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Muriwai Beach, New Zealand – Things to do and Beach Guide

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand – Things to do and Beach Guide

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Muriwai Beach, New Zealand is my favorite beach near Auckland and is one of the best beaches on the north island. This stunning coastline is not only beautiful but actually home to a very impressive Gannet colony.

For any wildlife lover this is a must-see and so long as you visit at the correct time of year you’re guaranteed to see the hundreds of gannets on the Muriwai Beach cliffs.

Visiting Muriwai Beach on a day trip from Auckland is a must and in this blog, I share with you, everything you need to know before you go!

Getting from Auckland to Muriwai Beach

Mariwai Beach
A short walk or drive up the hill and you have views of the whole area!

The easiest way to get from Auckland to Muriwai is to drive. If you don’t have access to a car, consider renting a car as the prices per day are pretty cheap in New Zealand and much cheaper than a tour.

The drive from Auckland to Muriwai Beach only takes 45 minutes and is a nice scenic drive. All the roads to Muriwai are paved and apart from little traffic, the drive should be fairly straightforward.

If driving is not an option for you, the only other option is a tour (there are no buses that run from Auckland to Muriwai Beach.) This Muriwai Beach tour also includes wine tastings along the way that are included in the price!

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Things to do at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

There are a couple of different areas to explore around Muriwai Beach. There are two beach bays, a few different lookouts, and during the right time of year, thousands of Gannet birds nesting in the area!

1. Visit the Beaches

Auckland to Mariwai Beach

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand itself is actually a couple of kilometers long. Exploring the beach is best done by driving along Coast Road or just walking up the beach. There are a couple of different car parks along this road that allows visitors to access Muriwai Beach with a short walk.

If you have a 4wd you can also drive onto the beach, however, you will need to apply for a free permit online.

To the south of Muriwai Beach are some large cliffs. These cliffs are where the Gannet Colony nests from August to March every year (keep reading for more information on the Gannet Colony.)

Just south of the cliffs is another beach definitely worth visiting called Maori Bay. Maori Bay is much smaller than Muriwai Beach and is often much less busy.

auckland to muriwai beach and maori bay
Map of the area, The photo is a screenshot from the APP called Maps.ME

Swimming at either Muriwai Beach or Maori Bay is allowed but only recommended for strong swimmers. The waves can be quite large in the area so it is advised to swim with caution.

Muriwai Beach is a popular surf spot too, so if your a surfer then Muriwai Beach is a great surf spot that doesn’t attract large crowds!

2. Visit the viewpoints and lookouts

Mariwai Beach
Paragliders take advantage of the favorable winds and beautiful coastline!

Near Maori Beach, there are various short walking trails to lookouts over the coast, it is simply gorgeous! But you don’t need to walk far to take in some incredible views as from the car park it is possible to look out over the bay, see the coastline, and watch some surfers or paragliders.

If you want an even better view, go for a short drive up Waitea Road. On top of the hill, you will be given an awesome birds-eye view of Muriwai Beach and Maori Bay!

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3. Visit the Muriwai Beach Gannet Colony

A gannet flys from the cliffs on Muriwai Beach near Auckland
Watching the nesting gannets at Muriwai Beach. You can see a baby under its mother behind the first gannet in this photo.

Seeing the Gannet Colony at Muriwai Beach is often the biggest attraction for tourists – especially bird lovers! Thousands of Gannets (large white birds) nest on the cliffs separating Muriwai Beach and Maori Bay during the months from August to March.

They say about 1,200 pairs of Gannets call these cliffs home!

When you walk along the boardwalk out to the viewing platforms you will find yourself right next to the Gannets! If you visit in spring all of the Gannets will be having babies and you might be lucky enough to see them!

To be completely honest, I am not a huge bird-lover, but I found these Gannets very interesting. The babies were also very cute! It was an incredible experience and is one of the best things to do in New Zealand!

4. Take a trip to Bethells Beach

Bethells Beach, New Zealand

Only 40 kilometers from Muriwai Beach is another spectacular beach in New Zealand called Bethells Beach. From Muriwai you can easily make the drive in under 40 minutes, or if you’re up for it, you can walk.

The track to Muriwai Beach takes 3 hours to walk each way so it’s not a short hike (that’s why I personally recommend driving!)

At Bethells Beach there is lots to see including sand dunes, a cave, and the famous surf spot O’Neils Bay. If you wanted to you could turn this trip to Muriwai Beach into a west coast road trip and continue south to Piha Beach visiting 3 of the most popular west coast beaches.

5. Go wine tasting

4 wine tasting glasses
Tasting wines under the sun!

On the drive out to Muriwai Beach, there are lots of wineries that offer tastings from their cellar door. So, while out this way every wine lover should stop and try some of New Zealand’s amazing wines.

Some of the best wineries to stop at include The Hunting Lodge Winery, Coopers Creek Vinyard, Soljans Estate Winery, and for the beer lovers, the Hallertau Brewery.

These wines are quality New Zealand wines (and on a summer day be sure to try the amazing Rose!)

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Facilities at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

Auckland to Muriwai Beach
The cliffs are amazing, especially at sunset!

There are toilet facilities at many of the car parks around Muriwai Beach and Maori Bay. Trails and beaches are signed and marked with information and caution warnings.

There is a café nearby called Sandunz Beach Café as well as a small shop in the town of Muriwai. Here you can get basic supplies and cooked food.

Parking at Muriwai Beach is completely free and there are no time restrictions. Be aware that there are two carparks, one for Muriwai Beach and the other for the cliffs where the Gannet colony lives.

Where to Stay at Muriwai Beach

Dan and I recently rented an Airbnb at Mruiwai Beach and spent a few days in the area. We discovered that while Muriwai is a great day trip from Auckland, staying longer is also fantastic, and if you have time, worth doing!

There aren’t any hotels in the area so the best option is to rent an Air BnB! There are lots to choose from and if you use this link you’ll save on your booking!

Muriwai FAQs

What is there to do at Muriwai Beach?

1. See the Gannet colony
2. Swim or surf in Murwai Beach
3. Visit Maori Bay
4. Hike to a lookout
5. Visit small restaurants and cafes

How far is Murwai Beach from Auckland?

About a 45-50 minute drive depending on traffic.

Is it safe to swim at Murwai Beach?

Most of the time it is safe. However, the waves and currents can be strong so you should be a confident swimmer. When the beach is patrolled, swim between the flags.

When can you see Gannets (birds) at Muriwai Beach?

August to March is the time of year the Gannets are at the cliffs near Muriwai Beach. In the late Spring, you might be lucky enough to see baby chicks!

What are some attractions near Muriwai Beach?

Bethalls Beach, Piha Beach, Wine Tasting and touring vineyards.

Before you go…

Bailey and Daniel from Destinationless Travel
Thanks for reading!

Overall, I would have to say a quick trip from Auckland to Muriwai beach is definitely a pleasant way to spend a day. Even though when we were there it was too cold to swim, we enjoyed the trails and lookouts. The West Coast near Auckland never ceases to amaze me!

If you have any questions or even just a lovely comment please leave them below, we love to hear from our readers!

If not be sure to check out all our other New Zealand blogs here or check out a few from around Muriwai beach below!

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