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30 EPIC Things to do in Revelstoke, BC

30 EPIC Things to do in Revelstoke, BC

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Revelstoke, BC is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Canada. If you’re lucky enough to spend a couple of days in Revelstoke then this blog will help you make the most of your time with the absolute best things to do in Revelstoke, BC!

When it comes to outdoor adventures, Canada really tops the list of best places to visit in the world. And if we’re being honest, it’s likely that you’re here for the mountains, lakes, glaciers, vast forests, and the friendly people!

Revelstoke, BC is the perfect example of all of these things. It’s all about the outdoors, and for those who love nature, it’s a paradise just waiting to be explored with tons of awesome things to see and do!

But what are the best things to do in Revelstoke, Canada?

Well, if you’re like me and love the outdoors then the list is endless. From the hiking trails to the beautiful scenery it can be a little overwhelming when choosing what to do! But that’s not all, Revelstoke is a cute mountain town also filled with incredible restaurants, bars, and boutique shops.

To make it easier, I’ve come up with this list of the 14 best things to do in Revelstoke! With this list, you should easily be able to plan your valuable time in Revelstoke, BC, Canada.

30 Best Things to do in Revelstoke, BC

1. Hit the slopes in winter

A man sits in the snow with his snowboard
Look at all of that fresh powder! Revelstoke gets a ton of snow in the winter!
  • Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • Price: Prices depend on the pass but you can expect to pay around $125 CAD per day for an adult lift ticket

Revelstoke, BC is famous for the number of awesome things to do in the winter. But of course, the best activity is downhill skiing and snowboarding at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is famous for huge yearly snowfalls and steep mountainous terrain that could challenge even the most skilled. But, if you’re like me and are more suited to green or blue runs then they have that too! The Resort features the longest descent in all of North America as well as holds the record for the most snowfall in all of Canada in a single winter.

It’s safe to say that skiing in Revelstoke is a bucket-list experience for most.

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the closest ski field to Revelstoke. In fact, it’s literally right in town and from anywhere in Revelstoke you’re no more than a 5 to 10-minute drive from the chair lifts! You can drive yourself and take advantage of the large parking lot or jump on one of the buses from town.

You can choose from a variety of passes at Revelstoke Mountain Resort including multi-day lift tickets, season passes, or even sign up for some lessons if you’re a beginner!

Skiing is also one of the best activities in Banff, Cranbrook, and Jasper – think about heading there too!

2. Go mountain biking

Mountain biking
  • Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort and various trails around town
  • Price: $35 for a day pass at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, if they ski in the winter then they downhill mountain bike in the summer!

Revelstoke is no different, but unlike other places in Canada such as Whistler, it doesn’t draw massive crowds. This means more runs, fewer lines, and lots of fun!

Day tickets for the chairlift in Revelstoke are also very reasonably priced and will only cost $35 CAD!  Their longest run descends 5,620 feet, is 15km (9.3 miles) long, and is perfect for more advanced riders. However, this huge run does require a 7km (4.3 miles) ride up to the start of the trail after you get off the chair lift, but honestly, that 15km of fun is so worth it!

You can rent bikes in town at Skookum in town or directly from the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. If you’re worried about peddling uphill, consider renting an E-bike to give you a little help.

3. Soak in hot springs

The St Leon Hot Springs near Revelstoke, BC
Can you imagine anything more perfect!
  • Location: Several locations around Revelstoke
  • Price: Some hot springs are free while others charge a small fee

Revelstoke is only a short drive from a few different hot springs that are well worth checking out! Summer or winter, soaking in some hot springs with mountain views is easily one of the best activities in and around Revelstoke.

Some of the hot springs that are close to Revelstoke include:

  • Canyon Hot Springs – These are the closest hot springs to Revelstoke at only about a 20-minute drive away. They are located within a resort and campground where you can stay a night or two. It costs $12.50 CAD to enter the hot springs with discounted rates available for children and seniors. If you spend the night at the resort then you can enter the hot springs for free (you must book a room or cabin, campsite fees do not include entrance to the hot springs.) Visit their website to book.
  • Halcyon Hot Springs – Just over an hour drive from Revelstoke you’ll find the beautiful Halcyon Resort and Hot Springs. This luxurious resort is home to some stunning hot springs! Unfortunately, their hot springs are not open to the public and you must be staying at the resort to use them. It isn’t a cheap place to stay so these hot springs are best suited for those happy to splurge a little. Visit their website to book.
  • Halfway Hot Springs – Just over an hour and a half from Revelstoke you will find Halfway River Hot Springs. These hot springs are natural and are run by BC Parks, so they are free to visit! In the summer months, there is a campground here too. The only downside to these hot springs is that the access road is closed during the winter months, meaning the only way to visit in the winter is to hike about 12 kilometers each way. For this reason, Halfway Hot Springs are best to visit during the summer.
  • Crazy Creek Resort – Located 30 minutes west of Revelstoke you’ll find the Crazy Creek Resort that has four hot pools which are open to the public. For only $15.95 you can enter the pools and have a soak. Of course, you can also book accommodation or campsites here and enjoy the hot pools as often as you like! Visit their website to book.

Hot tip: If you really love hot springs, then consider spending a night or two in the town of Nakusp. Not only can you hit up a few hot springs on the drive from Revelstoke to Nakusp, but you can also visit the Nakusp Hot Springs once you’re there.

4. Go hiking in Mt Revelstoke National Park

Eva Lake in Mt Revelstoke National Park
Eva Lake in Mt Revelstoke National Park
  • Location: Mt Revelstoke National Park
  • Price: A Parks Canada Pass is required to enter the national park

The main attraction in Revelstoke is of course Mt Revelstoke National Park. It’s a unique national park in the fact that you can actually drive right into the park and even to the summit of Mt Revelstoke. This makes it accessible to almost anyone!

Once at the summit parking lot, you can then venture out and hike one of the many stunning trails, have lunch by one of the lakes, or even take a short walk to see all of the beautiful flowers and viewpoints.

Some of the best hikes at the summit area include the Eva Lake trail, a 12km round trip through beautiful landscapes great for spotting bears; or Heather Lake, a short 10-minute hike around a stunning lake with breathtaking reflections.

Other amazing hikes in the park (but not at the summit) include the Giant Cedars Boardwalk and the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk. Both trails are along the highway towards Golden just outside of Revelstoke town. These trails are both very easy and suited to all fitness levels – the perfect family-friendly activity in Revelstoke.

Regardless of the trails you hike or viewpoints you enjoy, a day in Mt Revelstoke National Park is a must!

Note: You need a Parks Canada Pass to enter Mount Revelstoke National Park. This pass is $10.50 per person per day , or $21.00 per group. You can also purchase the annual Discovery Pass which includes access to Mount Revelstoke National Park as well as many others in BC and Alberta.

5. Ride the sightseeing gondola

The Gondola on the Revelstoke Mounts Resort
The views on the way up are stunning!
  • Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • Price: $35 CAD for adults or $20 for children for both gondola rides (to get to the top)

The first day we arrived in Revelstoke we weren’t exactly ready for a long hike. Instead, we chose to take the sightseeing gondola up to the top of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort and hike from there – so much easier than climbing a mountain!

From the top of where the gondolas take you (yes, there are two) you’ll get one of the best views in Revelstoke with the added bonus of not having to hike up! Don’t get me wrong, I love hiking but sometimes you just want to take it easy.

The Revelstoke gondola is one of the top attractions in Revelstoke. The sightseeing gondola is only open in the summer months. In the winter, this gondola is used for skiers and snowboarders.

There are two gondolas at the resort. The first takes you to the top of the mountain coaster (more on that below). From here, the views are nice but for the best views, you’ll need to take the second gondola too.

This second gondola is a good 10-minute ride, and at the top, you have breathtaking panoramic views of the valley! There are also some hiking trails to explore the summit of the mountain. Most trails only take half a day but there are longer ones geared towards more experienced hikers too. You can also just relax and enjoy the view if you don’t feel like hiking. There is a large viewing deck as well as a place to enjoy burgers and beer, which brings me to the next “thing to do” in this blog…

6. Enjoy the best burger in town at the Mackenzie Outpost

The best burger in Revelstoke at the Mackenzie Outpost on the Revelstoke Mountain resort
The best burger in Revelstoke at the Mackenzie Outpost! This photo doesn’t do the burgers justice, they are sooooo tasty!
  • Location: The top of the Revelstoke gondola
  • Price: Burgers range from $9 CAD to $15

It’s not often you eat a burger that’s literally so amazing it becomes a “must-do” thing in any city or town. But in Revelstoke, we tried a burger that was so good it simply had to make the list.

Funny enough, we found this burger at the top of the gondola on the Revelstoke Mountain Resort at a little restaurant called the Mackenzie Outpost!

The Mackenzie Outpost is a small mountain bar/restaurant that serves ice cold beer and burgers. The views from the restaurant are stunning and the best way to enjoy the view is with an ice-cold beer and arguably the best burger I’ve ever had!

The burgers at the Outpost start at only $9 CAD for a classic beef burger. They also have a Portobello burger for any vegetarians or a combination of beef and portabello called “The Last Run” (my personal favorite!) They serve a few craft beers on tap and offer other Canadian favorites such as poutine! You can view their menu here.

Honestly, if you love burgers do yourself a favor and try this one!

7. Explore Glacier National Park

Exploring Glacier National Park
Walking among the giants in Glacier National Park
  • Location: Glacier National Park, 25-minute drive from Revelstoke
  • Price: Parks Canada Pass required to go hiking or sightseeing, however, you can drive through for free.

While you’re in Revelstoke, BC a visit to Glacier National Park is another must-do activity! Although not my personal favorite national park in Canada, there’s still lots to explore!

The park is accessed by the trans-Canada highway (between Revelstoke and Golden) and all the hiking trails and campsites are located in parking lots just off the road. There is a range of hiking trails in the park and the area is well known as a great place to spot bears and other wildlife.

From Revelstoke, it takes around 20-minutes to reach the entrance of the park and another 30-minutes or so to drive through the park.

Note: You need a Parks Canada Pass to enter Glacier National Park. This pass is $10.50 per person per day , or $21.00 per group. You can also purchase the annual Discovery Pass which includes access to Mount Revelstoke National Park as well as many others in BC and Alberta.

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8. Ride the Pipe Mountain Coaster

Ready to ride the Pipe Mountain Coaster in Revelstok!
All set and ready to go!
  • Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • Price: $25 for one ride. Or, you can join 2 rides, the gondola, axe throwing, mountain biking, and the aerial adventure course for $69.

Another activity in Revelstoke that really surprised me was the Pipe Mountain Coaster. This gravity-fed roller coaster is one of the top attractions in Revelstoke, and after I rode it for myself, I can see why!

In all honesty, I thought it was going to be more of a “kid’s thing” and that it may be a little slow.  Boy, was I wrong! If you want to, this coaster can fly down the hill, and it’s actually super fun and gets the adrenaline going.

I wouldn’t know what speed I was hitting but it felt like a regular roller coaster! Of course, you can go as fast or slow as you want and the coaster actually has brakes – so it’s great for kids too.

The Mountain Coaster is located at the top of the first gondola at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. You can buy tickets just for the coaster which includes a ride up the gondola.

Alternatively, you can combine all the things to do at the Mt Revelstoke Resort into one pass for $69 CAD.

9. Explore Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls Revelstoke BC
Sutherland Falls Revelstoke BC
  • Location: Just off Highway 23, around 25 minutes from Revelstoke
  • Price: Free

I visited a few waterfalls in Revelstoke but my favorite by far was Sutherland Falls. The falls are located around a 20-minute drive from town and accessed by an easy 5-minute walking trail. Once there, you can sit back and enjoy the view.

At Sutherland Falls there is also a campsite for vehicles and tents. Honestly, if you’re going to camp this spot is really beautiful and located right on the lake!

Swimming isn’t recommended at the falls and can be dangerous so please keep that in mind!

10. Explore The Enchanted Forest

A house in the The Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke, BC
There’s so much more to explore in the The Enchanted Forest! Photo credit: The Enchanted Forest
  • Location: 30-minute drive from Revelstoke
  • Price: $14 CAD per adult, $9 per child ages 3-15

Right on the Trans Canada Highway about a 30 minute drive from Revelstoke is The Enchanted Forest. For anybody visiting Revelstoke with kids, The Enchanted Forest is a must! Here, the kids can let their imaginations run while while climbing the tallest treehouse in BC and paddling in a row boat in real beaver ponds.

There are cute little figurines from fairy tales and nursery rhymes throughout the property along with a castle and very regal-looking 800-year-old cedar trees. Admission is $14 CAD and includes a variety of activities on the property.  

For more fun, the Skytrek Adventure Park is located right next door. It has zip lines, a treetop obstacle course, climbing walls, and jungle gyms for the little ones. Both of these parks are open seasonally from May until October.  

11. Drink locally brewed craft beer

the outside of the Mt Begbie Brewery and tasting rooms
The brewery!
  • Location: Just on the outskirts of Revelstoke
  • Price: Tasters are only $2.50 CAD each, a 20 oz pint is $7 in the tasting room

Mt Begbie Brewing Co is Revelstoke’s very own craft brewery! This small brewery opened in 1996 and ever since it has continued to grow, shipping its award-winning beers all across Canada.

In Revelstoke, you can actually visit the brewery itself. They have a retail shop as well as a tasting room where you can try a variety of their beers.

Alternatively, you can visit various bars around Revelstoke that have Mt Begbie beers available on tap. The River City Pub in downtown Revelstoke always has a selection of their beers to choose from and they also have great happy hour deals!

12. Aerial Adventure Park

Daniel has a go at the Arial Park in Revelstoke
Daniel at the Aerial Park in Revelstoke
  • Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • Price: $29 CAD per adult, $19 per child

If you’ve ever watched the television show Ninja Warrior then you’ll be familiar with obstacle courses. And if you’ve ever sat at home thinking “I could do that”, well, the Aerial Adventure Park in Revelstoke is the perfect place to prove it!

The Aerial Adventure Park is a 4-story obstacle course with all sorts of challenges to conquer from easy ‘green’ obstacles to hard (and sometimes seemingly impossible) ‘black’ obstacles.

The way it is set out means you can choose where you go and how hard you challenge yourself.

As you move higher on the course it tends to become harder. Not just because of the obstacles, but the fear of heights starts making things a little scarier. But don’t worry, you’re hooked up to a harness that cannot be unhooked while you’re on the course!  

It’s not just fun, but also a workout and it’s great to challenge yourself and see what you’re made of.

Note: The Aerial Adventure Park is only open during the summer months, typically from May to October.

13. Explore downtwon Revelstoke

Welcome to Revelstoke sign
Welcome to downtwon Revelstoke! Photo Credit: Photo by Margarita_Young on Deposit Photos

This should go without saying, but believe it or not, many people visit Revelstoke and never set foot in the downtown area. People often get too busy exploring all of the things to do around Revelstoke in the mountains that they forget to enjoy this quaint mountain town too.

My best advice? Head to the downtown area, park your car, and go for a wander. Stop in at local bakeries (the Modern Bakeshop & Cafe is one of my favorites) and explore boutique stores – you never know what treasures you’ll find!

14. Whitewater rafting

White water rafting in Revelstoke
It’s a great activity when it’s raining because you’re going to get wet anyway!
  • Location: Illecillewaet River just near Revelstoke
  • Price: $130 CAD per person

Whitewater rafting is always a fun thing to do, especially in summer! But Revelstoke’s whitewater rafting is as much about the scenery as it is about tackling the rapids. The reason?

The whitewater rafting is actually done about 30 minutes from Revelstoke in Albert Canyon and runs down the Illecillewaet River through Mount Revelstoke National Park. In every direction you will havstunning mountain views.

The rapids on the river are class II and III so they aren’t the craziest but this makes it the perfect activity for families and those just wanting to enjoy the views!

It is essential to book your white water rafting experience in advance and secure your spot!

15. Sit back a relax on a River Float

  • Location: Revelstoke
  • Price: $70 CAD per person

Whitewater rafting isn’t for everyone and for some (including me) a relaxing float down a river taking in the breathtaking views sounds like a great time!

In Revelstoke, you can join a scenic river float and let a guide do the paddling for you – of course, you can choose to help but you may as well let him or her earn their tip!

The best part about these tours is they only cost $70 for the 1 hour of relaxing fun. The tours include a snack and you’ll get picked up and dropped off at your hotel.

You should book your river float in advance online!

16. Axe throwing

The axe throwing at the bottom of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort
The axe throwing at the bottom of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • Location: Revelstoke Mountain Resort or Peak Axe Throwing in town
  • Price: $10 CAD or 5 throws or $30 per hour (at Peak Axe Throwing)

Axe throwing is actually super fun and once you’ve tried it once you’ll want to do it again! I had my first axe throwing experience in Kelowna and instantly loved it. Despite previous doubts, even Bailey and her mom loved it too.

A great thing about axe throwing is that there’s plenty of ways to throw an axe so you can find the one that suits your strength and style. It’s also pretty cheap and only costs $10 per person for 5 throws at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Alternatively, you can visit Peak Axe Throwing in town and get an hour of throwing for $30 per person.

Honestly, give it a go – you won’t be disappointed!

17. Drive Rogers Pass

The views along the trans-Canada Highway near Revelstoke
The views just outside of Revelstoke on the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Location: Between Revelstoke and Golden along the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Price: Free

The Trans-Canada Highway between Revelstoke and Golden through Rogers Pass is easily one the most beautiful stretches of highway in all of Canada. From Revelstoke, you can enjoy stunning views of the mountains and make plenty of stops along the way.

Be sure to allow an entire day for the drive and stops. If you’re not heading to Banff or Golden already, then even consider just making the trip through the pass anyways, it’s gorgeous!

18. Spend the night at the Three Valley Lake Chateau

Three Valley Lake chateau in Revelstoke
My drone came in handy here!
  • Location: 19 Kilometers from Revelstoke at Three Valley Lake
  • Price: From $192 CAD per night

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a night in paradise then the Three Valley Lake Chateau is the perfect choice. The grounds of the hotel are stunning and the location in the valley even more so.

We first saw the hotel on our way into Revelstoke and instantly fell in love. After checking prices online we realized it wasn’t actually that much more expensive than the accommodation in Revelstoke. In fact, a basic room starts at only $192 CAD a night.

Of course, if you really want a special stay upgrade to the loft suite for only $10 more!

You should book your stay at the 3 Valley Lake Chateau in advance to secure a room! They often book up several days in advance! Tickets for the Ghost Town can just be bought upon arrival.

19. Visit the Heritage Ghost Town

heritage ghost town bank near Revelstoke
The Bank, just one of the many different historic buildings to explore.
Photo Credit: 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town
  • Location: Three Valley Gap, just 19 km from Revelstoke
  • Price: $14 CAD for adults, $6 for children

The hotel mentioned above is also located right next to the 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town. This ghost town will take you back in time to the late 1800s in the gold mining days. You can visit a range of different buildings and exhibits, each with its own unique experience.

This is a super fun place to explore and only costs $14 CAD for an adult or $6 for children. The Ghost Town is open from May to October every year. Tickets can be bought on arrival.

20. Go snowshoeing

Snow shoeing in Revelstoke
Check out those views!
  • Location: There are snowshoeing trails all over Revelstoke
  • Price: Snowshoe rentals start from $11 CAD per day

One of the best things to do in Revelstoke in the winter is snowshoeing! Revelstoke is known for getting huge amounts of snow every winter, which makes hiking hard! But with snowshoes, you can easily hike through the snow and experience some of the best trails in Revelstoke even in winter.

We rented snowshoes from the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club for only $11 per pair for the full day. We did the 7 Bridges snowshoeing trail which starts right from the rental shop. It was an easy loop track that took us about 2 hours to complete.

You can also explore many other trails in the area with snowshoes including Sutherland Falls, Inspiration Woods, Nes Nelson Ski Jump, and many others.

You can also book a guided snowshoe tour with Revelstoke Mountain Resort which includes a ride in the gondola to get to the start of the trail.

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21. Drink craft cocktails

drinking a moscow mule at Monashee Spirits
The Monsahee Mule is delicious!
  • Location: Downtown Revelstoke
  • Price: Cocktails start from $11 CAD each

I love Monashee Spirits! This cute award-winning distillery is also a beautiful bar located right in the heart of downtown Revelstoke. Pop in to try a couple of their unique and carefully crafted cocktails. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with their “Monahsee Mule” or “The Savory One”.

Monashee Spirits are open Wednesday to Sunday from 1 pm to 11 pm, and from 5 pm-11 pm on Tuesdays. Expect to pay upwards of $11 per cocktail, but they are totally worth every penny!

22. Go dog sledding

Dog sledding in Canmore, Alberta
You’ll never regret booking a dog sledding tour!
  • Location: Tours operate at a trail about 15 minutes from Revelstoke
  • Price: $369 CAD for two people

Is there a more classic Canadian winter experience than dog sledding?! That’s right, going on a dog sledding tour is a must-do in Canada and lucky for you, dog sledding tours are available right in Revelstoke!

Revelstoke Dog Sled Adventures offers dog sledding experiences daily. Tours start from $369 for a couple and last a couple of hours as you are pulled by a team of huskies. This company prides itself on its ethical treatment of its dogs.

To be honest, we can’t speak to the dog sledding experience in Revelstoke specifically as we have only personally done dog sledding in Canmore. However, we have heard great things! Plus, the mountain views around Revelstoke would turn this exciting activity into a scenic one too!

23. Eat delicious pizza at Nico’s Pizzeria

pizza at Niceo's pizzeria in Revelstoke, BC
It was so good that we had to mention Nico’s as one of the best things to do in Revelstoke!
  • Location: Downtown Revelstoke
  • Price: $12 CAD+ for a small pizza

Bailey and I headed out for some pizza after a busy day hitting the slopes. We stumbled across Nico’s Pizzeria and were pleasantly surprised by their super delicious pizza and ice-cold beer! For only $30 we shared a huge pizza and had enough leftovers to bring back with us for lunch the next day. It was so tasty that we just had to include it as one of the best things to do in Revelstoke!

Nico’s is a very small locally-owned restaurant located in downtown Revelstoke. You can dine in and take advantage of their nightly drink special, or just grab a pizza to go! They have various sizes available including individual slices.

Nico’s is open every day from 3 pm to 10 pm.

24. Eat mac’n cheese!

While we’re on the topic of food I just have to tell you about another amazing place to try in Revelstoke. Two words (or maybe it’s technically three) – mac’n cheese! Sure, it might not be the healthiest option, but you’re on holidays…and who doesn’t love a good mac’n cheese?!

Bailey is a self professed mac’n cheese lover, so when she heard there was a restaurant in Revelstoke that specialized in just that, well you know we simply had to go. When we arrived we knew we came to right spot as the place was packed, and as we came to find out, is a local favorite.

Craft Bierhaus is small restaurant located in downtown Revelstoke. Their small menu includes six different mac’n cheese dishes. They also serve a couple of starters, saldads, and mains, however, I can’t recommend the mac’n cheese enough. Bailey loved the “The Art of Chok” which includes “roasted red peppers, spinach, lemon and artichokes topped with arugula and balsamic reduction.” I prefer the classic – it;s so cheesy!

Craft Bierhaud is open daily from 3pm to 100 pm and dishes range in price from about $12 CAD to $20.

25. Go cross country skiing

Cross country skiing in Canada
This was Bailey’s first time cross country skiing.

Looking for a bit of exercise while visiting Revelstoke in the winter months? Cross country might be the perfect activity for you to try. Cross country skiing is a fun winter sport that is both easy and provides a decent workout. Most people who have never tried it before get the hang of it easily on their first go.

Head to the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club where you can rent skis and access groomed trails (perfect for beginners.) They have lots of information on which winter trails are accessible and the last time they were groomed, all of which can be found on their website.

Day use fees are $12 CAD per person or $27 for a family. An extra $6 fee per vehicle for backcountry use, the proceeds of which go to maintaining and grooming the 26km of cross-country trails. There is a lodge and cabin on-site where skiers can warm up, use the bathroom, and have a hot drink by donation. If you need rentals they have them available for $16.50 (boots and skis.)

Also, 6km of the trail is lit until 9:30 pm for night skiing – how cool!

26. Visit the Railway Museum

A train at the Revelstoke Railway Museum
One of the trains inside the Revelstoke Railway Museum!

As you might already know, the Canadian Railway has a lot of historic significance in Canada. Well, in Revelstoke you can learn all about it its very own Railway Museum.

The museum is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm and costs $22 CAD per family. The museum celebrates the last spike to be hammered at Craigellachie that completed the coast-to-coast Canadian railway in 1885.

Walk the museum grounds to see old railway cars or drive the diesel train simulator, a fan favorite at the museum and worth the price of admission on its own. 

This museum is one of the best things to do in Revelstoke when it’s raining or just when you want to head indoors for a little bit.

27. Go bowling

the outdoor patio at The Cabin in Revelstoke, BC
This bowling alley has a beautiful patio! Photo Credit: The Cabin

Another good indoor activity in Revelstoke is bowling. The bowling alley in Revelstoke isn’t just your average blowing alley, it is so much more.

The Cabin is a bowling alley as well as a bar serving craft cocktails and beer at their trendy lounge or on their patio. You’ll often find social events happening here including food trucks and DJs. There is also a board shop onsite – so you can, as their motto says “shop, drink & play.”

Bolwing is available on Fridays and Saturdays only from 5pm to 10pm. You should reserve in advance to secure a plan, The Cabin is usually very busy!

28. Check out the Historic Roxy Theatre 

The historic Roxy Theatre in Revelstoke, BC
The historic Roxy Theatre!

In the heart of downtown Revelstoke you can step back in time and enjoy a movie at a historic movie theatre. The Roxy Theatre has been open (in the current building) since 1938 and offers a boutique experience with modern sound and screens.

The theatre typically shows three movies and has a canon mascot named Boomer whose sticker of approval you’ll find on movies deemed ‘Boomer approved.’ The theater often screens new releases so you can always see something new!

Not only is it a great nostalgia trip, but the theatre’s art deco style is a must-see for any architecture buffs. 

29. Day trip to Nakusp

ferry corssing the lake between Revelstoke and Nakusp
Upper Arrow Lakes Ferry on the way from Revelstoke to Nakusp.

One of my favorite road trips from Revelstoke is the one to Nakusp. This drive will have you winding through beautiful forest before having to cross a lake on a small ferry – it’s really neat actually! The drive itself is only about 1.5 hours, but you;ll need to allow a little more time for the ferry. You can time your trip with the ferry schedule (from Revelstoke you’ll be leaving the Shelter Bay side.)

Besides the road trip, Nakusp is a cute town well worth exploring. Be sure to visit the Nakusup Hot Springs while you’re there as well as take a wander along the lake.

If you want, you can book a hotel and spend a night or two in Nakusp, it’s a super relaxing small town.

30. Day trip to Golden

Walking along the Golden Sky Bridge in Golden, BC
The Skybridge is one of Golden’s newest attractions.

Golden is a little town in the Rockies about two hours from Revelstoke (via Rogers Pass and Glacier National Park.) It’s surrounded by national parks, mountain ranges, and limitless outdoor activities, so there’s always something to do. Not to mention the fantastic restaurants, one-of-a-kind stores, lively bars, and fascinating cultural sites.

Your visit to Golden may be as exciting or as relaxing as you like! Here are a few ideas for epic things to do in Golden:

  • Stroll the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge – Golden is situated in such a lovely region that you will want to get outside and explore it on foot! Make a point of crossing the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge while you’re at it. It begins on 8th Avenue North in Golden and stretches 46 meters across the Kicking Horse River.
  • Enjoy supper with a viewEagle’s Eye Restaurant is the finest location to eat while taking in the mountain views! It’s the “crown gem” of resort cuisine and a must-do while staying at Kicking Horse Resort. The views from this restaurant, which is located at the top of the picturesque gondola, are unsurpassed. At 7,710 feet above sea level, it is Canada’s highest restaurant (in terms of elevation) — how awesome is that?!
  • Visit the Wolf Centre – Wolves are only one of the many magnificent creatures that may be found in the Canadian Rockies. While you probably don’t want to run into any in the wild, the Northern Lights Wolf Centre in Golden is an excellent location to learn about wolves and even see them.

While you can easily visit Golden on a day trip from Revelstoke, I recommend staying a night or two in Golden to properly explore the town. There are lots of great hotels to choose from in Golden too.

Are you visiting Revelstoke from Vancouver? Check out our guide to the best stops on the drive from Vancouver to Revelstoke!

Where to Stay in Revelstoke, BC

Sutton Place hotel in the snow at Revlstoke Moutnain resort
Photo Credit – Sutton Place Hotel

When it comes to choosing where to stay in Revelstoke, you have plenty of hotels to consider! Here are some of my personal favorites:

Cheap Stays

Frontier Motel – The Frontier Hotel is your cheapest option in Revelstoke. In all honesty, it’s very basic but the rooms only cost up to $74 a night for a queen room for two people.

Stoke Hotel – This hotel is a very good budget option that includes breakfast. It’s located right in town and has really good reviews!

Best Hotels

Coast Hillcrest Hotel – This highly rated hotel offers guests a comfortable stay at a reasonable price. They have an onsite fitness center, sauna, hot tub, as well as a restaurant. The location is central and the large selection of room types means there is something suitable for everyone including families.

Ramada hotel – Ramada hotels are always a great choice around Canada. Their rooms are luxurious and well priced. the hotel in Revelstoke is close to town and a great place to stay during your visit.

Sutton Place Hotel – If you want to be close to the action in winter or summer then this is easily your best option in Revelstoke. Its located right at the base of the Revelstoke mountain resort and comes with a pool. They offer studio apartments or suites!

You can browse all the accommodation in Revelstoke here!

Renting a Car in British Columbia

Winter road in British Columbia, Canada
Get out and explore in a rental car. The views from the road are just as amazing as the destination!

If you’re arriving in British Columbia via plane, then I can’t recommend getting a rental car enough. British Columbia is a large province and traveling between the best places to visit in BC requires transport. Although you can use public transport on some occasions, this means your trip will not only require more time but more planning.

Car rental in Canada is relatively cheap, especially if you get a budget car. The cheapest car with a pickup and drop-off in different locations is around $70 CAD per day. The price does vary though, depending on the time of year. For car rentals, I use the website Discover Cars. It’s a search engine with lots of deals with good customer service. In fact, I’ve used Discover Cars all over the world, including in Chile, New Zealand, and Australia.

Another popular option is to rent a campervan or motorhome (only for the brave in winter.) Using Motorhome Republic, you can search hundreds of deals across multiple companies to pick a great vehicle and the cheapest price. Having a motorhome is a stunning way to see Canada, and using crown land and campsites, you can often camp for free or very cheap in the most beautiful places imaginable!

Canada Travel Essentials

Bailey stands on a mountain in essential gear for the Canadian Rockies
A windproof jacket and Buff will save you in the mountains!

Before you decide to head off and explore the gorgeous mountains, lakes, towns, and cities around Canada it’s important to have the right equipment. Of course, it’s likely you’ll have most of the basics already but there are some common items people forget that I never travel without.

Crampons: In winter, crampons are super handy, but what people don’t realize is that they come in handy in summer too. In fact, up until mid-July, you can still expect icy conditions in the mountains. The pair I use is only $37 CAD and they have lasted me 3 seasons so far!

Waterproof shell: Most people will have this item but I thought I’d include it anyway since it’s so handy in Canada. The Columbia waterproof jacket is a lightweight windproof jacket that will seriously save you in many situations. The best part, though? It comes in pink!

Bear bells: These are a must, and for the price, you shouldn’t hike without them. The bear bells I use are only $9 CAD and they come with a silencer (a must) so you can easily travel with them.

Scent-proof bag (for bears): Most people think you only need to keep the smell of food away from you when you’re overnight camping. However, bears can smell the food in your bag while you’re hiking and the best way to avoid an encounter is to use a scent-proof bear bag. Basically, you put your food in the bag and the bear cannot smell it while you’re hiking. This is one item most people never have (I never hike without it) but it could save you and the bear.

Buff: I love my buff! Seriously, I go nowhere without it both in winter and summer. There are a few brands around but I always buy the original Buff (you know, the one from Survivor!) They’re a little more expensive but the material is good quality and both breathable and quick drying.

Dry bag: I have expensive camera equipment, so I always travel with a dry bag large enough to fit some of my equipment. It can be a camera, book, binoculars, or even my keys. Regardless, a dry bag gives me peace of mind! The MARCHWAY bag is really good quality, and when not in use, takes up only a small amount of room.

Binoculars: I love my binoculars! Seriously they have come in handy so many times, especially when I’m looking for wildlife. The best part is, I use a set that only costs $25 CAD and they serve my basic needs without any issues!

Before you go…

daniel and bailey take a selfie in the gondola at the revelstoke mountain resort
Thanks for reading and we hope this blog helps you enjoy Revelstoke, BC as much as we did!

Revelstoke, BC is such a cute town! No matter what time of year you’re visiting you’re guaranteed to find something fun to do.

I really hope this guide to the best things to do in Revelstoke Canada has helped plan your upcoming trip. If you have any questions at all please leave them below and we will get back to you!

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