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Medellin Itinerary: How to Spend 1 to 5 Days in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin Itinerary: How to Spend 1 to 5 Days in Medellin, Colombia

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This blog is a day-by-day Medellin itinerary outlining how to spend 1 to 5 days in Medellin, Colombia. If you have limited time in Medellin it’s best to have your Medellin itinerary all planned out to maximize your time – and here you can do just that!

Medellin is one of Colombia’s most impressive cities, making it popular with tourists from all over the world. However, with the huge range of things to do and see and plenty of tours in Medellin to choose from, planning your Medellin itinerary can seem challenging.

Well, lucky for you, we’ve been to Medellin on three different occasions and have spent a combined total of seven weeks in the city. So it’s safe to say we are experts when it comes to exploring Medellin as a tourist!

Based on all of the things we’ve done in Medellin we’ve created this Medellin itinerary planning guide. You can choose a combination of any days you’d like to suit the amount of time you want to spend in Medellin and your own interests.

So here we go, an ideal Medellin itinerary suitable for spending 1, 2, 3, 4, OR 5 days in Medellin!

Don’t have time to read the full article? Whether you’re in Medellin for one day or five, we recommend checking out Comuna 13, learning the city’s history by taking a tour, and going on a day trip to the surrounding areas. Of course, the best way to get to know a new place is by eating the food, and this private street food tour has a great variety of local bites.

Day 1 – Poblado, Communa 13, and Salsa

Morning – Explore El Poblado

Artwork on a wall in El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
Some of the street art around El Poblado, Medellin

This morning you’re going to take it easy and explore the trendiest neighborhood in all of Medellin which is conveniently located out your front door (if you stay in any of my recommended hotels below.)

El Poblado is a beautiful and safe area in Medellin. Between the luscious parks, boutique stores, and amazing restaurants it is a must-visit on any Medellin itinerary.

Go for a wander, grab an amazing brunch with local Colombian coffee, and get your bearings in this area which will be your “home” for the next couple of days.

Breakfast recommendation: Head over to Pergamino for brunch and coffee. This trendy cafe serves the BEST coffee in Poblado as well as awesome food (try their avocado and feta toast, it’s amazing!)

Afternoon – Comuna 13 Walking Tour

Some houses on the hills in Comuna 13 on our tour to the area in Medellin
Some houses on the hills in Comuna 13

No Medellin itinerary is complete without a visit to Comuna 13. This neighborhood was once one of the most unsafe areas in all of Medellin, but today it is quite the opposite and boasts beautiful graffiti, views over the city, and a lively atmosphere.

The best way to enjoy Communa 13 is on a guided tour in Medellin. This way, your guide will be able to show you the most interesting areas as well as share stories along the way.

You can choose to take the metro on your own and join a free walking tour or opt for a paid guided tour with pick-up in El Poblado.

This tour in particular is not just a walking tour around Comuna 13 but also takes you around for some incredible street food including empanadas and mango ice cream with salt and lemon.

No matter what you choose though, you need to ensure a Communa 13 tour makes its way onto your Medellin itinerary as to me, it is one of the absolute best things to do in Medellin.

Lunch recommendation: You’ll likely still be full from your brunch in Poblado, so just grab some empanadas for lunch. There are tons of street food stands around Communa 13 or on the way to the metro station. Typical empanadas in Medellin are made from beef or potato.

Evening – Pizza and Salsa

The pizza at Cafe Zorba in Medellin, Colombia
The pizza at Cafe Zorba in Medellin, Colombia

After enjoying your afternoon in Communa 13 it’s time to head back to Poblado for dinner. My favorite restaurant in Medellin is a place called Cafe Zorba, and they serve the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Cafe Zorba only serves vegetarian food, but believe me, as a fellow meat-eater I was incredibly impressed with how tasty vegetarian pizza can be. Try the Espinica pizza and you will not be disappointed.

Cafe Zorba also serves massive cocktails for a reasonable price and they often have live music. Try to go for dinner before 7 pm though if you don’t want to have to wait for a table.

After dinner, it’s time for salsa! Head to Buena Vista or take a cab to Son Habana. These are both popular salsa clubs in Medellin. Even if you’re not an experienced salsa dancer it’s fun to go just to watch the talented dancers.

Going to a salsa club in any Medellin itinerary is essential. So, even if you’re too tired to go out on night one, be sure to sneak it in another night!

Day 2 – Downtown, cable cars, and sunset with a view

Morning – Downtown Walking Tour

Bailey walks amoung the lights of hope in Medellin, Colombia
Bailey walks among the lights of hope in Medellin, Colombia

This morning you’re going to explore “Centro” or the downtown area of Medellin. In all honesty, you don’t need a pricy tour to do this as one of the best downtown tours of Medellin is FREE! The only catch is that you must book it online 24 hours in advance to secure your spot.

Head to Real City’s website and book your free walking tour downtown the day before to prevent being turned away when you show up.

Take the metro to Alpujarra Station and you’ll meet your tour guide here. The walking tour lasts for about 3 hours and will show you all of the best places in downtown Medellin.

It is also a tour full of history and gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have to the very knowledgeable guide.

Breakfast recommendation: Head to Betty’s Bowls for a healthy breakfast. This restaurant is right in Poblado and is one of the highest-rated places to eat in all of Medellin. They open early at 8 am (closed Mondays) so you have time to eat there before heading to your tour.

Tip: If taking the metro sounds intimidating, ask your hotel or hostel about directions for navigating it. The metro is very safe and easy to use so you honestly should have no problems. Of course, taxis are also very cheap in Medellin and you can also take a taxi instead.

Afternoon – Parque Arvi

Bailey and I take the gondola up to Parque Arvi, Medellin
Bailey and I take the gondola up to Parque Arvi, Medellin

Once the walking tour ends have a bite to eat before jumping back on the metro. Head to Acevedo Station where you’ll transfer on to the “metro cable” or cable cars directly after getting off the actual metro.

This is technically public transport, but it has also become a tourist attraction because of the amazing views from the cable cars. Take the car all the way to the final stop (Santa Domingo) and then get off and transfer to the next cable car.

Keep heading up until you reach Parque Arvi. Once at Parque Arvi you can explore walking trails or just relax. To me, taking the cable cars is more exciting than the park itself, so you don’t need much time here. Be sure to head down around 4 pm so you don’t end up waiting in line forever or missing the last cars down (at 6 pm).

If you want to combine your walking tour and the cable car into one full-day guided tour there are several to pick from. I suggest this one for $79 USD that combines all the sculptures, churches, and palaces in downtown Medellin. The day comes to a close with the cable car ride, a Santo Domingo Savio Library, and visits a real-life community.

Lunch recommendation: Grab a “menu del dia” in the downtown area. Almost every restaurant will offer it and you’ll get a Colombian classic lunch for cheap (plus it will be huge)!

Evening – Rooftop Bar Sunset

Sunset drinks at Los Patios, Medellin, Colombia
Sunset drinks at Los Patios, Medellin, Colombia

Head back to Poblado and head to Los Patios Hostel. This massive hostel has a gorgeous rooftop bar with some of the best views in all of Medellin. It costs 10,000 COP ($2 USD) to enter, but once at the top beers are cheap. Just visit reception when you get there to get a wristband and access to the rooftop bar.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking the city here as well as an epic social atmosphere.

Most evenings, the party at Los Patios continues well into the night and you can even jump on a traditional “Chiva” party bus tour from here if you want a big night out (you really need at least one party night on your Medellin itinerary!)

If you aren’t into the hostel bars then a few other rooftop bars are Envy Rooftop, Panorama Rooftop Bar, and LaZotea. these places are a little trendier and located right in El Poblado.

Dinner recommendation: Grab a quick and cheap bite to eat at Criminal Taqueria. This place serves Mexican street food and it is so delicious. It’s a quick “grab and go” type of place but the food is to die for (try the seafood tacos or nachos!)

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Day 3 – Paragliding, Pablo Escobar, and Party

Morning – Paragliding

paragliding in colombia
Imagine the views!

You need a little adventure in your Medellin itinerary so paragliding is the perfect activity. For only about $60 USD you can go paragliding with an experienced instructor and sore above the mountains surrounding Medellin.

Sure, it is an adventure activity but it is also very scenic. Paragliding is easily one of the most popular things to do in Medellin and something you should really consider adding to your Medellin bucket list.

On this exact tour, you will get to paraglide over the Colombian Andes! You will see views of Aburra Valley, the Medellin River, El Quitasol Hill, the Garcia barrage, and Picacho Hill.

Breakfast recommendation: Paragliding typically starts pretty early in the morning (for the best weather) so just grab a quick bite to eat at your hotel before leaving.

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Afternoon – Pablo Escobar Tour

Pablo Escobars grave in Medellin, Colombia
Pablo Escobar’s grave in Medellin, Colombia

As many tourists know, Medellin is known for its history including Pablo Escobar. You can jump on a half-day Pablo Escobar tour to learn all about the history of Pablo in Medellin as well as visit some of the most iconic spots.

I really like this private Pablo Escobar tour because only your group goes which means you’ll get undivided attention. It comes with a really high rating, it’s well priced at $34 USD, and visits all the historic spots related to Escobar.

Of course, this tour doesn’t appeal to everybody and if you prefer you could instead spend the afternoon at the Botanic Gardens. It’s huge and not very commercialized so it really feels like an authentic garden. The best part is that is it free (as of November 2022) to enter.

Lunch recommendation: Mundo Verde offers incredible healthy food at reasonable prices. It is a place where you can either sit down or just grab something to go. I personally recommend their Mi Tierra bowl or even just a smoothie. Eat here before heading on your afternoon tour.

Evening – Parque Lleras

Drinking beer at BBC Brewing in El Poblado
Drinking beer at BBC Brewing in El Poblado

Parque Lleras in Poblado is a vibrant place to hang out in the evenings. Fairy lights surround the square and there are dozens of places to enjoy happy hour beers or cocktails.

It seems like a simple thing to do, but trust me on this, an evening at Parque Lleras should be on your Medellin itinerary!

Dinner recommendation: The Greek Connection right next to Parque Lleras is delicious! The owner has greek restaurants all over the world and his passion for Greek food is apparent. It isn’t cheap, but not too expensive either and a main meal costs around 35,000 COP ($7.25 USD).

Safety Note: Poblado and Parque Lleras is a safe area in general. However, pickpockets are starting to become more of an issue as tourism increases in the area. Keep your money in your front pockets and leave your passport and other valuables at your hotel.

Day 4 – Food, Coffee, and Football

Morning – Food or Coffee tour

Nachos at one of Medellin's most famous Mexican eateries!
Nachos at one of Medellin’s most famous Mexican eateries!

This morning you have the choice of two different tours depending on your interests: a food tour or a coffee tour!

If you’re heading to Salento or Jardin then maybe skip the coffee tour for now as you’ll get your fair share of coffee and coffee tours there. But if not, a coffee tour from Medellin is a must-do activity while in Colombia.

This coffee tour is the most popular and highly rated choice that costs $65 USD and lasts for 5 to 6 hours. You’ll not just learn about coffee but also about the production process.

Medellin is also famous for its amazing food, which makes a food tour a great addition to any Medellin itinerary. You can go on this local restaurant food tour which takes you to several locally acclaimed restaurants and you will sample all types of traditional meals (will depend on if you do a breakfast, lunch, or dinner tour). It costs $94 USD and lasts 4 hours.

Or book this private $60 USD street food tour that will have you seeing the culture on the streets while getting to try tasty bites and desserts like empanadas, buñuelos, pandebono, or arepa.

Breakfast & Lunch Recommendations: Azul Selva is an amazing breakfast place in Poblado. You could have a bite to eat here before your chosen tour. Although, if you are going on the food tour be sure not to eat too much before. Also, lunch is included in both the food and coffee tours I link to above.

Late Afternoon/Evening – Football Match

Bailey and I at a football match in Medellin, Colombia
Bailey and I at a football match in Medellin, Colombia

Colombians love their football (also known as soccer!) There is no better place to watch a game than in Medellin where the games are frequent and the crowd is enthusiastic.

The biggest team is the Barra Bravas which plays at Atanasio Girardot Stadium right in the central part of the city.

You do need to book this particular activity according to when a game is on, however they are frequent so it shouldn’t be too hard!

You can either get to the stadium yourself and buy a ticket when you get there. Otherwise, you can book an organized tour that will get your ticket for you and also organize group transport.

I went on this particular tour and loved it purely for the lack of planning I had to do and that I was with a group of travelers! We also got exclusive access at one of the best bars to hang out in pre-match.

Day 5 – Guatape!

All-day – Day trip to Guatape

El Penol, Guatape
El Penol, Guatape

Guatape is Colombia’s most colorful town – it is just beautiful! But besides the colorful streets, there is actually a lot to do and see in Guatape. From boat tours to climbing the massive rock, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

If you’re planning a day trip from Medellin, the best way to visit Guatape is on an organized tour from Medellin to Guatape. While you can take the public bus, Guatape is about a 2-hour bus ride away, and between waiting for buses and getting to the stations, you’ll waste a lot of time.

This particular day trip to Guatape from Medellin includes climbing the rock El Penol as well as a boat ride on the lake where you can get out and swim if you want. It costs $67 USD and lasts for over 8 hours so it will consume your entire day. Lunch, snacks, and drinks are also included!

Dinner Recommendation: Go out to an Argentian Steakhouse such as La Pampa Parilla or grab some sushi!

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Where to Stay in Medellin

The streets of El Poblado Medellin
The streets of El Poblado Medellin

Choosing the right place to stay is essential for making the most of your time and plans in Medellin. This Medellin itinerary was designed around someone staying in the area of El Poblado near Parque Lleras.

Here are my top choices for places to stay in El Poblado with options for every type of traveler:

Yolo Hostel – Budget Backpackers

We spent a few nights here and really found it to be great value for money! The location is perfect for exploring Poblado and Betty’s Bowls is located right out the front. Dorms start at $10 USD while private rooms are around $30 USD and there is a beautiful backyard for socializing including a kitchen. It is a social “chill” hostel, not one for those looking to party.

You can book Yolo Hostel on or Hostelworld.

Party hostel alternative: Black Sheep is a popular budget backpacker hostel that is much more of a “party scene.” It is also really nice and a great choice. You can book the Black Sheep on Hostelworld or for about $15 USD (but be sure to book in advance because it’s usually fully booked).

Los Patios – Mid-range Budget

This hostel is as flashy as hostels can get. First of all, it is massive and has everything you could imagine within it (like a gym!) They offer dorm beds as well as private rooms that rival luxury hotels – but do expect to pay more than any other hostel in the area, around $20 USD for a dorm bed. You can get a private room for $52 USD. They host rooftop parties on the weekends and it is a social place to be too.

You can book Los Patios on either or Hostelworld.

Click Clack Hotel – High Budget

The Click Clack Hotel is a very modern hotel located in an ideal location – not far from the action but in a quiet place where you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep. They have a gorgeous rooftop with a pool and bar as well as a highly-rated onsite restaurant. The cheapest room here is $179 USD a night and breakfast is included in the rate

Secure your room at Click Clack Hotel on

Be sure to read our ultimate guide to Medellin, Colombia, it includes tons of useful information to help plan your visit!

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Thanks for reading!

Bailey and daniel take a selfie in Medellin, Colombia
Thanks for reading!

I’ve crafted this Medellin itinerary to help others enjoy this amazing city as much as I did. If you have questions or you found it helpful, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

We’ve also written a heap of other informative travel blogs about Colombia – so check those out too! Some blogs you might find particularly useful are:

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Amy Bunce

Friday 16th of December 2022

I'm traveling with my adult daughter, and we both like to have a little space. We chose a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment at the Sites, El Poblado, but I can see it's really kind of on the outskirts of El Pablado. What do you think of this location? Travel is in January 2023. Thanks!


Monday 19th of December 2022


The location is fine and not to far from the main area. It will only be a few minute walk. That area is also quiet at night, which some people prefer.

You are also close to the train station.

Of course, be careful late at night.

Hope this helps Bailey


Thursday 1st of December 2022

Am I able to do a day trip to Guatape while staying in Poblado or is it necessary to stay over (I don't want to do that)?


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

Hey Angela,

Yes you can do a day trip.


Trudy Hall

Sunday 19th of June 2022


I am so happy to have found your blog. I am planning my first trip to South America with my husband in August 2022. We will be staying for 5 days. We originally wanted to take an airplane to various cities but have decided to stay put in Medellin and take day tours. I have a few questions for you:

1. Our Spanish is subpar at best... do you think this will be a major problem? We are planning on learning as much as we can before we go and carrying around a translator? 2. We love the outdoors and adventure activity but only saw the paragliding and climbing the stairs near Guatalpe.. is there anything else you can recommend? 3. Do you think its possible to do Amazon rainforest from here as a day trip? 4. We are avid Airbnb travelers. We love the feeling of feeling like we are at home even away from home. We also love outdoor space. I see its recommended to stay in th El Poblado region. Looking at the places recommended and more I see it is more of city city with high level of noise. Do you have any suggestions where we could be possibly in the action but removed? Or do you think we should just forego the home type vibe and plunge into staying in the city?

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I cant tell you enough how your article have made me feel so much better about going to Colombia and provides an amazing solid foundation to start from. Thanks


Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Hey Trudy,

That's so nice to hear!

1. You should be fine as long as you get some basics and use the app. I managed just fine when I first went and knew no Spanish.

2. If you check out my Guatape blog, I suggest a few waterfalls you should definitely check out!

3. It is very far to go in one day, I would not suggest this.

4. You could get an Airbnb in the area around Loma Verde Appartments (just google it). This is where I lived in Medellin and it's still the city, but much quieter than downtown El Poblado. Just be aware, it's up a hill. We used Uber most times anyway. This area is also very safe.

Thanks so much for reaching out and have a great time!


Sunday 9th of January 2022

Amazing Colombian guides you made! Have read most of them today and they are spot on. I am going again in a few months to visit MDE and Guatape - my 5th visit to Colombia but first time MDE.

Well the only things missing is about sand flies eating your body in Minka and where to find cuban salsa dance style in Colombia. They have cuban music and bars all over but noone dance cuban salsa - they must have some cubans living in Colombia somewhere - I will try to find their place.

Thanks a lot for your great guides and usefull information - really need to speak to my boss to get some longer vaccations...

Regards from Denmark



Sunday 9th of January 2022

Hey Morten!

So glad you like our Colombia blogs. We love Colombia so much and I am sure it shows in our writing!

Oh, the bugs in Minca are soooo bad! In our "Things to do in Minca" blog one of the activities (number 15) is to bring bug spray! We got so many bites!

Good luck with your upcoming trip!

Thanks Bailey


Tuesday 12th of October 2021

I’m going in December beginning and we are 5 adults one child age 6 can a 6 year old go to all these places and where is the safest place for us to stay with a child . We are renting a car so will it be just as easy to get to all these places?? Any tips as some of the traveler are scared for safety Where do you think we can all feel safe but close to everything that we can bring the 6 year old to as well. Any help would be appreciated


Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Hey Mandi,

The safest place to stay would be El Poblado. Look for the area around Patio del Mundo (a hotel). This area is a little out of the main bar and restaurant zone so it is quiet at night but also on the safer side of the neighborhood.

To answer your question yes Medellin is safe for a 6-year-old. The most important thing is to be careful after dark. During the day, Medellin is a safe city and you can walk around El Poblado and even catch the metro without problems. However, at night it's best to stay in El Poblado and very late and night, at your hotel.

There is really no need to rent a car in Medellin. With the clean and safe metro, you can get to every place on our list aside from Guatape. When visiting the downtown area, join the free walking tour (be sure to book in advance) for a safer experience. Same with the Comuna 13 tour. Do not worry about the metro though, it is patrolled by police and considered very safe.

I completely understand your nerves when it comes to visiting Medellin but please do not stress too much. For visitors who enjoy responsible activities and stay away from illegal activities, Medellin is very safe. I lived in Medellin and enjoyed the city a lot without problems. Colombians are very friendly and you'll find they will look out for you when they can - especially since you are traveling with a child.

When you visit Guatape, you do not need to worry about your safety. This small town is one of the safest areas around Medellin and can be enjoyed by families.

I hope this helps calm some of your nerves and I am excited about your upcoming trip. I hope you enjoy Medellin and the Colombian people as we did.

Please reach out if you have any more questions!

Thanks Daniel