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5 BEST Cafes & Coffee Shops in Kelowna that you’ll love!

5 BEST Cafes & Coffee Shops in Kelowna that you’ll love!

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When you wake up on a warm sunny morning in the city of Kelowna, you are met with the fresh smell of pine trees and refreshing mountain air. And the first thing you’ll probably look for to start off your morning? Coffee of course!

Lucky for you, this city has no shortage of coffee shops. Not only are there plenty of things to do and see around Kelowna, like visiting one of several vineyards and wineries in Kelowna that make some of British Canada’s finest wines, but the food scene in Kelowna is also incredibly diverse.

Kelowna coffee shops offer everything from tasty dishes to delectable desserts, freshly baked treats, refreshing teas, and much-needed freshly ground coffee. Whether you’re in the mood for a light and airy cappuccino or a rich and creamy espresso, a soothing mint tea, or a cold smoothie – you’re sure to find a cafe in Kelowna that’ll hit the spot!

We’ve visited many of the Kelowna cafes and narrowed down some of our favorites. Come along with us on a grand tour of the 5 best coffee shops and cafes in Kelowna! 

The BEST Cafes and Coffee Shops in Kelowna  

1. Bright Jenny Coffee 

Coffees at Bright Jenny Cafe in Kelowna, BC
If you love strong coffee, you’ll love Bright Jenny! Photo credit: Bright Jenny Cafe
  • Location: 984 Laurel Ave, near the industrial area north of downtown
  • Type of food: Artisanal – specializing in Sourdough and Sando. Sit down or grab and go. 
  • Average cost per meal: $10 CAD 
  • Why we love it: Infused coffee blends, baked treats 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
  • Hours: Weekdays: 7am to 4pm and Weekends 8am to 4pm 

Step into this tasteful “Boho” designed corner café in Kelowna! This café is located a bit off the beaten track, in an area where the industrial side of Kelowna meets the commercial area. However, their location definitely does not deter customers from visiting frequently!

The atmosphere at Bright Jenny Cafe is warm and inviting, the staff is accommodating and joyful. The owners were also very friendly and provided great hospitality as well, which really added to our experience there. They even took the time to tell us a little bit about the history of the cafe, which was truly inspiring.

In addition, Bright Jenny is pet-friendly and even has an outside patio that is ideal on those warm sunny days with your dog in tow!

We loved the simplicity of the menu. Like the décor, their approach to food is “less is more”. The meals burst with all the flavors you can expect from artisanal food, plus it’s beautifully plated and tastes delicious. Although the menu is small, the variety caters to meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, so really anyone can find something they like here. 

A meal at Bright Jenny Coffee in Kelowna
Photo credit: Bright Jenny Coffee
Coffee and food at Bright Jenny Coffee in Kelowna, BC
Photo credit: Bright Jenny Coffee

Moving into their tasty baked treats – these are a must-have alongside your coffee choice! Spoil yourself with a muffin, a lemon square, or one of their many other freshly-baked goodies. I tried the date square, and it was the best I have ever eaten!   

Next up, coffee time! Bright Jenny Café coffee beans are ethically sourced and ground fresh daily. Their coffee blends include Columbian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Ethiopian beans. Choose from a variety of fruity-fresh coffee blends or a rich and smooth infused nutty chocolate or creme brulé. 

Finally, we were pleased to hear that sustainability at Bright Jenny Café plays an essential role for the owners. Customers are encouraged to stay and enjoy all they have to offer, however, you are also welcome to order a coffee or meal on the go- which is served in compostable containers. We also found out that their straws are made out of hay and are 100% recyclable.

You’ll definitely want to pop into this gem of a café in Kelowna while you’re in town! 

Have a look at their menu here!

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2. Pulp Fiction Coffee House 

Pulp Fiction Coffee House collection of books
Come have a coffee and check out the collection!
  • Location: 1598 Pandosy St, downtown Kelowna
  • Type of food: café style, meat and vegetarian options, sit down and grab and go 
  • Average cost per meal: $6 CAD to $10 
  • Why we love it: superb latte and breakfast bakes, organic loose leave teas, distinctive ambiance 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
  • Hours: Daily 8 am to 4 pm 

Get your retro groove on when you visit this cool and quirky Kelowna café! If you’re a bookworm or a lover of vintage novelties, this unique corner café is the perfect spot for you. Pulp Fiction Coffee House incorporates both the world of coffee and the passion for pulp fiction books, bookends, and exquisite antiques all in one place.  

Their colorful décor oozes retro, with the walls generously covered with pulp magazines and some extraordinary Art nouveau decor. You’ll instantly be transported back to the 70s when you step inside this cafe! Here, you can also explore a library of Pulp magazines and rare books from around the globe, and take a deep dive into our world’s history with their sizeable Victorian and Georgian antique collection.

Now, with all the excitement of my love for retro out of the way, let’s talk about what you can expect from the menu.  

Pulp Fiction Coffee House offers a variety of delicious meals that are all made in-house. Their grilled panini was delicious and is highly recommended alongside a hearty soup or chili. Their smoothies are also incredible! On a sunny day in Kelowna, we recommend sitting outside the grab-and-go kiosk area to soak up the sun on the patio while you enjoy your meal. 

A coffee at Pulp Fiction Coffee House 
Photo credit: Pulp Fiction Coffee House
Pulp Fiction Coffee House coffee
Photo credit: Pulp Fiction Coffee House

Clearly, coffee is a passion at this café. Pulp Fiction uses only the highest quality Arabica beans that are locally sourced and 100% organic. I have a weakness for Arabica coffee blends, so every sip was pure bliss. The latte is superb! If you’re not a coffee fan, this cafe also provides a selection of organic artisan tea that comes in elegantly hand-stitched pouches. We thought that this was a super original touch.

This “out-of-the-ordinary” café offers you more than a delicious meal and refreshment. To sum up, the owner and staff are friendly, and the service is top-notch. The space and vibe are inviting for all age groups.  

The locals here often bring their laptops along to get some studying or work done. If you are a visitor, put aside a few hours to indulge in the delicious food and explore iconic era memorabilia around the cafe. You can see why this incredible cafe made the top 5 of the best cafes in Kelowna!

Check out their menu here!

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3. Marmalade Cat Café 

Marmalade Cat Café in Kelowna front of house
Photo credit: Marmalade Cat Café 
  • Location: Pandosy Street Location (downtown) and Richer Street Location (Pandosy Village)
  • Type of food: café style, meat, and vegetarian, gluten-free options, sit down and grab and go 
  • Average cost per meal: $8 CAD 
  • Why we love it: cozy café with live music, all soups and baked goods are made from scratch 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
  • Hours: Daily 7 am to 5 pm. Friday open till 7 pm with live music. 

We also visited the Marmalade Cat Café on Pandosy Street the last tine we were in Kelowna. This delightful corner Kelowna coffee shop offers a cozy and old fashion charm. The café has had quite a few owners since its opening, so for this reason, there are mixed reviews online, but we really loved it when we went recently!

This centrally located Kelowna café uses bold color expressions on both the outside and the inside. You can’t help but feel happy with all the visual vibrancy this café’s decor offers!  Once inside, you will also notice the beautiful artwork adorning the interior walls.

The café has a close affiliation with The Kelowna Art Council, so most of the striking pieces of artwork that adorn its interior walls are made by talented local artists. The Art Council also books local musicians to entertain you at the Marmalade Cat Café every Friday evening from 5 pm to 7 pm. This harmonious blend of delicious food and music is a great way to start your weekend in Kelowna!

Food at The Marmalade Cat Cafe in Kelowna
Yum! Photo credit: The Marmalade Cat Cafe
a Coffee at The Marmalade Cat Cafe
Photo credit: The Marmalade Cat Cafe

We were welcomed by friendly staff members into a warm and inviting ambiance. I noticed the shelves filled to the brim with lots of tempting baked goods. The muffins caught my attention, and I am glad I ordered one! They are soft and packed with flavor without being too sweet.   

The café takes pride in using local fresh ingredients to make their soups from scratch, and each soup is served with a multi-grain bun. It’s a perfect size and just enough for lunch on the go! Their soups are hearty and delicious, and a perfect way to warm up when visiting Kelowna in the winter!

Both the breakfast and the lunch menu cater to meat-eaters and vegetarians. There are gluten-free options here for those with food allergies.  

The food here has an old-fashioned traditional coffee shop meets modern café feel. It’s a perfect blend of simple, fresh and healthy ingredients with a “feel like home” touch.

So, keep an eye out for the Marmalade Cat Café in Kelowna when visiting Pandosy Street or Richer Street! 

View the breakfast menu online here!

In the mood for lunch? Check out their lunch menu here.

4. Bean Scene 

Bean Scene Kelowna coffee
Photo credit: Bean Scene Kelowna
Bean scene cookies in Kelowna
Photo credit: Bean Scene Kelowna
  • Location: Four locations in Kelowna. Landmark Centre, Downtown, North-downtown Kelowna, and Pandosy Village
  • Type of food: café style, in-house bakery, sit down and grab and go 
  • Average cost per meal: $8 to $12 CAD 
  • Why we love it: Third-wave coffee shop 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
  • Hours: Daily 7 am to 5 pm. Weekends 8 am to 5 pm (hours may vary from shop to shop) 

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! Bean Scene Cafe is a third-wave coffee shop in Kelowna. Third-wave coffee shops are known to slowly roast their locally sourced coffee beans, in order to accentuate the flavors and produce the highest possible quality coffee. The Bean Scene definitely carries this title with much enthusiasm!

Bean Scene has four locations in Kelowna but their landmark location (and the one we visited) is located on Dickenson Ave. If you have a keen interest in the evolution of coffee, this Kelowna coffee shop is a must-visit. The coffee aroma is distinct as soon as you approach the door, the smells of freshly-ground coffee literally pull you into this place!  

This pet-friendly “industrial” style cafe design is airy and spacious, with the option to sit outside with your four-legged friend if you choose to bring them along. This café uses an exclusive “steam-punk” style veteran Probot roaster to slow roast their coffee beans, which provides for ultimate coffee drinking satisfaction. Customers at Bean Scene are invited to witness the magic of this slow roasting process!  

You can expect the same high quality with the treats served from their in-house bakery. This Kelowna café works closely with local suppliers and farmers for their ingredients and does not use hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrups, so you can assure that any baked treat you order alongside your coffee is definitely a healthier option.  

The atmosphere at Bean Scene is upbeat and in line with a big city vibe. The staff is friendly and eager to share their third-wave coffee knowledge. It’s also an ideal spot for local businesses to bring their guests, for a coffee-drinking sensation next to none.

Note: Unlike some of the other cafes on this list, the Bean Scene Cafe does not provide an alternative menu for customers with gluten intolerances. Be sure to let the staff know about any food allergies you have before ordering!   

Keep an eye out while in the city for the Bean Scene, one of the best coffee shops in Kelowna! 

View their website here! 

5. Sprout Bread  

Sprout Bread Cafe in Kelowna coffee
Photo credit: Sprout Bread Cafe
  • Location: 1295 Cannery Ln #125, downtown Kelowna
  • Type of food: Artisanal, specializing in sprouted sourdough; sit down and grab and go 
  • Average cost per meal: $9 CAD 
  • Why we love it: excellent sprout bread options, appealing menu 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
  • Hours: Daily from 7:30am – 4:30pm 

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful café in Kelowna on Cannery Lane! Sprout Bread Café is another stylish Boho café frequented by locals and travelers alike. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the smell of freshly baked bread will awaken your palette even before seeing their menu! 

I love a loaf of good sourdough bread, so I was excited to learn that all the bread at this café is sprouted sourdough. Anyone with a sensitivity to grain digestion and on the lookout for somewhere to indulge in some bread – this is your spot for sure!  

Let’s get into the menu – the variety of options on the menu cater to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. In addition, there are some compelling vegan options too. The meal ingredients are fresh, and their dishes are well-plated and bursting with flavor.

Sprout Bread Cafe meals and drinks
Photo credit: Sprout Bread Cafe
Sprout Bread Cafe meal
Photo credit: Sprout Bread Cafe

Their variety of infused coffee blends makes for a satisfying drinking experience, and their muffins and savory scones definitely won me over! My favorite is the Cranberry Walnut and the Olive & Herb de Provence. It’s freshly toasted with butter and a layer of their Le Meadows pantry jam. So good! 

This Kelowna coffee shop also has many bread options for you to take home.

The team is super friendly and made up of a group of passionate bakers, so this place is a popular breakfast spot for cyclists and bikers in town. Sprout Bread is centrally located and is right next door to BNA Brewing Co., one of the best breweries in Kelowna. Be sure to pop over to taste some craft beers after your lunch at Sprout Bread!

You simply have to include this Kelowna café in your coffee shop exploration!

View their delicious menu here! 

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Bailey and Daniel take a photo together at another winery in Kelwona
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The people of Kelowna are big foodies, and it really shows in their selection of cafés! Their passion for supporting local and fresh, healthy ingredients is evident, and the staff always aims to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’re planning a trip to Kelowna, these 5 cafes simply must be on the bucket list! 

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