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Waterfalls Near Darwin, Australia (you just need to check out)

waterfalls near darwin

If you love “chasing waterfalls” then Darwin, Australia is the perfect place to do so! Here are 7 amazing waterfalls near Darwin including some important information for visiting them!

7 Amazing Waterfalls Near Darwin, Australia

One of the best things about the city of Darwin is its close proximity to amazing national parks and waterfalls! In the dry season, waterfalls make some of the best places to spend an afternoon as you can actually swim in most of them!

These are the waterfalls near Darwin that you should definitely go check out:

1. Wangi Falls

wangi falls in litchfield
Wangi Falls is one of the closest of the big waterfalls near Darwin.

Wangi Falls is located in Litchfield National Park which is one of the most remote places in Australia. It is actually the biggest waterfall in Litchfield National Park with a huge area for swimming at the bottom. Unfortunately, Wangi Falls is closed for swimming during the wet season, but it is still open for viewing and there is a hike to the top with some great views.

My favourite part about Wangi Falls is the small little natural pool formed from the waterfall. About 1/3 of the way up this tiny pool that is perfect for relaxing with a beer in hand. Be careful getting there though, the rocks are slippery!

pool at wangi falls one of the best waterfalls near darwin
Hanging out in the cliff beside Wangi Falls!

Distance from Darwin? 132 km (approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes driving)

Is camping Available? Yes, only across the road from the car park there is a full-facility campground run by Litchfield National Park

Swimming Allowed? Only when signed. Closed for swimming during the wet season.

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2. Florence Falls


florence falls near darwin
Doesn’t that look like the perfect place to swim?!

Florence Falls is my favourite out of all of the waterfalls near Darwin to camp at during the summer! Florence Falls are generally less busy than Wangi and have great facilities with little fire pits and hot plates for cooking at each campsite.

camping at litchfield
Daniel, cooking up a storm!

There is a great nature walk to get to them with the opportunity to spot some wildlife. If you don’t see any wildlife on the walk don’t worry though, you will be guaranteed to be swimming with the fish while taking a dip in Florence Falls!

Florence Falls are only accessible by several stairs so be prepared for the climb!

Florence falls is actually two waterfalls with a swimming area and river at the bottom.
Distance from Darwin? 144 km (1 hour and 45 minutes driving)

Is camping Available? Yes. It is near the car park, up the stairs from Florence Falls. Operated by Litchfield National Park.

Swimming Allowed? During the dry season, but can be closed during certain times during the wet season.

3. Buley Rockhole Pools

buley rockhole pools
Buley Rockhole Pools aren’t actually big waterfalls, but several small ones creating some multi-level swimming pools.

While Buley Rockhole Pools aren’t the most impressive to look at they are definitely the most fun to swim in! The many different pools, natural waterfalls, and small cliffs to jump from will keep you busy all afternoon!

jumping in buley rockhole pools
Jumping into one of the pools!

Distance from Darwin? 142 km (i hour and 45 minutes driving)

Is camping Available? Yes. A new facility has been built and is managed by Litchfield National Park.

Swimming allowed? Buley Rockhole Pools are open all year round except in extreme circumstances where there has been an unusual amount of rain.

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4. Edith Falls

Edith Falls is actually closer to Katherine rather than Darwin but is well worth the drive! Edith Falls is unique because there are a few different waterfalls all in a row with different pool to swim in. Edith Falls is just outside of the town of Katherine and quite close to the Katherine Gorge making it the perfect place to check out during any road trip to Katherine!

edith falls top pool..
The top pool at Edith Falls

It is a bit of a hike to get to the top swimming pool but it totally worth it for the refreshing swim and the view from the top!

Distance from Darwin? 293km (3 hours and 10 minutes driving)

Camping allowed? Yes! There is a huge grassy campground at the base of Edith Falls.

Swimming allowed? In some areas. Look for signs to ensure swimming is recommended in any particular pool.

5. Jim Jim Falls

In terms of huge waterfalls, it doesn’t get much better than Jim Jim Falls. This amazingly tall waterfall hangs in a circular cave-like setting only accessible by a long and challenging walk.

You must hike along a trail, and then over boulders and rocks, and then (depending on the water levels) wade through a pool before you will get to see this majestic waterfalls.

jim jim falls is a great waterfalls near darwin
Along the walk to Jim Jim Falls, you can just see the massive waterfall in the background.

The huge pool at the bottom is guaranteed to make you feel small and a little hesitant about swimming. But, go for it anyways! And if you dare, swim out to the far side of the pool and hang out on the rock edges nearest the waterfall.
incredible jim jim falls
Distance from Darwin? 348 km (5 hours and 30 minutes driving)

Camping allowed? The closest campground is called Garnamarr Campground and it is located on the Jim Jim Falls access road.

Swimming allowed? Only in the main plunge pool. Don’t venture elsewhere in the area and go for a swim or you may become a crocodile’s lunch!

Note: Jim Jim Falls is only open in the dry season by 4wd only. Check out Parks Australia or go to the visitor centre in Kakadu National Park for the latest road conditions.

6. Gunlom Falls

I love Gunlom Falls because of how much there is to do there! At the base of the water, you can swim in a peaceful pool from a sandy beach that is easily accessible. If you are a hiker, then you can hike to the top of the falls for an incredible view! And, if you need to cool off after that hike then the natural infinity pool at the top is the perfect reward.

Gunlom Falls is one of my absolute favorite of the waterfalls near Darwin!
Gunlom Falls is one of my absolute favourite of the waterfalls near Darwin!

I recommend spending a night or two in the campground at the base of Gunlom Falls to really enjoy what the area had to offer.

Like most places in Kakadu National Park, Gunlom Falls are only open in the dry season.
Distance from Darwin? 330km (4 hours and 45 minutes driving)

Camping allowed? There is a campground at the base of the falls, only a few meters from the bottom plunge pool.

Swimming allowed? Yes, both in the bottom plunge pool and at the top of the falls in the natural infinity pool!

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7. Maguk (Barramundi Gorge)

And last, but certainly not least, is Barramundi Gorge! This place is truly a treat, but to be honest, it is best explored with a guide or someone who is very familiar with the area. Why? Because there is so much to explore that you will never find safely on your own!

When we were there, our guide first took us hiking up to the top of the gorge. Besides beautiful views, we were greeted with natural small swimming pools that were ideal for relaxing.

barramundi gorge lookout
Looking out over Barramundi Gorge

Our guide then showed us around at the top of the gorge and had us jumping off cliffs, swimming through tunnels, and swimming in between rocks. It was quite an adventure activity and we loved every minute!

barramundi gorge
Daniel, relaxing in the Maguk plunge pool.

If climbing and swimming aren’t your things, then the bottom pool at Barramundi Gorge is just as beautiful! Here, you can go for a refreshing swim in the calm waters at the base of the waterfall.

Distance from Darwin? 357km (4 hours driving)

Camping allowed? Yes, at Maguk Campground. Accessible by 4wd only.

Swimming allowed? Yes, during the dry season only when it is open. Be careful exploring the rivers and pools at the top of the gorge, because of currents and hidden rocks it is recommended only to do so with a guide.

we love waterfalls near darwin
Don’t forget your plastic cups when exploring the waterfalls near Darwin, you are allowed to drink as long as you don’t use glass!
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All of the waterfalls near Darwin are unique in their own way. If you love nature, love swimming, and love adventure then checking out all of these waterfalls near Darwin should be on your list of things to do!

Which is your favourite out of all of the waterfalls near Darwin? Tell us in the comments!

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