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12 Awesome Things to do in Punakaiki, New Zealand

12 Awesome Things to do in Punakaiki, New Zealand

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This blog post includes all the things to do in Punakaiki on New Zealand’s west coast. It includes the more obvious attractions as well as the lesser-known, but just as beautiful ones. 

As you wander north on New Zealand’s South Island the landscape around you will begin to change. The mountains that once towered above you disappear and instead you’re left with beautiful thick forest that clings to every hill and cliffside.

The area around the town of Punakaiki is one of the best representations of this change and likely the most beautiful.

If you do visit Punakaiki from the south you will likely road trip along the West Coast, one of the most beautiful stretches of road in New Zealand. I still remember this clearly and, wow, I really hope you get to see it! However, it’s not just the road in that’s stunning and in fact, there is a huge range of amazing things to do in Punakaiki.

Here are the best things to do in Punakaiki, New Zealand!

12 BEST Things to do in Punakaiki

1. Explore Pancake Rocks

Bailey stands on the viewing platform at the Pancake Rocks, New Zealand
Some of the cool rock formations that really show the layers.

By far the biggest attraction in the town of Punakaiki is Pancake Rocks. Pancake Rocks are a natural phenomenon that occurs when fossils are deposited on the seabed and then covered in weaker layers of mud.

The layers are then put under immense pressure and a solid rock layer is formed. Over 30 million years the layers you see today were formed and they give the appearance of pancakes stacked on top of each other from the side.

Taking you around Pancake Rocks is a long boardwalk that winds its way over the top of steep cliffs. This walk is as amazing as the rocks (and the whole experience) is really beautiful. The free walk takes around an hour to complete and is best done at sunset when it’s the least busy!

2. Enjoy the power of the Blow Hole

Te Blowhole in Punakaiki, New Zealand
The Blowhole in Punakaiki, New Zealand

Also located at Pancake Rocks is the Punakaiki Blowhole.

A blowhole is another natural occurrence that is common around the world. They are formed as the rock is eroded away forming caves under the ocean that eventually breaches through via a small hole. Water pressure then surges into the cave forcing it out of the small hole. This causes the effect of a whales blowhole.

The Blowhole in Punakaiki is located along the Pancake Rocks boardwalk and can only be seen at high tide. The photo above is not at high tide so the blowhole was not as powerful as it can be!

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3. Hike the Truman Track

The Truman track view point in Punakaiki, New Zealand
The viewpoint at the end of the Truman Track

The Truman Track is a short 10-minute walk that leads to a beautiful viewpoint and secluded beach. The beach itself is only accessible during low tide but the viewpoint can be visited at any time.

If you have time for a short walk the Truman Track is really spectacular. During low tide, if you do visit the beach be sure to watch our for starfish on the rocks and take pictures of the cool rock formations left behind by erosion. You can even spot penguins here!

To reach the Truman Track you’ll either need to drive or walk 1.7 kilometers north from Punakaiki to the Trueman Track carpark. It’s located on the main highway and is easy to find.

4. Pororari River track

Pororari River track, Punakaiki
Pororari River Track, Punakaiki

The Pororari River Track is truly a beautiful track to walk. The forest around Punakaiki is some of the lushest you will find in New Zealand. The Pororari River Track follows the Pororari River for around 3.5km one way making the entire journey 7km return or around 1.5 hours.

The track can also be walked in a loop by crossing onto the Inland Pack Track. This walk becomes an 11km loop and takes around 3 hours to complete.

I highly recommend the Pororari River Track as the scenery (and lack of people) are breathtaking!

For more information check the DOC website on these hikes here.

5. Kayak the Pororari River

Kayaking on the Pororari River
Kayaking on the Pororari River

If walking the Pororari River track isn’t really your thing then maybe kayaking is. From a kayak, you get even better views of the surrounding area. The water is super calm making it really easy to do.

You can rent kayaks from the river’s edge on the ocean side of the main highway. Kayak hire costs $45 for an adult, $20 for children under 16, and $10 for children under 10, for two hours. Every hour after that is an additional $5. To be honest though, two hours will be plenty for most!

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6. Find a piece of Greenstone on the Beach

The Beach in Punakaiki, New Zealand
Where the river meets the sea in Punakaiki!

Punakaiki Beach is home to many beautiful rocks and shells that are completely okay to collect. If you search hard enough though you can even find some small pieces of greenstone which are common in this area. It can be hard to spot but with a keen eye, I am sure you’ll find small pieces along the beach and where the river meets the ocean.

It is legal in New Zealand to collect greenstone from the river area but not the beach. So please respect the Maori people and only collect greenstone from the beach.

7. Visit Punakaiki Cave

The Punakaiki Cave, Punakaiki, New Zealand
Punakaiki Cave, Punakaiki, New Zealand

Punakaiki Cave is another great stop in the area. This cave is located in town and is a place to see Glow Worms for free. The cave also has stalactites that are formed from mineral deposits over millions of years.

The cave walk is a short 50m and well-worth checking out if you have a few extra minutes to spare. Just make sure you bring a flashlight as it is dark in there!

8. Take a scenic drive along the coast

A scenic view of the roads around Punakaiki
Not a bad place to explore!

The most beautiful part about Punakaiki is the surrounding landscape so it’s no wonder one of the best things to do in Punakaiki is to take a scenic drive.

From town, you can head in either direction and enjoy the lush landscape, windy roads, and stunning coastline. Along the way, there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views as well as take photos.

This region is truly one of the most beautiful in NZ so get out there are enjoy it!

9. Go horseback riding

Horse riding in Punakaiki
Horse riding in Punakaiki

Whether you’re a keen rider or a novice you can enjoy horse riding in Punakaiki. Tours with Punakaiki Horse Treks take you around the stunning landscape via the beach and small paths through the forest.

Tours typically last for 2.5 hours and cost $200 NZD per person. There are group and private tours available and also a kids tour that only costs $60 NZD and involves a short ride along the beach.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Punakaiki Horse Treks has now closed, however, you can do horse tours with Golden Sands Horse and Wagon Tours 10 minutes south of Punakaiki. They run a wagon tour that costs $60 for adults, $30 for children under 13, and under free for under 3s.

10. Take a jade carving lesson

Jade Carving near Punakaiki in New Zealand
Not bad for our first go!

Greenstone or New Zealand Jade is some of the most sought after jade in the world and is an important part of the Maori culture. In the area around Punakaiki, you can find jade in the rivers but it’s only legal for the Maori people to collect it.

Luckily though, just south of Punakaiki is the small town of Barrytown. Although a short drive away this small town is a great place to enjoy a jade carving lesson and carve yourself a great souvenir.

You can either carve jade or bone depending on the place you visit. There are two main places to you do the carving and they are at Skeleton Crew Carving (for bone) or at Barrytown Jade.

In my opinion, this is not only one of the best things to do in Punakaiki but a must-do while in New Zealand.

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11. Walk along the beach

Walking along the beach in Punakaiki, New Zealand
Walking along the beach in Punakaiki, New Zealand

Right in front of the main town is Punakaiki Beach. This long stretch of beach is really beautiful. The best part though is where the beach meets the Pororairi River. In the section of the beach, the rock formations are stunning.

Be sure to visit Punakaiki Beach and enjoy a beautiful walk, from the beach you can look up at the greenery around you and get a whole new perspective.

12. Hike the Paparoa Track

Paparoa Track, Punakaiki, New Zealand
Paparoa Track, Punakaiki, New Zealand

One of the biggest reasons people make it to Punakaiki (besides the breathtaking views) is to hike the famous Paparo Track. This 2 to 4-day hiking trail is actually one of New Zealand’s 10 Great Walks.

The interesting thing about this Great Walk is that you can either mountain bike or walk the 55 kilometer-long track. Along the track, there are 3 huts you can stay in for $45 NZD per person.

If hiking the entire trail sounds a bit much then consider enjoying a day hike on the track. This is completely free and you’ll still get to enjoy the amazing scenery. The track can be accessed from Pororari River Track carpark on SH 6, 1.2 km north of Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki,

For more info check out the official DOC website here!

Where to stay in Punakaiki, New Zealand

The Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki New Zealand

There aren’t too many accommodation options in Punakaiki but of the few, there are some really good choices.

Punakaiki Beach Hostel – For those on a budget the Punakaiki Beach Hostel is the perfect option. This hostel is perfectly located in town and literally right on the beach. Dorms here cost $34 NZD per night and they also have a range of privates available. This is the best budget option in Punakaiki!

Punakaiki Tree House – For those with a medium budget who also have their own car the Punakaiki Tree House is the best option. Located around 2 kilometers from Punkaiki, this small hotel takes you to a tranquil place surrounded by nature. Rooms here are around $155 NZD per night.

Punakaiki Resort – If your visit to Punakaiki doesn’t involve sacrificing luxuries then you can’t beat the Punakaiki Resort. The hotel is located as close as it can be to the ocean without being underwater. The rooms, views, location, and restaurant are all amazing.

Where to next?

There are some amazing places to check out not too far from Punakaiki. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • The Blue Pools: A short 20 minute walks to some very blue water, you just have to see it for yourself!
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Before you go…

The area around Punakaiki is a truly beautiful region in New Zealand filled with unique and stunning attractions. To be honest, this area surprised me the most and my low expectations were blown away as soon as I arrived.

I hope this blog about the things to do in Punakaiki has helped you plan your trip here and please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or question about this post!

Also if you liked this blog then check out some f the articles below or visit our official New Zealand page.


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