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5 Amazing Airbnbs in Radium Hot Springs That You’ll Love

5 Amazing Airbnbs in Radium Hot Springs That You’ll Love

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Radium Hot Springs is an adorable town located right next to Kootenay National Park in BC’s stunning Columbia Valley. We visit Radium Hot Springs frequently because, well, why not? There’s a ton to explore in Radium with attractions perfect in both the winter and summer … including of course some of the best hot springs BC has to offer.

Every time we visit Radium we have to make the difficult decision of where to stay. For us, the decision is quite simple as there are lots of great Airbnbs in Radium to choose from.

After staying in many Airbnbs in Radium ourselves, we’ve decided

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Radium Hot Springs

A view over Radium
Those views!

While there are plenty of hotels available in Radium, you have even more choice when it comes to Airbnbs!

In fact, most of the hotels in Radium are dated and lack the comfortable amenities you are probably looking for on your holiday. Airbnbs in Radium often offer a full kitchen, balcony with mountain views, and some even have swimming pools!

Honestly, prices of Airbnbs in Radium Hot Springs are also very comparable to hotels, and in many cases better value.

For those traveling in a group or even couples looking for a little privacy, an Airbnb in Radium is definitely the way to go! Below I have listed my favorite 5 Airbnb in Radium – one for every type of traveler, budget, and group size!

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Our Top Choices for Airbnbs in Radium

The road into Radium
The road into Radium!

Best View: Mountain View Condo

Best for large groups: Luxury Condo in The Peaks

Most romantic stay for a couple: Radium Retreat

Most Unique: Private Cabin with Hot Tub

Best for families: Spacious and Bright Private Suite

5 BEST Airbnbs in Radium Hot Springs

1. Luxury Condo in The Peaks

Peaks condo airbnb in Radium
The beautiful pool at the condo! Photo credit: Luxury condo at the Peaks on VRBO
  • Location: Near the Radium Hot Springs Pools 
  • Type of home: Loft-style condominium  
  • Guests: 8  
  • Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms, one common sleeping space  
  • Beds: 3 queen beds, 1 queen pull-out bed 
  • Bathrooms: 3 bathrooms 
  • Superhost: Yes 
  • Price: $150 CAD/night+  

Who will love this Airbnb: Got a lot of family and friends coming with you on your trip? This Airbnb is the best pick! Not only does it have enough space, but it also has the best amenities to keep everyone of all ages entertained. Plus, you’re close to to down while still having enough distance from the highway for peace and quiet.  

What makes it a top choice: It’s fascinating how this Airbnb has so much room and creature comforts! It has air conditioning, a laundry area, and a deck for your convenience. Then, there are three televisions and plenty of games to keep everyone in high spirits indoors! After lounging around, you can relax on the deck, outdoor pools, and hot tubs.  

Important info to note: This Airbnb has a two-night minimum stay. There are additional fees included if you don’t clean up garbage, cigarette butts, or dirty dishes when you leave. The outdoor pools are a bonus feature, but they’re closed during winter.  

Check availability and book this Airbnb easily on the website VRBO!

Please Note: VRBO is a great platform that we often use to book holiday rentals. It is similar to Airbnb except that ALL homes are entire homes (so no need to worry about ending up with a shared space!) It is a highly reputable platform with great customer service – check it out!

2. Radium Retreat

outside of the Radium Retreat airbnb
Photo credit: Radium Retreat on Airbnb
  • Location: Walking distance to town and a half-hour drive to Ski Hill 
  • Type of home: Entire apartment  
  • Guests: 2  
  • Bedrooms: 1, plus a common sleeping space 
  • Beds: 1 queen bed, with air mattresses  
  • Bathrooms: 1 
  • Superhost: Yes  
  • Price: $95 CAD/night+  

Who will love this Airbnb: Couples or lone travelers looking for a breathtaking retreat have found their perfect match! It’s the coziest place to stay in, but you can venture out to nearby gems of restaurants and pubs. If you want to stay somewhere for a skiing trip or need a long-term stay, you can stay in this Airbnb!  

What makes it a top choice: You have everything you need in the comfiest apartment. Find all the essentials in the kitchen, use the laundry area, and cuddle with a loved one by the fireplace! Come during the warm months and take advantage of the air conditioning, pool, and hot tubs open year-round.  

Important info to note: There’s a two-night minimum stay, so make sure to keep yourself busy with Radium activities. 

Check availability and book on Airbnb!

3. Spacious and Bright Private Suite

privaye suite living room of a popular Airbnb in Radium
Photo credit: Spacious and Bright Private Suite on VRBO
  • Location: Just a few minutes away from the hot springs
  • Type of home: Private guest suite 
  • Guests: 6 
  • Bedrooms: 2 
  • Beds: 2 queen beds 
  • Bathrooms: 1 bath 
  • Superhost: Yes 
  • Price: $85 CAD/night+  

Who will love this Airbnb: Anyone who wants a central stay will fall in love with this Airbnb! Pet lovers will find this Airbnb as a budget-friendly, convenient stay.  

What makes it a top choice: You won’t find a cheaper place with better proximity to the hot springs, the village, different amenities, and various skiing destinations! The high ceilings make the already spacious suite even larger. As an animal lover, I love the big front yard where pets can run around – and for kids to play in, too. You won’t find yourself lacking with a well-equipped kitchenette, storage room, and laundry area.  

Important info to note: Get ready for a furry host to greet you! Theo’s a cat anyone will find adorable, but you might have allergies. There’s a flight of stairs and some shared spaces in this suite. Take note that they have a two-night minimum stay.  

Check availability and book on VRBO!

4. Beautiful Cabin with Private Hot Tub

Beautiful cabin with private hot tub Airbnb in Radium BC
You better believe this private cabin comes with its own PRIVATE HOT TUB! Photo credit: Beautiful Cabin with Private Hot Tub on VRBO
  • Location: 5 minute drive from Radium. A 10 minute walk to Columbia River.
  • Type of home: Entire cabin 
  • Guests: 
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Beds: 1 queen bed  
  • Bathrooms: 1 
  • Superhost: Yes 
  • Price: $130 CAD/night+  

Who will love this Airbnb: Nature lovers, it’s time to absolutely adore this stay. This charming cabin is surrounded by nature. Trees surround you, and unique mountain views are in abundance that you can enjoy from your private hot tub! It is perfect for anybody looking for a quiet stay just on the outskirts of town.

What makes it a top choice: With this holiday home, you can feel off-the-grid while still being near important vacation spots. The stunning wildlife and the quiet area fulfill my need to completely unwind during the holidays. Staying indoors is tempting, with the indoor fireplace, cozy living room, and a kitchen so full you’ll want to cook in there for days. But the outdoors is even better with a private hot tub, fire pit, and hiking trails that start right from your doorstep.

Important info to note: You must stay for two nights at least, so make sure to get the most out of the things you can do in Radium!  

Check availability and book on VRBO!

5. Mountain View Condo

kitchen in the mountain view condo in Radium Hot Springs
Photo credit: Mountain View Condo on VRBO
  • Location: Five-minute drive away from Radium Hot Springs  
  • Type of home: Entire apartment  
  • Guests: 
  • Bedrooms: 2 
  • Beds: 1 king bed, 1 queen bed 
  • Bathrooms: 2 
  • Superhost: Yes 
  • Price: $195 CAD/night+  

Who will love this Airbnb: For those who want an activity-filled weekend out in Radium, this Airbnb makes it easier for you. Hunt, ski, fish, or just dip into the nearby hot springs!  

What makes it a top choice: The convenience of its location is unparalleled. It brings you closer to outdoor activities, so you don’t just appreciate the gorgeous mountain views. You become part of it! There are still numerous restaurants and bars nearby should you want a change of pace. With hardwood flooring, ample parking, and all the essentials – bathtub, air-conditioning, laundry room, kitchen needs – you’re going to want to stay longer.  

Important info to note: You can only be a guest if you’re 25 years old and above. Maybe you can book this unique stay while celebrating your 25th birthday! If you plan to visit on a long weekend, the hosts may require you to stay three nights instead of two.  

Check availability and book on Airbnb!

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Other Places to Stay in Radium Hot Springs

Photo credit: Prestige Radium Hot Springs Resort

If you didn’t find a Radium Airbnb in this blog for you, don’t fret, there are tons of other Airbnbs in the area you can check out!

Also, you can also choose from a variety of hotels in Radium and area. Personally, the Radium Chalet is my favorite go-to. But if you’re looking for a pure luxury resort that’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you can’t pass up Prestige Radium Hot Springs Resort.

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Before you go…

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie before starting the Columbia River float
Daniel and Bailey take a selfie before starting the Columbia River float near Radium

And there you have it, ten amazing Radium Airbnbs that you’ll absolutely love! Choosing one of these highly-rated Airbnbs is sure to help you enjoy your time exploring Radium Hot Springs and the Columbia Valley!

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