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11 Things to do in Pipa, Brazil & City Guide

11 Things to do in Pipa, Brazil & City Guide

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Pipa, Brazil is one of the cutest towns in the whole country. If you’re looking for a laid-back beach town, then it is for you! This blog includes the best things to do in Pipa, Brazil, and other important info for visiting!

Brazil is home to so many amazing beaches, however, there is just one problem – they’re often overcrowded.

Although this creates that amazing Brazilian atmosphere filled with people having a great time, we really wanted to get away from the crowds. That’s why we decided to visit Pipa!

Pipa is the perfect place in Northeast Brazil to escape the larger crowds and enjoy some quiet time. The small hippie beach town is a relaxing change to places like Copacabana Beach or the beaches on Ilha Grande. So much so that I didn’t want to leave after I arrived!

With that said, there are some beaches in Pipa that are busy and lined with restaurants serving food and drinks. This makes Pipa the perfect balance for almost every traveler.

But what is there to do in Pipa? Where should I stay and how do I get there? Well, in this blog I’ll share with you my experience in Pipa, Brazil, and lots of tips you need to know before you go!

About Pipa, Brazil

Daniel does a handstand at a beach in Pipa, Brazil
Enjoying the deserted beaches in Pipa!

The town of Pipa is located only 84 kilometers (52.2 miles) from the large city of Natal. Due to strict environmental laws in Pipa, there are no highrise buildings, and development has been limited. This gives Pipa a unique look when compared with the rest of Brazil’s beach towns (which are often lined with highrise apartments and shopping complexes.)

Pipa is home to many beautiful beaches and they’re the highlight of this small town. These beaches include Pipa Beach, Baía dos Golfinhos, Praia Do Amor, Praia das Minas, and Madeiro Beach. With such a huge selection of beaches around Pipa, you can pick and choose depending on what makes a beach “perfect” for you.

Pipa is also a popular surf spot in Brazil and some of the beaches around the town are great for surfing. This has made Pipa somewhat of a hippie town that’s somewhat famous among young backpackers.

However, Pipa is no also very popular with Brazilians and is an ideal holiday spot in the northeast. This unique mix means there is as much rest and relaxation to be had as there is that classic Brazilian party vibe.

Pipa was without a doubt one of the best places I visited in Brazil. The mix of people, gravel roads, tiny shops, and a selection of beaches made me never want to leave!

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11 Best Things to do in Pipa, Brazil

1. See dolpins at Baía dos Golfinhos

Baía dos Golfinhos in Pipa, Brazil
Baía dos Golfinhos in Pipa, Brazil

Baía dos Golfinhos literally translates to “Dolphins Bay” which makes sense seeing as you can regularly spot dolphins. The best time to see the dolphins is around lunchtime, however, you can see them at any time of the day depending on how lucky you are.

At Baía dos Golfinhos you can rent a kayak for around $60 BRL ($11 USD) per hour and paddle out to get closer to the dolphins. There are also boat tours to the bay, but we don’t personally recommend joining them as they disturb the dolphins and are a reason that their pod numbers have fallen.

The truth is, you do not need to rent a kayak or do a boat tour to see dolphins as they come really close to the shore. You can literally just swim out and see them!

Baía dos Golfinhos is a great beach (not only for the dolphins) so be sure to come here just to swim and relax. Unfortunately for me, I never saw dolphins despite going to the beach on two occasions. However, I still enjoyed visiting this gorgeous beach. But, I really do hope you get luckier than me and see dolphins!

Getting there: Baía dos Golfinhos isn’t the easiest beach to get to and you do need to do some walking. From Pipa Beach, you need to walk north (to your left facing the beach) around some rocks to reach the bay. This must be done and low to medium tide as at high tide the way through is covered in water. I’ve heard that there are now some stairs to the beach so you don’t have to walk around the rocks. So, just ask around.

If coming from Natal you can opt to go on this Pipa Beach Tour for $25.70 USD which stops at Baía dos Golfinhos for an hour. Other notable stops are Madeiro Beach, Chapadão Hill, Amor Beach, and the village of Pipa.

2. Tour the sand dunes near Natal

On a sand buggy tour near Pipa, Brazil
This tour was so much fun!

The region around Pipa is filled with massive sand dunes and long beaches that are best explored by dune buggy. These tours have you exploring the beauty of this region all while having a great time speeding around.

From Pipa, dune buggy tours either head south to Sagí or north towards Natal. I personally did my dune buggy tour in Natal and visited the sand dunes near there. Our tour was amazing and all day we explored stunning beaches, enjoyed cocktails, and got an adrenaline rush while speeding over the sand dunes.

I loved the tour and it is definitely one of the best things to do in Natal. You can also do this exact tour from Pipa you just need to be prepared for a slightly longer drive to and from the dunes.

If you choose to go south to Sagí then you’ll get pretty much the same experience but with different beaches and views. This is the recommended place to go to from Pipa just because it is much closer. However, I can only personally say that the dunes to the north near Natal are amazing!

Deciding where the do your tour should be the only question on your mind as this is a must-do in the northeast region of Brazil!

3. Watch the sunset at Chapadao Hill

Chapadao Hill at sunset in Pipa, Brazil
Chapadao hill at sunset in Pipa, Brazil

If you’re looking for a viewpoint to enjoy the sunset or sunrise then you can’t beat Chapadao Hill in Pipa. This beautiful viewpoint overlooks Praia do Armor and one of my Brazil highlights was getting to watch the sunset here.

From Praia do Armor you can reach the cliffs by walking and it only takes around 20 minutes. From the beach, you must walk up some stairs that are carved into the rock. These can be hard to find in the morning as no one is around, but during the day or at sunset, lots of people will be walking up.

At this viewpoint, you can look down at the water and relax. You can also walk down to the water where there are some small pools to swim in at low tide.

Just be mindful that it can be very windy so try to pick a day without wind. You also need to be careful as this is a cliff face and getting too close to the edge is not a good idea!

4. Take a yoga class

Yoga at Orishas Resto Bar in Pipa
Photo credit: Orishas Resto Bar in Pipa

Being a hippie town, Pipa is filled with yoga studios and hostels that offer yoga classes. During my stay in Pipa, I started every day with a free yoga lesson at our hostel called Lagarto Na Banana Hostel. I am a novice but the classes were really good and I was surrounded by nature!

Of course, you can do yoga classes at many different hotels and retreats in Pipa. Some other places include:

Surf Pipa: This surf school offers the perfect mix of yoga and surfing. It’s recommended for surfers who love yoga or yogis that want to learn how to surf.

Sossego Surf Camp: Sossego is another surf camp that also does lots of yoga. They have packages that include 2 hours of yoga a day and a 1-hour surf lesson, as well as accommodation and food. The retreat is located just north of Pipa in a town called Tibau do Sul.

Orishas Resto Bar: This bar offers a free yoga class every Wednesday with a qualified instructor at the bar. This lesson takes place right on the beach!

There are many more places that offer yoga in Pipa. So, if these places don’t seem appealing, just ask around while you’re there!

5. Take a surf lesson

A man surfs in Pipa, Brazil
Pipa is a great place to catch a wave or two!

Pipa is a surf town and as such, surfing in one of the best things to do. Around Pipa, there are many different surf spots that can accommodate beginners all the way up to experienced surfers.

There are also surf schools and camps such as the Surf Camp Pipa Hostel. This hostel is a favorite among budget backpackers who love to surf and the hostel offers board rentals and surf lessons.

With that said, you can pretty much rent a surfboard from anywhere in town including at the beaches in Pipa. The only thing you need to do is choose the beach that’s right for your skill level.

These are the best surf beaches in Pipa and who they’re best suited to:

Praia do Amor: aka Love Beach is easily the most accessible surf spot in Pipa. You can rent boards right from the beach and the surf here is great for all levels. The waves break over sand with only a few rocks so beginners can learn safely. This is where I surfed in Pipa mainly for convenience.

Lajão: Advanced surfers will love Lajão. This is the longest wave in Pipa and can reach up to 500 meters (1,640 feet)! It has a reef bottom and gets pretty large swells so this wave is only for experienced surfers.

Cacimbinhas: Cacimbinhas is located just north of Pipa and is a great beach all year round with waves for all levels. It’s a sand bottom wave with both right and lefts. This is a great alternative to Praia do Amor because it’s much less crowded.

Madeiro: This last surf spot around Pipa is perfect for all levels. There is a mix of sand and reef as well as left and right-handed waves. This spot is also popular with dolphins so there’s a great chance to surf with them! You can pre-book a surf lesson at Madeiro beach that includes hotel pickup in Pipa.

With so many surf beaches around Pipa, it’s an ideal place to learn to surf or visit if you’re a keen surfer.

6. Enjoy lunch and drinks at Praia do Centro

Relaxing at Praia do Centro in Pipa, Brazil
Relaxing at Praia do Centro in Pipa, Brazil

Remember those quiet secluded beaches in Pipa I was talking about before? Well, this isn’t one of them, but that’s what makes it such a fun place to hang out!

Praia do Central Pipa is the busiest beach in town and the entire beach is lined with tables and chairs. Although this can be offputting to some, if you want to enjoy a beer and some A-grade table service then this is the place to do it.

Literally, everything will be brought to you as you sit back and relax. Street sellers will offer a range of foods and services including massages, fresh oysters, prawns, as well as souvenirs.

If you don’t want to purchase anything just remember to term “no obrigado” which means “no thank you”!

When we visited, we found a table shaded with an umbrella to enjoy cheap beers and seafood. We ordered a large plate of prawns and it was delicious! For us, the vibrant atmosphere of this busy beach was easily one of the best things to do in Pipa! Relaxing here with a cold drink definitely feels like you’re on holiday.

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7. Eat fresh seafood

Prawn dish at Camarao na Fazenda Pipa
Prawn dish at Camarao na Fazenda Pipa

One of my favorite things about Pipa, Brazil is the fresh seafood. Being located on the coast and out of any major cities means there is so much fresh seafood on offer. From tuna to prawns to lobster, there is plenty to enjoy and it’s all fresh!

Although you can get seafood at just about every restaurant in Pipa, it’s best to do some research so you end up in a great place.

A few restaurants that I personally loved in Pipa were:

Camarao na Fazenda Pipa: This small hidden gem is the perfect place to go for a romantic seafood dinner. The dishes here are really fancy and well-presented.

Tapas: Tapas is another fancy seafood restaurant that, in my opinion, serves the best tuna ever! It is covered in a sesame seed crust and wow, it’s delicious!

Restaurante Oca Toca: Oca Toca is actually a hotel restaurant so I was a little nervous about trying it. However, the food was so good! This place is a little pricey in comparison to the rest of the town though and meals here cost around $50 BRL ($9.27 USD).

These restaurants were just my personal favorites but there are so many around Pipa. One thing is for sure though, trying seafood is one of those “must-do” things to do in Pipa!

8. Visit Cajueiro de Pirangi (Cashew Tree)

Walking among Cajueiro de Pirangi near Pipa, Brazil
Walking among Cajueiro de Pirangi near Pipa, Brazil

This next thing to do in Pipa is super cool and took me by total surprise. Cajueiro de Pirangi is the world’s largest cashew tree! The tree covers an area of around 8,000 square meters (86,111 square feet)!

But the best part? You can visit the tree and walk around it through a small path under the canopy. There is also a viewpoint you can climb to get a birds-eye view of the tree.

Visiting was a great experience and once you see how these trees grow you’ll be amazed. You can also buy fresh cashews at the tree for really cheap prices and cashew juice or alcohol which is actually very similar to Cachaça.

Cajueiro de Pirangi is located in Pringi do Norte around 45 minutes from Pipa. You can either take a tour to the tree or get the local bus to the town and explore. The entrance to the tree is only $2 BRL ($0.37 USD).

This is easily the most unique thing to do in Pipa, Brazil, and one attraction I highly recommend!

9. Visit the Santuario Ecologico de Pipa

View of the beach from the path in the Santuario Ecologico de Pipa
The protected beaches of the Santuario Ecologico de Pipa

Visiting Santuario Ecologico de Pipa is a must-do activity while in Pipa. This small privately-owned reserve is one of the only places that protect Pipa’s beautiful coastline from development. It is now a sanctuary for birds and other animals such as monkeys and turtles.

The park is small, however, there are lots of trails that lead through it and you could spend a good half-day exploring if you wanted to. Entrance to the park is only $20 BRL ($3.70 USD) so it’s a cheap activity that supports one of the only conservation projects in the area.

10. Explore the nightlife in the village

During the day it’s likely that you’ll want to spend most of your time by the water or enjoy the other nature aspects Pipa has. However, once the sun has set you might want to wander into to town to see what transforms into one of the most lively areas in the region.

Hop around to the different bars, clubs, or live shows. Start out the evening by grabbing drinks and watching the sunset from Lookout Sunset Bar or Pipa Beach Club. Then walk Baía dos Golfinhos and pop in and out of the different bars that call your name – Ágora often has live music and a DJ. Mikroponto Bar plays rock and serves cold beers. While Tribus and Bakana Bar are nice spots for dancing.

Pipa Open Air is the main outdoor venue for concerts and you can check what’s happening on their Facebook page.

11. Go biking

It’s easy to get caught up in the views from the beaches in Pipa and I don’t blame you but another idea is to check out the views from up on some cliffs and lookout points on this 3-hour biking and hiking tour. These are some views you won’t find from a street or bus view!

You will get to go up to Chapadao Hill for views of the Praia do Amor Coast as well as trek around the trails of Santuario Ecologico de Pipa and hope to spot turtles and dolphins. There is also a leisurely ride through the streets of Pipa.

Transport to and from your hotel in Pipa to the starting point of the tour is included as well as bikes, safety equipment, and bottled water.

It costs $32 USD to book this biking and hiking tour.

Where to Stay in Pipa, Brazil

Looking down at Pipa, Beach

Lagarto Na Banana Hostel: This is where I stayed during my time in Pipa, Brazil. It’s a simple hostel with a great atmosphere for meeting other travelers. It’s ideal for anyone who loves free yoga, communal dinners, playing music, and cheap drinks. It’s located a little out of town but is visited by monkeys every morning! A bed in a dorm room costs $12 USD.

You can check availability on or Hostelworld.

Pousada Catavento: This mid-range hotel is located in the heart of Pipa. The grounds are beautiful and the room rate includes a superb breakfast. All of the rooms have AC, a minibar, a balcony, and a hammock. There is also a large pool that’s perfect for quiet days when you don’t want to go to the beach. Expect to pay $72 USD for a queen room.

You can check availability on

La Réserve Design Villas: This next hotel is perfect for those in groups, families, or a couple who want lots of privacy right in town. Made up of private villas with private pools, the stunning apartments are the perfect place to stay while in Pipa. The property also has a rooftop terrace. A 2-bedroom villa with a full kitchen for 2 people starts at $131 USD a night.

You can check availability on

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Thanks for reading!

Bailey takes a selfie in Pipa, Brazil
Thanks for reading!

Pipa, Brazil really is a magical place to visit. The beaches, wildlife, and fun atmosphere make it the perfect place to spend a few days or weeks. Looking back it really was one of the best places we visited in Brazil!

Thanks so much for reading our travel guide to the best thing to do in Pipa! If you loved this blog, then be sure to read all our other Brazil travel blogs here or these related articles below!

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