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The Best Burger in Queenstown : Fergburger Vs. Devil Burger

the best burger in queenstown

Where can you eat the best burger in Queenstown? Well, it is at one of two places – Fergburger which is internationally famous, or Devil Burger which is the local favorite. I recently tried both places and this blog is my unbiased opinion about where I think you can get the best burger in Queenstown.

What is the Best Burger in Queenstown?

As New Zealand’s tourist hotspot, Queenstown offers some awesome food! There are literally dozens of restaurants and bars in Queenstown all within walking distance. You can find basically any kind of food you could ever want – and a huge gourmet burger is no exception!

Many locals in Queenstown often debate about what is Queenstown’s best burger? This is largely due to Fergburgers international fame which has created plenty of skeptics calling the burger joint overrated and suggesting that in fact, Devil Burger (a New Zealand burger chain) is actually much better!

what is the best burger in queenstown
Devil Burger double Beef!

Fergburger Vs. Devil Burger

While there are several places you could eat a good burger in Queenstown, two places, in particular, have claimed their name to fame, Fergburger and Devil Burger. These two burger joints are very similar but also very different. It is the ultimate question in Queenstown “do you prefer Devil Burger or Fergbruger” and everyone has their favorite.

Last week I ate at both burger joints. I have carefully compared them and have decided who I think makes the best burger in Queenstown.

*Note, neither Fergburger or Devil Burger have endorsed this post and my opinion is entirely non-biased.

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The Wait time and Line-Up

The first thing that I must address when comparing Fergburger and Devil Burger is the wait time. Fergburger has become internationally famous. Many blogs have written about how you must have a Fergubuger while in Queenstown and people actually take selfies with the burgers and post them on Instagram. Fergburger has even earned itself a spot on TripAdvisor in terms of things to do in Queenstown!

For this reason, Fergburger is always busy! It isn’t just a restaurant, but a tourist attraction! If you are a tourist in Queenstown then waiting in the line for a Fergburger is something you should do – you can’t come to Queenstown and not try Fergburger right?

fergburger store front
The front of Fergburger on a slow afternoon.

Fergburger during peak lunch hours and dinner hours is crazy, the line goes out the door and down the block just to order, let alone wait for the food. I have never walked by Fergburger and there wasn’t a line, even at 10 am in the morning. It isn’t a question as to if there is a line-up, but rather how long is the line? To be fair, they do staff the place very well and generally, the wait isn’t too bad.

Devil Burger is definitely less busy, it ‘s located on a less popular street and not as well known by tourists. In fact, Devil Burger is commonly referred to as “the local’s Ferg” as it often visited by locals instead of just tourists like Fergburger.

The main reason why locals don’t go to Fergburger is due to the wait. So if you are out about already and looking for a place to eat and don’t want to brave the hectic crowds of selfie-taking tourists, Devil Burger it is!

If you want a quick feed, skip Ferg as Devil Burger takes the win on wait time.

devil burger menu
The Devil Burger menu is huge!
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The Atmosphere

Devil Burger has a bigger building with lots of seating and even a fireplace whereas Fergburger has a couple of wooden chairs that are almost always full.

The atmosphere at Ferburger is always crazy, there is nowhere to sit and people are everywhere. Many are waiting in line, and others are eating burgers standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Fergburger and its craziness have become somewhat of a novelty, and as a tourist, it is something you should experience at least once!

While Devil Burger sometimes does get so busy that there aren’t enough seats for everyone, this is rare, and the location makes it a lot less chaotic.
Both places serve beer and other drinks, but without a place to sit, I’m not sure having a beer is worth it.

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Fergburger serves all their burgers in packaging for takeaway whereas Devil Burger asks if it is to stay or go, and if you stay, you get your burger served on a proper plate. Devil Burger is definitely set up to be a place to sit down and enjoy more than Fergburger where they are just pumping out as many burgers as humanly possible.

I don’t overly enjoy having to eat standing up while being pushed around by tourists. Listening to music beside a fireplace is more my style, and for that reason, Devil Burger definitely has a better atmosphere.

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inside of fergburger
The inside of Fergburger…so many people!
Ferg Burger
About to try Fergburger for the first time!

A Closer Look At Both Burgers

This is the ultimate question is who actually makes the best burger in Queenstown? Both places have amazing burgers, large patties and tons of options to choose from let’s break it down!

Burger Patty

When it comes to the beef burgers I have to say its a very hard choice. Both meat patties are seasoned really well and both came sized to the bun. However, I would slightly lean more towards Fergburgers patty as it was slightly juicier.

As for chicken, Devil Burger wins! The best chicken burger I have ever had in my life was at Devil Burger. It was much juicier and tasty than the one I had at Ferg’s which was very dry!

Burger Bun

Fergburger easily wins when it comes to the bun. To be honest I’m not sure why Devil Burger use the bun they do! It’s far too floury and doesn’t have that freshly baked bread taste as Fergs does. This is likely due to Fergburgers being baked at the Ferg Bakery next door!


I love Blue Cheese so when I went to Fergburger and found out I could have it on my burger I was so excited! At Fergburger you can choose from 4 kinds of cheese to have on your burger. They are Swiss, Blue, Cheddar or Brie Cheese. To me, this makes Fergburgers cheese much better than Devil Burgers! If you too like to be able to choose from a selection of cheeses to have on your burger then Fergburger wins.


Both sauces at each place where tasty and bod a large selection (most that are already paired with a burger). However, I don’t like a large amount of sauce and I found Fergburgers was a bit excessive. Too much sauce takes away from the flavor of the burger so, in my opinion, Devil Burger wins here!

Menu Selection

the best burger in queenstown

Both places have 20 different burgers on offer and they hit all the meat groups and even have vegetarian options. So on selection, it is a draw!

devil burger
The Devil Burger!
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The Verdict

After close examination, I have to say the Fergburger has the best burger in Queenstown. The combination of bun, meat patty, and cheese selection mean the overall flavor and texture is perfect and worthy of the hype!

It’s just something I believe everyone should try and is one of the top things to do in Queenstown! 

Who wins the battle for you, Fergburger or Devil Burger? I’d love to know your opinion in the comments. 

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the best burger in queenstown

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