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16 Absolute BEST Day Trips from Auckland

16 Absolute BEST Day Trips from Auckland

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Before Bailey and I started blogging full-time we lived in Auckland working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. This meant that in order to explore the best things to do in Auckland we needed to do lots of Auckland day trips!

For a long time, our weekends were filled with amazing day trips we did from our home in Auckland. And in that time, we sure did a lot!

But, there are some day trips out from the rest and they’re the best day trips from Auckland you can do.

Now, I don’t want to talk down other blogs but…what I noticed is that other articles online suggest visiting places that are simply too far away to visit on a day trip from Auckland. I mean who’s going to drive to Cape Reinga and back in a day? It’s a 420-kilometer journey one way!

So with that in mind, here are the 10 best day trips from Auckland that can easily be done in just one day!  

Day trips from Auckland

1. Waitomo Caves

Glow worms in the waipu Caves, New Zealand
Glow worms in the waipu Caves, New Zealand
  • Total Distance from Auckland: 190 kilometers (118 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: full-day (10 + hours)
  • What you need: car or organized tour

The Waitomo Caves is arguably the best place to see glow worms in New Zealand and after touring the caves myself, I can agree with that – there are literally thousands of them! Here, you can hop on a boat tour through the grotto within the cave where you can get up close to the fascinating glow worms. 

From Auckland, it is a long drive to the Waitomo Caves which will take around 2 hours to complete. My recommendation is the leave Auckland early in the morning at around 7 am especially on a weekday. It’s 190 kilometers each way via State Highway 1 and State Highway 39. 

Another good option if you’re driving yourself is to add Hobbiton (detailed in full below) to your day trip to Waitomo, seeing as it’s just a short detour on your way back to Auckland from Waitomo Caves. It will take 5.5 hours (458 km) of driving, including Hobbiton, so you will need to allow at least 12 hours for this day trip. However, this means you can explore two of the best attractions near Auckland in one go!

Tour recommendations: This exhilarating full-day tour option from Auckland is a great choice if you’re up for exploring the caves with a side of adrenalin! On this 13-hour tour (transport included), you get the chance to go black-water rafting and cave tubing through the Waitomo Caves. You will be accompanied at all times by an experienced guide, so all skill levels are welcome. This particular tour costs from $435 NZD per person and includes round-trip transport from either Auckland or Rotorua. 

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy driving yourself why not consider this full-day tour from Auckland which includes a visit to both Hobbiton and Waitomo Caves. It also includes a kiwi-style lunch and transport to and from your Auckland hotel. What we love about this tour is that it’s a small-group tour so only 14 people maximum are allowed, which means you’re getting a personalized experience. Allow 11 hours for this tour, it costs from $295 NZD per person.

2. Hobbiton

Checking the mail at Frodos house at Hobbiton
Checking the mail at Frodos house at Hobbiton
  • Total Distance: 169 km (105 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: full day (10+ hours)
  • What you need: car, organized tour

Our second day trip from Auckland is a classic! Visiting Hobbiton is a bucket list activity and one of the best things to do in New Zealand.

Most of you will be familiar with Hobbiton because of the famed Lord of the Rings movies. I must admit it’s the coolest movie set on the planet! So if you’re a fan it’s a must and if you’re not, well, I wrote an honest Hobbiton review for people like us!

From Auckland, you can get to Hobbiton in 2 hours. If that still sounds like too much driving for you then jump on an Auckland day tour to Hobbiton. That way someone else will do the driving for you and lots of tours also visit the caves.

Tour recommendations: As mentioned earlier, after touring the Waitomo Caves, you can visit Hobbiton on your way back to Auckland via a short detour or book this combo tour which includes both Waitomo Caves and Hobbiton

This 8-hour guided tour is a great option for those who only want to visit Hobbiton. It includes round-trip transport from Auckland CBD hotels and is also limited to just 11 guests, meaning you will have the full attention of your experienced guide. It includes an in-depth tour of the Hobbiton movie set as well as a drink at the Green Dragon Inn, built as part of the movie set. It costs $162 NZD per person, which I think is really reasonable!

3. Cathedral Cove and Hot water Beach (Coromandel Peninsula)

Cathedral Cove near Hot water beach on the Coromandel Peninsular
Cathedral Cove!
  • Total Distance: 177 kilometers (110 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 8 hours
  • What you need: car or organized tour

There really are so many amazing day trips from Auckland and this next one proves that! Both Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove are amazing places to visit in New Zealand and from Auckland, you can easily visit them on a day trip.

In fact, this was the first day trip I did from Auckland and it involved a 3 am wake-up call the get to Hot Water Beach for sunrise. Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to visit for sunrise you don’t need to leave so early.

For those who don’t know already, Hot Water Beach is literally a beach where you can dig a hole in the sand and enjoy a hot bath! This is because of a crack in the earth’s crust that heats underground water at the beach.

Cathedral Cove, on the other hand, is a beautiful rock formation that was actually used in the filming of the Narnia films. The walk to Cathedral Cove takes about 30 minutes each way and once there, you can relax on the sand or enjoy a nice cold swim.

Both attractions are only a 10-minute drive from each other so you must visit them together. This trip does take a little more planning as you can only enjoy Hot Water Beach for 2 hours on either side of low tide. So be sure to read our Hot Water Beach guide before going!

Tour recommendation: This Coramandel Peninsular day tour from Auckland is the top-rated tour available and visits both Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove as well as stopping atop a mountain for a view of Hauraki Gulf (a short but beautiful trail).

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4. Muriwai Beach

A gannet flys from the cliffs on Muriwai Beach near Auckland
Watching the nesting gannets at Muriwai Beach
  • Total Distance: 43 kilometers (27 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 3 hours minimum
  • What you need: car or organized tour

If you’re after a shorter day trip from Auckland then a visit to Muriwai Beach is the perfect option. This short but sweet day trip takes you out to the west coast of the North Island to explore the rugged volcanic coastline.

Here you can lay on the beach, go for a swim, or just have a picnic or coffee. The beach itself isn’t that nice but I actually love Muriwai Beach for another reason – the birds!

There is a large Gannet colony that lives on the cliffs at the beach. Visiting this colony of birds is a must! But, you will need to be there between the months of August and April to see the birds as they do leave after that (I don’t know where they go.)

The last time I visited in January, I saw lots of baby Gannets which was really cool!

The drive to Muriwai Beach is only 37 kilometers and takes around 40 minutes so you could pair this visit with Bethells Beach (another amazing beach nearby) for the ultimate west coast day trip from Auckland!

Tour recommendation: If you want to visit Muriwai Beach on a tour from Auckland then this tour includes a visit to the beach and the gannet colony with plenty of time to swim or relax, it’s a great choice! Additionally, if you would rather spend more of your time sampling regional wines there is a shorter and more wine-focused tour that still stops for 20 minutes to view the gannets.

5. Piha Beach

The views from Lion rock at Piha Beach near Auckland, New Zealand
The views from Lion Rock at Piha Beach near Auckland, New Zealand
  • Total Distance: 40 kilometers (25 miles) one-way
  • Time needed: 3 hours minimum
  • What you need: car, shuttle bus, or organized tour

Piha Beach is one of the best beaches in New Zealand! The first time I visited I was in awe of the stunning coastline. To me, it’s the contrast between the black sand, blue water, and lush green landscape that makes it a must-visit!

Getting to Piha is easy and from Auckland, it is only a 40-kilometer (25 miles) drive. The drive itself is also an attraction and once you get out of the city the landscape begins to dramatically change. Just before Piha Beach is the turnoff to Karekare Beach. I highly suggest visiting this beach on your way out as it’s just as stunning as Piha!

At Piha, you can surf and swim in the water however this part of the coastline is both rough and rocky so be sure to swim between the flags. There is a café and restaurant at the beach as well as a holiday park for campers and motorhomes.

If you want to enjoy a really nice view then hike up Lion Rock which is located on the beach. This short walk up Lion Rock gives you amazing views of the entire beach!

Tour recommendation: This Piha Beach tour from Auckland takes you from Auckland CBD to Piha, it’s one of the most flexible tours you can take allowing you to go off and explore the city on your own or take advantage of the provided guide who will transport you to the city, beach, valley, and Kitekite Falls. At only $40 NZD it’s a really great value. For a more guided full-day tour, this tour cannot be beaten. Although a little pricier at $175 NZD, it comes highly rated and includes a guide for the entire 5-hour-long tour.

6. Rotorua

Learning about the Maori culture at the Rotorua Maori Experience with Tamaki
  • Total Distance: 228 kilometers (141 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: full day (10+ hours)
  • What you need: car, organized tour, public transport

The city of Rotorua is famous in New Zealand for its geothermal activity as well as its Maori culture. Did you know that over a third of the population here is Maori, the highest concentration of Maori of any other city in the country? So, it’s a great place to explore on a day trip from Auckland and learn all about this unique culture. It’s a 2-hour 45-minute drive (228 kilometers) from Auckland, so best to leave early so that you have as much time to explore Rotorua as possible. 

Some of the best things to do in Rotorua include a visit to Te Puia, which is one of only two geyser fields in the world. Allow approximately 2 hours here – there are walks through the geothermal landscape as well as a kiwi sanctuary and the opportunity to see Maori weaving and carving in action. Another must-do activity in Rotorua is to visit a living Maori village –  Te Whakarewarewa, which is an active geothermal area and has hot pools, boiling mud, and geysers. You can also walk one of the many bush trails here, they vary in length from 5 to 50 minutes. 

A very popular activity too is to book a spa treatment at the famed Polynesian Spa on the outskirts of Rotorua city. Or why not book a Rotorua Maori experience for a true insight into their culture. 

Tour recommendation: If you don’t fancy driving to Rotorua yourself, consider this 13-hour tour from Auckland which includes stops at Te Puia, Te Whakarewarewa, and the city of Rotorua. You can add on (for an additional charge) a visit to the Polynesian Spa, Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, and even attend a Maori concert. This particular tour costs from $285 NZD per person.

7. Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island summit track view, Auckland
Rangitoto Island summit track view, Auckland.
  • Total Distance: 13 kilometers (8 miles)
  • Time needed: 4 hours
  • What you need: Take a ferry, no car needed

Rangitoto Island is just one of New Zealand’s volcano islands off the coast. This beautiful nature reserve is reached by a 25-minute ferry from the Auckland downtown ferry terminal. This makes it one of the best day trips from Auckland for those without a car.

Once you reach the island by ferry or sea kayak you can then choose to either take the tractor train (you need to book it here in advance) around or simply walk yourself. The tractor takes you on a guided tour and is only available on weekends or public holidays. However, it’s a great option as it takes you to amazing places on the island with little walking.

With that said, if you want to walk or are visiting on a weekday then the island is just over 5 kilometers (3 miles) in diameter, so walking is a viable option. There are a few great walks to do with the most popular being the summit trail.

Other great trails on the island include the Boulder Bay Track and the Coastal Track. These trails take a few hours each so choose one or two and be sure to make it back in time for your ferry home!

On the trails, you can see native bird species and enjoy breathtaking views. Be sure to bring lots of water and food as there is nowhere the buy it on the island!

If you’re moderately fit and want a bit of a challenge to reach and explore the island you can choose to book a guided sunset kayaking tour that includes a delicious BBQ meal!

Important info: Fullers is the company that runs ferries to the island. Tickets cost $39 NZD for adults but they have deals for children and families.

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8. Karekare Falls/ Waitakere Ranges

Karekare Falls, New Zealand
Karekare Falls, New Zealand!
  • Total Distance: 39 kilometers (24 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 5-6 hours
  • What you need: car, organized tour

The Karekare Falls is one of the must-see waterfalls on the North Island, at 25 meters tall and just a 45-minute drive (39 kilometers) from Auckland it’s well worth driving here from the city. It’s an easy 5-minute walk from the car park to the lookout point for the falls, and you’ll pass the beautiful Opal Pool Stream Cascade on the way. Although it’s an easy walk it’s actually not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs due to the steps at the beginning of the track. 

The Karekare Falls are located within the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, a huge park at 16,000 hectares that feature lush native rainforest and stunning beaches. Therefore, I highly recommend turning your trip to Karekare Falls into a full-day trip so that you can fully explore this scenic area. 

If you want to stretch your legs, there are over 250 kilometers of walking trails and one of my favorites is the short but sweet Kitekite trail, which is 45-minutes in length but you do need to pass through a few streams along the way, so, a reasonable level of fitness is recommended. The trail ends with a view of a lovely waterfall. A much longer and more challenging trail is the Hillary Trail, which is a 4-day self-guided tramp through the wildest parts of the regional park. 

Interestingly too, the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park is also home to some of the best black-sand beaches in the country – Piha, Bethells, and Muriwai beaches are all located here. These are also popular places to catch a wave (surf!) So, if you’re after a beach day away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland then this is the best spot for you!

Tour recommendation: You can book a guided tour from Auckland to the Waitakere Ranges, this particular tour is 7-hours in duration and includes stops at several scenic viewpoints as well as the chance to see Maori carvings. You will also be taken on a guided rainforest walk to see huge native Kauri trees and get to visit the gorgeous black-sand beaches I mentioned earlier. This tour costs $268 NZD per person.

9. Waiheke Island

A Waiheke Island winery
I love visiting the wineries on Waiheke Island!
  • Total Distance: 49 kilometers (30 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 6 hours minimum (8 preferably)
  • What you need: Just a ferry but a car would help

Waiheke Island is my favorite island off the coast of Auckland. To be honest, a day trip here from Auckland is so much fun, but spending a few nights is even better!

Getting to the island is easy and if you have a car you can actually take it on the Sea Link ferry. This ferry takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs $97 per car and $18 per person each way. If you don’t have a car then you can take the Fullers fast ferry which only takes 35 minutes to reach the island and costs $42 return for adults.

Tour recommendations: On Waiheke Island, there’s lots to see and do but my favorite is the wine tours such as this day tour that takes you to 3 picturesque wineries. Waiheke wineries produce world-class wines! Or, for the cheaper option, opt for the hop-on-hop-off bus! If you want a bit of exercise, with a bike rental you can explore lots of the wineries getting tipsy along the way. You can also enjoy the beautiful beaches, go snorkeling or diving and eat at tasty restaurants.

Hot tip: If you can, spend a night or two on Waiheke Island. You can browse accommodation on the island. As for other tours, there are a lot more great options that come highly rated, from wine to adventure tours you can browse them all here.

Waiheke Island is a magnificent place to visit and one of the best day trips from Auckland!

10. Bay of Islands and Waipu Caves (Northland)

cruising around the bay of islands
Cruising around the Bay of Islands!
  • Total Distance: 235 kilometers (146 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 10 hours
  • What you need: car or organized tour

One of the longest day trips from Auckland I recommend doing is the drive out to Paihia in the Bay of Island, New Zealand as well as the Waipu Caves.

From Auckland to Paihia in the Bay of Islands, it’s a 235-kilometer drive that takes around 2.5 to 3 hours. However, if you leave in the morning you can easily make one of the famous dolphin cruises in the Bay of Islands (these sell out so be sure to book in advance.)

After spotting dolphins on your Bay of Islands cruise you can enjoy lunch in town before heading back to Auckland via the best free glow worms caves in New Zealand, the Waipu Caves. At the Waipu Caves, you can simply park your car and wander into a cave to see lots of glow worms.

You can walk in only 50 meters (164 ft) and see the worms but for a better look wade through the water to the second part of the cave. Here, you can see thousands! You’ll need a torch to visit the caves and be aware that the second part of the cave is covered in 3-inch deep water.

This day trip is a long one and involves 458 kilometers of driving (around 6 hours) total. I would only recommend doing this if you can’t spend more time in Northland. It would also make a great weekend trip leaving on a Saturday morning and returning Sunday afternoon!

Tour recommendation: If you don’t want to drive yourself or don’t have a car then this Bay of Islands day tour from Auckland is a great choice. It includes your dolphin-watching cruise and a visit to the famous Hole in the Rock.

11. Auckland Maori Tour

Bailey plays a Maori Game at the Tamaki Maori Village, Rotorua
Bailey plays a Maori game and she almost won!

One of my favorite day trips from Auckland doesn’t actually require you to go very far from the CBD. This fascinating Maori tour led by a Maori guide will teach you all about the myths, legends, and history of this unique culture whilst taking you to some important sites in Auckland CBD and on the West Coast.

Some of the stops include Mount Eden and Mount Victoria – two dormant volcanoes that are important sites to both historic and modern-day Maoris. It’s a small group tour and questions are encouraged, you will honestly learn so much on this tour! The tour also includes a gourmet lunch, prices start from $300 NZD per person!

12. Raglan

Bridal Veil falls in Raglan
Bridal Veil Falls is a stunning waterfall and a must-visit in Raglan
  • Total Distance: 155 kilometers (96 miles), one way
  • Time needed: 7 hours minimum
  • What you need: car or organized tour

If you love laid-back surf towns, drinking craft beers, laying on the beach, waterfalls, or surfing then Raglan is one day trip from Auckland you have to do!

Located 155 kilometers southwest of Auckland, Raglan is the ultimate hippy town. The surf here is usually pumping and with both beach and point breaks, there are waves for all experience levels from beginners to pros.

In town, you can enjoy drinks at the amazing restaurants and bars, enjoy a coffee, or get the kiwi classic fish and chips and take it to the beach.

On the drive in you’ll pass a sign from Bridal Veil Falls. Be sure to stop here for a quick walk to the waterfall – it’s simply stunning!

Of course, it is a bit of a drive to Raglan so I always recommend spending a night in Raglan (you won’t want to leave after only a few hours) but for those without time, a day trip from Auckland is easily managed.

13. Whangaparāoa Peninsula

A beach on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula
The gorgeous view from Shakespeare Regional Park!
  • Total Distance: 25 kilometers (15 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 4-5 hours
  • What you need: car

Just 25 kilometers from Auckland and part of the beautiful Hibiscus Coast, the Whangaparaoa Peninsula is home to numerous gorgeous beaches and is very popular with holidaying kiwis during the summer months. In fact, at this time of year, this small area almost triples in population size!

Stanmore Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches here, especially with families as the warm waters here are safe for swimming and there’s also a large playground with a flying fox, climbing web, and a log swing! You can easily walk from Whangaparāoa town center to Stanmore Bay Beach, and it’s just an hour so I highly recommend doing so. Along the way, you will be treated to views of the Whangaparāoa Peninsula, you will also walk through wetlands where you can spot many native birds. 

If you’re a golfer the Gulf Harbour Country Club is a must-visit, in fact, it’s consistently rated as one of Auckland’s best golf courses. This 18-hole course actually hosted the World Cup of Golf back in 1998. 

The Shakespear Regional Park is also located on the peninsula and is home to three swimming beaches (Te Haruhi Bay, Okoromai Bay, and Army Bay) as well as numerous walking tracks varying in length. As well as that, you can go mountain biking on some of the trails here and also try out surfing at Te Haruhi Bay. There are also two campsites here should you wish to spend the night, you can find more information here.

14. Tiritiri Matangi Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiritiri Matangi wildlife sanctuary near Auckland, New Zealand
Tiritiri Matangi wildlife sanctuary near Auckland, New Zealand. Photo Credit: Delilah from Our Travel Mix
  • Total Distance: 30 kilometers by ferry (19 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 6 hours minimum
  • What you need: Just the ferry no car needed

When I asked a friend who had lived in Auckland her whole life what her favorite place to visit outside the city was, she told me without hesitation about Tirtiri Matangi Island. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of the place until she mentioned it!

Tiritiri Matangi Island is a predator-free wildlife sanctuary located 30km northeast of Auckland and only 4km from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The island was once devastated by farming but volunteers back in 1984 began planting native trees on the island and in 10 years planted almost 300,000 trees.

The island is now a sanctuary for New Zealand birds and a beautiful escape from Auckland city. Luckily for visitors, the island is much easier to visit than it is to pronounce so I quickly made a day trip from Auckland to Tiritiri Matangi.

The ferry to the island from downtown Auckland costs $82 return and takes just over an hour each way. Although expensive, once there you can enjoy pristine beaches, stunning nature walks, and even visit New Zealand’s oldest operating lighthouse.  

There aren’t many tours to the island from Auckland but this self-guided day tour is a highly rated tour and only costs around $50 USD per person.

15. Hunua Ranges Regional Park

Hunua Falls, Auckland
Hunua Falls, Auckland
  • Total Distance: 49 kilometers (30 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 4 – 5 hours
  • What you need: car

The huge Hunua Ranges Regional Park (it’s a whopping 14,000 hectares) is the largest forested area in Auckland. It’s just an hour’s drive from the city via State Highway 1 so it’s a great day trip to take from Auckland!

One of the reasons this park is so popular with tourists is the stunning Hunua Falls, a 30-meter waterfall located just before Hunua village. An easy 5-minute walking trail leads to a lookout of the falls and is suitable for the whole family. You can also walk the slightly longer 20-minute Hunua Falls Lookout Walk to see a different perspective of the falls, this trail follows along the Wairoa river and also takes you through native bush, so it’s really scenic! 

Another great, but slightly longer walking trail here is the Suspension Bridge Loop Walk which will take 90 minutes to complete and is quite a strenuous uphill climb that includes views of the Wairoa dam. 

If you’re a bird-lover there are loads of native birds to be found here including one of the rarest birds in New Zealand – the kokako. As well as that near the river and pools in the park you may see the Hochstetter frog, one of the most unique frogs in the world. That’s because it doesn’t have webbed feet and doesn’t make any noise!

16. North Shore – Devonport to Long Bay

Browns Bay, New Zealand
Credit – Big Stock – mrcmos
  • Total Distance: 20 kilometers (12 miles), one-way
  • Time needed: 3 hours
  • What you need: Just the ferry or a car

When people come to Aucklanders, it sometimes feels like all they want to do is leave. However, Auckland’s North Shore provides a convenient but beautiful escape from the busy city.

From Auckland, it only takes about 20 minutes by car the reach the south end of North Shore which is Devonport. But, if you don’t have a car you can also take a ferry from downtown Auckland too. The ferry only takes 12 minutes and costs $7.50 each way for adults. There’s even a half-day cruise you can take from Auckland that explores many of the best parts of Devonport including stops at the Wintergardens and Holy Trinity Cathedral.

In Devonport, you can join the Explorer Bus and enjoy an hour’s drive around the area. They’ll take you to two volcanic cones on the tour and check out amazing views of Auckland city. Another great activity is to visit the Devonport Chocolate Factory or join the segway tour that will take you around the village of Devonport and to the summit of Mt. Victoria.

If you have a car or you don’t mind catching the bus, then you can head even further north and check out some of the beautiful beaches in the area including Cheltenham Beach, Narrow Neck Beach, Browns Bay, and Mairangi Bay. However, don’t let that stop you from exploring the coastal towns and beaches all the way to Long Bay!

I love this area of Auckland and for the most part, it remains a local secret, that is, until now!

Renting a Car or Campervan for your Auckland Day Trip

campervan hir in auckland
You can hire a campervan or car for one or two days easily in Auckland!

If you’re visiting Auckland from overseas then it’s likely you’ll need a rental car if you want to do some of the longer day trips from Auckland. Luckily, you can get rental cars in Auckland for a very reasonable price. To do a full search on all the cars available be sure to use They are the cheapest car rental search engine by far!

For motorhomes and campervans, there is a similar company called Motorhome Republic that lets you search every motorhome or campervan available in New Zealand. We also have a guide on how to rent a campervan in New Zealand that should be able to help you guide you through the process. These are more suitable for overnight trips where you might want to freedom camp and save money on a hotel!

Where to Stay in Auckland

city lodge auckland kitchen
The communal kitchen at City Lodge – a hotel with hostel communal facilities!

I have stayed at a few places in Auckland City and by far my favorite is City Lodge. This hotel is located in an ideal location, is kept extremely clean, and offers hotel-style rooms with access to a pristine kitchen and common area. Not to mention, they make some great efforts to be eco-friendly!

For their latest specials and availability, click here to check out City Lodge’s website!

Some other great rated places to stay in Auckland are:

Choice Backpackers – Great hostel located in the heart of Auckland CBD. Modern rooms with very budget-friendly privates and dorm beds!

HIT Hostel – Updated hostel that is clean and quiet with comfortable beds. Option to upgrade from shared dorm to private room. All rooms come with a patio and the shared kitchen is spacious.

Verandahs Parkside Lodge – Located next to all of the cafes and restaurants on the ever-popular Ponsonby Road in Western Park. High-speed wifi is available and there are two guest lounges to hang out in. Note, if mattress quality is a top priority don’t expect much.

Rydges Auckland – The Rydges Auckland is a beautiful hotel located near the Auckland mariner with harbor views. It’s a fantastic midrange option as rooms only start at $120 NZD per night and you can even upgrade to the king suite for only $280, a beautiful choice for those who can afford to!

Franklin38 – If you’re looking for a luxury stay this remodeled historical building with a delicious continental breakfast is a great choice. Rooms are spacious with huge bathtubs and provided robes to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Amazing and personable host who will pay attention to your needs.

If you didn’t find the right place for you that’s ok! You can view all the hotels available in Auckland here!

Thanks for reading!

Bailey sits in a Hobbit door at Hobbiton in New Zealand
Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading and I hope you now have some great day trips from Auckland to look forward to. If you have any questions about the info above or just have some words to share, please leave them below in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!

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