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10 Things to KNOW Before Visiting Mystika, Tulum +Our Honest Review

10 Things to KNOW Before Visiting Mystika, Tulum +Our Honest Review

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People often travel to Tulum to see the impressive ruins, gorgeous beaches, and magical cenotes. While there is so much to explore around Tulum, one of the most interesting experiences is actually a museum! Mystika Immersive is an interactive museum that tells the story of the ancient Mayan civilization in an incredibly different way. 

Even with so many great day trips you can take from Tulum, we love how convenient this experience is! Being located right in the city of Tulum, this is a fun way to dive deeper into the culture and should definitely make your Tulum itinerary. We visited Mystika Immersive last time we were here and were certainly blown away! It’s a beautiful display of art and history that really needs to be seen for yourself.

So here is everything you need to know before visiting Mystika Immersive! We hope this guide will make your trip seamless so you can simply enjoy the experience as much as we did. 

Don’t have time to read the full article? Mystika Immersive is an art museum come to life! The vivid exhibits are breathtaking and make for amazing photos too. It’s best to book tickets in advance to skip any long lines and it’s really reasonable at only $27 USD!

1. What is Mystika Immersive Tulum? 

Daniel at the entrance to Mystika Immersive, Tulum
Step into another world!
Bailey in a display at the Mystika Immersive at the Tulum Ruins
So cool!

Mystika Immersive is not your average museum, it is more of a holistic sensory experience with history, culture, and ancient Mayan cosmology mixed in. Using visual effects, photography, and art, Mystika Immersive creates a 360-degree display to tell stories of Mayan history. It’s a totally unique experience that’s easily one of the best tours in Tulum, and quite beautiful to see! 

Mystika is considered a museum because it gives so much information about ancient Mayan history, but it’s a lot more exciting than typical museums. Seven different rooms use projectors, lights, sounds, visual arts, and photos to tell different stories of the once-great civilization. As you move from room to room, you gain a better understanding of the culture.

Each room focuses on a different aspect of Mayan history. The most impressive rooms are the Sanctuary, which is a monarch butterfly and firefly wonderland, with a section of humpback whales too! The Maya is a 360-degree dome, which focuses on the cosmos. You’ll feel like you’re actually standing under the most beautiful starry night you’ve ever seen.

This incredible art exhibition was created by world-renowned photographer and artist, Pepe Soho. He is originally from Mexico, but has extensively traveled the world, and wanted to share the richness of his homeland. So he developed Mystika Immersive, and it truly does represent a beautiful part of Mexico’s history!

Mystika Immersive is located right next to the Tulum Ruins, so it’s easy to visit after exploring the ruins. The simplest way to visit Mystika Ruins is by booking your tickets online for about $27 USD. You can just arrive once you’re done checking out the ruins, show the ticket you purchased in advance, and dive into the experience. Plus, it’s a nice air-conditioned break after being out in the hot sun for hours!

I found it really insightful to visit Mystika Immersive after touring the ruins. I already had a basic understanding of the ancient civilization and the immersive experience gave me deeper knowledge and appreciation that I found really valuable! It is a beautiful display of Mexico’s history, and totally worth a visit for anyone going to Tulum. 

2. Is Mystika Immersive Tulum included in your Tulum Ruins entrance ticket? 

Bailey walks the photo gallery at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
The photo gallery!

No, Mystika Immersive and the Tulum Ruins are two separate things. While they are conveniently located next to each other, you will purchase your tickets for the ruins at the entrance gate. After you’re done exploring the Tulum Ruins, you will exit the grounds and find the Mystika Immersive entrance closer to the parking lot.

If you purchased your Mystika ticket ahead of time (which I recommend) you can simply skip the line and show your ticket and enter Mystika Immersive. 

3. Is there parking at Mystika Immersive Tulum?

Daniel poses for a photo with our rental car at the Tulum Ruins parking lot in Tulum, Mexico
Parking lot at the Tulum Ruins!

Yes, you can park at the Tulum Ruins parking lot, which is quite large so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a spot.

You will have to pay for parking (about 160 MXN/$9 USD) but you know your car will be safe and secure here. Mystika Immersive is a 4-minute walk from the parking lot so you can easily get here after touring the ruins. There are facilities, such as bathrooms and food vendors, located here for your convenience. 

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4. How much does it cost to visit Mystika Immersive Tulum?

Bailey watches a display at the Mystika Immersive, Tulum
Mystika Immersive at the Tulum Ruins is so cool!
Bailey looks at a galaxy at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
You step into the art!

This tour of Mystika Immersive is $27 USD. You will spend about 1 to 1.5 hours wandering through the seven enchanting rooms. This is just your entrance ticket, it is self-guided so you can move at your own pace and really enjoy the experience! 

I prefer to book tickets in advance, rather than buy tickets at the gate because it makes planning your day much simpler. Plus, using the tour company Viator has a great cancellation policy and I love the flexibility that comes with it, just in case any plans change! 

5. Do you need to purchase tickets to Mystika Immersive Tulum in advance? 

Butterfly pattern from a projector at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
It’s so impressive!

It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. If you’re visiting Tulum during the high tourist season (December to April), you can expect it to be pretty busy, especially on weekends.

Having a ticket already means you won’t need to wait in line to buy one and the ticket is good for anytime on the day you choose, so there’s a lot of flexibility depending on your other plans that day.

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6. Why book on Viator?  

While you can buy tickets through the official Mystika website, there are some real advantages to buying in advance with Viator. First off, Viator is a trusted online booking system for experiences around the world! We always try to book all our tours in Mexico using Viator because it’s straightforward and legit.

For these Mystika tickets, Viator offers free cancellation with a full refund up to 24 hours in advance. So if your plans change and you’d rather go on a different day, no big deal!

Using Viator is also helpful for budgeting for trips as they have the reserve now and pay later option. This means you can book a bunch of tours in Tulum at the same time and not have to pay until closer to the time.

If you purchase a Mystika Immersive ticket from their website, you will be charged in Mexican currency aka pesos. Whereas buying a Mystika ticket with Viator lets you pay in whatever currency you want. It’s the same price for Mystika tickets on Viator, so for the extra advantages Viator offers, we say go for it!

7. When is Mystika Immersive Tulum open? 

The main floor at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
The main floor at Mystika Immersive, Tulum

Mystika Immersive is open every day of the week, so you can go whenever works best for you! It’s open Sunday through Tuesday from 10 am until 8 pm with the last entry of the day at 6:30 pm. Then it’s open Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm with the last entry at 7:30 pm.

If you have a bigger group and want to book an exclusive experience after hours, you can do so by contacting the museum itself!

8. How long do you need to visit Mystika Immersive Tulum?

Bailey enjoys a display at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
Digital art!

You can expect to spend about 1 hour to 1.5 hours at Mystika Immersive. You can use your pre-booked ticket at any point during opening hours and then move from room to room as you like. The rooms are timed, and you’ll notice when it restarts, which is somewhat your cue to move to the next room.

However, once you’re in there, you can really take as long as you want. In some rooms, I just stood there, in awe of the visual effect show, and others were great photo opportunities. 

It’s really cool how it is an interactive museum, you don’t have to be quiet or not take photos and can go at your own pace. It allows you to make the experience your own!

9. Who is Mystika Immersive Tulum suitable for? 

Bailey at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
I loved it!

This experience is great for anyone, truly! It is such a unique experience that anyone can take something away from. Those who love art, photography, and history will especially be amazed by the production, but it is also simply a beautiful place to explore.

Kids have a lot of fun here, they love the special effects and interactive exhibits, and they have the freedom to explore! If you purchase kids’ tickets online, children ages 6-12 are $16 USD, and little ones 5 and under are free!

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10. Is Mystika Immersive Tulum worth it? 

Bailey inside and Immersive at Mystika Immersive, Tulum
Bailey in an experience at Mystika Immersive, Tulum

Absolutely, yes! Mystika Immersive is one of the most unique experiences I’ve encountered anywhere in the world. It absolutely must make your Mexico itinerary! The blend of art, history, and culture is fascinating, and the way it’s done really holds your attention.

It is strikingly beautiful, I left feeling amazed and fulfilled, like that feeling when you witness something truly one-of-a-kind. It’s also a great activity to do after visiting the Tulum Ruins because you have the knowledge and awe fresh in your brain, and this experience just takes it a step further. 

Plus, it is conveniently located next to the ruins, and a nice indoor activity after being out in the hot sun all day! I’d say Mystika Immersive is a must-do activity when visiting Tulum!

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Other Activities to do While in Tulum

Diving in Tulum, Mexico
My first cenote dive was in Tulum!
Seafood tacos on a food tour around Tulum
Seafood tacos!

Besides exploring Mystika Immersive, you have to see more of what this awesome city has to offer before you leave! Here are a few of my favorite things to do in Tulum:

  • Have a beach day – With all the adventuring and exploring you’ll likely be doing in Tulum, a lazy beach day is a perfect activity to relax! Tulum has some of the best beaches in Mexico. The closest beach to Tulum is Paradise Beach, and the name speaks for itself. You can rent lounge chairs here for $10 USD and enjoy the nearby restaurants.
  • Try a Temazcl ceremony – Another fun and authentic way to experience Mayan culture is to try a Temazcl ceremony, which is a bit like a sauna where a shaman helps you rejuvenate and cleanse the body! I’ve tried one before in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and had a blast. I’d recommend this Temazcal tour for Tulum, which offers both shared and private tours.
  • Go ziplining – Traveling with kids? Or maybe you’re a big kid like us and still get a huge kick out of swinging through the trees? You’re never too old to let your hair down, and this 4-hour ziplining, rappelling, and cenote tour is a whole lot of fun! At $80 USD, I’d say this is great value and would make for an epic half-day out. While it doesn’t include transport, you can easily arrange this for about $15 USD from Tulum.

Where to Stay in Tulum, Mexico

If you’re going to be visiting Mystika Immersive and the Tulum Ruins, staying nearby makes it easy! It cuts down on transportation costs and travel time – whether you’re driving yourself or joining a tour.

No matter what you’re looking for in a hotel, Tulum has it! Offering everything from hostels to 5-star luxury hotels, there is accommodation for any budget.

Here are some of the best places to stay in Tulum (categorized by budget!):

Luxury – $$$

If you’re looking to make your vacation a luxurious trip, there are plenty of good options in Tulum! 

Hotel Boutique TerraNova is a top-rated boutique hotel that truly makes your stay like paradise. All the rooms are spacious and have a garden patio, and there is an outdoor pool as well! You can expect to pay at least $300 USD per night during the peak season for a deluxe queen room. For an upscale hotel with modern, serene vibes, book your stay at TerraNova here!

Another incredible luxury option is Kan Tulum. This hotel is actually built around its own private cenote! These rooms have a unique jungle treehouse design, with gorgeous terraces to see the sunset. You are well located right next to beaches and nightlife. Rooms cost around $250-$450 USD, but will certainly be a memorable experience! For a unique stay you’ll only find in Tulum, reserve your room at Kan Tulum online here!

Mid-range – $$

Aruma Boutique Hotel is a moderately priced, artsy hotel that’s still very comfortable and family-friendly! It has a great location and is only a few minutes away from Tulum’s city center and many shops and restaurants. They also serve an exceptional breakfast, including espresso, and the staff is so friendly! There’s a rooftop pool and bar, which makes a great place to relax after a day of exploring.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150 USD a night depending on the time of year you are visiting. But to take advantage of this awesome deal, you’ll want to reserve this accommodation well in advance!

Budget – $$$

For budget travelers, my favorite hostel is Che Hostel. It’s just steps from downtown Tulum and has a tropical vibe with gardens surrounding the property. There are lots of events happening here, including salsa dancing and pool parties!

You can get a dorm room for as low as $20 USD, which is truly a steal considering how nice this hostel really is! They also offer gorgeous private rooms. If you’re traveling on a budget, I encourage you to book well in advance – and you can do so on or

Check out all accommodations available in Tulum here!

Renting a Car in Mexico

Bailey and Daniel take a selfie while driving around Mexico
A rental car means freedom to go to the beach whenever you want!

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to get around Mexico is in a rental car. 

I struggled to get around by bus and taxi for the longest time. But after renting a car in Cancun in 2023, I never looked back. It allowed me to explore the country without worrying about tours or taxis. It was why I fell in love with Mexico and eventually decided to live here periodically. 

I refuse to use local services whenever I rent a car in Mexico. The truth is they sometimes can’t be trusted or come with hidden fees (or costly insurance that doesn’t make sense.) There are even rental car scams! So instead, I use Discover Cars, the company most experienced travelers or ex-pats in Mexico recommend. 

The rates on Discover Cars are cheap, too, with the average rental costing around $25 USD per day. Full coverage insurance can be added for an extra $10 USD a day too. 

Driving in Mexico also only requires a driver’s license using the Roman alphabet. If yours uses another like Japan and China, you simply need an international driving permit. 

Insurance is required, but if you book with Discover Cars and get the full coverage, that’s all you need! Oh, and being over 18 is required, and if you’re over 25, your rental will be much cheaper! 

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie at the Tulum Ruins in Tulum, Mexico
Thanks for reading!

Tulum is one of our favorite places in Mexico because of all the unique experiences it offers. Top among them is definitely Mystika Immersive. I was blown away the first time I visited and definitely hope to drop in again when we are back in town. Hopefully, this guide has helped you plan your own visit to Mystika!

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