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The Blue Pools, New Zealand

The Blue Pools New Zealand

The Blue Pools near Wanaka, on New Zealand’s stunning west coast, are a famous tourist attraction. They have become one of those must-see places and after visiting I can see why. The Blue Pools are one of the most beautiful places to see while road tripping around NZ.

Whether to visit the Blue Pools shouldn’t even be a question on your trip and instead, you should be asking how! In this blog, we tell you just that!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Blue Pools and some amazing spots nearby you also cannot miss!

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Relaxing at the Blue Pools on a hot summer day
Relaxing at the Blue Pools on a hot summer day

What are the Blue Pools?

The Blue Pools are part of the Makarora River that runs down from the nearby mountains in Mt Aspiring National Park. The Makarora River is truly beautiful and one of the bluest rivers I have seen in New Zealand.

The river gets its color as a result of reflecting light off the small particles of rock flour created by the glacier as it freezes.

The Blue Pools aren’t actually small pools like I originally expected, but rather a part of the Makarora River that pools in an area where the river is deep. This deep section of the pool is then cut off by a very shallow section of the river which gives the Blue Pools its rather calm pool – perfect for taking a refreshing dip…well kinda!

Fun fact: Rock flour is the reason that many of New Zealand’s most beautiful lakes are such an amazing color. This fine dust has been crushed by the glacier both advancing and receding over time. The amount of rock flour in the water drastically changes its color. In fact, too much rock flour turns the water a murky color. Luckily in New Zealand, the rivers and lakes are big enough to never have to worry about this. So you can enjoy the magical blue color all year round!

Where are the Blue Pools, New Zealand located?

The Blue Pools are located on New Zealand’s South Island between Franz Josef and Wanaka. To reach the Blue Pools from Wanaka, head north on highway 6 for around 73km. It takes around an hour to reach the carpark from Wanaka.

If you are coming from Queenstown (which is very common) then it takes around 2 hours from Queenstown to the Blue Pools Track carpark.

Along Highway 6 there are many signs for the Blue Pools which make it hard to miss! Just off Highway 6, there is a car parking lot with lots of space available for visitors, however, in summer this carpark can get very busy especially from lunchtime onwards.

I’m confident you won’t miss the carpark (it’s usually filled with cars) but if your worried the Blue Pools are on Google Maps, Campermate, Maps.me and Rankers.

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The blue pools suspension bridge
Just one of the cool suspension bridges at the Blue Pools

The Walking track to the Blue Pools

Distance:1.5 km
Time:20 minutes
Trail condition:Good – well maintained

The Blue Pools are not located right on the main highway and you are required to complete a short walk to the Blue Pools. The Blue pools walk is 1.5km each way on a flat, well-maintained and signposted trail. The trail is also shaded the entire way.

On the way to the pools, the path is slightly downhill and crosses a suspension bridge over the Makarora River. The path is not paved but is well maintained and suitable for all ages. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the Blue pools are wheelchair accessible, however, it would be possible with a little help.

Once you have crossed the first suspension bridge you walk along another short path on the opposite side of the river. Walking along this path you will eventually reach another suspension bridge. Here you can turn left (just before the bridge) and follow a path down to the beach area.

Before heading down to the beach area I recommend walking out onto the suspension bridge. From here you get an amazing view of the area and on a sunny day will likely see the bluest water you have ever seen.

If you cross over this suspension bridge then this path continues on and is the start of the Young Valley Track track. This trail is approximately 7 km return. More information about the Blue Young Track can be found here.

The Blue Pools

Facilities at the Blue Pools

There are no facilities at the Blue Pools themselves nor at the car park. The main thing to note is that there are no toilets. The nearest public toilets are to the south of the Blue Pools in the town of Makarora.

Where to stay to visit the Blue Pools?

The closest town to the Blue Pools is Makarora. It’s about a 6-minute drive from the Blue pools carpark to Makarora which makes it super convenient. This is by far the best place to stay if you want to visit the Blue pools without the crowds.

Makarora is a very small town and accommodation is limited with only two places to stay. They are the Makarora Mountain View and the Wonderland Makarora Lodge. Both places have cabins and chalets with the Makarora Mountain View being the more luxurious hotel of the two.

showing just how blue the water is at the blue pools in new zealand
Exploring the surrounding cliffs gives you some pretty amazing views! Can you spot Bailey?

if your camping then the best option is at the Camron Flat Campsite. This place is located in Mt aspiring National Park only a few minutes from the Blue pools and runs on a first come first serve basis. The campsite costs $8 a night for adults and $4 a night for children.

If you’d prefer to stay in a more touristic location then to the South your best option is Wanaka or Queenstown and to the north, Haast, Franz Josef or Fox Glacier. This is the most common way to visit the Blue Pools as it makes for a great stop on your New Zealand road trip itinerary.

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5 Places to visit near the Blue Pools

1. Thunder Creek Falls

Thunder creek Falls is only 20 km from the Blue Pools, New Zealand
Thunder Creek falls!

Thunder Creek Falls is one of the best nearby attractions. This stunning waterfall is located only 20km north of the Blue Pools. The one really cool thing about this stop along the west coast is that it’s only a 5-minute walk from the highway! If you would like to know more check out our post on Thunder Creek Falls.

2. Lake Hawea

Lake Hawea, New Zealand
Lake Hawea, New Zealand

As you drive north of wanaka you’ll pass Lake Hawea. During the Lupin season you can stop here and get some amazing photos on the edge of the lake. Its a great quick stop and the lake is surrounded by beautiful Mountains. Here is also where the Isthmus Peak trail starts from. Thats the other hiking track tat rivals the famous Roy’s Peak.

3. Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier from the air
Fox Glacier from a scenic flight!

Fox Glacier is the first Glacier you will get the chance to see as you head north through New Zealand’s South Island west coast. To see the glacier you can either take a guided tour to the glacier via a scenic helicopter flight or you can simply hike to the viewing platform. A scenic flight and glacier hike will set you back around $450 but is an experience you won’t forget.

The free hike is located just outside the town of Fox Glacier and is reached by a well-maintained path that takes around an hour to complete.

4. Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson is located just outside the town of Fox Glacier and is a must-visit. From the visitor, carpark ts a 1.5-hour return hike to the viewpoint of the lake. Here you can take in some spectacular views and on a calm day see stunning reflections of the Southern Alps.

5. Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Joseph glacier valley walk
Franz Joseph glacier valley walk

Franz Josef Glacier is the most popular stop on the west coast of New Zealand. The town is really popular for skydiving, scenic flights, glacier hikes and of course the Franz Josef hot pools!

To see the glacier you can either do a helicopter flight to the glacier or an unguided or guided hike to the viewing point. The hike to the viewing point is very similar to the one at Fox Glacier but is slightly longer. If you would like more information on the hike, check out our post the Franz Josef Glacier valley walk.

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Overall, Highway 6 is a great route between Franz Joseph and Queenstown. It is a gorgeous drive with some cool spots, like the Blue Pools, that are well worth checking out along the way.

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