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31 BEST Things to do in Margaret River, Western Australia

31 BEST Things to do in Margaret River, Western Australia

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We all know that Australia is a really big place! Even as a local, it overwhelms me just how much there is to see! 

But trust me when I tell you that it feels particularly huge when you visit a place like Margaret River. Not because the place is physically big, but because there are so many things to do in a range of only 100 km (63 miles).

Margaret River, Western Australia has such rich soil and beautiful weather that they actually make some of the best wine, whiskey, and olive oil in the world! You simply can’t miss going on a Margaret River wine tour while you’re here. In fact, this is a place famous for fresh produce of all different types! Who knew, right? 

Well, the minute you set foot in Margaret River, you’ll notice something growing in every corner and how these amazing locals love to share all of this with visitors from around the world. 

As a local to Perth, the major city north of Margaret River, I’ve visited more than a few times both driving myself and on a tour to Margaret River from Perth. In fact, it’s been a family holiday destination since I was 2 feet tall. In that time, I’ve done so much in Margaret River and want to share it all with you! 

Get ready for an Australian adventure with incredible wildlife and surfing mixed with excellent food and award-winning beverages. Whether you are taking an international flight to get here (check out our tips to survive long flights!) or you’re a local coming back to spend some time here, you are going to love the many different activities available.

But above all, I guarantee you will love the atmosphere. This is such a welcoming community with so many things to offer that you will want to return again and again. So without further ado, here are the best things to do in Margaret River, WA.

Things to do in Margaret River, WA

1. Go on a wine tour 

Bailey waits for a tasting at a winery in Margaret River, Australia
A server pours a glass of wine on a wine tour in Margaret River, Western Australia

Did you know that Australia is the 5th largest wine-producing country in the world? Well, the best wine in Australia comes from Margaret River. Of course, we are going to talk about the beaches, the wildlife, and everything that’s great about this region, but the wine is so popular here that we had to mention it first. 

This is actually the number one reason why people visit Margaret River. Even if you are not big into wine, this is probably the place where you’ll end up loving it. Of course, there are many different wine tours you can take depending on your budget (or passion for enology), but here I’m going to mention 2 of the best based on our experience.  

This Full-Day Winery and Food Tour was the perfect mix of wine, food, and culture. It’s $160 AUD per person, and it includes a delicious lunch at a winery. This tour will take you for a coffee (or tea) tasting early in the morning (a great start!), and throughout the day you’ll get to learn the history of the vineyards and the different wines they produce in the area. You’ll get to visit The Margaret River Chocolate Company for a chocolate tasting, and at the end, enjoy an olive oil tasting that was out of this world. 

Bailey at a beautiful winery in Margaret River, Western Australia
Vines and a sign in Margaret River at a winery, Western Australia

We also had a blast at a different wine tour that was more food-focused. It was $170 AUD per person, and it included lunch, bottled water, chocolate tastings, cheese tastings, and of course, different wine and ale tastings. The views of the river running across the vineyards are very beautiful, even more so after a few hours of tasting the different kinds of wine. It takes approximately 7 hours to complete at a very tranquil place. 

Regardless of what you came to Margaret River for, a wine tour is easily a highlight of the region, so don’t miss out! 

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2. Go kayaking or canoeing down Margaret River

Daniel takes a selfie while kayaking down Margaret River, Western Australia
It’s so much fun getting out on the river and exploring!

Coincidently, one of the best things to do in Margaret River is get on the water on the actual Margaret River (the river, that the town is named after!)

From the mouth of the river at the beach, one can rent a kayak, canoe, or a stand-up paddleboard to explore. Since there are no roads or walking trails here, the only way to explore this portion of the river is from the water.

Expect to pay about $30 AUD for a two-hour rental. Rentals are often available right at the river mouth, but if not, a company called Josh Palmateer’s Surf Rentals will hire you whatever you are after.

You can also combine paddling with wine on this Margaret River adventure tour. Luckily, the paddling is before the wine! You’ll get to canoe along Margaret River before heading to a renowned winery for a gourmet lunch and drinks. There’s also a short hike and a visit to a waterfall included for $192 AUD.

When I kayaked on the river, I realized how tiring it is! So keep that in mind that you may need to take breaks and bring along snacks and water. If you’ve never paddled before or are a little rusty, guided tours are great for offering you the instruction you need to feel confident on the water.

3. Surf!!!

A man surfing the waves at Surfers Point in Margaret River, Western Australia

The second biggest reason to visit Margaret River, and the reason the town originally grew in popularity, is surfing. This is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world, with many different beaches and all kinds of waves for amateurs and professionals.  

Boranup Beach and Redgate Beach are ideal for beginners. There are instructors you can hire and surfing schools where you can rent boards and all sorts of beach equipment. Surfboards and paddle boards are around $35 AUD if you rent them for 4 hours.

2-hour surfing lesson is $56 AUD, and it includes personalized instruction from a surfing coach, so you’ll be standing up in the water in no time. A surfboard, wetsuit, and sunscreen are also part of this package. All you’ll need to do is get yourself to Redgate Beach. 

For more experienced surfers, North Point Beach and Main Break Beach are amongst the best in the world. Every year there’s a pro surfing tournament on Main Break Beach that sometimes is moved to North Point if the weather isn’t ideal. 

4. Visit an artisanal chocolate maker 

Chocolate bars at Gabriel Chocolate near Margaret River, Western Australia
A group of people do a tasting at Gabriel Chocolate in Margaret River

Of course, the wineries and breweries are always fun, but being able to visit a chocolate factory on the same day is really something!

Every time we visit a new city, we love to immerse ourselves in the culinary culture and taste what makes this part of the world special. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to try the chocolate! In Margaret River, you can visit different chocolatiers where you can learn the process of making the chocolate and enjoy a guided tasting.

My favorite place was Gabriel Chocolate, which makes fantastic chocolate! The chocolate ice cream was really good, but try the freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies if you can. We loved that during the tasting, they helped us notice the difference between the chocolates made with cacao beans from different countries. The best part is, that the tasting is free!

The Margaret River Chocolate Company and Temper Temper Fine Chocolate are also very popular shops to enjoy some of the best chocolate in the world! If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you might just need to visit all three.

5. Catch a coastal sunset 

Two people watch the sunset on the grass at Surfers Point in Margaret River, Western Australia
The sunsets in Margaret River are not to be missed!

With its location so close to the coast, the sunsets in Margaret River are amazing. Just imagine vibrant pinks and oranges filling the sky.

You’ll need to drive just outside of town to get to one of the lookout points along the coast so you have the best view over the water. I suggest driving down Walcliffe Road to the Wallcliffe Road Lookout. Or get closer to the water at Surfers Point – you might see some great surfing while you watch the sunset.

On our most recent stay in Margaret River, the weather didn’t cooperate for us, so we didn’t get much of a sunset. However, I still really enjoyed the view of the rolling clouds over the landscape. The lookout points along the water are beautiful any time of day and in all kinds of weather!

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6. Check out Rotary Park

Bailey walks across a bridge at Rotary Park in Margaret River
Rotary Park is fantastic for a short walk or picnic!

Located right in town, you’ll find the perfect place for a picnic, BBQ, or walk in Rotary Park.

There are public BBQ facilities (so bring those burgers!), picnic tables, a children’s playground, and a bridge over the river. Across the river, there is the “old settlement” to explore with original settlers’ buildings including a milking shed and dairy.

Around Rotary Park there are various walking trails. Some are short and some are longer for those looking for more of a full-day activity. The park has the trailhead for the Ten Mile Brook Trail – which, true to its name, is actually about 10 miles or 15 km round-trip following the northern banks of the Margaret River all the way to the Ten Mile Brook Dam. 

After all that walking, stop at the Margaret River Brewhouse located right next to Rotary Park for a cold drink.

For us, Rotary Park was one of the easiest things to do in Margaret River. It was free, quick to get to, and a really enjoyable place for a short walk around.

7. Explore underground caves  

Lake Cave in Margaret River
The inside of Lake Cave in Margaret River, WA

While I’ve visited Margaret River many times, I had never been inside one of the caves here. We decided to change that!

There are a total of 4 caves to explore, making them one of the most popular things to do in Margaret River. These massive caves are covered in limestone crystal formations that look incredible. Each cave is unique and while some allow you to wander through on your own, others are only accessible on a guided tour.

The downside to exploring the caves is that they aren’t necessarily cheap at $22.50 AUD per person per cave, so it adds up quite quickly. For this reason, we did a bit of research before selecting just one cave to visit.

We decided to visit Lake Cave and weren’t disappointed. Lake Cave is located only a 20-minute drive from Margaret River town, which makes it an easy one to visit.

The tour guide led us down hundreds of stairs into the cave. Once in the dark of the cave, the guide turned on the lights and revealed stalactites and stalagmites, columns, and a gorgeous underground lake. Because of the lake and lighting, it made for beautiful photos during our one-hour tour.

If you’d like to combine a cave adventure with some of the other great activities in Margaret River, check out this full-day tour. You’ll get to explore Ngilgi Cave as well as stop by local favorites like Yahava Koffee Works and Gabriel Chocolate, have lunch at a winery, and take photos at the famous surfing hotspot Prevelly Beach. This all-inclusive tour includes transportation, food, drinks, and admission to the activities for $197 AUD.

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8. Take a trip out to Hamelin Bay

A stingray at Hamelin Bay
A lady with a sting ray at Hamelin Bay, Margaret River, Western Australia

Hamelin Bay is one of the most popular spots near Margaret River. It’s located 25 minutes away from town and it’s most famous for the mesmerizing stingrays living in the shallow waters on the beach.

The water is crystal clear so even if you are only standing on the bank, you will be able to spot them. If you are lucky, at least one of these beautiful animals will swim up to you (they are harmless, just do not to step on them!). 

We were extremely lucky and even got to see a pod of dolphins very near the shore. Some locals mentioned there’s whale watching too in July (although it’s pretty cold here then!).

If you are into hiking, you should definitely take your sneakers with you. There’s a fantastic trail that between Hamelin Bay and Cosy Corner that starts at the Hamelin Bay boat ramp. It is about 13 km (8 miles) and takes four hours to walk to the end and back. You’ll get to see the Foul Bay Lighthouse, sweeping views of the landscape and if you go just a bit to the south of Cosy Corner, there’s a limestone rock platform where water shoots through blowholes up to 6 meters (20 feet) in the air!

Parking is pretty easy, but we do recommend getting there early during the high season to get a good spot. Also early in the morning is the best time to catch the stingrays swimming near the bank. 

9. Take a dip in Injidup Natural Spa 

Bailey at Injidup Natural Spa near Margaret River, Western Australia
People relax at Injidup Natural Spa  near Margaret River, Western Australia

Only 35 minutes away from town (north of Margaret River) is a natural spa that so many locals recommended since the moment we arrived. The Injidup Natural Spa is a pool between a rock formation where the ocean waves crash, constantly filling it with fresh seawater every day. 

It’s not very deep so the temperature is magnificent, warm enough during windy days, and perfectly cool on hot days. The only downside would be that it’s a very popular spot and it’s usually packed with tourists during the high season. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful little paradise next to the Indian Ocean you won’t want to miss. 

You can also explore the surroundings and take the most amazing pictures if you go on top of the big rocks. If you head south of the natural spa, you will find a lovely white sand beach in case you want to go for a swim or simply relax under the sun. 

10. Taste locally made olive oil 

Bailey tastes olive oil at Olio Bello in Margaret River region, Western Australia
The olive oil at Olio Bello is high quality!

Margaret River in Western Australia is also known for its olive trees. And tasting their local olive oil was a really unique experience. 

At Olio Bello, you will find an olive oil-tasting adventure plus a great cafe. This estate is located 15 minutes by car from Margaret River. They grow their own olives which are hand-picked daily from the 8,000 olive trees on the property. Then the olives are immediately taken to the cold press processing plant to be turned into olive oil. This means the oil here is so fresh and flavorful!

You can also go for lunch here, they serve pretty good Mediterranean food. Or you can even stay near the olive groves by ‘glamping’ in one of their safari-style bungalows.

My recommendation is that you at least do the olive oil tasting and grab a bottle or two to take home!

11. Visit Margaret River Brewhouse 

Two beers at Margaret River Brewhouse, Western Australia
Freshly poured craft beer? Yes, please!

One of the activities I enjoy the most when I go to a new place is visiting and tasting their local breweries. Getting some artisanal beer is always on my to-do list and if you’re in Margaret River, it should be on yours too!

I mentioned earlier that the Margaret River Brewhouse is located right next to Rotary Park. It’s a great location to easily stop in and grab a beer or some food after a busy day exploring the town.

Beer is not only for hot days, it goes well with any type of climate. But definitely being so close to the beach will most likely get you craving a cold beer. 

You should order a Megsy Ginger Beer since it’s made in Margaret River or a Red Ipa with its tropical, citrus flavor and a hint of roast barley. But if you’re a more traditional person, then get a Lager or a Kolsch. You won’t be disappointed by any of them. 

They also serve good food here, so pair one of their beers with local favorites like the squid salad or red duck curry.

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12. Drive out to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and National Park  

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse
Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

An interesting site to visit while in Margaret River WA is the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and its national park. This is a family-friendly activity near Margaret River since children are allowed to go into the lighthouse. Plus the beautiful ocean views make this site an excellent place to take pictures. 

To get to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, you’ll go 60 km (37 miles) from Margaret River or about a 50-minute drive. The ride to Cape Naturalist is a stunning drive right next to the coastline. Once there, you can get a guided tour for $15 AUD to hear all kinds of stories of sailors and the place’s history, which is always fun to hear. Tours start every hour from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If you have the opportunity to spend a night near Cape Naturaliste, there are some cute hotels and resorts in nearby Dunsborough that are close to the lighthouse, national park, and the water.

My recommendation is you take at least 2 days to explore the area. There are a lot of places to visit either by hiking or driving surrounded by green forests and the ocean. 

13. Eat authentic Italian at La Scarpetta Trattoria 

Pasta at La Scarpetta Trattoria in Margaret River
Bailey and her mother in law at La Scarpetta Trattoria in Margaret River

If you’re a foodie like ourselves, then an authentic Italian lunch or dinner at La Scarpetta Trattoria is one of those activities you can’t miss when visiting Margaret River. From the instant you arrive at the restaurant, the smell of delicious food will draw you in. If you weren’t hungry before, you will be as soon as you step inside!   

La Scarpetta Trattoria is in Margaret River town, so depending on where you’re staying you might be able to walk or you can get there off of the Bussell Highway. 

The food is authentic, delicious, and made with local ingredients. What I enjoyed the most was the Tortelli ai Funghi, but the gnocchi gorgonzola e pere was incredibly yummy too! As an entree, definitely order the calamari fritti and tagliere di salami. Or if you don’t want to eat big dishes, just order a bunch of antipasti (appetizers) and some good wine.  

Another great thing about this restaurant is that they have a few options on the menu that are vegetarian and gluten-free. And some other options that can be adjusted to both of those. Plus, the dishes keep the same traditional Italian flavor, so you can be sure ordering one of those options doesn’t mean a less-flavorful plate.

14. Visit the Fudge Factory 

Bailey shops for fudge at the Fudge Factory in Margaret River, WA
Bailey loves fudge!
A selection of fudge at the Fudge Factory in Margaret River, Western Australia

For sweet lovers, the Fudge Factory is the perfect place to visit in Margaret River.

If you’re staying in Margaret River town, it’s super easy to get to as it’s right along the main street. Just make sure if you’re buying extra fudge, you head back to your hotel before it melts (or you eat it all)!

In the Fudge Factory, you’ll get to buy amazing candy and the most interesting part of this activity is that there’s a large window where you can see how they make the candy. Watching them work on happiness is mesmerizing! If you’re traveling with your kids, you should absolutely add this to your to-do list. 

Plus this is a great souvenir you can take back home to your friends, family, and even coworkers. They are all absolutely delicious and the presentation is cute, so they work perfectly as a gift. You have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, so you might have to spend a bit of time trying to decide which ones to try.

15. Relax at Meelup Beach 

Bailey at Meelup Beach, Australia
Meelup Beach is one of the best!

Crystal clear water, white sand, and surrounding green forests, that’s how I would describe Meelup Beach. This is honestly one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia, and it’s the perfect place to relax. The environment is very nice, the view is gorgeous, and the people are super chill.  

Meelup Beach is 52 km away from Margaret River or about a 45-min drive. This is a perfect thing to do in Margaret River if you’re traveling with kids. The waters are pretty calm, so it’s a safe place for kids to swim. They also have great amenities for a family trip, like BBQs and tables perfect for a picnic.  

Use this spot to take a day for yourself to rest and recharge so you can continue exploring the Margaret River area. Trust me, you will feel well-rested the next day! 

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16. Go shopping on Main Street 

Bailey boutique shopping in Margaret River, WA
I found some great stuff at fantastic prices!

Margaret River in Western Australia has a bunch of boutique stores to go shopping at along the main street.

You will find stuff for yourself and gifts for friends and family. We found some great deals along here!

There are surfing stores, art, crafts, and boho boutiques for everyone. You can just walk down Main Street and stop at any store that catches your eye. It’s a very nice walk too, and I promise you will find something to take back home! 

17. Watch the Margaret River Pro  

A surfer at Surfers Point at sunset in Margaret River, WA
I’ve never seen the surf comp but would love to one day!

As a surfing country, watching a surf competition is a very exciting activity in Margaret River. And at the Margaret River Pro, you will have the opportunity to watch the world’s top surfers like Kelly Slater taming big waves.

The event takes place once a year usually in April or May at Surfers Point. It’s about a 5-7 minute drive from the town, so super easy to drop by and check out.

What’s great is that watching the Margaret River Pro is completely free. They make a whole event for spectators to have a great time. You will find big screens to watch replays, a bunch of food trucks to eat at, shopping stands, and music, and you can approach some surfers for pictures and autographs.

This event is a huge draw to Margaret River and hopefully, we can time a future trip here to catch it one day!

18. Eat a 3-course meal at a winery  

A meal at Vasse Felix during a 3 course meal in Margaret River
Photo credit: Vasse Felix
A dessert as part of the Vasse Felix 3 course meal at the winery in Margaret River
Photo credit: Vasse Felix

Eating is always a great plan, and eating with wine is an even better one! In this Vasse Felix Cellar Experience with 3-Course Lunch tour, you will be served a 3-course meal plus wine from their own production. The most famous wines from Margaret River are chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, and you will be tasting the local production of them both. 

The visit to Vasse Felix Cellar includes a guided tour, wine tasting, lunch, and charcuterie. It costs $275 AUD per person and it does not include hotel drop-off or pick-up. But since the winery is located very near to Margaret River town, it won’t be hard at all to get there.  

My favorite thing about this experience was the guided tour through the wineries and the vintage cabernet sauvignon they served with lunch. If you ask me, this is an activity I would repeat! 

19. Eat locally made ice cream 

Ice cream at the Milk Shack, Margaret River

Extra creamy ice cream sounds like a great plan all year long. And there is locally made ice cream you must try while in Margaret River.

Every time I’m here, one of the first things I do as soon as I arrive is go to Milk Shack and order 2 scoops. They even serve ice cream with waffles, so you can legitimately have ice cream for breakfast!

If we want even more ice cream choices – though Milk Shack is my favorite one – just take a short drive to Millers Ice Creamery in Cowaramup. They have ice creams, sorbets, and vegan options with tons of flavor choices, but I always stick to the same 2 – cowtown coffee and salted caramel.  

20. Get lost in a maze 

A Maze'n Margaret River
How cool is this!? Photo credit: A Maze’n Margaret River

If you’re looking for more things to do in Margaret River that are fun and also different from what everybody does during vacation, then keep reading! 

A Maze’n Margaret River is a very fun place to visit, and it’s the perfect plan if you’re traveling with kids. You can enjoy mazes to get lost in, an 18-hole mini-golf course, beautiful gardens, places to have a picnic, and even a coffee shop if you want a break from the heat. And it’s really conveniently located only 4 km south of Margaret River town.

For access to the maze, gardens, and the rest of the facilities (without the mini-golf), the entry fee is $26 AUD. If you want to include mini-golf (which I highly recommend), admission is $37 AUD. There are also discounted prices for kids and families.

This is a seasonal activity that typically closes during the winter (June-August), so make sure to check that they are open before you head out.

21. Quad bike tour  

ATV tour with EcoAdventures Margaret River
Photo credit: EcoAdventures Margaret River

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know by now that whenever we go to a new place, we go on an ATV adventure if possible. Australia, being the adventurous country it is, has these kinds of tours pretty much everywhere and Margaret River is no exception. 

We took a fantastic quad bike tour from Drummond Road (about 20 minutes south of Margaret River) with electric vehicles. This was the first time we had driven one of these and I have to say they ran extremely well!

The rough terrain through the Margaret River forest wasn’t a challenge and made for a lot of fun going over all the bumps!

Our tour guide made us fall in love with this little corner of Australia right away. We always say that getting lost while traveling is a great way to really get to know a new place, but having an adventure with a passionate local is by far the best choice. 

If you go on any of these tours, always remember to bring your sunscreen and bottled water because you will definitely work up a sweat!  

22. Have cocktails at Margaret River Distilling Company 

A cocktail and bottle of liquor at Margaret River Distilling Company 
Photo credit: Margaret River Distilling Company 

Going out for drinks on vacation is always a fun activity, but in a place like Margaret River, Western Australia, you can take your drinking experience to a whole new level by visiting a local brewery, winery, or distillery. 

We never thought that we would be able to notice the difference between 4 different gins, but with the excellent guidance of the staff at the Margaret River Distillery Company, we did it! We also tried their famous single malt whiskey: Darkest Winter. 

The distillery is just outside of town and located among native Peppermint trees. You can sit outside to enjoy your drinks and take a walk in the forest nearby after. Overall a really fun afternoon with a great meal and at an excellent price! 

23. Enjoy a hot brew of coffee at Yahava KoffeeWorks 

A display inside Yahava KoffeeWorks, Margaret River
You can learn all about the coffee!
Daniel enjoys a coffee at Yahava KoffeeWorks, Margaret River, WA
And then enjoy a cup!

One of my favorite things about Margaret River was the fact that they actually produced so many of the things we ate and drank while we were there. Also, unlike many other places, they reserve their best creations for the people who take the time to visit them. 

Going out for coffee might sound like a trivial activity, however, at Yahava KoffeeWorks you will enjoy your coffee while learning a great deal about how it’s made. From the history of the beans to the roasting process, what I found most interesting is the many different ways they can make your coffee depending on your taste. 

The Koffee Safari, as they call it, is the full 90-minute tour that includes samples and you get to help roast a batch of Yahava Koffee. It’s $79 AUD per person and includes a free bag of coffee to take home that you helped make!

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, this is a great experience and it only takes an hour or two.

You can also just stop in and buy a coffee. They have displays set up so you can do your own self-guided tour of the coffee-making process.

24. Visit Dunsborough  

Bailey at a beautiful beach in Dunsborough, Western Australia
The beaches are so good all up the coast, and I love the quiet atmosphere of Dunsborough!

If you want to visit a different city from Margaret River, Western Australia, you should head to Dunsborough. It is located about a 40-minute drive from Margaret River, so a really easy day trip.

You will find here a wide variety of activities, including a natural spa, wine, the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, whale watching, and my favorite of them all: Castle Rock Bay. 

I’ve only been in Dunsborough for a day and I had so many options to choose from that I wasn’t able to do them all. So my advice is that you stay in Margaret River town, travel to Dunsborough for a few hours to visit, and then go back to Margaret River town to sleep. And you can then repeat the next day since it’s such a quick drive!  

25. Play a round of golf 

A man plays golf in Australia

If you visited the wine region at some point you probably saw gorgeous golf courses along the way. For $55 AUD, you can play 18 holes at the Margaret River Golf Club. This is a popular spot, so you have to book in advance.

I’ll have to admit that for an amateur golfer (like me!), the course was quite challenging, but I imagine more experienced golfers will have a blast there.  

The people at the reception were incredibly nice and helpful while explaining the layout. Going golfing is a fantastic way to take a vacation from your vacation and really take your mind off things for a few hours.

These courses are super quiet and relaxing. It gets windy and storms can come in really fast in this area so be prepared!  

26. Drive through Boranup Forest 

Drive through Boranup Forest, Margaret River
What a drive!

With trees higher than 60 meters (197 feet), you will want to drive through Boranup Forest – believe me! This is an alluring activity to do while visiting Margaret River and you will feel like you’re the main character of a romantic comedy. My advice: take your camera! 

Driving through Boranup Forest may not sound as exciting as a quad bike tour, but it is one of those peaceful and relaxing experiences to take a break with. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful forest around you, but also the colorful flowers and the sound of many animals (especially birds). 

This drive takes about 25 minutes and will take you past amazing underground caves. If you want to make the most out of your day, my recommendation is that you do this drive on the same day you’re planning to go to the caves so you save time and money.   

27. Make glass 

In Margaret River, Western Australia you will find the amazing Melting Pot Glass Studio. You can watch hot glass artist Gerry Reilly create handmade art by melting and converting glass into the most beautiful things.

Not only is this an artistic way to spend some time, but I guarantee you will find some souvenirs to take back home or even presents for your friends.  

A lot of people come here to watch Gerry do his magic live and then buy one of his gorgeous pieces. People love to buy his art as a wedding or birthday present.

But if you’re feeling more adventurous, then you can book your own glassmaking class. You’ll have the chance to make your own piece of art or even a set of wine glasses. A glassmaking demo is only $5 AUD per person and the classes go from $65 AUD up to $725 AUD, depending on the experience you choose.  

The Melting Pot Glass Studio is located 5 minutes from Margaret River, so it’s very easy to fit into your time in this area.

28. Go whale watching  

A humpback whale jumps from the water off the coast of Busselton, Australia
There are no words to describe this experience!

The wildlife in Australia always finds a way to make the covers of newspapers around the world – like a few years back when we heard about a 90-year-old whale swimming around the coast! We knew that the minute we set foot in Margaret River we had to reserve a whale-watching tour for ourselves. 

From September to early December, whales cruise by Australian waters during their migration. We booked this Dunsborough whale-watching tour in the hopes of seeing some of these amazing creatures! The tour was 2.5 hours long and led by a marine biologist who was passionate about the wildlife here. We ended up with a fantastic view of a pod of humpback whales in the middle of their migration.

The ship was pretty comfortable and the crew was fantastic at making sure we were having a good time. The tour is $92 AUD, which doesn’t include transportation. So combine this with a day trip to Dunsborough and you’re all set!

This whole experience was fantastic and if you are visiting this little corner of the world, this is a tour you can’t miss. 

29. Scenic flight  

Scenic Helicopters Margaret River flight over the coastline of Margaret River
Photo credit: Scenic Helicopters Margaret River

This is one of those things we don’t normally do when we visit a place, but we’d love to, especially when the region has excellent views. Well… Margaret River has magnificent views!

From Margaret River you can take a scenic helicopter tour over the coastline and stop at a brewery (of your choosing!) for a delicious meal. You will feel like celebrities stepping out of the helicopter!

The flight time is 30 minutes and the whole tour takes about 5 hours. This is a pricier experience at $750 AUD per person, but it’s an unreal adventure.

Make sure you bring your camera because anywhere you point it, you will get a beautiful snap to remember your trip. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to enjoy the views of Margaret River.

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30. Visit Canal Rocks 

Daniel at Canal Rocks, Margaret River
The views at Canal Rocks are so gorgeous!

Canal Rocks is about 40 minutes away from Margaret River town and it’s the perfect place to breathe in the Indian Ocean air. The views from the top of the rocks are some of the best in the region.

The contrast of the waves crashing against the outer boulders with the calmer waters of the canals formed between the rocks is breathtaking to witness in person.

Though we went for a relaxing walk, there are some trails going around and through the canal for experienced hikers. In Australia, it’s always important to carry a pair of closed-toe shoes and sneakers with you because there are so many great hiking opportunities. 

My favorite part was the boardwalk that takes you through Canal Rocks. The sound of the wind running through the rocks with the pounding waves splashing us made it an unforgettable experience. 

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31. Get breakfast at the Margaret River Bakery

The inside counter at Margaret River Bakery
Margaret River Bakery selection of baked goods

With some of the best brekky and lunch options along the main street in town, Margaret River Bakery is one of our favorites. This European-style bakery has been here since the 1960s!

The smell of freshly-baked bread and croissants draws you in, and then the hard part starts … deciding what to have! You can’t go wrong with their meat pies, sandwiches, or sweet treats paired with a freshly-squeezed orange juice or coffee.

Called ‘Margs Bakery’ by the locals, this is a busy place – like lined up out the door busy sometimes! The staff is great at getting you your order to-go if there aren’t enough seats and the wait for your food is totally worth it. If you do decide to eat inside, the colorful and quirky decor (like a wall of plates!) is fun to look at.

The bakery is open from 7 am – 2 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Where to Stay in Margaret River

Margaret river tourist park view of the cabins
The cabins at Margaret River Tourist Park are comfortable and affordable!

Now that you know just how much there is to do in Margaret River, why not stay a while? You could easily spend a week here, but even if you’re only here for the weekend, you’ll find yourself falling into the rhythms of this town.

But where to stay? Luckily there are a lot of options for all types of travelers – whether you’re vacationing on a budget or looking to splurge on a luxury hotel. These are our top picks!

Margaret River Tourist Park – $

This is our top budget-friendly option because the value here is amazing! You can rent an entire cabin, either one or two bedrooms, for around $150 AUD per night. There’s a swimming pool, BBQs, and even a kids’ playground. It’s right on the edge of the forest, but only a couple of minutes from the center of town. This is perfect for families who want a bit more space.

Margaret River Resort – $$

Set close to the heart of town, this resort offers a variety of rooms from standard hotel-style accommodation to private villas. The location means it’s easy to walk around and explore and there’s a pool and private backyard area with tennis courts on site. The pub here has fantastic food and local wines to kick back with after a busy day. Rooms start at $189 AUD.

Empire Spa Retreat – $$$

You are in the Margaret River wine region, so why not stay at a vineyard? This luxurious hotel is set on 12 acres of vineyards and gardens. It’s a 40-minute drive from Margaret River, but super close to Dunsborough and sights like Ngilgi Cave and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. All the suites in this stone and timber farmhouse have comfy bedding, flat-screen TVs, big baths, and gorgeous views of the property. Rooms here start at $325 AUD per night.

Renting a Car in Australia

Driving through the outback in a rental car in Australia
Outback Australia!

With many must-see destinations in Australia outside city limits, one of the best ways to get around is in a rental car.

Australia is a huge country and traveling between cities or getting to some of the most scenic spots requires driving. While public transit is sometimes an option, it often adds a lot of time and planning. Plus, we love the freedom of a rental car to stop wherever we want and not have to stick to a set schedule.

Car rental in Australia is super affordable, especially if you choose a smaller vehicle. We use the website It’s a search engine that compares multiple car rental companies for you – saving you from visiting each website individually.

If you plan to be based in a main city like Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth and do a few day trips while returning your car to the same location, we’ve booked rentals for as cheap as $25 AUD a day! Full coverage insurance can be added for around an extra $12 AUD a day too. The price will vary depending on the time of year, type of car, and if you’re able to pick up and drop off at the same location.

Discover Cars also offers handy filters so you can search for cars that offer features like child seats, GPS, or let you have an additional driver. There are also free cancellation options if your trip changes. Read our honest review of Discover Cars here for more details!

Check out the selection and book your car rental online here!

Thanks for reading!

Dan and Bailey take a selfie at a winery in Margaret River
Thanks for reading and enjoy Margaret River, WA!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide to Margaret River, WA! I think you now know why it was a place my family returned to again and again and why I still love coming back. The charm of this place lures you in and the people are so nice. Pair that with the incredible scenery and things to do and you have a winning formula for a fantastic vacation.

If you’re planning more travels around the country, be sure to check out our other Australia blogs before you go. If you have any questions about visiting this part of the world, leave us a comment below and check out our other travel blogs including:

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