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Where to Stay in Oaxaca – The BEST Hotels near the Zocalo

Where to Stay in Oaxaca – The BEST Hotels near the Zocalo

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If you’re going to visit Oaxaca city, you’re going to need somewhere to stay! And with literally hundreds of hotels to choose from, it’s hard to know exactly where to stay in Oaxaca.

Well, in this blog, I’m going to answer that question outlining exactly where to stay (in terms of neighborhood) as well as the best Oaxaca hotels for every budget!

Note: None of the Oaxaca hotels recommended in this blog are sponsored and all opinions are actually my own. While there are affiliate links within this article, I have not partnered with any of the hotels individually and the hotels I’ve chosen are because I think they really are the BEST (and I think you’ll agree!)

But first…Do I need a hotel near the Zocalo?

The first question people generally have when asking where to stay in Oaxaca is about the neighborhood.

I’m going to answer that one quick for you right now before we actually get into the best individual hotels.

Stay in the “Centro Historico” or Historic Center. Simple. The closer to the Zocalo, the better.

Yes, there are other nice neighborhoods around but if you’re coming to Oaxaca as a tourist then the Zocalo (main square or plaza) is in the middle of mostly everything you’ll want to see – cathedrals, museums, restaurants, shops, the main tourist pedestrian street, and more! This is the best place to base yourself to enjoy all of the best things to do and see in Oaxaca!

To be close to all the action as well as be in the safest area you need to choose a hotel in Oaxaca near the Zocalo in the Historic Center.

For that reason, in this blog, I’ve focused on the best hotels in Oaxaca that are near the Zocalo. So, no need to worry about the location of the hotels below. They are all in the Historic Center only a short walk from the Zocalo.

The 9 BEST Hotel in Oaxaca near the Zocalo (for every budget!)

hotels near the zocalo is where you should stay in Oaxaca
This is the beautiful Santa Domingo Cathedral. Many hotels I’ve listed below are near this cathedral as well as near the Zocalo (a couple of blocks away!)

So now that we’ve determined that you want a hotel in Oaxaca near the Zocalo, you need to actually pick your hotel.

Which hotel you choose largely should be dependent on your budget. That’s why I’ve divided this blog into three different sections based on budget: luxury hotels (4 and 5-star hotels), mid-range hotels (comfortable without paying for small extras), and budget (small guesthouses or hostels for the budget traveler.)

So, no matter what your budget is, you should be able to find a really great hotel in Oaxaca on my list below!

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BEST Luxury Oaxaca Hotels ($100 USD +)

These Oaxaca hotels are the best of the best when it comes to luxury. Although they are located in the historic center (in old buildings protected by UNESCO) they are still beautifully designed and have everything brand new modern hotels offer!

I’ve chosen these hotels because of all the small details they’ve thought of and the incredible service. You would be hard-pressed to find a bad review online anywhere about any of them!

And of course, they are all located within a 10-minute walk to the Zocalo!

If your budget allows, then one of these below 3 hotels should be where you choose to stay in Oaxaca!

1. Palacio Borghese

palacip borghese is one of the best luxury hotels in oaxaca
The gorgeous courtyard!
Photo Credit: Palacio Borghese
Location:120 meters from Santa Domingo Cathedral
and the pedestrian walking street. 750 meters
from the Zocalo.
Cost:$200 + USD per night
Why I love it:Gorgeous courtyard with a fountain, hydro-massage
bathtub in every room, king beds, and an
included breakfast!

Palacio Borghese has everything you could want in a hotel in Oaxaca. With a gorgeous courtyard, restaurant and bar, and rooms fit for a king (literally, they all have king-sized beds!) this hotel is paradise within the busy city center.

The staff are super friendly here. In fact, every day they will chat with you at breakfast (which is included) and help you plan your day. Whether it be booking amazing tours in Oaxaca or just wandering around to attractions, they will help you decide what to do and how to get there!

Special touches in the room like the hydro-massage bathtub and feather pillows set Palacio Borghese apart from other hotels around.

Check Reviews and Prices for Palacio Borghese:

2. Quinta Real Oaxaca

quinta real hotel in oaxaca
Personally, staying at a hotel with a pool for me is a must!
Photo Credit: Quinta Real Hotel
Location:650 meters from the Zocalo, one block from
the pedestrian-only street, 150 meters from
Santa Domingo Cathedral
Cost:$170 USD +
Why I love it:The POOL! But also the fitness center, incredible
location, and gorgeous designed rooms.

The Quinta Real Oaxaca hotel is a five-star hotel that is simply beautiful. Inside and out the stylistic decor sets the scene for an upper-class yet relaxed stay.

Let’s talk about the pool for a second. This hotel is not only located right in the middle of the historic center, but it also has a beautiful outdoor pool! On a hot summer day, this is the perfect place to relax and cool off.

They offer a range of different rooms. For the ultimate stay, be sure to splurge for one with a city view, you won’t be disappointed!

Check Reviews and Prices for the Quinta Real Oaxaca:

3. Hotel La Casona de Tita

hotel la casona de tita oaxaca
Nice and spacious rooms!
Photo Credit: La Casona de Tita Oaxaca
Location:Around the corner from Santa Domingo Cathedral,
1 kilometer from Zocalo.
Cost:$300 USD +
Why I love it:Amazing reviews, colonial decor, great breakfast
included, and courtyard to relax.

Hotel La Casona de Tita is a classy hotel focused on the comfort of the guests. With only a handful of rooms, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting.

Although not a massive hotel overall, there is a ton of space in the rooms! There is also a courtyard with a fountain as well as a restaurant and bar that offers mezcal and wine tasting!

To be honest, I never personally stayed here but I met some travelers who did and they said it was fantastic! If you don’t believe them, check out their flawless reviews for yourself!

Check Reviews and Prices for Hotel La Casona de Tita:

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Best Value (mid-range) Hotels in Oaxaca ($50-$100 USD)

These Oaxaca hotels are the perfect mix of comfort and affordability. I like to call them the “best value” because, for the price, you really do get an amazing stay in a beautiful hotel.

When deciding where to stay in Oaxaca, these mid-range hotels are a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a ton, but also wants to feel a bit spoiled on their holiday!

And the best part?!

There are some really great hotels in this price range in Oaxaca near the Zolcao. And below, I’ve picked the top 3!

4. Hotel Parador de Alcalá

hotel parador de alcala oaxaca historical center
An affordable hotel with a pool is a win for me!
Photo Credit: Hotel Parador del Alcala
Location:300 meters from Santa Domingo Cathedral,
500 meters from the Zocalo. Right on the
pedestrian walking street.
Cost:$90 USD +
Why I love it:Amazing central location, a gorgeous rooftop
pool and terrace with incredible views, an
included breakfast.

I personally love this hotel. For the price, Hotel Parador de Alcala is an incredible deal with everything you could need and more! In fact, it could easily be considered a “luxury” hotel, but since the price for a standard room comes in under $100 USD, it truly is great value for money!

The location is about as central as it gets, about two blocks from anything you’d want to see. It is right on the pedestrian walking street which is where you’ll find tons of beautiful cafes, bars, restaurants, and attractions. To me, it is the most ideal location possible.

Not to mention, the gorgeous rooftop pool and terrace which is the perfect place to relax during your holiday in Oaxaca.

Rooms are large and spacious and some even have a balcony. Breakfast is also included in the room rate.

Check Reviews and Prices for Hotel Parador de Alcala:

5. Hotel NaNa Vida

nana vida boutique hotel is one of the best hotels in oaxaca
Could you imagine having dinner here one evening?
Photo Credit: Nana Vida Boutique Hotel
Location:850 meters from the Zocalo, two blocks from
Santa Domingo Cathedral. Slightly quieter
Cost:$80 USD +
Why I love it:Large rooms with air conditioning, private
bathrooms, and patios. Incredible restaurant
onsite and top-rated reviews of the staff.

Hotel NaNa Vida is a three-star boutique hotel with five-star reviews! The staff are incredibly helpful and they can book amazing tours for you making your trip that much easier. In fact, many people who’ve stayed here claim that the staff provide the “best service!”

The hotel itself is in a colonial building but has modern updates. The rooms are very clean and the bathrooms look newly renovated. Rooms also come with everything you’d expect in a luxury hotel including air conditioning, tea and coffee maker, safety deposit box, and garden views.

The restaurant has amazing food, especially breakfast, and is well worth checking out whether you stay here or not.

Check Reviews and Prices for Hotel NaNa Vida:

6. Hotel Casona Oaxaca

casona oaxaca hotel
The courtyard in this gorgeous colonial hotel!
Photo Credit: Hotel Casona Oaxaca
Location:Only 1 block from the Zocalo.
Cost:$50 USD +
Why I love it:Location, great prices, rooms that sleep
up to 5 people, buffet breakfast, and free
gym access.

Hotel Casona Oaxaca is one hotel in Oaxaca I can highly recommend.

First of all, the location is perfect. Hotel Casona Oaxaca is one of the closest hotels in Oaxaca near the Zocalo located only one block away – you can’t get more central than that!

Second of all, the price is very reasonable considering everything you get. I am someone who loves a great deal, and I feel like Hotel Casona Oaxaca is just that! For as little as $50 USD you can get a standard double room that comes with air conditioning, two double beds, and a tv with cable. You can also choose to add on breakfast when booking which is a huge buffet!

Some of the rooms feature two double beds as well as a sofa bed which sleeps up to five people. This is an ideal hotel for families as you can all stay together for a reasonable price, as well as be close to the main square to enjoy attractions and have access to everything you may need.

Check Reviews and Prices for Hotel Casona Oaxaca:

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BEST Budget Hotels and Hostels in Oaxaca (under $50 USD)

Being on a budget doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In fact, in Oaxaca, there are a number of hotels and hostels that are clean, centrally located, comfortable, and offer incredible service for less than $50 USD a night!

I used to be the most budget of budget travelers out there. Today, I’m not that way anymore, but I do try to save money where I can. So, when I find a cheap hotel that still offers everything I need at a fraction of the price of other places, I normally book it!

These hotels and hostels below are those kinds of places.

They might not be “luxury”, but they will be comfortable and I’m sure you’ll find them great for your trip to Oaxaca!

7. Yabanhi Hostel & Bungalows

yabanhi hostel and bungalows oaxaca
The view from the rooftop is AMAZING!
Photo Credit: Yabanhi Hostel and Bungalows
Location:4 blocks from Santa Domingo Cathedral,
1 kilometer from the Zocalo.
Cost:$39 USD + for a private double room,
$11 USD + for a dorm bed
Why I love it:Amazing view from the terrace, comfortable
common areas, good prices, and a large
range of rooms available.

Yabanhi Hostel is a great accommodation choice in Oaxaca. Not only is it a hostel in the sense that there are dorm beds and common areas available, but they also offer standard double rooms for good prices as well as bungalows that have their own private kitchen! These bungalows are great for those who love to cook.

The hostel is owned by a local family who is very welcoming and accommodating. By staying here you know you’re supporting a small local business.

Although a bit of a walk from the Zocalo (just over 1 kilometer) it is only a couple of blocks from the Santa Domingo Cathedral and the pedestrian-only walking street. There are tons of restaurants and shops nearby and the view from the terrace is incredible!

Since this is technically a hostel, there is a very great social vibe of international travelers. If you’re a solo traveler looking to meet others, this is a great place to stay in Oaxaca!

Check Reviews and Prices:

8. Hotel Camba

hotel camba oaxaca city
A quaint hotel for a great price!
Photo Credit: Hotel Camba Oaxaca City
Location:750 meters from the Zocalo. Very close to the
Benito Juaraz Handcraft Market.
Cost:$40 USD + for a double room
Why I love it: Included breakfast, location is in a quieter area
but still close to the Zocalo, and friendly staff.

Hotel Camba is a lovely budget hotel in Oaxaca City. All rooms have a private bathroom and there are even rooms for the solo traveler. In terms of price for a private room with a private bathroom, it doesn’t get much better than this!

I also personally love the location. It is only 750 meters from the Zocalo, but on a different side of the square further away from the pedestrian walking street and Santa Domingo Cathedral. The area is not quite as touristy and is a little bit quieter.

Here, you’ll find more local shops and restaurants that are cheaper than the more touristic areas (near a supermarket too!) It is still technically in the historic center though and a safe area to stay and walk around in.

This is a great choice for a hotel in Oaxaca if you want a relaxed stay on a budget.

Check Reviews and Prices for Hotel Camba:

9. Hostal Chocolate

hostal chocolate in oaxaca
The perfect place to chill out after a day of exploring Oaxaca City!
Photo Credit: Hostal Chocolate
Location:850 meters from the Zocalo, 950 meters
from Santa Domingo Cathedral
Cost:$27 USD + for a double room,
$8 USD + for a dorm bed
Why I love it:Modern design and facilities, lots of common
areas including a courtyard and rooftop
terrace, a larger hostel where you can meet
other travelers.

Hostal Chocolate is a centrally located hostel offering both dorm beds and private rooms with private bathrooms. The entire building is extremely clean and seems newly renovated, or at least very well kept.

This hotel has a very social vibe thanks to the affordable prices and plenty of common areas. The staff also help as they speak English and are always happy to chat with visitors.

Although breakfast isn’t included, it is only $2 USD and very tasty!

The location is very central to the pedestrian walking street as well as other tourist attractions. Tons of shops and restaurants nearby as well.

Oh, and did I mention they give you locally made chocolate when you check out? Ya, that’s a big plus!

Check Reviews and Prices for Hostal Chocolate:

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Those are the 9 best hotels in Oaxaca near the Zocalo!

I hope my blog has helped you narrow down your choices and maybe even select a hotel in Oaxaca city for your upcoming trip.

As always, if you have any comments or questions leave them below – Ill get back to you!


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