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Kiwi Motorhomes Company Review

Kiwi Motorhomes Company Review

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Renting a motorhome in New Zealand can be a daunting experience. Let’s face it, this rental could likely be the most expensive part of your trip (but also the most rewarding!)

Luckily though, great companies do exist and Kiwi Motorhomes is one of, if not THE BEST, motorhome rental company in New Zealand!

But what makes them so great and why do I believe booking your motorhome rental with Kiwi Motorhomes is the best choice you could make?

Well, it starts with simple things and ultimately ends with a company that actually prioritizes its customers to give the greatest experience possible! Plus, their motorhomes have everything you could ever need to make traveling and living in a motorhome as comfortable as possible.

Here’s our review of Kiwi Motorhomes and the service they provide so YOU can decide if they are the right choice for your epic road trip across NZ!

Kiwi Motorhomes at a Glance

kiwi motorhomes picnic
It’s moments like this that we all remember for the rest of our lives!

Kiwi Motorhomes are an upper market motorhome rental company in New Zealand. Although a smaller rental company, they have bases in Auckland, Christchurch, and Nelson allowing service throughout New Zealand. The company is family-owned and operated and is well known for providing one of the best motorhome rental services in New Zealand.

Varnier and Leon (owners of Kiwi Motorhomes) are proud to share their beautiful Maori heritage with their customers. Their spirit and vision as said by them is:

“Our spirit and vision is to connect whanau, friends, and guests from all over the world thru hiring a campervan or motorhome with us here at Kiwi Motorhomes, it is a taonga (treasure) when you meet as total strangers and leave as great friends”

This and more is all outlined in the first email you receive once you’ve submitted a request for a quote with Kiwi Motorhomes. It’s really one of the best introductions and beginnings to an epic adventure around New Zealand that’s both personal and genuine.

If you do decide to book with Kiwi Motorhomes, we’ve organized a special discount just for our readers! Use the referral code DEST5 to get 5% off your rental!

8 Reasons to Choose Kiwi Motorhomes

What’s the most annoying thing about renting a campervan in New Zealand? In my opinion and many others, it’s the hidden costs that at first glance make many companies appear affordable, but in the end, you’re left out of pocket for even the most simple things.

Things like an outdoor table and chairs to enjoy New Zealand’s beautiful great outdoors seem like they’d surely be included. But, after reading the fine print you can find you’ll be charged a daily rate for this simple item.

Here’s what’s included in Kiwi Motorhomes’ rental price that many companies charge for!

1. No Cleaning Fees

inside of a motorhome bed
Don’t get stuck cleaning on the last day of your holiday.

After enjoying an amazing trip around New Zealand who wants to roll up their sleeves and clean their motorhome? Yeah, I don’t think anyone does. As long as you tidy up and empty your grey water/toilet Kiwi Motorhomes will do the rest – for free! That’s right, no extra cleaning free, it is all included in the rental price!

And if you really don’t want to do any cleaning or empty your tank at all, no worries, Kiwi Motorhomes can take of that for your too (for a small fee of course.)

2. Full Comprehensive Insurance Included

So, you’ve added all your essential extras to your rental rate and now you’re expected to pay for insurance. That cheap rental is going to start becoming very expensive after you add full comprehensive insurance on! Luckily, Kiwi Motorhomes includes it. This way, you’re fully covered if something does happen!

If you’re worried about the excess consider insuring it with a third party excess insurer. This means if you do have an accident the third party company will pay your excess to the rental company. This company is a great option that’s very affordable!

3. Huge List of Free Additional Items

Kiwi motorhomes premium motorhome
Ready for the open road?

Additional items… At the checkout of your motorhome rental company website, you’ll have an option to add on simple things that may appear cheap but add up fast! In fact, most of the items mentioned below come at an additional fee with other companies (but with Kiwi Motorhomes they’re included in the rate.)

Items included in Kiwi Motorhomes rental rate are:

Bike racks, 2 x mountain bikes (subject to availability), GPS, children’s car & booster seats, kids attachable bike seats, Kiwi Motorhomes welcome pack including a bottle of NZ premium wine, outdoor camp table & chairs, DVD’s, games & books, basic kitchen commodities, all linen.

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Without support, any holiday can be stressful – trust me I travel a lot but still run into situations where I would love a leading hand. That’s why I love Kiwi Motorhomes’ 24/7 support. Regardless of your problem, there’s always a local on the other side of the phone ready to help.

It’s a peace of mind to know that you’ve got someone’s there to help for even the simplest problems!

5. 24/7 AA Roadside Assistance

Kiwi Motorhomes have very well maintained motorhomes, however, sometimes bad things happen. It might be as simple as getting a flat battery or maybe running out of fuel.

Let’s face it, you’re in a new country having an amazing holiday and while on the road your mind will have plenty of things to focus on (other than the maintenance of the motorhome!). On my last road trip in New Zealand, I actually got a flat battery three times (and my girlfriend still doesn’t let me forget it! )

Without AA Roadside Assistance I could have been stuck for hours. Instead, I was back on the road within the hour without a hassle. AA Roadside Assistance is a great included extra – let’s just hope you don’t need it as much as I did!

6. Solar Power

Kiwi Motorhomes driving around New Zealand
Drive as far as you want and still have power!

Most motorhomes or campervans come with a second battery so that you have power all the time. The problem with this is that the second battery doesn’t last very long without regular charging. If you aren’t driving a ton and charging it, then you will need to plug in at least every other night (meaning staying at a holiday park instead of freedom camping!)

All of Kiwi Motorhomes rentals come with solar power. So, even if that second battery goes flat, you have solar power for all of your electrics!

Not to mention, you can feel good about using solar power instead of an electrical outlet and minimizing your environmental footprint!

7. Free Overnight Parking at Iconic Locations

Kiwi motorhomes premium motorhome

This is likely my favorite part of Kiwi Motorhomes and to be honest, I’m almost certain they’re the only company offering such a great experience!

Kiwi Motorhomes are currently organizing a range of properties around the country where customers can choose to stay for free depending on availability. There are currently a few properties available but more in works. They come with the added bonus of free wine and cheese as well as dinner depending on the time of year.

8. Free Airport & Airport Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off

This is another feature you may be thinking you won’t need. One reason is most motorhome companies can have your vehicle ready at the airport or nearby. However, if you’ve just jumped off a long flight you may not want to go through the process of getting your rental right away or driving a large motorhome with fatigue.

Instead, I personally like to go to a hotel and spend one night getting some decent sleep before hitting the road. The hotel pickup means the next day you can get to your rental without having to pay for a cab!

Types & Styles of Motorhomes Available

Kiwi motorhomes

Kiwi Motorhomes have 7 different styles of Motorhomes to suit everyone’s needs and budget. From premium motorhomes that’ll make your trip the luxury holiday you deserve, to a little more basic motorhomes that still have everything you need but are perfect for those on a budget – they’ve got a motorhome for everyone!

And keeping with the “family-owned business” theme, of course, they’ve named their motorhomes!

Here are all of the different styles of motorhomes you can choose from with Kiwi Motorhomes (and their names!)…

Kiwi Motorhomes luxury motorhome

Little Pete, Jordy, Brie & Awhimai

This beautiful self-contained 5-berth motorhome is all about luxury. It sleeps two in the back on a queen-sized bed, another two on a fold-out double, and then one more the couch that turns into a bed. It’s perfect for a larger family wanting that extra bed for their kids!

Premium Kiwi Motorhomes

Nate, Sasha & Bella

This beauty is another premium range campervan but it’s a very popular 6-berth. It comes with 3 double beds and a very spacious dining area. It also has an automatic transmission and comes fully self-contained certified.

Kiwi Motorhomes review

Xena, Jonty, Benji, and Ted

Although a 5-berth motorhome, this amazing machine comes with 3 large beds including a king-size over cab bed. It’s fully self-contained and ready for an awesome adventure in NZ!

Motorhomes at Kiwi Motorhomes

Felix & Wini

Still in the premium range, this 6-berth self-contained campervan is built with usability in mind. The electric fold-down bed is a great feature and the rear bed is permanent meaning no folding away. Although a 6-berth, it’s recommended for couples or families with 1 or 2 children.

Budget Campervan at Kiwi Motorhomes


Maggie is the first of our mid-range motorhomes. She’s a 2010 self-contained 5-berth motorhome with 3 double beds. She’s not as new as some of the others but comes at a very attractive price for what’s included. Overall a great motorhome to travel NZ in!

Budget Motorhome and Kiwi motorhomes


Muscles is an easy to drive automatic motorhome. It’s a 6-berth that’s cheap enough for two people with room for up to 6! It’s self-contained and perfect for getting lost in NZ’s beautiful scenery!


Tricia & Buzz

Tricia & Buzz are a popular option for families on a budget. This 5-berth motorhome is fully self-contained and comes with two permanent bunk beds as well as one permanent queen-size bed. For the extra person, the dining table folds neatly into another large single bed.

Customer Service is Important

It’s amazing how much of an impact a friendly face and good quality help that comes from the heart can have on a holiday. Being in a new country comes with disadvantages but with the right customer care, you won’t feel like a customer at all. Kiwi Motorhomes is well known for this and a quick glance at their reviews will prove it.

Rankers NZ Reviews for Kiwi Motorhomes

This blog is just one review of thousands out there. However, not everyone has a travel blog to get their word out. Instead many people leave reviews on a website called Rankers NZ.

Rankers is the best review website for motorhomes in New Zealand. So please don’t just take my word for it, you can check Kiwi motorhomes reviews on Rankers and see just how good everyone else thinks they are too!

Be sure to book direct with Kiwi Motorhomes though. That way you directly support local small businesses! Plus, you will get the best price guaranteed and can use our special discount…use the discount code DEST5 to save 5% of your rental cost with Kiwi Motorhomes!

Without a doubt, Kiwi Motorhomes is one of the best motorhome rental companies in New Zealand. They provide an outstanding service that’s unchallenged in the motorhome rental industry in New Zealand. From including the small things to going that little bit further than the rest. your dream holiday in NZ is in good hands!


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