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Mad Campers Company & Campervan Review (and their New One-Person Campervan!)

Mad Campers Company & Campervan Review (and their New One-Person Campervan!)

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This blog is our review of Mad Campers and New Zealand’s first-ever one-person campervan for the solo traveler.

Mad Campers Review – About the company

New Zealand’s first-ever one person campervan was created by the company Mad Campers. Mad Campers is a young, energetic, locally owned business here in New Zealand!

These guys build and rent innovative campervans for the adventurous travelers (just like us!) They really think of every little detail when it comes to their campervans (and business in general.)

We have actually met the owner and like us, his business is powered by his passion for New Zealand. What we found with Mad Campers is that you’re getting more than just a rental company. You’re not just a number and instead, you’re joining a family of renters who have made memories to last a lifetime!

It sounds cheesy, but nothing makes us happier than supporting the little guy – I guess we too are the little guy!

With an environmentally conscious operation as well friendly and professional staff, Mad Campers is a great choice when deciding who to rent your NZ campervan from! But don’t just take our word for it, their 5-star reviews speak for themselves!

We love Mad Campers so much that we’ve arranged a special offer for our readers! Enter in DTRAVEL5 when you request a quote or book and you’ll get 5% off your rental – you’re welcome!

Mad Campers Service

campervan rental in new zealand

Service is a huge factor when choosing a campervan company. Of course, you usually want the perfect mix of both service and price in any rental company. Well, I can honestly say for the price (they’re very competitive) you get amazing service that’s personal.

Not only will you have help on the road but there briefing before setting off is something you won’t get with larger companies. They have hired people who know New Zealand really well, so you’ll get local advice (and we all know there’s no better travel advice than from a local!)

Their campervans are also very well looked after so you’re not likely to have problems with your campervan on your trip. However, in the unlikely event that you do, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands!

Mad Campers Price

Now to the price! These guys are cheap considering what you get! Their MAD2 is only $100 NZD or $62 USD a day* (base rental rate). If you want a similar car with another company you’re looking at around $120 – $150 NZD per day.

Their MAD1 (read below for more info) is only $65 NZD per day – that’s only $42 USD per day*.

Honestly, they’re one of the cheapest, but what makes them stand out from the rest is their quality service, campervans, and extras!

*Prices are subject ot change without notice. Prices vary seasonally and don’t include extras or insurance.

New Zealand’s First One-Person (Single Berth) Campervan

New Zealand is the perfect country to travel as a solo traveler. Not only are there endless things to do in New Zealand but it ‘s also one of the safest countries in the world. This means that embarking on a New Zealand road trip by yourself is not only fun but safe too!

During our road trip in New Zealand, we met many solo travelers. And while NZ is the perfect country to travel alone, there was never a campervan rental suited for just one person – that is, until now!

If you’re curious about this new solo traveler campervan, then keep reading! In this blog, we reveal all the details about this single berth campervan including its benefits, the cost, and more!

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About the One-Person Campervan Rental Idea

This single-berth campervan is actually a car! It is so much easier to drive!
This single-berth campervan is actually a car! It is so much easier to drive!

In the past, all campervan and motorhome rentals have been geared toward 2 to 6 people. This meant that the cost of renting a campervan or motorhome for one person was extremely unaffordable. To many visitors, this was enough to turn them off traveling New Zealand in their very own home on wheels.

Both Bailey and I always thought this was such a shame and remembered all of the amazing memories we made while traveling New Zealand in our own campervan. However, very recently Mad Campers decided to tackle this issue by creating New Zealand’s first and only one person campervan.

I thought this was a fantastic idea so when I got offered the chance to take it for a test and share my experience, I was super excited!

A camp-car!

The first thing I noticed about the MAD1 was that it wasn’t actually a van at all, but a car! This tiny Nissan Cube is the smallest campervan vehicle out there.

When Dan and I were traveling in our own campervan (a Toyota Hiace) I never drove it for myself because I wasn’t comfortable driving such a huge vehicle. But this campervan was perfect for me. A small vehicle, easy to maneuver, and an automatic – that’s my kind of campervan (or should I say campcar!)

Need more space? Consider renting a motohome instead! We wrote a complete guide to motorhome rental in NZ!

The Layout

the single bed in the one person campervan
The bed is nice and long and allows for lots of space on the side!

The great thing about the one-person campervan is that it only has a single bed. This means that there is tons of room for storage or moving around. In fact, the MAD1 has more space per person than any two-berth campervan. It also has a higher roof than most cars which is really important for comfort!

The trick with this one-person campervan is that the single bed lays out the length of the car, from the back all the way up to the front next to the driver’s seat. It also doesn’t fold up, so there is no need to make up the bed each night. There is a fold-out table and a seat in the back as well.

The kitchen is at the very back of the campervan and is accessed from the trunk. This allows for maximum space inside the car.

For storage, there is tons of space under the bed for storing luggage and clothing. There are also plenty of drawers in the kitchen for storing food.

A Hint of Luxury

one person campervan rental
The electric sink with an extendable hose was a great idea!

This one-person campervan does not sacrifice luxury. I was surprised by all of the small details in the campervan that makes it so much more comfortable and easy to live in.

In the MAD1, there is a mini refrigerator which is perfect for storing beers and food. There is also a dual stove-top cooker, lights, charging points, and a great sound system that can be connected with Bluetooth and played when the car is parked. The bed is also very comfortable!

One feature, in particular, that I absolutely loved was the electric tap with an extendable hose! This meant there was no manual hand-pump tap (so washing dishes was easy.) The extendable hose also could be used to wash your feet or have a quick “shower”.

The MAD1 one-person campervans are all newer vehicles (2004 or newer) with keyless entry and an alarm system.

There is no doubt in my mind that anybody could live out of this one-person campervan comfortably long-term.

Fuel Efficiency

If you ask anybody what the most expensive part of their New Zealand road trip was, they will tell you it’s the fuel! Fuel prices in New Zealand are ridiculous. Large campervans chew through the fuel quickly. But not this campervan, it is the most fuel-efficient campervan rental available!

And besides saving money on fuel, you can feel good about driving around in such an environmentally friendly car!

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The Cheapest Campervan Out There

Mad Campers has priced the single berth campervan to suit any budget solo travelers. Before the MAD1, solo travelers had to pay for a two-person campervan which is much more expensive. Now, the MAD1 is cheaper which makes it affordable for solo travelers.

Click here to browse prices for the MAD1!
We love Mad Campers so much that we’ve arranged a special offer for our readers! Enter in DTRAVEL5 when you request a quote or book and you’ll get 5% off your rental – you’re welcome!

My Experience in the One-Person Campervan

enjoying living in my small camoervan rental in new zealand
Enjoying vanlife!

I was only able to take the MAD1 for a couple of nights (as I was leaving New Zealand the next day.) But even in that short time, I was able to really experience this innovative, one-person campervan.

After picking up the campervan in Auckland I decided to take it to one of my favorite places – Piha Beach! For those who don’t know, Piha Beach is about a 45-minute drive from Auckland city center. As you get closer to the beach the roads become narrow and windy. I was a little nervous driving on these roads, but in such a small campervan it was actually really easy!

Once I arrived at Piha my next mission was parking – something I really don’t enjoy! However, in the small vehicle, it was much easier than in a campervan.

Now all I had to do was watch the sun go down and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal.

the kitchen in the single erth campervan
Getting ready for dinner!

After experiencing New Zealand’s first single berth campervan for myself, I can honestly say this little camper is great! It was super comfy and easy to get around in.

Dan and I spent three months living in our own campervan (that we converted ourselves) so we know what a campervan needs in order to be liveable. I must say, Mad Campers thought of everything with this single berth campervan and it would be the perfect rental for any New Zealand road trip!

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Some Great Spots to go in Your Campervan

For any New Zealand road trip, there are a few places that, in my opinion, just can’t be missed! Some spots you definitely need to check out while traveling in your one-person campervan are:

If you’re in the planning stages be sure to check out our 10 recommended road trip itineraries. It includes estimated travel times and stops along the way!

For more information about traveling in New Zealand, check out all of our New Zealand blogs! We have tons of detailed guides and information to help make your trip amazing!

If you have any questions or comments, as always, we’d love to hear from you! Leave your comment below and we WILL get back to you!


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