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ULTIMATE Guide to Hiking the Ben Lomond Track

ULTIMATE Guide to Hiking the Ben Lomond Track

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The Ben Lomond Track, New Zealand is easily one of the best short hikes in Queenstown.

The Ben Lomond hike takes you to all levels of Queenstown’s landscape diversity, from the thick pine forests to the exposed shrub ground, and finally to the magnificent mountain peaks of the alpine region on Ben Lomond summit!

Taking in the views of the surrounding area and alpine peaks that tower over Lake Wakatipu below is breathtaking. Once up there, it becomes all too clear how small we really are and just how stunning this part of the world is.

In my opinion, no trip to Queenstown would be complete without a walk along the Ben Lomond hiking trail. For that reason, I have written this post to help those planning the trip and maybe inspire a few others who weren’t already sold!

This blog includes all the info you need to have the best day and make some amazing memories up on Ben Lomond, New Zealand.

Overview of the Ben Lomond Track

Best Time to Hike the Ben Lomond Track

The Tiki Trail before the Ben Lomond Track
Bailey on the Tiki trail

The Ben Lomond Track is best hiked on a clear day by setting off early in the morning. This way you’ll not only beat the heat (in summer) but also avoid the large crowds.

When it comes to the time of year, well, that totally depends on your experience. The reason? The Ben Lomond Trail receives a lot of snow in winter, especially in the alpine sections near the summit.

This can pose an avalanche risk. In fact, when I lived in Queenstown a guy took a hard tumble in some snow and slid over 100 meters (328 feet). Luckily he was okay, but it could’ve been much worse.

For those of you reading this with little alpine experience, I only recommend hiking to the saddle in the winter (you still may need crampons) and to the summit in the summer.

Ben Lomond Trailhead Location (Starting Points)

The Ben Lomond track starts right in Queenstown town center at the end of Brecon Street. This is also the place where you catch the gondola to the Skyline complex above Queenstown up at Bob’s Peak (where the Luge is!)

If you walk to the end of Brecon Street, you’ll see clearly marked signs that point you to the trail.

However, you’re not looking for signs to the “Ben Lomond Trail” instead, you’re looking for signs to the “Tiki Trail.” This is because the first part of the Ben Lomond track is actually the Tiki Trail (also known as the Queenstown gondola walk.) The Ben Lomond trail officially starts at the end of this trail.

A few blogs online talk about starting towards Fernhill. Don’t take this route, there are so many trails in this area it’s very easy to get lost! Start on Brecon Street at the bottom of the gondola.

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Two Different Ways to Hike the Ben Lomond Track

The great thing about the Ben Lomond Trail is that there are actually two different ways to hike to the saddle or summit.

The first is what some would call the “long way”, and the other is a little easier (but in my opinion great for those not keen to hike for 7 hours to the summit and back!)

Both ways involve returning down the same trail you hiked up on.

1. Full Ben Lomond Hike to the Summit From Queenstown

Ben lomond hiking guide
It was fun to see some snow!
  • Hike length: 14 km (8.7 Miles)
  • Elevation Gain: 1438 meters
  • Time to saddle/summit: 3-4 hours / 6-7 hours

The first option to reaching the summit or saddle begins from Brecon Street in Queenstown. From the bottom of the gondola look for the signs to the Tiki Trail. This is the first part of the trail and the Tiki trail actually ends where the Ben Lomond Trail starts.

From here, it’s a 6 to 8-hour hike to the summit and back with a huge elevation gain of over 1,400m (4,593 feet). This is not an easy hike so if you choose this option, be prepared for a hard day (or only hike to the saddle.)

Note: For those who don’t know, “the saddle” is the low point or ridge between two peaks.

2. Use the Gondola to Shorten the Hike

the gondola to shorten your hike to the ben lomond summit
This is the gondola you can ride to reduce the amount of hiking you need to do to reach the saddle or summit of Ben Lomond!
  • Hike Length: 11km (6.8 miles)
  • Elevation gain: Around 1000 meters
  • Time to saddle/summit: 2-3 hours/ 4-5 hours

The next option is a slightly shorter option and involves taking the gondola up to Bob’ Peaks and starting the Ben Lomond Trail from there! This way shaves a 450-meter (1,476 feet) elevation gain off the start of the trail and the walk down at the end.

This is a really great option for those not wanting to tackle the longer much harder version. In fact, taking the gondola up to Bob’s peak is one of the best things to do in Queenstown. So, you’d be hitting two birds with one stone (we do not condone hitting birds with stones).

Hot tip: You can book your gondola tickets in advance and skip the line in Queenstown which can often be very long!

If the Ben Lomond hike is a bit too long or difficult for you, consider hiking Queenstown Hill instead! Check out our blog all about the Queenstown Hill Walk!

Transferring to the Ben Lomond Trail From the Tiki Trail

Views of the Ben Lomond summit, New Zealand from the trail
Views of the Ben Lomond summit from the trail

If you choose option one above, then you’re going to need to transfer from the Tiki Trail to the Ben Lomond Trail. This is pretty easy however, it’s poorly signed so this might help save some confusion.

As you hike up the Tiki Trail you will eventually come to a clearing where the Skyline restaurant and Luge track is located. To continue on to the Ben Lomond trail, make a slight left and keep walking up the hill. The start of the trail is only 50 meters (164 feet) from the clearing and heads into the thick forest.

It is pretty easy to find and there are plenty of staff around you can ask if you do get a little lost!

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Ben Lomond Hike Difficulty

The Ben Lomond Trail looking down at Queenstwon
The Ben Lomond Trail looking down at Queenstown

The entire hike is straight up and does become a lot steeper once you reach the saddle and begin your summit. For these reasons, in good weather, the hike is of medium difficulty.

During icy conditions, as we had on our hike, I would say the trail becomes a lot more difficult. Even with good-quality hiking boots, the trail was extremely slippery.

The section of the trail from the saddle to the summit is not recommended for children under the age of 10. This section is also hard to complete in icy conditions without the right equipment.

What I Loved Most About the Ben Lomond Hike, New Zealand

ben lomond hike selfie

The breathtaking views

They are simply amazing, and I am still in shock at how beautiful Queenstown really is. If you want to get the best views of Queenstown then the Ben Lomond Trail is your best option!

My favorite part was before the saddle on a peak offering views similar to the famous Roy’s Peak!

It’s only a day hike

Don’t get me wrong, I love multi-day hikes and camping under the stars, however, it was really nice to be able to walk out my front door with little to no preparation and within 5 minutes be on a world-class hike.

The very few other hikers

Yes, it’s true, I hiked during the shoulder season just before winter but I still expected a few hundred hikers – I mean it’s Queenstown! But, what I was met with was open views without a person in sight for most of my journey.

It’s free!

Like so many amazing things in New Zealand, the Ben Lomond Trail is a totally free thing to do around Queenstown! So save that money for a Ferg Burger instead!

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What to Bring on the Trail

A woman standing on the Ben lomond Track over Lake Wakatipu
Bailey jumping for joy on the Ben Lomond Track over Lake Wakatipu

Food and water – If you plan on heading up to the summit then you will need to prepare for a full day of hiking. Bringing a packed lunch, snacks, and plenty of water is a must. To the saddle, snacks and a small water bottle are enough. There is nowhere to fill your bottle on the trail.

Flashlight – Bringing a flashlight is handy in case you begin to lose light behind the mountains. A head torch is the best kind of flashlight because it is hands-free!

Good footwear – Good footwear in winter is necessary and good quality, waterproof hiking boots are a good choice. In summer, sneakers will suffice.

Camera – This goes without saying but the views are so amazing you’re going to want to take a few photos to show your friends! If you want some extra advice on what camera to buy, check out our blog about buying the best camera for travel!

Sunscreen – Even in the winter, the sun in New Zealand is harsh! A hat is also a good idea!

Other Important Tips Before Hiking Ben Lomond

The Ben Lomond Summit
Trying to look cool on the trail
  • For those with no hiking experience, you can take the gondola up to the start of the hike. This will shave almost 2 hours off your hike!
  • You don’t have to hike all the way to the saddle or summit to get amazing views! Only a 30-minute walk from the top of the gondola you can have beautiful views of the area without hiking the entire trail.
  • If you’re short on time then riding the gondola up, hiking to the saddle, and then taking a ziplining tour down is a great way to tick off a few things in only one day!

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Other Activities to do While You’re in Queenstown

Bailey stands at the front of the TSS Earnslaw on our way back from Queenstown best bike tour
Riding the TSS Earnslaw to Walter Peak Farm!

Aside from hiking, there are lots of other amazing and inexpensive things to do in and around Queenstown. I’ve included some below along with other activities that cost a bit more, but are completely worth it!

  • Visit a sheep farm  – New Zealand has more sheep than people, so you must visit a sheep farm while here! But hey, why not do it in style? This Walter Peak Farm Tour includes a cruise in a vintage steamship to this picturesque seaside farm. Once there, you’ll enjoy a tasty meal of high-end barbequed meats or seafood- buffet style. Cap things off with the choice of desserts and cheeses. Afterward, you’ll watch a sheep shearing demonstration or a sheepdog show.
  • Take a scenic food and wine tour The Queenstown area is a foodie heaven, with incredible wine and cuisine that you just have to try. And on this day tour, you’ll sip wine from New Zealand’s largest wine cave, be served a gourmet lunch, and indulge in local cheeses – all with an epic view to boot!

Where to Stay in Queenstown, New Zealand

the outside of the Hilton on the lake in Queenstown
Want to stay near the lake with mountain views? Yes, please! Photo Credit: Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa

Queenstown is filled with amazing things to do but also awesome places to stay! One thing about Queenstown, though, is that if you don’t book in advance, you’ll miss out on the best places (and the best prices!). So to help you out, we’ve compiled this list of our top hotels in Queenstown for all budget types.

Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa – $$$

Bailey and I spent our anniversary at the Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa and really loved our stay. It’s located a little out of town but they run a free shuttle every 30 minutes. The place has an indoor pool, full spa, and an onsite bar/restaurant where we watched the sunset over the lake. The rooms are beautiful in classic Hilton-style with comfy king-sized beds and bathtubs. Suites even come with fireplaces.

To me, it’s great value starting at $225 NZD per night. You’ll find the best deals when you book in advance on

Melbourne Lodge – $$

The Melbourne Lodge is a gorgeous hotel just a 5-minute walk to downtown. But what I love about this place is it sits on the end of Queenstown near the airport meaning that you never have to drive through town to visit the ski fields or many major attractions, saving you time. It has everything from budget rooms to self-contained apartments. From their guest lounge and deck, you also get a view of the bay and gondola.

Rooms here can be as little as $130 NZD per night! Check out prices and book your stay online here.

The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers – $

The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers was the first place I ever stayed in Queenstown. It’s a great budget backpacker hostel with a very social vibe. The beds are comfy and come with a privacy curtain, and there’s also a shared lounge, kitchen, barbecue, laundry facilities, and free onsite parking. The building is kind of old but is kept quite clean. Dorm beds here start at $55 NZD per night.

You can book The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers on or through Hostelworld.

For even more options, check out our guide on where to stay in Queenstown. We break down the best areas and provide hotel recommendations for each.

Note: When booking hotels we always use The reason? They are almost always cheaper (we have booked over 250 hotels with them) and if you find a better price they’ll match it guaranteed – even if it’s a special on their own website!

Renting a Car or Campervan in New Zealand

Bailey takes a selfie with a JUCY campervan
Ready to hit the road!
Bailey stands infront of a JUCY campervan in New Zealand
JUCY is another favorite!

The first step to planning your New Zealand road trip is choosing your set of wheels! Most people rent a campervan or motorhome to get around, but you can also just rent a normal car and stay in hotels (as opposed to camping.)

You can search for rental cars online with Discover Cars in advance to compare car models and prices. We’ve used this website all over the world and if you want more details, read our honest review of Discover Cars for more details!

You can also do this with motorhomes and campervans on a website called Motorhome Republic. It shows all of the available campervans and motorhomes for your specific New Zealand road trip dates. You can compare prices and company reviews here too!

JUCY is our personal favorite campervan rental company in NZ. We love JUCY because they have such a range of both cars and campervans available, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something to suit your budget and travel style.

We’ve actually secured an exclusive discount code for our readers with JUCY. Just click here to browse their availability and use the code DTRAVEL24 at checkout to get 5% off! What a good deal!

You can check prices, availability and book with JUCY online here.

Star RV is another company we personally recommend but specifically for motorhomes! They offer larger motorhomes (as opposed to budget campervans) at really reasonable rates.

Star RV has actually given us a discount code for our readers too! Use the code DTRAVEL24 at checkout to get 5% off your motorhome rental! Note, this code is only valid for bookings made before June 21, 2024 with travel dates before Dec 21, 2024. Click here to browse availability, prices, and book with our discount code!

Thanks for reading!

woman at a restaurant overlooking queenstown
Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in Queenstown!

The Ben Lomond hike ticks all the boxes when it comes to great hikes and the best thing is it can be done in only a day. You can head out straight from your hotel without the hassle of organizing transport or paying for a guide.

The views on offer at the top are stunningly breathtaking and are certainly not to be missed on your trip to Queenstown!

If you have any further questions about the Ben Lomond Track or New Zealand in general, please leave them in the comments sections below.

Be sure to check out all of our other New Zealand blogs or our Queenstown travel guides. Otherwise, check out some related articles below!

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Dana Scully

Saturday 21st of May 2022

Hey! Thank you for your informative post! My husband and I will be doing the BL in late July, most likely just to the saddle, but wondering…other than cold weather gear, crampons and poles will we need any other equipment for that time of year/winter (eg ice axe)? Of course we have the basic equipment you suggested and a bit more (PLB for the just in case moments). Any tips are appreciated. It will be my first alpine climb in over a decade and my husband’s first ever. Thank you for any guidance you can offer. Happy hiking! D-


Sunday 22nd of May 2022

Hey Dana,

If you are only going to the saddle, you will be fine with crampons and poles. Obviously, bring lots of warm gear and come prepared with food and water.

If it is your first alpine climb in a while, do not go past the Saddle. After this, you require more equipment and training to safely summit in winter.

I hope this helps Daniel


Friday 6th of March 2020

Such a great walk- well worth it


Saturday 15th of February 2020

This post was super informative. I completed this hike yesterday and was able to use your guide to make the trip easier. Cheers!


Saturday 15th of February 2020

Hey Olly!

That's great to hear, we hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks Daniel


Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Super informative post thank you! I would like to ask the exact date or month of your hike? We were planning to go early this May :)


Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Hey Christelle,

Yes, we went early may! The first snowfall for the year had just arrived as well as the first cold snap!

The track was a little icy but New Zealand's weather is so crazy that you'll have to wait closer to the date to know. In 2018 is snowed in December!

Anyway, the track is usually fine to hike in May so good luck and enjoy it. The views are amazing!

If you have any more questions about the track or Queenstown/New Zealand just let us know.

Thanks Daniel

Declined Share

Saturday 14th of December 2019

Thanks for your tips. They were really helpful as I planned my walk that I did today. A note: It is not helpful to buy tickets online as you still have to queue to "redeem" them.


Saturday 14th of December 2019


So glad to hear you liked the blog! How was the hike?

Oh, really? they used to have a line for those who already had tickets!

I'll have to look into it and change the pot.

Thanks for the info