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4 BEST Areas to Stay in Mexico City – The Safest and Best Neighborhoods 

4 BEST Areas to Stay in Mexico City – The Safest and Best Neighborhoods 

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Mexico City is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Americas. It’s the perfect representation of a mix of old and new. Year after year this beautiful city to visit in Mexico captivates visitors from all over the world As a result, there’s a vast range of things to see and do in Mexico City – and many unique attractions and cultural experiences you won’t find elsewhere!

Mexico City is divided into “colonias,” each one of them fascinating, with history and unique places that will make your stay something special.  

With that being said, we are talking about the 3rd largest city in the world! – trust me, it’s enormous! – so it’s essential to know in advance which areas are the best to stay in Mexico City.

But don’t worry, in this guide I’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can have an unforgettable (and safe!) trip in Mexico City. I’ve narrowed it down to the 4 best areas to stay in Mexico City. These are the safest and most fun neighborhoods – perfect for tourists and first-time visitors in Mexico City.

My hope is that this blog takes away a bit of the overwhelm that comes with deciding where to stay in Mexico City with my carefully selected neighborhoods and recommended hotels in each area.

Don’t have time to read the full article? If you’re staying in La Condesa, we recommend checking into Casa Mali by Dominion Boutique Hotel. This hotel is within walking distance to beautiful parks and plenty of restaurants, so it’s the perfect neighborhood for foodies and those that enjoy taking walks. This hotel also offers an airport shuttle for an additional fee which is great for those that don’t want to worry about travel days.

Where Are The BEST Areas To Stay In Mexico City? 

Mexico City has a few great areas to stay in, each with easy-to-navigate tourist attractions and access to great tours of Mexico City when you want to branch out. Among my favorites are Centro Histórico, Roma, Condesa, and Polanco. 

Each of these neighborhoods has a rich cultural heritage that will leave you in awe. You will find parks, monuments, archaeological sites, and museums full of history.

At the same time, you can also enjoy the views from its skyscrapers, shopping malls, and very modern infrastructure, which clearly demonstrates that it’s one of the continent’s most modern and dynamic capitals. 

From these neighborhoods, you’ll have access to all of Mexico City’s best attractions, and even some of the very best things to do in all of Mexico!

Besides just that, the accommodation here offers a great variety for all budgets. You will find everything from world-renowned hotels with plenty of amenities to more affordable options such as hostels and budget hotels, ideal for backpackers looking for a nice place to spend the night. 

Are you interested in discovering what else each of these neighborhoods has to offer? Keep reading!

Getting Around Mexico City 

Bike share in Mexico City
Bike share is popular in Mexico City!

Let’s talk about the best neighborhoods and places in Mexico City, but first, you have to know that in this city it’s very easy to get to each one of them by Metro since all the lines connect (it’s also very cheap, it only costs MXN 5 which is equal to $0.25 USD). 

The city also has a Metrobus network with seven lines differentiated by a number and a color. No matter the distance you travel, the fare is MXN 6 or $0.30 USD, except for children under five years old and adults over 60 who can travel for free.  

The metro/Metrobus service hours are weekdays from 5 am to 12 am, Saturdays from 6 am to 12 am, and Sundays and holidays from 7 am to 12 am. So keep this in mind when planning your itinerary for Mexico City

I recommend that you take a look at the Mexico City Turibus. It’s a service with transfers to the main sites of interest in the city. It’s an excellent way to save a little money and time, especially if you are going for a short stay. The ticket price allows you to get on and off the bus at any of the predetermined stops as many times as you wish throughout a full day (from 9 am to 11 pm). 

Each of the routes offered by the Turibus has stops at key sites that allow you to learn more about the area. These buses provide audio guides in different languages, as well as an audio guide for children. 

As you can see, Mexico City is very well connected by public transportation, but there are times when it’s convenient to take a cab, even if the cost is a little higher.  

Mexico City’s cab system has authorized vehicles that you can identify by their pink and white color. However, I always recommend calling radio cab companies or taking cabs from companies operating at the airport, terminals, and hotels. 

In recent years I’ve seen a boom in the use of mobile apps for transportation in the city, such as Uber -which is the most popular-, and other applications such as Didi, Cabify, and Beat that offer a much more comfortable way to move around the city.  

I recommend taking into consideration the transfer time to and from other points of the city (about 1 hour) when making your decision on where to stay in Mexico City. It is essential to stay in a central area that allows you to make the most of the city. 

Now, let’s get to know the best areas to stay in Mexico City! 

Historic Center of Mexico City ( Centro Histórico) – Best Area for History

The central cathedral in Mexico City, Mexico, one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City and find a hostel

If history is your thing, then the best area to stay in Mexico City for you is the Historical Center. You will be amazed by the incredible attractions in practically every corner of the oldest neighborhood in the city. Expect museums, pre-Hispanic collections, monuments, and of course, you cannot miss the impressive Zócalo – considered one of the largest squares in the world! 

Besides that, this neighborhood is full of restaurants, terraces with spectacular views of the main buildings, and cozy cafes.  

If this is the first time in Mexico City, the Historic Center is one of the best options for lodging. The Historic Center has many places to stay at a very reasonable price, plus, many of the top tourist attractions are located here, so you won’t need to travel too far to sightsee.   

Advantages of Staying In The Historic Center of Mexico City 

  • You will have access to many places of interest without traveling to other neighborhoods; it is ideal for walking, which can save you time and money.  
  • You will have the opportunity to stay in one of the most picturesque places in the city, with a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere where tourists and locals converge. 
  • There are lodging options for all tastes: from 5-star hotels to simple hostels ideal for students and backpackers looking to save a little money. 

Disadvantages to Staying In The Historic Center of Mexico City 

  • It is a place that tends to be very crowded and noisy
  • You must be careful, especially at night, since it is not considered one of the safest areas of Mexico City. 
  • If you are visiting the city for work, be aware that traffic in this area can be heavy and may cause delays if you want to get to a meeting on time. 

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The Best Places To Stay In The Historic Center of Mexico City 

$$$ – Circulo Mexicano 

The outside of Circulo Mexicano Hotel in Mexico City
This is one of the best hotels in Mexico City – in the best area! Photo Credit: Circulo Mexicano

This incredible 5-star hotel offers beautiful rooms from $496 to $1,156 USD – for a short 2-night stay range for two people with breakfast included.  

It also offers an unbeatable location- just two blocks from the Zocalo. All rooms include a comfortable terrace with an incredible view of the city. In addition to that, it offers a pet-friendly service, sauna, swimming pool, restaurant, and gym. 

Check prices and availability at Circulo Mexicano here!

$$ – NH Collection Mexico City Centro Histórico

Photo Credit: NH Collection Mexico City Centro Histórico

Amenities at this 4-star hotel include a restaurant with a vegetarian and gluten-free menu, a fitness center, airport transfers, and free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel.  

All rooms include a minibar, coffee machine, and air conditioning for a price ranging from $162 to $252 USD for a 2-night stay for two people with breakfast included. 

Check prices and availability at NH Collection Mexico City here!

$ – Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral 

Deck view from Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral
View from the deck! Photo Credit: Hostel Mundo Joven Cathedral

This hostel is an excellent option for travelers looking to save a little and get a comfortable stay. It offers tours around the Historic Center and is located only 10 minutes away from the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes right next to the Zocalo.

We actually stayed here a couple of years ago when we were on a very tight budget and actually enjoyed our stay very much.  I would say it is easily one of the best hostels in Mexico City and I would stay there again.

It also includes breakfast every day or the option to use the shared kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and a bar with a terrace where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Metropolitan Cathedral. 

For a 2-night stay for two people, the price is around $76 USD and $98 USD, depending on the option you choose. It also offers shared rooms with bunk beds starting at $16 USD. 

Check prices and availability at Hostel Mundo Joven here!

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Condesa – Best Area for Parks and Restaurants

Walking Amsterdam Ave in La Condesa
Walking Amsterdam Ave in La Condesa

As one of the most interesting and bohemian neighborhoods in Mexico City, Condesa is one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City.

You definitely have to walk through its beautiful streets that perfectly blend colonial history with the latest artistic and alternative trends. In addition, you will love its quiet parks where you can take a nice walk to get some fresh air, play with your pet, exercise, and much more. 

In terms of the safest areas to stay in Mexico City, Condesa is probably one of the best. It’s a wealthier area with less crime than you’ll see in other areas such as the Historical Center.

Its incredible green areas and attractive infrastructure captivate tourists from all over the world who visit this neighborhood. Condesa is the main area in the city to enjoy cultural shows, international restaurants, and modern nightlife with bars that offer live music to dance and have a great time with friends and locals. 

Advantages of Staying In La Condesa 

  • Its strategic location will allow you to move very easily to other parts of the city. There are several transportation options for sightseeing, including bike paths to move in the Ecobicis for public use. 
  • If you are looking for a place with a very cosmopolitan style, then this neighborhood is your best option. Thanks to its beautiful streets and buildings surrounded by green areas, parks, restaurants, concert halls, galleries, boutiques, and bookstores, it invites you to explore art and nature to have a great time with your family, partner, or friends. 

 Disadvantages of Staying In La Condesa 

  • Traffic can be a bit slow in this area, precisely because of its central and busy location. 
  • Even though it is close to the historic center, it will still take over 30 minutes in a taxi due to traffic on most days. Many tourist attractions are centered around the historic center so you will have to be comfortable with this drive.

The Best Places To Stay In La Condesa 

$$$ – Casa Mali by Dominion Boutique Hotel 

Casa Mali by Dominion Boutique Hotel entrance to lobby
Photo credit: Casa Mali by Dominion Boutique Hotel 

This incredible luxury hotel in the heart of La Condesa offers a very convenient location, close to iconic city landmarks such as the Angel of Independence and Chapultepec Castle. It also offers comfortable family rooms, access to a spacious and cozy terrace, a gym, and even barbecue facilities for all guests.  

Each room is equipped with free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, a Wii game console, a minibar, machines to prepare your own coffee, a hot tub, and of course, air conditioning. 

You can have access to all these amenities for a price ranging from $438 to $584 USD for a 2-night stay for two people, with breakfast included (continental or à la carte). 

Check prices and availability at Casa Mali here!

$$ – Casa Corp Boutique Suites 

Casa Corp Boutique Suites is a very innovative option that has very cozy areas. You can stay in a suite with a double bed for a cost ranging from $186 to $240 USD for a 2-night stay for two people, breakfast not included. 

In addition to free Wi-Fi throughout the property, all units have a fully equipped kitchen, coffee/tea maker, terrace, and access to a spa/wellness center. 

Check prices and availability at Casa Corp Boutique Suites here!

$ – Ayenda La Selva 

This hotel offers several features for a comfortable 1-night stay, such as private lockers, 24-hour reception, airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, bar, room service, and American breakfast included. 

The best part is its location, as it is located right in front of a subway station and two stations from the Zocalo and with easy access to restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. 

You can book for a price ranging from $54 USD a night to $74 USD for a 2-night stay in a double room that sleeps two people. 

Check prices and availability at Ayenda La Selva here!

La Roma – Best Area for Bars and Museums

an old colonial building in the Roma neihgbourhood in Roma, Mexico City
This is such a cute area!

This vibrant and cosmopolitan neighborhood is the hipster heart of the city. La Roma was built at the beginning of the 20th century, with a prestigious location very close to the Historic Center.  

Its quiet and pleasant streets reflect varied architecture with important European influences dating back to the Porfiriato – where beautiful buildings were erected that remain to this day in art nouveau, art deco, neocolonial, and from European rationalism that make you feel an authentic atmosphere, unique to this neighborhood. 

You cannot miss the facade of the El Parian building, the replica of the Plaza de Cibeles (precisely like the one in Madrid, Spain), the Church of the Sagrada Familia, the Casa del Libro de la UNAM, among other architectural gems.

Like the other neighborhoods I’ve told you about, it’s also very well connected to the different public transportation options such as the subway and the Metrobus. It is one of the routes on Mexico City’s Turibus. 

Its variety in lodging options, diverse gastronomic experiences, and recreational and leisure activities make it a mandatory stop in your stay if you want to enjoy a quiet area full of art and history to explore. 

Advantages of Staying In Roma 

  • Its excellent location provides easy access to multiple green areas such as Chapultepec Park, México and España parks, and other points of interest in the city such as Juarez (another important neighborhood with a lot of history and heritage) separated by Reforma Avenue, one of the busiest and most important avenues in the city. 
  • The cultural experience is simply fantastic: of the 170 museums in Mexico City, 78 are in the Cuauhtémoc district, with a wide variety of themes to suit all tastes; there are also bars with a lively atmosphere and live music. 
  • There are not only upscale eateries and restaurants but also food trucks, traditional food stores, and “antojitos” (snacks or appetizers) that offer a culinary tour of some of the most famous gourmet restaurants in the neighborhood. There are also great taco tours in Mexico City that leave from here.

Disadvantages of Staying In Roma 

  • Unfortunately, there have been reports of muggings of tourists spending time in the area. Although this is not a frequent occurrence, always keep an eye on your belongings and avoid very lonely and remote streets after dark. 
  • Like any downtown area, you may also encounter hours with high traffic that can cause unnecessary delays. If possible, avoid traveling by car and take public transportation options or Ecobicis as a substitute- this will save you a lot of headaches during your stay! 

The Best Places To Stay In La Roma 

$$$ – Brick Hotel 

Brick Hotel in Mexico City
Photo Credit: Brick Hotel

Brick Hotel is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a place with luxury amenities on one of the best streets in La Roma, Calle Orizaba. The property features free Wi-Fi, a spa/wellness center, an airport shuttle service, a restaurant, and room service. 

All rooms have minibars, flat-screen satellite TVs, luxury items such as Egyptian cotton sheets, and private bathrooms with bathrobes, slippers, and toiletries. It also offers terraces and continental, vegan, American, and take-out breakfast options. 

Rates for a 2-night stay for two people range between $1,170 and $2,186 USD with breakfast included. 

Check prices and availability at Brick Hotel here!

$$ – Hotel MX Roma 

one of the rooms inside Hotel MX in Roma, Mexico City
This room is clean and modern. Photo Credit: Hotel MX Roma

The Hotel MX Roma is located in one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City, close to the Ángel de la Independencia and other places of interest in La Roma, which allows you to walk around the neighborhood. It’s a safe area and very beautiful.

It has family rooms equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen satellite TV. 

It offers a space with a terrace to enjoy with family or friends, private parking, a gym, and 24-hour front desk service. 

You can enjoy all its amenities for a price of $338 USD for a 2-night stay for two people with continental breakfast included. 

Check prices and availability at Hotel MX Roma here!

$ – Embassy Hotel  

This comfortable hotel has delightful facilities, private parking, free Wi-Fi, room service, currency exchange, a bar, garden, and a terrace for all guests, starting at $24 – $32 USD, and is up for a 2-night stay for two people. 

Rooms include flat-screen satellite TV and private bathrooms. It’s ideal if you want to stay near Chapultepec Castle or the American Embassy. 

Check prices and availability at Embassy Hotel here!

Polanco – Best Area for Luxury and Shopping

view of the main street in Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City
The area of Polanco is beautiful.

Without a doubt, Polanco is one of the most affluent and exclusive areas of the Mexican capital. Walking around here you will easily forget that you are in Mexico

In recent years, Polanco has been one of the areas with more development in the city. It seems as if there is always construction of modern residential complexes, corporations of the most internationally renowned companies, embassies and international organizations, shopping malls, exclusive stores, contemporary museums, restaurants, and luxury hotels – it’s easily one of the top areas for tourists to stay in Mexico City.

One of its main attractions is walking along Presidente Masaryk Avenue. Here you can find the most important and renowned international fashion houses such as Gucci, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co., Rolex, Louis Vuitton, among many others. 

Another place that you cannot miss in Polanco is the lung of the city: the Bosque de Chapultepec. It’s one of the largest urban parks in the world. You will find the National Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Natural History, the Zoo, and the fascinating Chapultepec Castle within the park. 

Polanco is also known for its nightlife, with a wide range of bars and VIP nightclubs. Meaning you can enjoy the city with a very exclusive and refined touch.  

If you are a fan of concerts, check out the famous Auditorio Nacional. It’s considered one of the most important concert halls in the world!

As you can imagine, the hotel and restaurant scene in Polanco is first-class. You will find 5-star hotels of the most prestigious international chains and luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants to enjoy with your partner, friends, or family. 

Polanco is a must for travelers who want to experience the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated side of Mexico City. 

Advantages of Staying In Polanco 

  • It’s an area that is very well connected to the rest of the city’s other neighborhoods by Metro line 7. It also has a stop at the Polanco subway station, allowing easy and fast access to this area. 
  • The excellent cultural, entertainment, and restaurant scene in Polanco is very diverse and dynamic. 
  • It is considered one of the safest areas in Mexico City- so you can walk its streets with total peace of mind. 

Disadvantages of Staying In Polanco 

  • Being such an important business center, the traffic during rush hour is quite heavy, making it difficult to move easily around this area. 
  • The cost of living is relatively high in this area, and tourists do not escape this reality. Therefore, I recommend that you manage your budget with caution to avoid unforeseen expenses during your stay. 

The Best Places To Stay In Polanco 

$$$ – Hyatt Regency Mexico City 

Hyatt Regency Mexico City
Photo credit: Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Hyatt Regency Mexico City is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated hotels in the city! It offers elegant rooms equipped with all the comforts of a hotel of this category for the most high-class travelers. 

At this hotel, you will have access to a business center – ideal for traveling for business purposes – a gym, swimming pool, airport shuttle service, a spa/wellness center, room service, private parking, a bar, and a restaurant. 

The cost for a 2-night stay for two people including breakfast is between $636 and $1,136 USD. 

Check prices and availability at Hyatt Regency Mexico City here!

$$ – City Suites Anzures 

City Suites Anzures King
Photo credit: City Suites Anzures

City Suites Anzures is a very comfortable hotel decorated in the best décor style with suites that are ideal for a good night’s rest. 

Each suite includes a practical kitchenette, family rooms, a small living room with a sofa, flat-screen satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning with a beautiful view of the city. 

It also offers access to the fitness center and 24-hour front desk. 

The price is about $298 USD for a 2-night stay for two people with breakfast included. 

Check prices and availability at City Suites Anzures here!

$ – Caravansaro Vazquez de Mella 347 Polanco 

a room at Caravansaro Vazquez de Mella 347 Polanco
Photo credit: Caravansaro Vazquez de Mella 347 Polanco

For a very affordable price- between $65 and $77 USD for a 2-night stay for two people- you can stay at this hotel with an excellent location, very close to the Soumaya Museum and Chapultepec Forest. 

Each room has comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen satellite TV, a coffee/tea maker, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a desk. 

The property also has a fitness center, elevator, and dining room. 

Check prices and availability at Caravansaro Vazquez de Mella 347 Polanco here!

Other Activities to do While in Mexico City

Bailey walks up the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Sadly you can’t climb up the Teotihuacán temples anymore!
The taco tours in Mexico City are outstanding!!

Now that you know where to stay, you’ll want to check out all the fun things to do in Mexico City while you’re here. Trust me, you’ll have no problem filling your itinerary in this bustling city. To give you an idea of what’s on offer, I’ve highlighted some of our favorite activities below.

  • Try local cuisine – Mexican food is world-famous for good reason, and Mexico City is one of the best cities to enjoy it! The Condesa neighborhood has amazing taco stands and chocolatiers and Calle Regina is a pedestrian-only street filled with restaurants. For a broad sampling, I recommend this food tour through Colonia Roma or even this cooking class – which also visits the local market!
  • Watch a Lucha Libre show – Lucha Libre in Mexico City is one of the most entertaining performances I’ve ever seen. This wrestling show is so quintessentially Mexican and is a ton of fun. The best way to understand the traditions and characters is through this organized tour, which also includes a mezcal tasting!
  • Buy some local souvenirs – If you want to go shopping or find some local souvenirs, head to the La Ciudadela Artisanal Market. This market showcases artists’ work from around the country for very affordable prices – and the selection is huge!
  • Explore some museums – If you want a break from the sun, check out local museums. The Museo Soumaya houses over 66,000 pieces of artwork, while the Anthropology Museum gives you a window into Mexico’s ancient civilizations. You can also step inside the Frida Kahlo Museum, which is the renowned artist’s old home and features her original artwork.

Thanks for reading!

Listening to Mariachi in Mexico City
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Mexico City as much as I always do!

Mexico City is a metropolis in constant change, every day there is something new to explore in this city! I really hope this guide is helpful to you in deciding where to stay in Mexico City and what the best area for your needs is.

Regardless of where you stay, I hope you have an amazing and unique experience while visiting this incredible city, full of history, culture, and fun. I am sure will make you come back more than once!

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