An Afternoon Exploring the Blue Pools, New Zealand

The Blue Pools New Zealand

Blue Pools, New Zealand

The Blue Pools, New Zealand is a spectacular sight to see. In this article, I will explain what exactly this tourist attraction is all about, the easiest way to get there, and lots of other relevant information for visiting!


The Blue Pools, New Zealand are a famous tourist attraction. If you have ever looked at New Zealand hashtags on Instagram you will have likely stumbled across a couple of photos of the famous suspension bridge over the bright blue water. It is one of the most beautiful sites to see while visiting New Zealand.

The Blue Pools aren’t actually small pools like I originally expected, but rather a river with a very blue section! There is a suspension bridge that hangs over the river. From atop the suspension bridge, the water looks stunningly blue, especially on a sunny day!

It is also possible to go down a little hill which leads directly to the riverside. From there you can even swim in the blue pools if you dare! When we were there everyone was just looking at the water and taking pictures as it was much too cold to swim! In the summer though, this could be a great way to cool off.

I heard rumors that people jump off of the suspension bridge into the water! Nobody was doing this when we were there, and to be honest, the water didn’t look very deep so we didn’t want to risk it and try. That being said, the clarity of the water makes it look shallow, so it could be deep enough!

The blue pools New Zealand


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Where are the Blue Pools, New Zealand located?

The Blue Pools are located on New Zealand’s South Island near to the city of Wanaka. Drive North on Highway 6 for 73 kilometers to reach the Blue Pools from Wanaka.

We visited the Blue Pools, New Zealand by car. We were driving from Franz Joseph to Wanaka and the Blue Pools were one of the tourist stops along the way.

Along Highway 6 there are many signs for the Blue Pools which make it hard to miss! Just off Highway 6, there is a car parking lot with lots of space available for visitors.

The Blue Pools guide
Exploring the surrounding cliffs gives you some pretty amazing views!

What is the walk to the Blue Pools like?

By car, you can get to the closest access point to the Blue Pools, but you will still be required to walk 1.5 kilometers each way (3km return from the car park off of Highway 6.)

The walk is very easy. The way there is slightly downhill and crosses a suspension bridge over the river. The path is gravel but is well maintained and suitable for all ages and abilities.

The walk only takes about 20 minutes each way.

For those that are keen on going for a longer walk, the Blue-Young Link track continues on after the Blue Pools and goes to the Young River. This trail is approximately 7 km return. More information can be found here.

Are there any facilities at the Blue Pools?

There are no facilities at the Blue Pools themselves nor at the car park. The main thing to note is that there are no toilets.

Are the Blue Pools, New Zealand free?

Just like many of the visitor attractions in New Zeland, the Blue Pools are free! This is great considering there are many signs along the track and it is when maintained!

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The Blue Pools New Zealand

What are other nearby attractions?

The Blue Pools are very close to a place called Thunder Creek Falls. Thunder Creek Falls are only 20 kilometers North of the Blue Pools along Highway 6. Thunder Creek Falls is a great place to stop, there is a huge waterfall only a two-minute walk from the road!

Thunder creek Falls is only 20 km from the Blue Pools, New Zealand

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The Franz Joseph Glacier is another great attraction that is located 213km north of the Blue Pools along Highway 6. The Fox Glacier is even closer, 190km away.

Queenstown is just over 100km South of the Blue Pools.


Overall, Highway 6 is a great route between Franz Joseph and Queenstown. It is a gorgeous drive with some cool spots, like the Blue Pools, that are worth checking out along the way.


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