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22 FUN Things to do in Jasper in Summer

22 FUN Things to do in Jasper in Summer

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Jasper, Alberta is one of the best summer vacation spots in Canada in my opinion! That’s because not only do temperatures here average 23 Celsius (73 Fahrenheit) but there are lots of outdoor activities and incredible tours on offer like whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and canoeing that can only be enjoyed during the warm summer!

But, there are not only adventurous activities on offer in Jasper you can also have a chilled-out summer vacation here with stunning hot springs a short drive away as well as plenty of lakeside beaches to sunbathe on. Not forgetting sunset patio drinks at one of the town’s buzzing restaurants.

Oh, and did I mention the summer days here are long, with sunset happening around 9:30 pm, so you’ve lots of time to pack in all those awesome activities!

So for your summer getaway to Jasper, then look no further than this blog post! Here, I’ve listed 22 activities for you to enjoy in gorgeous Jasper this summer as well as other important information about visiting!

Things to do in Jasper in Summer

1. Mountain Biking

three people cycling along a remote road in Jasper National Park
Such a beautiful place!

Mountain biking is a must-do summer activity in Jasper, that’s because the scenery is most beautiful during the months of June, July, and August when you can spot wildflower meadows and bright-blue glacier lakes. 

One of the most popular biking trails in Jasper is the 26 km (16 mi) North Boundary (Snake Indian Falls), which is a green trail but does have some steep climbs. It’s an 18-minute drive from Jasper town to the trail’s starting point at the car park on Celestine Lake Road.

Another popular trail that’s nearby is the much-shorter 1.8 km (1.1 mi) Celestine Lake Trail, which is a blue trail and can be pretty muddy but it takes just 15 minutes to complete meaning you can easily add this to your day. The trail starts from the same car park at Celestine Lake Road!

The truth is that Jasper has tons of bike trails, too many to list here, so you can download bicycle guides online here.

This guided tour is a fantastic option for your summer vacation in Jasper, your experienced guide will take you along the Jasper Discovery Trail – which is approximately an hour and 20 minutes. Which trail you take here depends on your ability and there’s a trail here for beginners to experts. Along the trail, you will get the chance to stop at the stunning Beauvert Lake and take some photos. This guided ride costs $133 CAD per person.

If you are looking for more of a leisurely ride, consider getting an e-bike instead. There is also this new e-bike tour available in Jasper that combines a bike tour with a food tour – how cool. We’ve provided all the details about the tour in the next section in this blog.

You can rent bicycles from various shops right in Jasper including The Bench Bike Shop, Source for Sports, and Vicious Cycle. Expect to pay about $15/hr CAD for an hour rental and about $50 CAD for a whole day.

2. Hike the Skyline Trail

mountain view from the Sulphur Skyline Trail
Just look at that view!

The Skyline Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Jasper because the views are exceptional, more than half of this trail is above the treeline meaning you have 360-degree views for most of the trail! This trail is long though, at 44.9 km (27.9 miles), you can complete it in one day which will take 10 – 12 hours however, most hikers choose to spread it out over 2-3 days. This trail is most popular during the summer as at other times of the year it can be icy in sections and specialist hiking gear may be required.

It can be pretty windy above the treeline so be prepared, also, on a hot summer’s day be sure to pack enough water and sunscreen as there’s no shade above the treeline. 

Start the trail on the Southern End near Maligne Lake and end at Maligne Canyon, this way you have less of an uphill climb. Also, the final 8.5 km (5.3 mi) of the trail is along a gravel road which is nice and easy. Worth noting is there are several stream crossings on this trail so wear appropriate footwear.

Important to note – park your car at the North Skyline / Signal Mountain Trailhead which will be where you finish your hike. There’s a shuttle service that will collect you from here and take you to Maligne Lake where you can begin your hike, your car will then be waiting at the finish point when you’re done.

There are a few campgrounds you can stay at along the trail, however, these book out quickly especially during the busy summer months so be sure to book in advance.

Top Tip: bring plenty of bug spray for the campsites!

3. Hang out at the local “beach”

The beach at lake annette, Jasper
The beach at Lake Annette, Jasper

Visiting what the locals refer to as “the beach” is one of the best, off-the-beaten-path things to do in Jasper in the summer months. The beach is a nice sandy area on the edge of Lake Annette only a couple of minutes from Jasper town. Locals commonly visit to hang out with friends, have a BBQ, and even brave the cold water with a swim. 

But the beach isn’t just for locals and if you’re looking for a nice place to hang out for a few hours then this is a great choice. There are also a couple of hiking trails in the area and the neighboring lake, Lake Edith, is also well worth a visit! 

Unfortunately, the day we went the weather was not so great, however, on a sunny day the beach is very popular!

4. Enjoy patio drinks in town

Views from the jasper Pizza Place
Views from the Jasper Pizza Place Patio!

One of the best summer activities in Jasper is simply to enjoy some drinks and food at one of the town’s awesome outdoor patios. One of our favorite patios in Jasper is at the Jasper Brewing Company on Connaught Drive, we love their Trail Sessions IPA -it’s delicious! This buzzing patio is a local favorite, there’s also plenty of indoor seating. Plus, if you’re hungry they have an extensive menu, we love their burgers!

Another great spot to hang out for drinks is the rooftop patio at Jasper Pizza Place – this is the only rooftop patio in Jasper and boasts some pretty awesome views. So, as you can imagine it gets pretty busy here, especially on those nice summer evenings!

Plus, the patio is covered protecting you from any weather worries, which are a common problem in this part of Canada. While here, you must try their wood-fired pizza but they also have burgers, pastas, salads, and more.

Even better, head out to one of these patios for sunset to watch the sun dip behind one of the many mountain peaks that surround the town.

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5. Ride the SkyTram

Views from the top of the jasper Sky Tram in Jasper National Park, Canada
Not a bad view!

Riding the Jasper SkyTram has gained popularity simply because it’s just that awesome – the views you get from the peak of Whistlers Mountain are unmatched by any other view.  

The Jasper SkyTram is different than all of the other mountain gondolas offered around Canada. Instead of a small gondola or chairlift, the Skytram is actually a larger cart where up to 24 people stand in the tram. The tram then climbs Whistlers Mountain at a speed of 6 meters per second all while your “flight attendant” tells you all about this historic tram and Jasper.  

At the end of your ride, you’ll reach a viewing platform complete with an indoor area, gift shop, and restaurant. There is also a 1.4-kilometer-long hike (0.9 miles) you can do to reach the summit of Whistler Mountain! No matter where you go up here you’re going to be met with some amazing views! 

The Jasper SkyTram is open from April to October each year between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Because there are only two trams, they can only transport a limited number of people at one time. For this reason, you should book your SkyTram flight well in advance to secure your departure time slot.

You can book your SkyTram flight here for $67 CAD. When you book, you will select one of the scheduled times that you will ride the tram up the mountain. But once at the top, you can take your time and catch any tram back down at any time before they close for the day.  

6. Whitewater rafting

Selfie while white water rafting in Jasper
Having a blast rafting in Jasper!

Whitewater rafting is typically seen as the ultimate adrenalin-pumping activity! While this is true in most other places, the great thing about going whitewater rafting in Jasper is that there are many different rivers offering rafting experiences, so you can choose a more chilled experience if you wish! Would you believe that even small children or grandparents can go whitewater rafting in Jasper! 

The whitewater rafting trip we did on the Athabasca River was the perfect mix of an exciting ride while still being scenic and chill. The rapids were Class 2 and 3, meaning there were some larger rapids at times. There were kids on the boat who had a good time without being scared and nobody fell off or even got close – although a few of the kids jumped off for a swim by choice! The price for adults is $112 CAD and $59 CAD for children.

Another rafting tour you can choose is this small group tour on the Athabasca River. It is suitable for the whole family, children from age 3 can enjoy this fun tour! Your experienced guide will expertly navigate your group through Class II rapids, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get wet but no need to worry too much as all wet gear will be provided. This tour costs just $85 CAD per adult and $35 CAD for kids.

7. Rock climbing

A man rock climbs in Canada
Rock climbing is popular in the Canadian Rockies.

You might be getting the hint that visiting Jasper is a great place to try some new outdoor activities, and rock climbing is no different! If you are an experienced rock climber then all you have to do is choose one of the many great areas to climb around Jasper. And if you’re new to the sport, then a guided tour is the best option.

This tour will teach you the ropes (pun intended) and teach you to rock climb like a pro. The tour will provide all the necessary equipment, teach you about safety and technique, and give you a thrilling experience you won’t soon forget! The cost is about $145 CAD and is suited to all ages and skill levels.

You will rock climb along the shoreline of the Athabasca River, so not only is it a fun activity, but it’s another great way to immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounding nature.

8. Visit the Miette Hot Springs

Such a beautiful location! Photo Credit: Travel Alberta / Roth and Ramberg

Miette Hot Springs are located an hour’s drive from Jasper and are known as the hottest mineral springs in the Canadian Rockies. The water in the pools here actually flows from the surrounding mountains and is a nice and warm 40°C (104°F). These are some of the best Alberta hot springs as the pools are filled with minerals like sulfate, magnesium, and calcium which are so good for your skin.

The surrounding landscape around Miette Hot Springs is stunning, so it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Plus, at around $16.50 CAD (or $53 CAD for a family) to enter the hot springs, it’s a great option to visit if you’re looking for a cheap but awesome activity.

The pools are a hidden gem in Jasper but they are a popular stop-off for tourists driving from Edmonton to Jasper.

Miette Hot Springs are generally open every day from May until September. You can check their website for updated times and details. This year, 2023, Miette is scheduled to open on Friday, May 12.

9. Canoe on Maligne Lake

canoeing on Maligne Lake Jasper
The gorgeous Maligne Lake!

Canoeing is such a fun summer activity and Jasper is one of the best places to go! There are a lot of different lakes in the area that is perfect for exploring by canoe. Maligne Lake is about 45 km (28 mi) away from Jasper and offers 2-person canoe rentals for about $205 CAD for 3+ hours or $80 CAD for 1 hour.

Once you’ve rented your canoe, make your way across the 22.5 km long (14 mi) Maligne Lake and take in all the breathtaking mountain scenery as you paddle. Be sure to stop regularly to take some photos – you will even spot Spirit Island from your canoe, which is one of the most photographed sights in Canada! This activity is only available in the summer and although it’s a relatively easy canoe across the lake, a reasonable level of fitness is advisable.

You can canoe across to Spirit Island and spend the night at one of the two campsites near the island, this will take approximately 7-8 hours and you will need to ask the canoe rental well ahead of time if you can take the canoe overnight.

I recommend doing this canoe trip early in the morning when the light is at its best. On a calm day, you may even be lucky to have the Canadian Rockies reflected on the lake’s surface.

10. Cruise to Spirit Island

The view of the mountains from the dock on Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in Jasper

If you aren’t up for paddling all the way to Spirit Island, then maybe jumping on a boat cruise is a better idea.

One of my favorite things to do in Jasper during the summer is to take a cruise across Maligne Lake to Spirit Island, one of the most beautiful sights In Jasper National Park and one of the most photographed places in all of Canada. The cruise departs from the boat dock on Maligne Lake across to Spirit Island and takes about 90 minutes, and along the way, your guide will explain all about the history of the lake, point out mountains and glaciers, plus tell you some interesting facts about the area.

I must admit I was blown away by how pretty Spirit Island is, as part of the tour we docked at Spirit Island for a short time and had the opportunity to hike up a short path to a viewpoint. The view from here was breathtaking and the water shone a stunning turquoise color!

Spirit Island was one place that really lived up to the hype and in my opinion, it’s a must-do in Jasper! For the cruise, tickets cost $90 CAD per person, but you need to make your own way to Maligne Lake which is a 45-minute drive from Jasper.

The alternative to getting to and doing the cruise on your own is taking one of our recommended tours in Jasper to Maligne Lake. Our top pick is this 5.5-hour tour which not only includes a cruise on Maligne Lake but also the opportunity to explore Maligne Canyon and Medicine Lake on foot. A great bonus to this tour is that you are likely to spot some wildlife like bears, elk, and moose. Pick-up and drop-off to Jasper are included and prices start from $175 CAD.

11. Hike the Valley of the 5 Lakes

A lady poses for a photo overlooking one of the 5 lakes on the Valley of the Five Lakes hike.
Just one of the 5 lakes!

I usually love tough hikes. You know, the ones that take you high above the valley floor so you can look down and enjoy breathtaking views that make you feel tiny. Yep, those ones!

Funny enough though, I fell in love with the Valley of the Five Lakes hike in Jasper. So much so that I’ve now done it twice. But what makes it so great?

Well, not only is the trail an easy two hours (4 kilometers/2.5 miles) walk, but the trail passes by five breathtaking lakes that literally look like the color of emeralds! Up close though, the water is crystal clear and you’ll often see fish swimming at the bottom.

The lakes have the most color on a sunny day and if it’s hot enough, don’t be shy and take a dip in the cold water to cool off! Honestly, the Valley of the Five Lakes is one of our must-do hikes in Jasper for anyone who loves short hikes and breathtaking lakes!

12. Sightseeing tour

Sunwapta Falls on the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National park
Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park

Booking onto a sightseeing tour is one of the best things a tourist can do when visiting a new place, and in Jasper, you can see the sights in a completely cool and unique way!

To me, there’s no better way to experience Jasper National Park during the summer than from the sidecar of an iconic Harley Davidson! On this particular tour there’s no need to worry about driving, just take in the spectacular views as your experienced driver takes you to many of the best sights in the Park including Medicine Lake, Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, Athabasca Falls or Sunwapta Falls, Angel Glacier, Miette Hot Springs, and Mount Edith Cavell. Your day will be completely tailored to your preferences, choose from one, two, or three-hour tour options.

You may even be lucky enough to spot wildlife like elk, moose, and bears!

This Sidecar Tour costs $158 CAD. Your motorcycle ride can accommodate up to two passengers and also includes round-trip transport from your hotel.

13. Get up close to a glacier – Edith Cavell

A man stands below Edith Cavell Mountain looking at the glacier
This photo does not even do the place justice!

Only a short drive from Jasper town takes you to one of the most breathtaking places you can visit in Canada. Edith Cavell Mountain stands tall above a small parking lot and from the parking lot, you can head off and explore a huge valley spotting avalanches as well as a glacier.

I myself only found Edith Cavell recently and I am shocked that it’s not written about more. The trail from the parking lot is called the Path of the Glacier Trail and it’s a 1.6-kilometer (1 mile) return paved trail to a viewpoint of the glacier. This part of the trail is easily accessible, however, for those who want to take a closer look you’ll need to scramble over rocks. Be careful though, the area is prone to rockslides!

If you want to stretch your legs some more you can also hike the Cavell Meadows trail which is 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) return and takes around 3.5 hours.

A visit to Edith Cavell really should be number one on this list and it’s one activity in Jasper I recommend everyone do!

Important info: To reach Edith Cavell head 7 km (4 mi) south of Jasper on Highway 93 and turn right onto Highway 93A. Then, after 5.4 km (2.8 mi) turn right onto Cavell Road. The 14-km road (8.7 mi) is narrow and has tight switchbacks that are unsuitable for trailers and large motorhomes. Trailers can be dropped off at the entrance to Cavell Road in a designated area.

14. Chase waterfalls – Athabasca, Sunwapta

The famous Athabasca Falls on the Icefields Parkway on a gloomy day in Canada
The famous Athabasca Falls

Sunwapta Falls is an 18.5 meters (61 feet) waterfall located only a 40-minute drive from Jasper town on the Icefields Parkway. The water in the falls actually comes from the Athabasca Glacier, and they are at their most impressive during the summer (particularly May and June) as this is when the glacier melt is at its peak! A lot of road-trippers stop here to break up the drive from Calgary to Jasper or Jasper to Banff.

There are two walking tracks you can take from the car park here – the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls. If you’re short on time and want an easy walk then I recommend the 800-meter return track (2,625 feet) to the Upper Falls. Once you reach the Upper Falls you can choose to continue on a further 2 km (1.2 mi) to the Lower Falls – this should take about 1 hour to complete. Worth noting the Lower Falls are not as impressive as the Upper Falls, but the walk is beautiful and offers the opportunity to see lots of birdlife during the summer months.

Although only a quick stop, you could turn this into a longer experience by staying overnight at the Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge – one of the best hotels in Jasper. It’s a really highly rated and comfortable wilderness stay that’s away from the hustle and bustle of town.  

Athabasca Falls is a more popular stop in Jasper National Park, located just 30 km (18.6 mi) from Jasper town. Much taller at 79 feet (24 meters) this powerful waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests. It originates at the Columbia Ice Field and is most powerful in the Summer when the warm weather melts the ice at a faster speed. A 1 km (0.6 mi) walking track from the car park will take you to an epic view of the falls.

15. Visit Maligne Canyon

Bailey on bridge two in Maligne Canyon, Jasper
Bridge number two at Maligne Canyon.

One of the more relaxing activities to do in Jasper in the summer is to take a stroll along Maligne Canyon. Located only 5 minutes from Jasper, Maligne Canyon is a stunning example of the power of water.

The canyon is 50 meters (164 feet) deep and at the bottom, a heavy flow of water continues to carve its way through the rock, forming magnificent shapes and huge waterfalls!

From the car parking lot, you can hike along a trail that visits up to six bridges. To do all six you’ll need half a day, however, the first two are the most spectacular in my opinion. To do the first two you only need half an hour or so at a slow pace. With that said, hike as far as you want and loop back by crossing each bridge to the other side.

If you want to learn a bit more information about Maligne Canyon then I recommend this waterfalls tour from Jasper. Not only with your guide take you through the canyon but you will continue on to Medicine Lake and a hike around Maligne Lake which happens to be the next two spots on this list! This tour lasts 5.5 hours but it only costs $95 CAD which is an incredible value!

Note: If you’re visiting Jasper in the winter, Maligne Canyon is worth visiting too as you can actually walk in the canyon on the frozen water! It’s called the Maligne Canyon Icewalk and it’s incredible!

16. Enjoy the scenic drive to Medicine Lake and Maligne Lake

scenic road surrounded by mountains in JAsper National PArk
Just one of the views from the road!

At the top of most tourists to Canada’s bucket list is a road trip through the Rocky Mountains, in fact, summer is the best time to do a road trip in this gorgeous part of the world. One of my favorite routes to drive in Jasper National Park is the short 46 km (28.6 miles) route that takes you from Jasper to Maligne Lake. On this stretch of road, you will be treated to views of the Elizabeth and Maligne mountains, as well as bright blue lakes, glaciers, and loads of wildlife!

This is definitely one of the best drives in Jasper for wildlife spotting, with elk, moose, and bears the most common animals to see.

Make sure to stop at Hanging Valley Viewpoint, the 3.7-kilometer (2.3 miles) Maligne Canyon Hiking Trail, Rosemary Marie’s Rock, and Medicine Lake along the way. With so many stops it’s easy to turn this one-hour drive into a full-day affair!

This road trip ends at Maligne Lake, which is the largest lake in the Rockies at 20 square kilometers! As mentioned earlier, one of the best things to do here is to rent a canoe and explore the lake. There’s also a visitor center here with a restaurant. It’s a great place to fuel up on coffee before returning to Jasper.

17. Drive the Icefields Parkway

Views along the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise in Canada
This is seriously the most beautiful highway in the world!

Rated as one of the top 10 most scenic drives in the world by National Geographic, the Icefields Parkway is a 230-kilometer (143-mile) stretch of highway that connects Jasper and Lake Louise. Along this drive, you’ll be met with towering mountains, tons of waterfalls, and even the Columbia Icefield (more on that below)! 

Although the drive really should only take around 3 hours, I would give yourself an entire day in order to stop as much as you’d like! Use our Icefields Parkway itinerary to plan your epic one-day adventure from Jasper to Banff!

Be sure to get gas before you leave Jasper because there is only one very overpriced gas station along the drive located at Saskatchewan River Crossing. Also, bring some snacks and water as facilities are very limited.

Or jump on one of the Icefields Parkway tours that includes transportation so you can relax and have your agenda already planned out.

If you’re heading from Jasper to Banff anyways, then this one-way full-day tour that costs $282 CAD is a great option to not only get you there but to simultaneously see the top highlights along the Icefields Parkway.

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18. Athabasca Glacier tour

the skywalk near banff and jasper
That platform on the left, that’s the Skywalk!

An hour and 15-minute drive from Jasper is the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield. Driving to the Athabasca Glacier from Jasper is well worth it in my opinion, that’s because it’s one of 6 glaciers fed by the Columbia Icefield and is a huge 6 km-squared. In fact, scientists believe that it won’t be long before this glacier ceases to exist due to global warming, the Athabasca Glacier has lost 1.5 km (0.9 mi) in the past 125 years!

The only way to get onto the glacier itself is to book a guided tour, this tour to the Athabasca Glacier also includes a visit to the Glacier Skywalk. On the 3-hour tour, you will be taken in an ice-explorer vehicle onto the glacier – you will stop to take some photos and you will even get the chance to fill your water bottle up with some glacier water – it’s so refreshing! Afterward, walk along the glass-bottomed Skywalk, for some epic views of the glacier. For a bucket list type of experience, the cost is only $115 CAD!

Or for the more adventurous traveler, why not book this 4-hour ice-climbing tour! With your experienced guide, you will be taken below the glacier’s surface using specialist climbing equipment. This tour starts from the top of the glacier car park and costs from $184 CAD. It without a doubt will be an experience that most people won’t get the chance to do!

Worth noting you can get close to the Athabasca Glacier without booking a tour. From the car park on Glacier Road there’s a 30-minute hiking trail that takes you close to the glacier – although you can’t get on the glacier itself. The road is only open from June to October so this is one of those summer-only activities in Jasper National Park!

19. Golf

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course
Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

The golf course at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is rated as one of the best golf courses in Canada by SCOREGold Magazine. This golf course features 18 holes with some of the best mountain views around.  

The daily green fee ranges between $175 to $225 CAD but there are also lower rates if you go during twilight and discounts for Alberta residents.

When you get hungry you can grab food from Thompson’s Terrace or the 7th Tee Hut which are both accessible from both the 7th and 11th holes.

But if you are not into golf (Daniel and I aren’t golfers) then you can still visit the Jasper Park Lodge to go for a walk, dine at one of the many restaurants, or if your budget allows, spend a night or two. For those on a honeymoon in Jasper, this is the most romantic place to stay and well worth the splurge! 

20. Enjoy mirror-like reflections at Pyramid Lake

A lady walks the Pyramid Island boardwalk in Jasper National park on a sunny day admiring the reflections on the lake
The water is like a mirror on a calm day!

Jasper is filled with iconic places to visit that you’ve likely seen plastered all over social media. One of those places is Pyramid Lake, and more specifically, Pyramid Island.

The small island and boardwalk offer visitors a chance to enjoy a short walk to the island to enjoy spectacular views from all angles. On a calm day, the lake reflects the surrounding mountains better than a mirror and the shaded benches make for a great place to enjoy lunch.

Thanks to the calm waters here, Pyramid Lake is one of the best lakes to go kayaking on – you can rent kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards from the Pyramid Lake Resort for between $45 to $80 CAD per hour or you can join this guided 3-hour tour for $130 CAD per person. It departs from the lodge at either 8:30 am, 1 pm or 5 pm during the summer, and your guide will help you to spot wildlife along the shore as you go!

You’re also likely to spot lots of people fishing off the beach here during the summer and the lake is abundant with rainbow trout, brook trout, and lake trout.

There are also a couple of walking and biking trails surrounding Pyramid Lake, there’s a 5 km (3.1 mi) trail that takes you back into Jasper town, it’s an easy trail and popular with locals, especially in the morning or evenings.

Important: Parking at Pyramid Island is very limited. To ensure you get a spot try to arrive early in the morning.

21. Go camping!

Bailey and Daniel take a selfie at their campsite in Jasper National Park after driving the Icefields parkway!
Us, camping at Wapiti Campsite in Jasper National Park.

Jasper National Park is one of the best places to camp in the great outdoors! Daniel and I love camping and with the expensive hotel prices in Jasper, we find it to be a great option for saving a few bucks during the summer season.  

There are lots of different campsites around Jasper with the differences between them mostly being location and distance to Jasper town.  

Our personal favorite campsite near Jasper is the Wapiti campsite as it is located only a 5-minute drive from Jasper town. However, if you want something a little more remote consider Wabasso or Wilcox. All of these campsites are run by Parks Canada and must be booked well in advance on their website (normally as soon as bookings open in January.) 

If you don’t manage to book one of the Parks Canada sites mentioned above, consider trying for a spot in Snaring which is a first-come-first-serve campsite. Alternatively, about an hour from Jasper is Willam A. Switzer Provincial Park which has loads of campsites to choose from! 

Campgrounds are usually open from May to September annually with the busiest months being July and August. 

22. Wildlife tour

A grizzly beary near Canmore
It’s pretty cool to see bears in the wild!

Wildlife can be found everywhere in Jasper National Park, and even on your own, it’s likely you’ll spot lots of different species. However, many come to see bears and although there are a few around, they can be hard to spot!

In fact, in Jasper National Park I’ve only ever spotted one Grizzly bear while not on a wildlife tour. To be honest, I’d say a large number of visitors to Jasper keeps the bears away. But there is one way to dramatically increase your chances of seeing a bear (or even elk, mountain goat, and moose) and that is to join a wildlife tour in Jasper.

A tour such as this one runs in the late afternoon when animals in Jasper National Park are the most active. You’ll be with a guide that has expert knowledge of where to find certain animals. It costs $80 CAD and usually runs for around 3 hours.

You aren’t guaranteed to see anything, but the chances are that you will, and depending on your luck, you could see more bears in one day than you’ve ever seen before in your lifetime!

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Where to Stay in Jasper in Summer

The spa at the Whistler Inn in jasper
What a view! This photo was taken at the gorgeous Whistlers Inn.

When compared to Banff (and the dozens of hotels in Banff), there actually aren’t that many to choose from in Jasper. That’s right, accommodation in Jasper is limited, and therefore it’s important to book your stay as far in advance as possible!

Here, I’ve handpicked some of my personal favorite hotels in Jasper suitable for any type of traveler with any type of budget!

Jasper Downtown Hostel (Budget Backpackers)

Jasper Downtown Hostel is the best place to stay for those on a tight budget. The central location just a couple blocks from shops and restaurants, shared facilities, and a friendly atmosphere make it a great place to stay. They offer budget dorm beds as well as affordable private rooms ranging from $45 – $179 CAD.

You can book Jasper Downtown Hostel on either or Hostelworld.

Whistlers Inn (Moderate Budget)

Whistlers Inn is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a nice escape right in town and only a short walk from popular bars, restaurants, and attractions in Jasper. They also have a rooftop hot tub (pictured above) – need I say more? Because of its reasonable price of $300 CAD or less, it books up quickly so make sure to try and reserve as soon as you can!

You can check prices and availability on

Forest Park Hotel (Moderate to High Budget)

Forest Park Hotel is a great place to stay if you want a comfortable stay for a reasonable price right in town. There are some standard rooms, as well as some units with kitchenettes.

The rate for a queen room with two beds averages around $400 CAD. The hotel has an indoor pool and spa on-site as well as a gym and two restaurants. One is for breakfast and another for dinner and drinks – be sure to order their Detriot-style deep-dish pizza!

You can check prices and book Forest Park Hotel on

Pyramid Lake Resort (Luxury)

This place is beautiful, and it is set in an even more beautiful location! Pyramid Lake is the perfect place for hiking, swimming, kayaking, or even skating in the winter.

Pyramid Lake Resort doesn’t cut any corners and it’s a highly-rated hotel. It’s also a popular place to stay for couples – some rooms have a cozy fireplace to snuggle up around.

There is also a gym and hot tub to make use of! Prices vary based on the time of year but expect a room during the summer to run around $400 CAD a night.

You can check availability and book on

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Bailey poses with her grilled cheese in front of the Spice joint, Jasper
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Jasper in the summer as much as I always do!

Jasper in the summer is awesome – there’s just so much to do here when the weather is warm like hiking, visiting some huge waterfalls, and getting out on the water at one of the many lakes near the town. There are also lots of relaxing things to do here during the summer like relaxing at Miette Hot Springs or sunbathing at the beach.

I hope this detailed list will help make your vacation to Jasper this Summer truly memorable!

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