour but will be escorted by a rugged ice explorer to the Athabasca Glacier, where you’ll also have an opportunity to jump out and walk around.

Honestly, the Ice Explorer tour is exactly what we did, and we loved it! You can read our review here. The transport up to the Glacier is in a super unique (and huge!) bus with special wheels designed to drive on ice. Then, walking around on the Glacier was fun. After, they drove us to the Skywalk to take in the views. You can book the same tour as us (Ice Explorer Tour) online here.

15. Is the Columbia Icefield Skywalk wheelchair accessible?

People walk on the glass floor on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
The Skywalk is wide with a flat floor!

Yes, the whole Skywalk is completely flat and was designed to be accessible for wheelchairs, pushchairs, and walkers, which means that all guests can enjoy the experience.

The buses from the Discovery Centre to the Skywalk can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters.

Wheelchair users can also take part in the Ice Explorer experience which takes you onto the Athabasca Glacier. There are two accessible vans with wheelchair lifts that can help guests onto the glacier and then transport them safely to the Skywalk afterwards.

16. Is the Columbia Icefield Skywalk safe?

Beautiful mountain views from the bus that takes visitors to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
Mountain views from the bus to the Skywalk!

Yes, it’s very safe. 

All you’re really doing is walking up and down a flat pathway, so you don’t have to worry about sudden changes in terrain or dangerous drops. You don’t need any real fitness level or experience to enjoy the experience, and there are handrails throughout. In fact, the Skywalk is even safer than walking down the street because there’s no traffic to worry about!

17. Is the Skywalk suitable for families?

Yes, the Glacier Skywalk is suitable for families and children are welcome, but they might get bored quickly, as they’ll probably be less interested in the audio guide and information boards than the adults. However, generally speaking, the Skywalk is suitable for all ages.

There are also cheaper rates for children. While adult admission tickets cost $37/$47 CAD, depending on whether you visit on a weekday or weekend, tickets for 5-16 year-olds cost $24/32 per person.

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18. Where can you stay near the Columbia Icefield Skywalk?

View out the window of the glacier View Lodge on the Icefields Parkway
Photo credit: Glacier View Lodge
A room at the Glacier View Lodge on the Icefields Parkway
Photo credit: Glacier View Lodge

So you’ve read this blog and have decided that you want more time. No stress, there are a couple of awesome places not far from the Columbia Icefield Skywalk.

For budget travelers, your best option is camping. Campsites are generally first come first serve, with the exception of a few (that typically book up months in advance.) There are a total of 11 campgrounds on the Icefields Parkway. Find out more about the ones in Banff National Park here, and the ones in Jasper National Park here.

If you’re not much of a camper, then your options are a little more limited.

HI Mosquito Creek Hostel is a place we’ve stayed before and is roughly a 1 hour drive from the Columbia Icefield Skywalk. It offers dorm and private-style cabins that are heated with prices starting at $75 CAD per person. There is a communal kitchen and traditional outdoor sauna. This place is perfect for those on a budget, or looking for something a little nicer than camping while still being in nature. It’s really a unique place to stay and I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

Your next option is only 36 minutes from the Skywalk . The Crossing is the hotel located at Saskatchewan River Crossing, almost exactly at the halfway point along the Icefields Parkway. This hotel is modest with average reviews, but the location is ideal so convenience it what you’re paying for here. Prices start at $159 CAD for 2 adults. We love staying here and have stayed multiple times!

The last option is called the Glacier View Lodge and it’s located at the Columbia Icefields Discovery Centre, so you won’t need to drive anywhere at all! This hotel is the most upscale along the Icefields Parkway and comes at a premium with prices starting at $269 CAD for 2 adults. However, with every room boasting a mountain or glacier view, how could you go wrong?! Staying here makes it easy to do a glacier tour first thing in the morning or even the Skywalk (before they get busy around mid-day.)

19. Alternatives to the Skywalk and other nearby experiences?

A tour group walk on the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield on a trekking tour
The typical Athabasca Glacier adventure is different to the trekking tours!

If you have already seen the Skywalk, there’s other adventurous activities nearby. My favorite was hiking across the Athabasca glacier with an experienced guide.

These hiking tours are different than the Ice Explorer tour (combining the Athabasca Glacier and Skywalk) because you’ll spend more time on the glacier and walk to parts of the glacier that most people don’t get to see. You’ll also get a pair of micro-spikes (crampons) included with these tours, which are necessary for extra grip while you’re walking on the glacier. 

When you take the 3-hour Guided Glacier Hiking tour, you get to actually walk on this glacier which is SUCH a cool experience! Plus, you can stop and fill your bottle up with fresh glacier water, which is also pretty awesome. Your guide will point out ice formations, meltwater streams, icefalls, and waterfalls. This tour is family-friendly too since the hike is relatively easy and flat (5 km/3.1 miles in total.)

You’ll need to wear warm clothes and hiking boots, but the tour guides will provide crampons so you can walk over the icy terrain. Prices for this tour start at $131 CAD and you’ should arrive at the west parking lot of the Discovery Center 20 minutes before your scheduled departure.

For a longer adventure on the glacier, this full-day tour lets you spend 6 hours exploring the glacier with a guide. Pack a lunch to eat at the head of the Athabasca Glacier, where shattered ice and rock make an incredible lunchtime view. Unlike the above hiking tour, this hike is a little more difficult and is best suited to those with a moderate level of fitness. Prices start at $204 CAD and starts at 9:30 am.

20. Is the Columbia Icefield Skywalk worth it?

We say yes! But if we are being completely transparent, some people do find the Glacier Skywalk too expensive for what you get. This is mentioned a few times in recent reviews. It is a fairly pricey way to spend an hour or so, but at the same time, the views really are amazing and there’s no hiking involved beforehand! 

The Skywalk also really is a true feat of engineering. I mean, when else will you be able to say that you walked on a glass floor hanging off the edge of a cliff?

So to recap: yes, it’s worth it, but it’s not an overwhelming yes. We enjoyed it a lot, but if you’re operating on a really tight budget, missing it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Other Activities to do while you’re near Jasper

A person canoes around Spirit Island on Maligne Lake, Canada
Take a cruise on Maligne Lake to see this famous spot!

Jasper National Park is just filled with fun things to do and see! So besides visiting Maligne Lake, there are a few other activities that we recommend that you check off your to-do list. They are:

  • Spirit IslandMaligne Lake is arguably the most famous lake in Jasper National Park. At Maligne Lake you can hike, canoe on the lake, or eat at a lakeside restaurant. However, the best activity at the lake is this scenic Maligne Lake Cruise which takes you out on the water for the best vantage point. The cruise also takes you to the famous Spirit Island, which is so picture-perfect that you’ve likely seen it on Instagram before.
  • Explore Maligne Canyon – Located on the edge of Jasper town is the beautiful Maligne Canyon, where you can hike alongside and peer down into the deep canyon. There are also a few bridges you can walk on to really take in the views. In the winter, we highly recommend doing an icewalk in the canyon where you put on ice cleats and explore frozen waterfalls, ice caves, and walk in the middle of the frozen canyon!
  • Visit Pyramid LakePyramid Lake is a calm lake that offers reflections of the surrounding mountains including the symmetrical Pyramid Mountain. In the summer you can swim, hike, canoe, and SUP on the lake. In winter, go ice skating or ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. For an extra special treat, spend the night lakeside at the Pyramid Lake Resort.

Renting a Car in Alberta

A car drives along the Icefields Parkway
The drive is mesmerizing!

If you’re arriving in Alberta via plane then I can’t recommend getting a rental car enough. Canada is a large country and traveling between cities and even just getting out to some of the best places to visit in Alberta requires transport. Although you can use public transport, on some occasions, it means your trip will not only require more time but more planning.

Renting a car will definitely make exploring all of the fun things to see and do in Alberta easier.

Car rental in Canada isn’t super cheap, but it isn’t overly expensive either, especially if you get a budget car. The cheapest car with pickup and drop-off in different locations is around $100 CAD per day. The price does vary though depending on the time of year and the type of car that you rent. For car rentals, I use the website It’s a search engine with lots of deals with good customer service. In fact, I’ve used them all over the world including in Chile, New Zealand, and Australia.

Another popular option is to rent a campervan or motorhome (only for the brave in winter.) Using Motorhome Republic you can search hundreds of deals across multiple companies to pick a great vehicle and the cheapest price. Having a motorhome is a stunning way to see Canada, and using crown land and campsites, you can often camp for free or very cheap in the most beautiful places imaginable!

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk in Banff National Park
Thanks for reading!

Wow! That was a lot of information, and I hoped it help you plan a wonderful visit to the Jasper Skywalk. Although it’s a little pricey, it’s a beautiful way to take in the local scenery. And you can really maximize your experience by combining the Skywalk with a tour of local glaciers or other sights along the Icefield Parkway.

If you found this blog helpful, check out my other blogs about traveling in Canada. I’ve also selected a few below that might be useful when visiting the Columbia Skywalk. We hope you love the area as much as we did!

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