Vancouver Food Tours – A MUST for any True Foodie

One of the classic Canadian dishes we tried on our food tour in canada

They say the way to a person’s heart is with food. Food brings us together, it’s creative, it’s culturally significant, and it’s fun.

So what better way to get to know a country or city than to hit the streets and try a selection of its foods on a food tour?

We recently joined a Vancouver food tour with Secret Food Tours and loved it!

Wandering the busy streets of Gastown we ate our way through some of the best kept local secrets and enjoyed a huge variety of food.

We loved it so much we decided to write this article and explain not only why a Vancouver food tour is a must-do, but everything you need to know before you go!

Be warned, reading this blog on an empty stomach can be dangerous!

One of the best foods on our Vancouver food tour
One of my favorite dishes and it’s one I had never tried before!

What’s so special about a Vancouver food tour?

It’s a good question, and some people might even be confused as to what Canadian food is. Canada is a young country and its food scene has been mostly built by outside influence.

So I’ll be honest, it’s not your typical food tour. I mean in Hong Kong I ate things like 3-month-old eggs and in Peru, I tried a piece of the humble guinea pig.

However, in Vancouver, the food scene is different. It’s not about trying foods from recipes that are thousands of years old or eating something you used to keep as a pet – it’s about trying new versions of food from all over the world all in one place at a quality that’s unheard of!

You’ll also try foods from leading restaurants changing the rules in the food industry and serving up foods once thought impossible!

The steam clock in Vancouver as seen on our food tour
We passed by one of the biggest attractions in downtown Vancouver, the steam clock!

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll try a few Canadian classics too, but this is a super modern food tour and all dishes have their own Vancouver-inspired twist!

It’s a tour for the “classic foodie” that wants to eat delicious foods that’ll make you savor every bite – not have eater’s remorse (I still feel bad about the guinea pig).

Reasons to join a foodie tour in Vancouver

If you are still not sure if a food tour in Vancouver is for you, here are a few reasons to consider it…

Local Knowledge

Bailey and I are food tour lovers. It’s something we do in most countries including our recent Yangon food tour in Myanmar.

But why a tour? I guess it’s true, you could just walk the streets and visit places on your own. But think about your local hot spots in your home town, how long did it take for you to find them? Probably months, if not years!

It’s safe to say that most local spots are found over many years of experimentation. It takes a few bad eggs (literally) to find a hidden gem.

On holiday you don’t have the time for that. That’s why we always join food tours, and particularly at the start of our visit. You’ll find out the best dishes and places to enjoy them, as well as pick your guide’s brain for all the awesome things to do in Vancouver!

It’s a win-win (especially in a city as big as Vancouver!)

Trying sushi on our Vancouver food tour
Locally inspired sushi was a great place to start on the tour!

It’s super easy!

We love going on 8-day hikes in the wilderness, but sometimes we just want to enjoy ourselves. To us, getting toured around a city all while getting fed yummy foods along the way is an awesome way to spend a day. It’s zero stress and a great way to get into the holiday spirit – even if it’s not Christmas!

Try something new

On food tours, you’re usually ordered a dish and asked to try it. Maybe it’s something you wouldn’t normally order but you’ll probably love anyway! It’s an easy way to get outside your comfort zone and try something new – and on a Vancouver food tour, I guarantee you’ll love it!

Why we chose “Secret Food Tours”

Mmm… well, in all honesty, we chose Secret Food Tours because they were the best value in Vancouver. We always live by the saying “you don’t always get what you pay for” and in this case, it turned out to be true.

Secret Food Tours are very reasonably priced, and in some cases, a fraction of the cost of other food tours around Vancouver. But in the end, we got so much more than we expected! Which brings me to the next question…

One of the classic Canadian dishes we tried on our food tour
Can anyone guess what this Canadian classic is?

Why we think you should choose Secret Food Tours?

Aside from being the best value in town, we just enjoyed the tour in general. From the selection of foods to the knowledge of our guide, the tour was awesome! We learned so much about the city and wandered one of the most beautiful parts of Vancouver…Gastown.

Gastown is not only one of the best places in Vancouver to eat, but it is also the oldest part of the city. It’s filled with history and my favorite place in Vancouver to explore.

In my opinion it’s the best place to join a food tour in Vancouver!

Gastown is where our Vancouver food tour was held
Gastown is such a cute area of Vancouver.

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A taste of what we tried

Without giving away all the dishes that we tried, I’ll let you in on a little of what to expect.

We started with Sushi with its own Vancouver twist. Then we tried a classic Canadian dish that was hearty and paired well with beer.

Then, it was off to a restaurant that’s changing the way we eat where we tried something I would have never ordered but absolutely loved! After, we cooled off with a creamy classic that’s locally made. And finally, we finished with a maple dessert from British Columbia’s first and most famous chocolatier!

If that doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will!

Things you need to know about the food tour

Our food tour with Secret Food Tours Vancouver was a three-hour tour and in that time we visited 4 places and tried 5 different foods. As mentioned above, we toured the oldest part of Vancouver the beautiful Gastown.

Before we ate at our first place we toured the central station of Vancouver and began learning about the city. Before the tour finished, we had learned lots about the history of Gastown and Vancouver in general.

We only walked a few blocks in total and the tour moved at a very relaxing pace with plenty of time at each location to enjoy the food and pair it with a drink or two. Our drinks were not included, however, they did offer a drink package that you can add to your tour.

I would recommend comfortable shoes for the tour as the old city streets in Gastown aren’t always in the best shape!

Our food tour through Gastown turned out to be one of the best things to do in Vancouver and was a great start to our week exploring the city.

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Vancouver really is such an interesting city and we can’t wait to come back one day very soon!


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