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10 Best Breweries in Perth, Australia

10 Best Breweries in Perth, Australia

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If you are a lover of art, cultural events, festivals, and other community-based activities, the capital of Western Australia, Perth, is just the place for you! Well-known for its status as the most isolated city on the globe, there are certainly no shortages of events in this magnificent city. 

What adds to the festivities of an art show, a festival, or an evening on the town? Beer, of course! 

Perth is a city that loves its craft beer, so naturally, one of the best things to do in Perth is to visit the local craft breweries!

With so many amazing breweries in Perth, you might find yourself overwhelmed with where to start. No worries, though, because that’s where we come in! 

We’ve done the research, and the hard work of stopping by these breweries (twist our arms) so that you don’t have to spend all your time trying to find the right fit. 

So, without further ado, here are the 10 best breweries in Perth!  

The Best Breweries in Perth  

1. Little Creatures (Fremantle) 

variety of bee at Little Creatures Brewing in Australia
Photo credit: Little Creatures Brewing
  • Opening Hours: 11 am – Late 
  • Location: The heart of Fremantle, near the ocean
  • Price Point: You can expect to pay $12.5 AUD (~$8.50 USD) for a pint 
  • Stop by for: A dog-friendly beer garden, grab a free bike for the day,  
  • Two Beers to Try:  Little Creatures Pacific Ale – 4.4%, Little Creatures XPA – 4.9% 

Little Creatures is a great spot, located in the Fremantle area. The environment is fun and intimate, but they also let you grab a bike for the day, for free, to explore the area!  

This makes the brewery such a great spot to get a sense of the community, thanks to conversations with locals and the ability to follow up a pint with a bike ride around Fremantle. You just have to head to the brewhouse to ask about the bikes they have available. 

You don’t need a reservation to enjoy the great hall, brewhouse, or their outdoor patio area. All spaces welcome guests with open arms, including a unique area of the venue that used to be a crocodile farm. Yes, you read that right! You can see some of the old infrastructure of the farm while enjoying a pint and pizza. 

If you find a favorite beer, you can grab a pack of it to take home with you…or back to your hotel, at least. 

2. Northbridge Brewing Company (Northbridge) 

Northbridge brewing tasting paddle
Photo credit: Northbridge Brewing
Beer and burger at Northbirdge brewing
Photo credit: Northbridge brewing
  • Opening Hours: 11am – Late 
  • Location: In Northbridge, Perth CBD
  • Price Point: Pints are about $12 AUD (~$8 USD) & beer tasting paddle is $13 AUD (~$9 USD) 
  • Stop by for: Seasonal events, quiz nights, and other fun events. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Beerland Easy Tiger – Hoppy mid-strength summer ale 3.5% , Beerland James St Juice – New England pale ale 4.8% 

Northbridge Brewing Company is the perfect brewery to visit in Perth if you’re looking for a social atmosphere. They regularly host larger group events like birthday parties, happy hours, and local events like game nights that draw in large crowds.  

If you’re looking to make some new local friends during your trip, this could be the spot for you to check out. The staff are friendly and there are plenty of food options to choose from, including gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan options! 

The spot itself looks modern and open on the outside and has a great atmosphere once you’re inside. Try one of their local brews and bring some back with you if you’d like- they also sell their beers in takaway packs. 

3. Gage Roads Brewery (Fremantle)  

Bailey with a beer at Gage Roads Brewery, Fremantle, WA
Gage Roads is one of my favorite breweries!
A beer and taco at Gage Road Brewery, WA
Beer and tacos!
  • Opening Hours: 11am – Late 
  • Location: Framantle
  • Price Point: Pints are $12.50-13 AUD (~$8.50 USD) beer tasting paddle is $14 AUD (~$9.50 USD) 
  • Stop by for: A kid and dog-friendly outdoor area, to watch the container ships pass by in the nearby water, or to chill in the beer garden. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Little Dove – New World Pale Ale 6.2% , Single Fin – Sumer Ale 4.5%

The location of the Gage Roads Brewery is a huge draw because it sits right on the water. You can easily watch the iconic container ships of the area pass you by as you enjoy some food and, of course, a cold one (or three!) 

If taking in the view isn’t for you, the brewery has plenty of tables and spaces inside that you can enjoy a chat with friends, or even get some work done (if you’re like me and need to do some check-ins occasionally, even on vacation.) 

The playground that makes this space kid-friendly is so cool, with a structure in the shape of a boat that fits the environment perfectly and keeps the kids busy and close by. You can grab food from empanadas and street corn to lamb ribs or pizza, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

It’s a huge brewery and a popular place for both tourists and locals to enjoy. Their beer is very popular, too, and you will often see their Single Fin offered on tap at most bars in Perth. It’s easily one of the most popular breweries in Perth.

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4. Bright Tank Brewing Co (East Perth)  

Food and beer at Bright Tank Brewing Co in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Bright Tank Brewing Co.
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday & Thursday – 4 pm-10 pm, Friday & Saturday – 12pm-late, Sunday – 12pm-10pm  
  • Location: East Perth
  • Price Point: Pints are $11-15 AUD (~$7.50-10 USD) & their ‘beer of the month’ tasting paddle is $14 AUD (~$9.50 USD) 
  • Stop by for: Frequent new beer releases, great food, and a cozy atmosphere with lots of great outdoor seating options. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Lil Red Smeg Head IPA – Session Red IPA 3.8% , Mango Chai Pastry Sour – 5.3%

Bright Tank Brewing Co. offers a cool, communal style of enjoying craft beer. You can expect to sit at a long table with strangers who are also there to enjoy good beer and the company of new people. Bright Tank’s interior style lets you find like-minded travelers and locals that are open to conversation and sharing a common experience. 

If that isn’t quite your scene, there are smaller tables on the outdoor patio where you can enjoy a more intimate atmosphere.  

New beer releases and events crop up often, and you might get to experience one of these occasions when you stop by. 

5. Running with Thieves (South Fremantle)  

Tasting Paddle at RUNNING WITH THIEVES in Perth Australia
Outside of RUNNING WITH THIEVES in Perth Australia
  • Opening Hours: weekdays – 11am- 9pm, Friday & Saturday – 11am- late 
  • Location: South Fremantle
  • Price Point: Pints are $11-13 AUD (~$7.50-8.50 USD) & tasting paddles go for $18 AUD (~$12 USD) 
  • Stop by for: A tour of their state-of-the-art brewery and distillery, a guided tasting, or enjoy the restaurant with an open kitchen and an attached retail outlet. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Thieves Lager – quintessential Australian lager 4.4% ,XPA – fruity with a hint of bitterness 4.6% 

Running With Thieves has a super cool vibe that is sure to draw in a fun crowd. Picture mix tapes, skate ditches, break dancing, and more. Not only does this brewery offer great beer, but also an atmosphere that feels like a complete experience in and of itself.  

The creative personalities and the great drinks that you’ll find at this brewery will have you checking to see if you have time left in your trip to come back again, or maybe a few more times, before going home. 

They work to produce everything in-house and focus on local sourcing when that doesn’t work.  The menu here is delicious, so be sure to have some food with your beer.

If you happen to have a “non-beer lover” in your group, not to worry, Running with Thieves also produces some of their own spirits. So, try one of their craft cocktails while you’re at it.

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6. Blasta Brewing Company (Burswood)  

Variety of drinks at Blasta Brewing Company in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Blasta Brewing Company
  • Opening Hours: Bar hours – Monday – Saturday 8am-late, Sunday – 10am-late  
  • Location: Burswood
  • Price Point: Pints on tap range from $10-12 AUD (~$6.50-8 USD) & tasting paddles are available upon request 
  • Stop by for: Various events including holiday-themed functions, comedy nights, bottomless brunch, and more. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Steady Head – Mid-Strength Pale Ale 3.3% ,MYWAY – Grapefruit Infused IPA 5.9% 

Blasta Brewing draws their inspiration from Scottish and other European brewing practices, offering a unique experience in comparison to other breweries in Perth. 

The name, Blasta, comes from the Scottish Gaelic language, and means ‘delicious,’ which is exactly how I would describe their beers! 

You can enjoy your drinks in the beer hall as you take in the various collections of wall art that are scattered throughout the building. Also, an added perk is that the bar directly faces the active brewery where you can feel like a part of the process. It offers an inside look that is fun but also doesn’t wholly define your experience. 

There is a café open throughout the morning hours, and a kitchen open later in the day to pair food with all of your afternoon and evening drinks. 

7. Nowhereman Brewing Co. (Leaderville)  

Beer at Nowhereman Brewing Company in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Nowhereman Brewing Company
Variety of Gin at Nowhereman Brewing Company in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Nowhereman Brewing Company
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday & Thursday – 4pm- 10pm, Friday – 4 pm- 11pm, Saturday – 12pm- 11pm, Sunday – 12pm- 8pm 
  • Location: Leaderville
  • Price Point: Pints range from $11-17 AUD (~$7.50-11.50 USD) & tasting paddles are $26 or $32 AUD (~$18 or $21 USD) depending on your selection. 
  • Stop by for: An inclusive brewery with heavy community involvement, whose name happens to stem from the popular Beatles song. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Leederville Draught – clean, crisp, refreshing 4.2% ,Gina Knows Best Sour – light sour beer 4.0% 

Nowhereman is easily accessible no matter what kind of transportation access you have. You can get there via bus, train, or even a bike, if you’d like to enjoy the sights of the area as you get there.  

You can feel the staff’s commitment to the beer industry, as they work to offer you the best choices and an experience you won’t forget. Nowhereman is also very inclusive – no matter your age, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity, you are welcome at this lively neighborhood spot.  

There’s a good chance that you’ll learn more about the land that this brewery is on, too, as they acknowledge the ancestral background of their community.  

All in all, this is a super cool spot that will teach you some things about both beer and Perth itself. It doesn’t get better than that! 

8. Otherside Brewing Co. (Myaree)  

Cloudburst Hazy IPA from Otherside Brewing Co in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Otherside Brewing Co
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday – Friday – 3pm -9pm, Saturday – 11am- 9pm, Sunday – 11am- 8pm 
  • Location: Mayree
  • Price Point: Pints go for $10-13 AUD ($6.50-8.50 USD) & tasting paddles are $18 AUD ($12 USD) for regular and $25 AUD (~$17 USD) for seasonal beers. 
  • Stop by for: Weekly quiz nights, happy hours, live music, a weekly resident DJ spot, and a night of shared plate deals. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Festive Session Ale – 4.2%, Cloudburst Hazy IPA – 5.8% 

Otherside Brewing used to be a more mobile brewery, which started with just one brew for a music festival. Its unique roots craft a cool experience on-site, and even better beers! 

You can actually opt to own a bit of the brewery, but we’ll let them tell you more about that option once you’re there – it’s actually quite cool. 

The working brewery has an attached brewhouse where you can enjoy your drinks while eating some delicious food truck grub. On top of that, expect to be participating in one of their daily special events like live music and quiz nights. 

9. The Seasonal Brewing Co. (Guildford)  

beer paddle at The Seasonal Brewing Co in Perth Australia
Photo credit: The Seasonal Brewing Co.
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday – 4pm- 10pm, Thursday – 4pm -11pm, Friday & Saturday – 12pm- 12am, Sunday – 12pm- 10pm 
  • Location: Guildford
  • Price Point: Beers change regularly, based on the season, as does pricing. 
  • Stop by for: Events like comedy night, quiz night, bingo night, and multiple seasonal brew launch events. 
  • Two Beers to Try: Passionfruit & Guava Gose – clean and refreshing 4.3%, Session IPA – light with hints of grapefruit 3.8% 

The Seasonal Brewing Co. is an award-winning neighborhood spot that you’re likely to fall in love with. They have over 18 taps and, with opening hours 7 days a week, you can easily walk in and enjoy a cold one at a moment’s notice.  

If you’re on a large trip or have met some friends at another brewery or event, they will take bookings for groups of over 10 people, to make sure you can be fit in! 

Enjoy comedy night on the 4th Wednesday of every month, quiz nights on Thursdays, and many other events throughout the week. There are seasonal events, some of which are related to the launches of new brews throughout the year.  

This is a super cool spot that highlights different beers at different times of year, and also offers great chances to meet new people along the way! 

10. Long Neck Brewery (East Perth)  

Pizza and Beer paddle at Long Neck Brewery in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Long Neck Brewery
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday & Thursday – 11am- 9:30pm, Friday & Saturday – 11am- 11:30 pm, Sunday – 11am-9:30 pm 
  • Location: East Perth
  • Price Point: Pints cost $11-14 AUD (~$7.50-$9.50 USD) & tasting paddles are $15 AUD ($10 USD) 
  • Stop by for: Boating access to Swan River, events like Sunset Sundays and Saturday Soul with live DJs, Thirsty Thursday promos, and $5 kids’ meals on Fridays. 
  • Two Beers to Try: The Doctor Hazy Neipa – 6.5%, Blue Manna Ginger Beer – 3.5% 

Long Neck Brewery is the only brewery in Perth with direct marina access, so that boats big and small can directly reach the brewery from Swan River. 

This unique factor is not the only drawing point, though. They also offer promos for kids’ meals, different live music events throughout the week, and a laid-back atmosphere that allows you to feel at one with nature without having to be in nature. 

Arrive easily by car, boat, or bike, and stay to enjoy sunset at the water, you won’t regret it! 

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Craft Brewery Tours in Perth  

Wine tasting from Best of Perth Tours in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Best of Perth Tours
Beer paddling from Perth Beer Tour in Perth Australia
Photo credit: Perth Beer Tour

If you are looking for a way to explore craft breweries without a worry of a designated driver or want to skip some of the planning in your end, a craft brewery tour is the perfect way to spend part of your day. 

You may also get access to locations that you wouldn’t otherwise see by staying in Perth. 

These are our favorites craft brewery tours in Perth!

Brewery Tour in Swan Valley   

You don’t just have to stay in Perth city to enjoy good craft beer. You also have a chance to venture a bit further outside of central Perth, and do one of the best day trips from Perth.

This particular brewery tour will take you to the beautiful Swan Valley for the day!  

You’ll get to do tastings at 4 of the region’s most popular breweries, enjoy a gourmet pub lunch, and sample even more beer. Of course, you can expect to have access to air-conditioned transportation to and from the area, good music, and a fantastic tour guide! 

Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 people, and at $190 AUD, you certainly get to see part of the Perth brewery scene that you might otherwise have missed. 

Wine and Beer Tour in Swan Valley  

This brewery tour combines the feeling of a city tour and a brewery tour, as it covers half a day in Perth and Swan Valley. So if you like both beer and wine, this is also one of the best Swan Valley wine tours!

Drive past the Swan Bell Tower and Crown Perth as you make your way to see modern micro-breweries and vineyards for wine and beer tastings. You’ll also get chocolate tastings, liqueur tastings, and other food product tastings to further enrich your experience.

The 4-hour tour includes air-conditioned, round-trip transportation, food and alcohol tastings, a guide, and any taxes or handling charges for $195 AUD per person. 

Ultimate Brewery Tour in Perth  

Check out Perth Beer Tours Ultimate Tour for free pick up and drop off, transportation between venues, and the chance to taste over 25 beers! 

You’ll be stopping at 5 different breweries, one of which includes a meal, and get to taste a range of beers with different origins. 

Bookings run for groups of 4 or more, individuals, or larger groups. If you do have a large enough group, tour dates and times have the potential to be added in order to accommodate you.  

The Ultimate beer tour is $180 AUD per person and runs from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Evening Beer Tour in Perth 

Another one of our favorite tours is actually offered by the same company as above. We loved the Perth Beer Tours Evening Tour, too! 

This one also meets at convenient venues, always near a station so that you can easily access them. You’ll go to 4 breweries/brewpubs this time, trying over 20 beers and enjoying light snacks.  

Meals aren’t included in this one, but kitchens are open at most breweries if you’d like to grab some extra grub.  

Bookings look the same when it comes to group sizes, but tours cost $112.50 AUD and run from 6 pm to 10 pm. 

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Other Activities to do While You’re in Perth

A rescued penguin on Penguin Island, Perth
A rescued penguin on Penguin Island, Perth
Our lunch on the swan river wine cruise in Perth
The food on our river cruise was amazing!

Visiting a brewery (or two!) is just one of many fun things we like doing in Perth! This city is actually Daniel’s hometown, so we know it well! As such, we’ve compiled this list of our top activities.

  • Visit Penguin Island – Penguin Island is just a 45-minute drive from Perth and is home to around 1,200 wild penguins along with nature trails, beaches, and places to swim and snorkel. You’ll need to take a ferry to the island – unless you want to kayak there instead!
  • Take a cruise – The Swan River runs right through Perth, so this relaxing river cruise is a perfect day out! Plus, Perth is one of the sunniest places in the world, so chances are you’ll have a good day for it! The tour includes a scenic boat ride and wine tasting in the award-winning region of Swan Valley.
  • Learn to surf – Perth is the ideal place for beginner surfers! We recommend Go Surf Perth for classes. If you’re a novice surfer heading out on your own, our favorite beach is Cottesloe. For a bit more of a challenge, one of the most reliable surf breaks is Trigg Beach.

Thanks for reading!

Daniel at Gage Roads Brewery in Perth
Thanks for reading!

Wow, am I ever thirsty for a cold one now! Honestly, having a crisp, ice-cold beer in the hot Aussie sun is a fun way to enjoy an afternoon. And trust me, if you stick to the Perth Breweries in this blog, then you’re sure to be impressed.

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