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What Made Me Fall in Love With Cuba

Last updated : June 3rd, 2019

the people in cuba are very friendly and one of the reaosns to visit cuba

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Cuba is a very special country with many things to offer visitors unlike anywhere else in the world. Need some inspiration to book a trip to Cuba or reasons to visit Cuba? Well, in this blog I will tell you exactly why Cuba stole my heart!

Reasons to Visit Cuba: How Cuba Stole My Heart

A trip to Cuba is unlike any other. Cuba is truly a unique country that will leave you wander-lusting for more. Whether it is the incredible scenery, the friendly people, or the vibrant culture, Cuba is sure to steal your heart just as it has stolen mine.

Unfortunately, too many people go to Cuba and sit in a resort the majority of the time. There is so much to experience in Cuba that you really need to venture out and explore! Even if that means going on a tour in Cuba, the most important thing is that you are able to get out and about and experience everything that makes Cuba so special.

Reflecting on my recent trip to Cuba has made me realise why Cuba stole my heart. And it isn’t just one thing, but a collection of many different aspects of my trip.

These are the reasons I fell in love with Cuba, and are some great reasons to visit Cuba that are sure to inspire you to book that trip!

reasons to visit cuba
Enjoying the view of Havana’s central square at night.

Vibrant Music and Dancing

Thinking of my time in Cuba the first thing that comes to mind is all of the music and dancing. Everywhere I went there was music and people dancing salsa. I love live music and really appreciated the efforts most bars and restaurants made to have live music each night. Many of the musicians sold CD’s for only a few dollars and they made for a great souvenir to bring home!

If you ever wanted to learn to dance salsa, Cuba is the perfect place to let go of your inhibitions and give it a go! Sign up for proper lessons or just wing it at a local in a club – either way, you’ll learn and have a blast doing so!

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Beautiful (and interesting) City Streets

Walking the streets of Cuba is stunning and interesting in itself simply because of the incredible architecture and historical buildings. Old hotels in Parque Central in Havana date back hundreds of years! Everywhere you look there is history on the walls!

beautiful architecture in cuba is one of the reasons to visit cuba
Wandering the gorgeous streets!

Some of the less touristy areas of town are also interesting to walk. The buildings are also old but more run-down, but that doesn’t change their charm. Graffiti filled walls tell stories and make for a good way to learn about Cuba’s past.

wandering the streets in old havana
These three men were just going about their day.
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Friendly and Welcoming People

Cubans are very warm people. Many of them will greet you with a smile and kindness.
One of the best way to really get know the people is to stay at “casa particulares”. Casa Particulares are privately owned hotels, almost like a Bed and Breakfasts. Many of them are extremely nice little homes and the owner, your hosts, will go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. The local hosts are so warm and accommodating that you are guaranteed to feel at home immediately!
the people in cuba are very friendly
While there are some scammers (especially around Old Havana) there are also lots of very kind and helpful Cuban people. We experienced this first-hand many times. If you speak Spanish then you will really enjoy getting to know the locals, but if you don’t you will still be able to interact with them as many people speak basic English.

taxi drivers in old havana
The people in Cuba have a great sense of humor and are very friendly. The people are one of the reasons to visit Cuba!
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The Rum and Cigars

While I don’t smoke, the cigars in Cuba were actually very good. There was something special about sitting out on an open patio, listening to live music, smoking a cigar, and drinking Pina Coladas that I will always remember.

Rum is tasty and cheap in Cuba, so you are sure to drink your fair share while on holidays! In fact, at one restaurant in particular that I went to, I ordered a Pina Colada and my cocktail came out with a full bottle of rum on the side. Confused, I asked the waitress why I was brought the rum, and she said I was allowed to add as much rum as I wanted! Its safe to say I got pretty tipsy off just that one cocktail.

drink lots of rum in cuba
Daniel topping off our Pina Coladas! So much rum!

Did you know that there is also some great craft beer in Havana you can try?!

The Cars

Looking back on my photos of Cuba, my favourite of all seem to involve classic cars. It is amazing to see all of the old cars driving around. Some of the cars are restored and some are just plain old and run down. But regardless, the cars mixed with the beautiful historic buildings make for some beautiful sights to see and of course, photos!

the old ars are one of the reasons to visit cuba
There are so many old (gorgeous) cars in Cuba!

I would highly recommend taking full advantage of these old cars. While there are proper yellow taxis in Cuba, you might as well enjoy the experience and take a vintage taxi. In fact, we found that they were actually cheaper than the yellow taxis. So not only is it an experience, it is a better deal!

old cars in cuba are taxis
Many of the old cars in Cuba are actually taxis!

You can also hire the fancy restored cars with a driver as a tour guide to take you around on a city tour. Negotiate on the price though, usually, you can barter them to half of the original asking price.

riding around in a convertible in cuba
Enjoying the ride!

The Beaches

Of course, hanging out on the beaches next to the Caribbean Sea is nothing short of magic! If you like warm weather, the ocean, and white sand then Cuba is the place for you! The beaches alone could be enough reasons to visit Cuba!

As much as I love cultural experiences and the hustle and bustle of the city, it is always nice to have a day or two relaxing on the beach! I am sitting here right now reminiscing of soaking up the sun…take me back!

fancy cars and beaches are common in cuba
We took a ride in this beautiful car to get to the beach!
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How to Best Experience Cuba

As mentioned before, too many people “travel” Cuba, but they really only stay in the boundaries of the hotel. Don’t do this. Get out and about, explore the streets of Havana, travel to different towns, and check out the tobacco fields. In order to truly fall in love with Cuba, you need to actually experience it.

The truth is that Cuba is an extraordinary country. When in Cuba you are guaranteed to see a colourful cultural, vibrant people, and breathtaking scenery which are great reasons to visit Cuba. I am personally so glad that I decided to visit Cuba, and I am already starting to think about when I should go back!

Have you been to Cuba before? What do you think are some reasons to visit Cuba?

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