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10 BEST Hostels in Mexico City (for your first visit)

10 BEST Hostels in Mexico City (for your first visit)

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Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. In fact, the number of inhabitants in the greater Mexico City area is estimated between, 22 and 29 million people. This makes Mexico City a daunting place to visit, and finding the perfect hostel to stay at a very important task.

I know this all too well after now visiting Mexico city for the fifth time and staying in so many hostels over the 7 weeks I’ve already spent in the city.

Now, there’s no way I could stay in every hostel in Mexico, but I’ve had the chance to stay in a lot. Some hostels I’d rather not stay in again and others made my time in Mexico City that much better!

So, here are the best hostels in Mexico City, based on my personal experience and knowledge of the city. I’ll be judging each hostel on location, atmosphere, facilities, and of course other travelers’ reviews (because my opinions are not the only one you should take).

Where to Stay in Mexico City – Choosing the Neighborhood

There are 3 main areas you should consider staying in Mexico City on your first visit. I know a lot of other blogs mention lots of different suburbs, but honestly, it’s your first time here so you’ll want to be close to all the amazing things to do in Mexico City as well as be in a safe area.

1. La Condesa

Walking Amsterdam Ave in La Condesa
Walking Amsterdam Ave in La Condesa

La Condesa is one of the nicest parts of the city and is where some of the best Hostels in Mexico City are located. Condesa is a very safe neighborhood that can be enjoyed at any time of the day without a worry.

It’s also a trendy neighborhood filled with amazing restaurants, cafes, and bars. But my favorite part about Condesa is that it’s home to some of the best tacorias in Mexico City!

From Condesa, you can easily explore places such as Roma, Chapultepec Park, and a range of museums. You’re also only a short 70 peso (less than $4 USD) Uber to the Historic Center.

2. Roma

Roma is much the same as La Condesa except it’s home to a much younger, trendier population. Saftey in both suburbs is the same and for a tourist on their first visit, it’s another great area to choose for a hostel in Mexico City.

From Roma, you can safely walk to Chapultepec Park and explore La Reforma. However, you’re actually closer to the historical center of Mexico City (but only slightly.)

To be honest, the choice between Roma and Condesa is much the same and when it comes to picking your hostel, pick the one you like the most in these areas if this is where you’ve decided to stay!

Just be aware both areas are a little pricey and hostels are a little limited here in comparison to the Historic Center.

3. Historic Center

The central cathedral in Mexico City, Mexico, one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City and find a hostel

The Historical Center of Mexico is where the majority of the main attractions of the city are. Here, you can find lots of museums, cathedrals, colonial architecture, cheap food, and bars. The Historic Center has a craziness to it that only exists in Mexico City. This is where the majority of the hostels and hotels in Mexico City are too.

I personally love the Historical Center and find it safe enough to recommend to others. During the day you don’t need to worry, but late at night, you do have to be smart as to where you go. I recommend taking Ubers at night or going out in a group. Also, keep your wallet in your front pocket and don’t brings things like your passport out with you!

So to round it all out, the Historic Center of Mexico City is a perfectly fine place to stay and great if you want to be close to most of the city’s best attractions, however, just be aware that you’ll need to be slightly more careful here than in Roma or La Condesa!  

For more detailed info on the neighborhoods, check out our blog about the best areas to stay in Mexico City!

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Best Hostels in La Condesa, Mexico City

1. Casa Pancha

Casa Pancha Hostel, Mexico City
The pod-style beds give you lots of privacy. Photo Credit – Casa Pancha

Casa Pancha is a brand new hostel in Condesa, Mexico City. The hostel is perfectly located in the heart of Condesa walking distance to Chapultepec Park, Amsterdam Ave, and lots of great bars, restaurants, and supermarkets.

The communal kitchen has everything you need and the bathrooms are very nice. The rooms are well lit, have windows to let in the fresh air, and each bed has its own locker for your valuables. The staff are also very helpful and are rated a 10 on

The beds are pod-style which gives you that little extra privacy in a dorm room and each pod comes with a light and powerpoint (plug). The hostel is social and attracts mainly international travelers.

It’s easily one of the best hostels in Mexico City and one of my top choices overall.

On, the reviews for Casa Pancha also back this up and the hostel has a 9.8 rating. The quality of this hostel is reflected in the price though and rooms start at $22.50 USD per night for an 8-bed dorm. The price also includes a really good breakfast though!

Who should stay? I highly recommend this place to those who have a slightly higher budget and like to stay at very clean, modern hostels with a social vibe.

Book your stay or check reviews

2. Gael Condesa

Gael Condesa Hostel in Mexico City
Photo credit – Gael Condesa

Gael Condesa is a great well-established hostel in La Condesa. It’s located in Condesa but on the side towards Roma (so it’s a really good midway point to explore both areas.) It’s a little ways from Chapultepec Park but could easily and safely be walked.

The hostel has a great social vibe and attracts a good traveler crowd from all over the world. They offer a free continental and American breakfast that includes eggs, fruit, and coffee etc.

In the rooms, there are plenty of power outlets and also lockers for valuables. One of the best things about this hostel is the rooftop terrace which is a nice place to relax and socialize with other travelers.

This hostel is a budget option so although it has everything you need, it is in a typical old-style Condesa building and things can get cramped. For example, the showers aren’t the biggest and some rooms are not as well-lit or ventilated as others.

However, for only $13 USD for a 6 shared dorm with breakfast, it’s the best value for the comfort you’ll get in Condesa.

Who should stay? I highly recommend this Mexico City hostel to those on a budget after a cheap place to lay their heads and meet other travelers in a safe area of Mexico City.

Book your stay or check reviews

3. Izta Hostel

Izta Hostel Condesa, Mexico City
Photo credit – Izta Hostel

Izta Hostel Mexico City isn’t technically a hostel as it doesn’t offer dorm rooms. Instead, it offers private rooms with bunk beds for two people. Although this hostel doesn’t fall into the “typical hostel” category it is a really good option for the quiet travelers who may be traveling as a pair, so I’ve included it.

I love the location of the hostel as it’s inside of Amsterdam Ave which is one of my favorite walking streets in Mexico City. This location puts it close to everything including Roma.

The rooms at Izta Hostel are spacious for La Condesa and there’s plenty of room for two people with luggage. The rooms are well furnished, lit, and have hangers and lockers.

The cheapest room at Itza hostel Mexico City costs $40 USD for a two-person private with a shared bathroom. There is no breakfast included either, but for a private, it’s a good price in Condesa.

Who should stay? I would recommend this to quiet travelers traveling in a group of two or more (or couples) who want a nice cheap place to relax and explore Mexico City without sacrificing comfort.

Book your stay or check reviews

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Best Hostels in Roma, Mexico City

4. Metro Hostel Boutique

Metro Hostel Boutique, Mexico City
Photo credit – Metro Hostel Boutique

The Metro Hostel Boutique is in a great location on the Condesa side of Roma. The hostel is surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and bars, and there is a good supermarket only a short walk away. You really can’t fault this location!

The hostel has a good social vibe and often plays music. There are communal computers for those who need them and the rooms have windows for ventilation and plenty of natural light. There is a large communal kitchen with everything you need that is kept clean (although some travelers can ruin that!)

There is an outdoor deck that’s great for a morning coffee or afternoon beer. For those who want towels they are also available.

For the price of $15 USD per night for a 10 share dorm it’s pretty good value for its location and facilities.

They do include breakfast but it’s only toast and coffee so if you like to eat a big breakfast you’ll need to cook your own. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the rooms all have shared bathrooms (not enough either).

Who should stay? I’d recommend this hostel to those who don’t mind a bit of music and looking for something cheap in the trendy neighborhood of Roma.

Book your stay or check reviews

5. Hostel Home

Hostel Home, Mexico City
Photo Credit – Hostel Home

If you’re being really fussy with the location the Condesa/Roma area then I’d have to say Hostel Home just about takes the cake. The reason? Well although in Roma (Roma Norte) it’s only about 150m from Amsterdam Ave and on the closer northern side to Chapultepec Park and La Reforma Ave. So, if the location in this area is important it’s a great choice!

Around the hostel are plenty of shops, bars, and great restaurants. This hostel is small but it has a very family vibe where you come as a stranger and leave a friend. There is a strictly enforced curfew at 11 pm so if you want to get a good night’s sleep you can.

The rooms all have lockers for security and plenty of room for bags and luggage. Hostel Home also attracts lots of international travelers and has a great vibe for a small hostel. The building is old (typical in this area) but is maintained well enough to provide ample facilities for travelers.

Dorm rooms here start at $18 USD per night and includes breakfast with eggs. The rating on is an impressive 8.8.

Who should stay? I would recommend this hostel for those wanting a good location for a mid-range price that has a really friendly hostel vibe – a home away from home!

Book your stay or check reviews

6. U-Co Roma

U-Co Roma, Mexico City
Photo Credit U-Co Roma

U-Co Roma is located in north Roma and as with most places in Roma, is near lots of great local restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s close to La Reforma and in a lovely area. But what makes this hostel stand out the most is its design and functionality.

It’s a very well designed and beautiful hostel that’s built around the concept of co-working in a great atmosphere. The dorm beds are pod-style with a wooden door you can close for privacy. The common areas are beautiful and very inviting with plenty of places to sit and relax or work.

The beds are comfy and the rooms are very spacious with heaps of room for luggage and bags. This hostel has a social but professional vibe (but that is reflected in the price.) A 6 person dorm will cost you around $34 USD per night but I believe for the quality of the facilities and comfort level, it’s worth it.

Who should stay? Reviews on rate this hostel a 9.8 and I would highly recommend it to the digital nomad wanting a great place to work. Or, a quiet traveler wanting a modern and clean hostel in a great area.

Book your stay or check reviews

Best Hostels in the Historic Center of Mexico City

7. Selina Mexico City Downtown

Selina Mexico City Downtown
Photo Credit – Selina

Selina Mexico City Downtown is the most recent hostel I’ve stayed at in Mexico City. Its location is okay (but a little far from the main plaza in the historical center.) However, it’s a really good budget option in a well-designed, clean and modern hostel.

The building is the best part of this hostel. The rooms are really nice as well as the restaurant, bar, and communal kitchen. Although the hostel has a bar, you can still drink your own alcohol in the other common areas.  The hostel attracts lots of international travelers and there’s plenty of room to socialize, work, or relax.

Selina has a co-working space with separate wifi but this does cost extra. The food at the bar and restaurant is really good but it is a little pricey. A dorm room here starts at only $8 USD per night and their rating on Booking is a 7.9.

Who should stay? I would recommend this hostel to those who don’t mind walking to attractions and like a clean modern hostel with a restaurant and bar.

Book your stay or check reviews

8. Casa Maria Hostel

Casa maria Hostel, Mexico City
Photo credit – Casa Maria

Casa Maria Hostel is located in the heart of the historical center in Mexico City. In fact, it sits only one street from the Templor de Mayor ruins and the Mexico City Cathedral in the city center. Of course in this area, there are plenty of places to eat and drink and there are small supermarkets around.

The hostel itself is simple but beautiful with lots of updated features that give it a great overall look and feel. The rooms are large with plenty of light and the beds have curtains for a little extra privacy in the dorm rooms.

There are ample bathrooms and showers and also lots of sinks and mirrors. The hostel includes a really good breakfast of fruit, cereals, eggs, coffee, and juice.

There are plenty of common areas to relax and meet other international travelers and the hostel comes in relatively cheap at $17 USD per night for a dorm bed. This is quite good considering they have a rating on of 9.3!

Who should stay? I would recommend this place for those wanting to be close to the main square and historical attractions but not sacrifice comfort or atmosphere.

Book your stay or check reviews

9. Hostal Regina Downtown Mexico City

 Hostal Regina Down Town Mexico City
Photo Credit – Hostal Regina Down Town Mexico City

Our next Mexico City hostel in the historic center is a great one for those who enjoy having a beer. Hostel Regina is located near Calle Regina (a pedestrian walking street) which on weekends, is a very popular place to enjoy a drink and party. But despite this, it’s still very close to the main square.

Hostal Regina is clean and well designed with ample amounts of space in the rooms and dorms. The hostel has modern furnishings and comfortable beds. It attracts lots of international visitors and given its rating and price, is usually filled with travelers. The hostel has a party vibe and for guests, they even give out free beer and pizza to get the party started.

On the hostel is rated a 9.1 from over 800 reviews which is really good! A dorm bed here will cost you $15 USD per night and includes breakfast.

Who should stay? I would highly recommend this place to the solo traveler looking for a bit of a party in a clean, safe hostel in the historic center!

Book your stay or check reviews

10. Casa Pepe

Casa Pepe, Mexico City
Photo Credit – Casa Pepe

Casa Pepe is located only one block from the main square in the historical center of Mexico City. For a location, it doesn’t get much better! Of course, this means it’s close to lots of great restaurants and bars.

This hostel is honestly a really good option and is a very popular and busy place to stay in Mexico City. One of my favorite things is the rooftop terrace that is simply beautiful and a great place to hang out and relax. Next, is the breakfast that’s included. And third, is the stunning rooms that are well designed, new, and very modern!

Casa Pepe has pod-style dorm beds with curtains which is always a nice feature, there are lockers and power outlets at every bed and the matrasses are comfortable. The hostel has a bar and restaurant and on some nights, has live music.

Because the hostel is so popular, it attracts lots of international travelers and has a really good vibe that’s both party and relaxed. Rooms here start at $18 USD for a dorm bed with breakfast and there rating on is 9.2 from over 1,600 reviews!

Who should stay? I highly recommend this hostel to any social backpacker wanting a comfortable stay in a great location!

Book your stay or check reviews

Planning your visit to Mexico City

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Travel Insurance

We never travel without insurance. I mean, it just makes sense to be covered should the worst happen. For travel insurance, we recommend two companies for two different covers.

For just medical cover for those not traveling with overly expensive stuff, SaftyWing is a great choice. Their insurance comes at a flat fee of $37 USD per month making it very cheap.

If you are traveling with expensive gear then World Nomads is a great choice. They offer competitive insurance plans that can cover the basics all the way to everything you’re traveling with.

Safety in Mexico City

Mexico City has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to safety, which to me, isn’t totally warranted. There are plenty of neighborhoods and areas that you definitely need to stay away from, but that is easy as all of the attractions are in safer places anyway.

The reason I recommend the hostels I have above is partially due to their location and safety. The neighborhoods of La Condesa, Roma, and the Hictoric Center are very safe for tourists.

However, normal safety practices still apply. Watch out for pick-pocketing (especially in nightclubs or on the metro), don’t flash your valuables around, and watch out for dodgy taxis (Ubers or taxi registered taxis called by your hostel or from secure taxi stands in bus stations or airports are best.)

But don’t be scared. We’ve personally never had a problem in Mexico City, and as long as your stay in the right neighborhoods and keep your wits about you, you’ll likely be just fine! It’s an amazing city with so much to offer travelers!

Booking your tours

Booking tours in advance is always a good idea. It means once you arrive you can relax knowing you have some things planned.

We are partnered with both Get Your Guide and Viator (a TripAdvisor company) and often use them ourselves to book tours. The reason? Well for one, we can leave reviews and read other reviews from people who have done that exact tour. Both companies are the largest tour booking websites in the world and the most popular.

In Mexico Viator is the more popular booking site of the two and there are often hundreds of reviews on popular activities!

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Final Thoughts

Mexico City is one of my favorite cities in Latin America. It’s filled with history, culture, and amazing food! With the right hostel in Mexico City, you have the perfect base to explore this massive metropolitan area and have a fantastic visit!

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions at all about Mexico City please leave them in the comments sections below and I will get back to you!


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