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Bordering the US on the south and Alberta on the east, Kootenay is a unique region in British Columbia that has become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts over the years.

There’s no shortage of activities from hiking in the mountains to admiring the many glass-like lakes. We’ve traveled around Kootenay plenty of times and particularly enjoy camping in the area, especially in Kootenay National Park.

There are tons of towns within the Kootenay region, and we’ve been lucky enough to visit quite a few of them. We want to share our love for this region with you, so check out the blogs below to learn all about this epic area.

Planning Essentials for Kootenay

We recommend reading the below blogs to start planning your adventure through the Kootenay region. We’ve spent a lot of time in the area and have written about some of our favorite places to stay and grab a bite to eat.

Things to do in Kootenay

There are TONS of things to do here, and we’ve worked hard to create the below articles so you can enjoy Kootenay as much as we do! Whether you try all of these activites or just a few, we’re certain you’ll enjoy your time.

Road Trips around Kootenay

Nearby Places to Visit