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Franz Josef Hot Pools – Review and Guide

franz Josef Hot pools

Franz Josef Hot Pools

Every year thousands of tourists arrive at the town of Franz Josef to visit the magnificent Franz Josef Glacier. The chance to stand on or near this glacier is one no visitor to New Zealand should miss. However, what most people don’t know is that the glacier is not all that makes Franz Josef such an amazing place – the Franz Josef Hot Pools are also a great attraction!

During my visit I to Franz Josef I had read about the Franz Josef Hot Pools but, to be honest I wasn’t sold on the idea right away. After paying $25 to visit some hot springs near Auckland and being rather disappointed, I was not so keen on spending the money to do it again. That being said, as a blogger I must always give it a go so I can later let you (our lovely readers) know how it really was!

If you’re heading to Franz Josef and think you would enjoy relaxing in natural hot pools then this guide on the Franz Josef Hot Hools will help with everything you need to know before you go!

franz josef hot pools
The main pools at the Franz Josef Hot Pools!

What I thought

To my surprise, the Franz Josef Hot Springs were totally worth it. In my opinion, the Franz Josef Hot Pools are some of the most beautiful hot springs I have ever been to! The relaxing vibe and tropical like setting made enjoying the different temperatures on a cold night the best way to finish off a day of exploring the area!

The main pools consisted of three different temperatures, 36, 38 and 40 degrees so it really wasn’t hard finding the perfect temperature for me! Visiting at night was also a neat touch that I highly recommend (like we did).

From the moment you enter you feel as though you have entered another world, a world of luxury and tranquility. Surrounding the pools are many native plants that blur out your surroundings and make you feel as though your miles from anywhere. The use of rocks to make natural seats added to this natural feel and the dim lights and the soft sound of running water took me to another place far away!

To put it simply, I highly rate The Franz Josef Hot Pools and would have no trouble recommending it to others. In no way is this a sponsored post for the company, nor did we gain free entry. It really is just that amazing!

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franz Josef Hot pools

How much do the Franz Josef Hot Pools cost?

The Franz Josef Hot Pools do offer a lot more than just communal pools and in fact, offer private pools as well as a range of Spa Massage treatments. Unfortunately, we only enjoyed the communal pools, however, I will list prices we noted down during our visit.

Communal Pool – Entry to the communal pools was $28 NZD. There are all day passes available for $5 extra; however, we were not given any time limit to our visit for the $28. My only guess is that the all-day pass allows you to leave and return! This pass can also be upgraded to a Premium pass which included the use of a towel, bathrobe, drink, and take-home skin care package.

Private Pools – For a two-person private pool for 45 minutes it costs $95 NZD, for 3 people $110 and for 4 people $125. To me, this pricing is really good value for how magical this place is! This can also be upgraded to a pamper package that included a platter of food, aroma oils and use of towels and robe!

Spa and Massage – There were three types of massages on offer. Hot stone ($185), deep tissue ($140) and relaxation ($140). These prices are for 6o minutes and prices change depending on the length of time.

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Franz Josef hot pools


Bookings for private pools can be made online at The Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools website. I visited Franz Josef in the shoulder season and as such bookings were not required. If you are visiting in peak season then making a booking is the best way to secure your spot!

You can book the Franz Josef Hot Pools here

Why I think you should go!

Despite the comments above about it being one of the best hot pools I had been to, I really believe this place puts the icing on the cake after exploring the Franz Josef Glacier. I mean hiking is hard work and hard work deserves a nice relaxing break (especially when you’re on holiday!)

Hiking to the Franz Josef Glacier? Check out our complete guide here!

The franz Josef Hot springs
Thanks for reading this guide to the Franz Josef Hot Pools! I really hope you found it useful and inspired you to visit this little slice of heaven! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them with a comment below!

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Franz Josef Glacier hot pools

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