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Sabre Cruise Fiji Review – Is it Worth it?

Sabre Cruise Fiji Review – Is it Worth it?

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When it comes to taking a day cruise in Fiji there can be an almost overwhelming amount of options to choose from. I remember the first time we traveled here and asked each other all the same questions you probably have right now too. Whether or not you have already been doing your research or just started, you will eventually come across the Sabre Day Cruise, an incredibly popular experience that goes through the Mamanuca Islands. So, is it worth it?

We have done countless tours in Fiji, the Sabre among them, and consider ourselves pretty well-versed in what makes a good cruise from a not-so-great one. In this blog we will go over all the details we think you should know about booking a cruise on the Sabre as well as our full review of the experience!

Don’t have time to read the full article? In our opinion, the Sabre Cruise is the best day cruise in Fiji! You sail around the stunning Mamanuca Islands, snorkel around a vibrant reef, and lounge on an isolated sandbar in the middle of the ocean! Plus you get a delicious buffet lunch and 2 hours of complimentary beer/wine. The entertaining staff and 5-star service really set this luxury cruise apart from the rest!

What is the Sabre Cruise Fiji?

Fijian man holding bottles of wine and smiling ass he stands in a small boat near the sand bar Fiji
5-star service!
Bailey and Daniel on the deck of the sabre catamaran holding drinks and smiling fiji

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sabre Cruise (also called the South Sea Cruise) let me break it down for you! 

The Sabre is a 78-foot (24-meter) custom-built catamaran that was designed with convenience in mind. Its large deck offers shaded canopies that can hold up to 70 people comfortably. The boat is furnished with beanbags, booths, tables, and even a waterslide! Since the Sabre is a catamaran, it handles the ocean perfectly and almost completely negates seasickness! But more on that later.

The day trip lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours and will escort you through part of the Mamanuca Islands. These islands off of Fiji’s west coast make up some of the most beautiful destinations in the country. You will anchor near Malolo Island where you will be able to snorkel an incredible coral reef and relax on a sand bar. It’s important to note that besides being able to spend time on Malolo sand bar, you won’t actually go onto the island itself.

Speaking of sandbars, what are they? A sandbar is a strip of sand in the ocean kind of like a small island that you can walk on or has very shallow water. They are super fun to spend time on and provide ample photo opportunities – plus the crew will even deliver your drinks out to the sandbar!

A photo from the water looking at the Sabre catamaran as people in snorkel gear get ready to jump in Fiji

If you happen to be traveling with your family please keep in mind that the minimum age requirement to be on the Sabre is 8 years old. If you have a child under the age of 8 and would still like to take a great day cruise this Cruising Fiji Day Cruise is our top choice.

Another huge perk of the Sabre experience is the included food and beverages they offer, but I will go into more detail about that soon. So there you have it! That’s a summary of what this Sabre Day Cruise is. So now let me tell you more about the specifics of everything as well as my opinion on each to help you decide if this tour is worth taking when you visit Fiji.

Please Note: The “What to Expect” section on the booking page for this Full-Day Sabre Sailing Experience description is incorrect. It advertises a limited-time sunset tour that they offered and is no longer available. Our overview that you are reading is of the day trip that you will experience if you book it. However, if you are interested in taking a sunset cruise we took this Sunset Cultural Dinner Cruise and absolutely loved it!

What’s included in the Sabre Cruise Fiji?

Daniel and friends on beanbag chairs raising their drinks and laughing aboard the sabre catamaran Fiji
Lots of great places to enjoy a drink!

Okay, so that all sounds pretty great, but what is included during your day trip? 

To start, round-trip transportation from Nadi, Denarau, Wailoala, Coral Coast, Natadola, Momi Bay, or Sonaisali hotels and resorts is included. That makes getting to and from your accommodation stress-free especially when you’re tired from a full day of fun!

Water and soft drinks are provided all day long so you don’t have to worry about packing your own. In the morning you’ll get tea along with some fruit and muffins to snack on. Then at lunch, you’ll enjoy a delicious gourmet BBQ buffet to refuel after you spend all that time swimming and exploring sandbars! Adults have the option to enjoy a complimentary mimosa when boarding and from lunchtime to 2 hours afterward you’ll get unlimited complimentary beer or wine!

During the day you will have plenty of places to relax with day beds, booths, and beanbags at no additional charge. We loved that so many options were provided and it didn’t feel like we had to struggle to find a comfortable place to hang out while aboard. There is a mix of live music by the crew and a well-curated playlist which add perfectly to the atmosphere of the catamaran.

Stand up paddle boards on the deck of the sabre catamaran with other people talking and taking photos Fiji
Room for everyone

Snorkeling gear and paddle boards are available for everyone on board after the Sabre anchors giving you a chance to dive in and explore the beautiful tropical reefs surrounding the sandbar. Taking the waterslide down into the water is such a fun addition to the boat as well!

So is there anything you need to bring? Yes, just a couple of items! Cash or credit card for purchasing any alcoholic beverages outside of the 2-hour free beer and wine window. A small bag to hold your personal belongings, light sweater, swimwear, towel, sunglasses, hat, and biodegradable reef-safe sunscreen. Besides that, everything else you need will be provided! The crew of the Sabre does a great job of making sure you are comfortable and have everything you need.

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What is the food like on the Sabre Cruise in Fiji?

Lunch on the Sabre Catamaran honey lemongrass chicken Fiji
Breakfast on the sabre catamaran is vegitarian quiche served on a tray Fiji
Options for everyone!

Earlier I mentioned that we have done pretty much all of the major day cruises in Fiji. In our experience, we’ve found that just about all of them offer a BBQ buffet lunch to their passengers and some are better than others. However, the Sabre’s lunch buffet is easily the best of them all! The BBQ was fresh and flavorful with tons of options like chicken, fish, beef, and vegetables so everyone will find something they enjoy. I love a good salad and can be picky, so I am pleased to say that everything I had that day was exceptional. 

I mentioned it earlier, but just in case you missed it, lunch is when their 2-hour unlimited complimentary beer and wine begins! Nothing beats a delicious lunch with beautiful views followed up with some local brews – Fiji Gold anyone?

What are the highlights of the Sabre Cruise Fiji?

The crew of the sabre catamaran with guitars singing and waving as they perform fiji
What a show!
Bailey and friend posing for a photo on a sand bar holding wine and smiling fiji
Working on our tan

Sand Bar

Fiji is full of amazing beaches, but the Malolo sandbar is truly spectacular, offering picturesque views and plenty of places to swim, snorkel, and paddleboard. I loved wading through the shallow water looking at the fish and just having the chance to sit in the sand experiencing that deserted island feel. It’s also a great spot to work on your holiday tan! 

Live music

Fijians love to sing, as you will soon find out for yourself, and some of our favorite memories from our day aboard the Sabre were the crew busting out instruments and encouraging us to sing along. Whenever the crew wasn’t performing a live musical number, they would play music keeping the energy at a great level for everyone. It was never overbearing and we found it easy to talk to one another even though there was music being played.


Not only are Fijians great singers, but incredible hosts. The people that call the Mamanuca Islands home are known for their hospitality and you will see why as soon as you step on board. Everyone was so authentically kind and welcoming and made us feel like we had all been friends for years. Trust me, you will be talking about the crew on this tour for years to come!

A local Fijian talking to two women and handing out snorkeling gear on a sand bar Fiji
Snorkeling is a blast!


As I had mentioned before, the food is fantastic. As far as a lunch BBQ buffet is concerned this is the best you’re going to find during a cruise. A wide variety of meat, vegetables, bread, and salad will even make the pickiest eaters happy!


The snorkeling around the sandbar was nice! Although not the best in Fiji, it was packed with fish and coral (remember not to touch!). Something we have come to appreciate is how calm the water is making it easier to swim and look at all of the aquatic life. It is quite shallow here, so I recommend not snorkeling over top of the coral and staying at the edge of the reef. Wearing a lifejacket is also a good idea because it can help you stay on the surface of the water so you don’t accidentally scratch yourself on the coral!

Only catamaran in Fiji

If you’re prone to getting seasick like I am, I have great news for you, when you’re on a catamaran it’s virtually nonexistent! Because of the way these boats are built, they are incredibly stable and don’t rock. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m saying you’re 100% safe from getting sick (still bring your meds), but I can get sick very easily and had no problems the whole day. The Sabre itself is an amazing boat overall and one of our favorites we have been on when it comes to cruises.

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Sabre Cruise Fiji FAQs

Bailey, Daniel and friends on a bus taking a selfie Fiji
The included bus ride to the Sabre!

Is the Sabre Cruise Fiji worth it?

A woman walking up to the sand bar from the water with the Sabre catamaran behind her fiji
Can’t beat those views!

Yes, it is hands down one of the best things to do in Fiji! It spends the day cruising around the islands, and you visit a remote sand bar. You spend most of the day on the boat and it’s a really fun and memorable experience perfect for families, friends, and couples (we went on our honeymoon!).

The Sabre Full-Day Cruise is hands down the best cruise we have been on in Fiji and we think it is completely worth your time and money. There really isn’t any other experience like it! It surpasses other cruises with its great snorkeling, friendly crew, delicious food, and comfortable seating. This is truly a cruise and you get to spend your day on a boat sailing around the gorgeous Fijian waters. Many other “cruises” are just a boats taxiing you around from one island to the next and don’t offer the same luxury 5-star service and experience that you will get onboard the Sabre!

I think if you’re searching for a great day trip, you don’t need to look any further than spending a day on the Sabre. But don’t just take my word for it, go and experience it yourself!

Where to Stay in Fiji

the private island of Beachcomber Island Resort
This place is just wow! Photo Credit: Beachcomber Island Resort

There are so many great areas to stay around Fiji. You can choose to stay on the main island of Viti Levu or venture out to the smaller surrounding islands. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. To help, these are my top picks for each area in Fiji that fit a range of budgets.

Nadi – The Ramada

Located right on Wailoaloa Beach, the Ramada Suites by Wyndham is the most luxurious hotel in this area. It features an exclusive pool and restaurant for guest use only. It is the tallest building in the area offering incredible views of the coastline and sunsets!

Because of its close proximity to the airport (only a 15-minute drive), many people stay here for a night before or after their flight. It’s a good place to spend some time before catching a ferry out to an island. A King Studio Room with a sea view goes for around $200 USD. Check availability and book a stay at the Ramada here!

Port Denarau – Radisson Blu Fiji Resort

The Radisson Blu Resort is just stunning, and for what you get, the price is very reasonable too. This resort is huge offering tons of activities for both families as well as couples. There is an adults-only pool as well as an area specifically for kids. It is beachfront and offers spa services as well.

Rooms here start from around $400 USD per night and range from standard hotel-style rooms with king beds or two queens, up to two-bedroom suites. Some rooms feature courtyard views while others have a view of the lagoon. All rooms have a balcony and minibar. Check availability and prices at the Radisson Blue Resort here!

Yasawa Islands – Barefoot Manta Island Resort

Barefoot Manta Island Resort is perfect for those wanting a real island getaway experience without paying huge amounts of money. Surrounded by a vibrant protected coral reef, this is the best place to go for ocean lovers. You can even swim with manta rays just off the shore from May-October!

You can easily get to Barefoot Manta Island Resort on the Yasawa Flyer ferry that departs Port Denarau regularly. The ride should take about 3 hours.

They offer dorm beds for only $29 USD a night. There are also private beachfront bungalows available starting at around $200 USD per night. Check prices and availability for Barefoot Manta Island Resort here!

Mamanuca Islands – Beachcomber Island Resort

Beachcomber Island Resort is one of the most popular island resorts to stay in Fiji. Its affordable pricing mixed with its close proximity to Viti Levu make it one of the best places to stay in Fiji. You can reach the Beachcomber Resort from Port Denarau by riding the Yasawa Flyer ferry. The ride should take about 2 hours.

There are many different rooms and bungalows to choose from – something for every budget! Remember all these prices also include ALL your meals. Dorm beds go for as little as $60 USD per night, whereas you can get a standard twin room for $225 USD. Check prices and availability at Beachcomber Island Resort here!

Coral Coast – Maui Palms

Mixing beach life and luxury, the Maui Palms is perfect for those wanting a bit of pampering on their holiday. There are lots of on-site activities and the snorkeling right in front of the resort is great. Expect an infinity pool, games room, bar, restaurant, and beautiful ocean-view villas with private balconies!

The location on the Coral Coast means you don’t need a boat to get there but can still experience some of the tranquility and beautiful beaches you might find on the smaller islands. There are also a few restaurants nearby, so you won’t be confined to the hotel. Rooms and villas here start at around $250 USD and up. Check prices and availability for the Maui Palms here!

If you’re looking for more info about where to stay in Fiji, be sure to read our blog. It includes detailed info on each area, the best things to do nearby, prices, getting to hotels, and so much more.

Thanks for reading!

Bailey and Daniel take a selfie on a sandbar while on the South Sea Sailing Full Day Cruise in Fiji
Thanks for reading!

There you have it – a full review of the Sabre cruise in Fiji. I hope this helped to answer all of your questions and get you ready for a day of fun in the sun! We had so much fun doing this day trip and we know you will too. You can book your Sabre cruise online here and then get ready for the BEST time!

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