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10 BEST Foods to Try in Queenstown – A Bucket List for Foodies!

10 BEST Foods to Try in Queenstown – A Bucket List for Foodies!

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Queenstown is filled with amazing restaurants, bars and cafes serving delicious food. For a foodie, Queenstown is an awesome place to visit and in this blog, I’ll share with you the best Queenstown food that every foodie should try!

Queenstown is home to hundreds of restaurants that boast both a great atmosphere and amazing food. However, it would be impossible to try them all, especially if you’re only here for a short while. With this in mind, I am writing this post about the best Queenstown food.

Call it a Queenstown food bucket list that you just have to try! But what would I know?

Well, I was lucky enough to call Queenstown home for almost a year and in that time, I’ve visited all of the best places to eat in town. I also met lots of friends who had also lived in Queenstown for a long time and through recommendations and stumbling upon these unique and “must try meals”, I have come with this list of the best food in Queenstown!

This list won’t recommend restaurants, but a specific dish or food item that I consider the best Queenstown food!

The BEST Food in Queenstown – A Queenstown Food Bucket-List

1. The Ferg Deluxe – Fergburger

Ferg Burger - one of the best Queenstown foods
Ferg Deluxe! One is just not enough!

Fergburger is Queenstown’s most famous restaurant so it’s no wonder one of their menu items made the list. The humble Ferg Deluxe is Fergburger’s classic burger with bacon. The burger is not too big or small and comes with just the right amount of everything. It’s also only $15 NZD making it very affordable.

Of course, Ferg Burger has lots of other amazing burgers for you to try but if a classic no-frills burger is what you love then the Ferg Deluxe should be added to your Queenstown food bucket list

This is truly the best burger in Queenstown and a must-try when visiting!

2. Duck Nachos – Blue Kanu

Duck nachos at Blue kanu, Queenstown
Duck nachos at Blue Kanu, Queenstown. The Golden shrimp (pictured) is also amazing!

Blue Kanu is another local gem and their duck nachos are out of this world! When you think of nachos you traditionally think of a messy plate with salsa, cheddar cheese, and corn chips. However, these nachos are completely different!

Instead of corn chips, they use fried wontons and then cover them in tender duck meat. After that, they add some goats cheese and then amazing Polynesian vegetables and flavors. This is without a doubt the most unique dish in Queenstown and Blue Kanu is my overall favorite restaurant in Queenstown.

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3. Poutine – Smiths Craft Beer House

Smiths Poutine is an amazing Queenstown food!
Poutine is for the soul!

Poutine is a Canadian dish that is very hard to find at the same quality outside of Canada. For those who don’t know, Poutine is fries, cheese curds (not just normal cheese), and gravy. Although this sounds like a simple dish, when it’s done correctly it is next level amazing!

I can confirm from Bailey (she is Canadian) that Smiths Craft Beer House does the best Poutine outside of Canada, and trust me on this one, she has searched far and wide! If you’re Canadian and missing home or just want to see what all the fuss is about then the Smiths poutine is your best bet!

Smiths also serve great beers and have a huge selection of craft beers from around New Zealand on tap! It’s one of the best bars in Queenstown!

Beers and poutine? Yes Please!

4. Reese’s Doughnut – Balls and Bangles

balls and bangels donut, Queenstown
Now that’s a donut!

Have you ever seen those huge doughnuts with amazing toppings and a syringe filled with dessert sauce? Well, that’s exactly what Balls and Bangles in Queenstown do  – and they’re amazing!

One, in particular, is the Reese’s doughnut. Topped with Reese’s chocolates, peanuts, chocolate sauce, and a syringe filled with salted caramel (ask for the syringe to be added on) this doughnut is tasty.

The first time I had one, Bailey and I decided to share one and that was a big mistake. My number one tip is to get one for yourself!

Balls and Bangels also serve milkshakes with the same extravagant toppings and some savory items but who comes here for those!

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5. Pizza – The Cow

Pizza at the Cow, Queenstown
Yum… pineapple on pizza haha!

We couldn’t make a food in Queenstown list without pizza! This classic dish is everywhere in Queenstown but it’s Queenstown’s oldest restaurant called The Cow that does it the best.

What we loved most about the pizza was its homemade dough and sauce. These guys put every bit of care into the amazing sauce and it really shows on the pallet.

Although a large wood fired pizza can be pricey (about $35 ND) it will feed 2 to 3 people! We couldn’t pick a favorite as they are all that good, so get a group and try a few!

Oh, and by the way, I’m a pineapple on pizza guy!

6. Tiger Prawn Linguini – Farelli’s Trattoria

Tiger Prawn Linguini Farelli's Queenstown.

Fresh pasta is hard to beat, but mix that with fresh prawns and amazing flavors and you’ve got yourself one of the best dishes in Queenstown!

The Tiger Prawn linguini at Farelli’s in Queenstown is just that and this is my go-to place for pasta in Queenstown. They have a few other great kinds of pasta but this is the best Queenstown food list and the Linguini is the best on the menu and a must-try!

7. Ice Cream – Patagonia Chocolates

Ice Cream – Patagonia Chocolates Queenstown. A must try food in Queenstown
Quick, before it melts!

It’s highly unlikely that you will come on holiday and not have ice cream at least once (I know I wouldn’t!) In Queenstown, you have a few choices but it’s hard to compare them with Patagonia Chocolates ice-cream. What surprised me the most is how it’s done.

First off, you pick your cone and then choose a chocolate to have it covered in. They then go to the chocolate fountains and let fresh chocolate made onsite ooze over the cone. They then add your choice of topping to the chocolate as it dry’s. After that, you’re all set for your ice-cream and they have a huge selection of flavors to choose from!

The ice cream is amazing, the store is perfectly located on the waterfront and its the best place to get ice cream in Queenstown!

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8. Jalapeño Bagel with cream cheese – Mrs. Ferg

Jalapeño Bagel with cream cheese – Mrs Ferg Queenstown

Not all the foods on this list are about complicated meals. Instead, I wanted to include a few that are perfect for the typical on the go visitor in Queenstown.

The Jalapeno bagel from Mrs. Ferg is the perfect snack when you’re on the go. Now, I can’t compare it with a true New York Bagel, but to me, it’s the best I have had! It’s not too spicy either and with the cream cheese, it’s my go-to breakfast in Queenstown when I’m in a hurry!

9. Butter Chicken – Boliwood

Curries at Boliwood, Queenstown

Indian food is a passion for me so I couldn’t have a Queenstown foods list without some flavors from India. Boliwood does the best Butter Chicken I have ever had not to mention their other curries are also amazing.

I know that butter chicken is a very common dish and is mostly done the same everywhere, but at Boliwood they do it slightly different, and it’s delicious!

Put up against the dishes above, it made the best food in Queenstown list for a good reason! Trust me on this one, if Indian food is your thing go to Boliwood!

10. Smoothie bowls – Bespoke Kitchen

Smoothie bowl at Bespoke Kitchen, Queenstown
Healthy food has never looked so good!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Bespoke Kitchen makes the most delicious smoothie balls in Queenstown. Their menu changes seasonally so I couldn’t pick a specific smoothie bowl for you to try. Instead, just try what they have during your visit!

Bespoke Kitchen also serves great eggs benedicts and other classic breakfast items with a twist. You’ll be thanking me for this Queenstown food recommendation!

If you come to Bespoke Kitchen for a healthy breakfast you will be sure to leave satisfied, this is a local spot and a favorite of mine.

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Before you go…

Queenstown is a huge foodie destination in New Zealand. So don’t just come for the adrenaline junkie activities and other awesome things to do in Queenstown. Come for an awesome food experience that will literally take you all over the world in a few blocks!

If you found this blog helpful then you’re in luck! We have tons more Queenstown travel guides for visitors like yourself on our official Queenstown page. If you’re traveling more of NZ then our New Zealand page will also be handy!

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