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13 BEST Kelowna Breweries – Where to Drink Craft Beer in Kelowna

13 BEST Kelowna Breweries – Where to Drink Craft Beer in Kelowna

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Kelowna, a city nestled in the Okanagan Valley famous for its wine and cider, has been steadily gaining notoriety for a new kind of fermentation brew. In the last quarter of a century, this city has hitched itself to the ever-growing craft brewery scene. Originating with Tree Brewing in 1966, it has since grown into a vibrant grove of eclectic and unique breweries in the North End of Kelowna and beyond.  

The biggest problem about gearing up to visit the breweries in Kelowna…is deciding which brewery to hit first! Luckily, Kelowna’s craft brewery scene is made up of so many unique locations and brews, you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Try bowling and a brew at BNA, try the Don’t Give a Hoot Ale at an authentic 1920’s barn at Barn Owl, or clock off for the day and grab a Nine-to-Five Pale Ale at The Office (the kind of office where beers ARE the agenda).

Craft beer lovers, hold onto your pints, as we dive into 13 of the best in this ever-growing thicket of breweries in Kelowna.

How to Best Visit Breweries in Kelowna 

tasting flights in Kelowna, BC
Ready to taste a lot of beer?!

Many of the breweries in Kelowna are based in the North End and are within easy walking distance from one another. If you want to treat yourself to a weekend getaway of beer tasting, try booking in at the Sunset Waterfront Resort only a short walk to the North End breweries. However, as so many are springing up all around town, those in other parts of town are only accessible by car. 

If you really want to enjoy all of Kelowna’s best breweries without limiting yourself to one drink with dinner or needing to catch a taxi (there are no Ubers here yet) the other option I recommend is to join a tour! Not only are they super fun but they are also a way more unique way to learn about what you are drinking and gain some insights into the culture of Kelowna.

There are a few different tours offered in Kelowna but the tour that I think would be the most universally loved is the Kelowna North End Food and Beer Tour. In addition to trying new beers and breweries who wouldn’t also love to sample food too? On this tour 3-hour tour that costs $145 CAD, you’ll visit 3 different breweries including Kettle River Brewing Co, Rustic Reel Brewing, and BNA Brewing (all mentioned on my list) but not before checking out a bakery and cheese shop. You definitely won’t feel like you’re lacking on this tour!

If you would rather do a tour that’s way more food heavy I’d check out this Downtown Kelowna Walking Food Tour instead. It includes 7 different tastings and drinks from 8 different locations. The lone brewery you will visit on this tour is BNA Brewing to try their famous housemade beer or wine spritzers. This tour only costs $83 CAD making it the most affordable tour that I will mention.

For those of you who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, this Okanagan Brewery and Distillery Bike Tour is for you! While riding the area’s infamous Kettle Valley Railway Trail you’ll visit two distilleries and two breweries which are Cannery Brewing and Abandon Rail Brewing Co. Time to enjoy lunch has also been allotted inside of this itinerary.

The only downside to this tour is that it is rather expensive at $211.50 CAD but it does include the bike rentals, safety equipment, a picnic lunch, a guide, and a shuttle to the start of the trailhead and pick-up at the end. The tastings are an additional cost to you. However, booking this tour is worth it for a relaxing ride with stunning views on top of getting to try some new beers!

Do you love wine as much as beer? Read our blog all about going on a wine tour in Kelowna or the wine tours available in Penticton!

13 BEST Breweries in Kelowna 

1. Red Bird Brewing

two women enjoying beers at the outdoor patio at Red Bird Brewing in Kelowna, BC
My sister and I enjoying beers at one of our favorite breweries in Kelowna!
  • Location: North End (1086 Richter St)
  • Serves Food: Yes. The onsite food truck serves cheap and tasty dishes. 
  • Come here for: Live local music 

Red Bird Brewing is a small intimate craft brewery, easily spotted from the street with its red and white bird mural, is home to a vibrant live music scene. They are proud supporters of musicians and the power of live music (which we can’t contend with!)

Pair their German-style Lady of the Lake Lager (5% abv) with a twist of the classic hot dog from the food truck menu or the Irish Tomb Stout (4.5% abv) with the mac and cheese paninis. They like keeping the food menu simple with all items starting at $12 CAD each.  

Red Bird Brewing is a local favorite brewery in Kelowna, and when I was last there, not only was the place full (on a Tuesday!) but locals were pulling up and grabbing beer-to-go too. The outdoor patio area is the perfect place to people-watch on the street.

Hot Tip: Located in the North End Brewery District, Red Bird Brewing makes a great stop on any self-guided walking beer “tour” in the area. Many of the breweries on this list are within a five-minute walk so you can easily check out a few breweries all at once!

2. BNA Brewing Co. and Eatery

the bolwoing alley at BNa Brewing in Kelowna, BC
BNA Brewing has an attached bowling alley so you can enjoy their craft beer while you bowl – how cool is that?! Photo Credit: BNA Brewing
  • Location: Central City (1250 Ellis St) 
  • Serves Food: Yes. A full menu that is raved about! This might just be the best brewery in Kelowna when it comes to food.
  • Come here for: Brew and a Bowl 

Rated in the top ten of all restaurants in Kelowna on Tripadvisor and Travelers Choice 2021, BNA Brewing is a definite contender for anyone looking to check out Kelowna’s craft brewery and food scene.

Cozy up in the tasting room with its eclectic decor with sofas and chairs that make it feel like it’s taken from the set of Friends. Known best for their variety of sours and lagers, be sure to check out the Regatta Beach Sour Club (4.2%abv) and the 76 Wolverine Lager (4.8%abv). 

If you’re looking to grab a bite, you can enjoy the Asian street food-themed nibbles at Boxcar in the tasting room or head next door to the eatery for a full menu and service (prices range $4-$18 CAD).

Not ready to go home? finish the day with bowling next door. That’s right, a brew and bowl – what a great combination! In fact, many consider this to be one of the best things to do in Kelowna and I couldn’t agree more.

BNA really is a one-stop-shop when it comes to beer, food, and entertainment! 

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3. Kelowna Beer Institute

man trying beers at the Kelowna Beer Institute
Dan trying a few different beers at the Kelowna Beer Institute
  • Location: Cultural District (1346 Water St in downtown Kelowna)
  • Serves Food: Yes. The pizza here is delicious! 
  • Come here for: View of the water 

Kelowna Beer Institute, formerly known as Tree Brewing Institute, has recently rebranded but still holds its original location in the grassroots spot down by the water. Known for its tank-to-tap lineup of experimental beer that is on constant rotation, expect to be surprised.

Sit indoors or take a seat on their patio seating. They serve a mean perogy pizza or you make your own, with dishes ranging from $9-$19 CAD.

I personally love visiting Kelowna Beer Institute for its convenient location downtown and variety of new beers to try. They always have a selection of “fruity” beers to try as well as IPAs (my fav!) I usually get a tasting paddle when I visit consisting of four different beers so I can see which one I like the best. Then, buy it to-go at their attached storefront. You can also buy some cool-looking merch here.

4. Kelowna Brewing Company

beer and food with a view at Kelowna Brwing Company
Beer with a view? Yes please! Photo Credit: Kelowna Brewing Company
  • Location: 122-975 Academy Way
  • Serves Food: Yes. Burgers, nachos, and other pub-style food.
  • Come here for: relaxed patio views of Kelowna 

Kelowna Brewing Company is a welcomed break from the busy downtown North End, and a great place to relax and enjoy the patio views of Kelowna. This is one of the only breweries in Kelowna with a scenic location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kelowna Brewing Company is known for their staple Two Five Oh Common (5.1% abv) – this California Commons style lager ferments at a higher temperature to offer a more complex flavor and is equally great by itself or paired with food. 

Enjoy your beer with the local favorite KBC Burger or one of the wide selection of burgers, nachos, and other meals from between $15-25 CAD. 

5. Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

a tasting paddle at Vice and virtue Brewing co in Kelowna
Time for tasting! Photo Credit: Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.
  • Location: North End (1033 Richter St) 
  • Serves Food: Yes. Snacks, sandwiches, and the crowd favorite, charcuterie boards. They also have Sunday brunch.
  • Come here for: Unique beer with a creative flair

Creativity at the seat of everything at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. They love partnering up with local artists and companies to create unique offerings like the recent Aww Shucks Oyster Stout (5.6% abv) – a dark heavy beer with a semi-sweet taste. 

Other crowd favorites include the Raspberry Love Potion “Berliner Vice” (4% abv), which has become one of Okanagan’s favorite sour beers. Pair it with a charcuterie or cheese board for $25 CAD and sit back and enjoy the ambiance in this modern-styled interior. 

Another opportune time to visit is for their weekly Sunday Brunch which runs from 11 am to 4 pm. You’ll find items like Bagels and Lox, Cinnamon Roll French Toast, and the Bodega Breakfast Sandwich that comes with hashbrowns, eggs, cheddar, spicy chipotle mayo, and green onions. Paired with a mimosa or shandy and I’m in heaven!

They also have Mimosa Kits for $60 CAD that includes a bottle of prosecco and either orange or mango juice.

For real beer connoisseurs, this is easily one of the best breweries in Kelowna that you need to check out!

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6. The Office

inside at The Office brewery in Kelowna's North End
You can see the brewery right from the restaurant!

Location: North End (#301 – 890 Clement Ave)

Serves Food: Yes. Their light bites are the most popular and great for sharing.

Come here for: Casual craft beers and a modern indoor-ambiance

The Office is one of Kelowna’s newer breweries! With its colorful chic interior and post-it note theme, it brings together work and play that is sure to be “your best meeting of the week”. Try their staple Nine-to-Five Pale Ale (5.5% abv) or their Paper Jam Lime Passionfruit Sour (5% abv) and unwind for the day. All of their beers have an office-themes name – great conversation starters or just for a laugh.

Enjoy an assortment of gourmet light bites or choose from their short but sweet selection of mains like their mac and cheese and their house-made pasta and duck ranging from $5-25 CAD. 

The Office also has daily specials, on Monday’s take advance of $10 CAD flights, Tuesday or Thursday grab an 18oz craft beer for $1 CAD off, Wednesday try a cocktail flight for $17 CAD, and Sunday munch on a $7 CAD Caesar salad with a $9.75 CAD 9oz wine.

7. Jackknife Brewing

pizza and a beer at Jackknife Brewing in Kelowna
Pizza and beer is the perfect combo if you ask! Photo Credit: Jackknife Brewing
  • Location: North End (727 Baillie Ave)
  • Serves Food: Yes. Pizza, pizza, and more PIZZA!
  • Come here for: Pizza and unique Kveik style brews

Their slogan “Weird beer. Classic pizza” is exactly what you can expect when it comes to Jackknife Brewing. In addition to being a self-proclaimed safe space for BIPOC LQBTQ2S+, they are one of the few places in Kelowna using Kveik (a series of centuries-old strains of yeasts) and traditional brewing techniques – which gives their beer a uniquely Nordic taste. 

Try their Wizard Sticks Nordic IPA or Hammer of Doom, a Canadian imperial stout infused with maple syrup. You can also grab a horror movie-themed pizza like The Crippler and The Impaler for $18-$20 CAD. Bring your weird self and enjoy this eccentric pub! It’s unique and unlike any other brewery you’ll find in Kelowna.

8. Barn Owl Brewing

the patio at Barn Owl Brewing in Kelowna
The patio is the place to be on a sunny day! Photo Credit: Barn Owl Brewing
  • Location: Lower Mission of Kelowna (102-4629 Lakeshore Rd)
  • Serves Food: Yes. A variety of food trucks.
  • Come here for: Quaint barn vibes and food trucks

Barn Owl Brewing is located in a 1921 heritage barn. Not only is the building unique, but the brewery is owned by a doctor, a teacher, and a church worker who just happen to love craft beer and followed their tastebuds to create this iconic Kelowna brewery. Try the local favorites, Don’t Give a Hoot pale ale (5.5% abv), or their Wise Owl Nitro stout (4% abv) and you’re sure to be impressed.

They like to keep it fresh, with each night of the week offering a different food truck cuisine and can include anything from tacos to ramen. They also have been known to offer yoga classes in the loft; where guests can get their zen on and finish with a post-practice flight for $25 CAD. 

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9. Unleashed Brewing Co.

the outside of Unleashed Brewing in Kelowna, BC
This is one of Kelowna’s newest breweries located in the North End.
  • Location: North End (207-880 Clement Ave)
  • Serves Food: No
  • Come here for: Enjoy a beer with your furry friends

Kelowna and its aptly named and pun-tastic breweries does not stop with Unleashed Brewing. One of the newest additions to Kelowna breweries offers a canine-inspired selection of craft beers that are designed to leave you drooling just like our favorite furry friends. Try their Fuggley Dog red ale (5.6% abv), a beer dedicated to the dogs that are so ugly they are cute. 

Of course, it is also canine-friendly! Dogs are currently welcome both inside and out on the patio (the first brewery in B.C. to be approved for this!) and if you ask, your dog will even be provided with a dog bed so they can be comfortable while you relax and enjoy your brews. Just make sure to follow their basic rules to keep this a success.

What’s better is that they also aim to provide support to local animal shelters and homes for rescue dogs. 

10.  Copper Brewing Co.

a hot dog and beer from Copper Brewing Co in Kelowna
Their hot dogs are so yummy! Photo Credit: Copper Brewing Co.
  • Location: Landmark District  (#102-1851 Kirschner Rd)
  • Serves Food: Yes. Unique hot dogs including the Tace Dog and Pizza Dog!
  • Come here for: Video games and a beer with friends (and cuddles with Porter, the Bernese mountain dog!)

Copper Brewing is a classic pub with a modern twist – its timber table tops and copper accents come with a video game area! Try a wide range of craft beers from The Porter brewed with a heavy dose of crystal malts (6% abv) to the Strawberries and Cream Wheat Ale (5% abv).

Enjoy a beer, and a gourmet hotdog for $17 CAD, and play a game or two. If you can plan it out accordingly Copper Brewing does have Happy Hour with beer and food specials on Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 5 pm and Saturday from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a pup wandering around either! This pub was named after the family dog Copper, who sadly passed away prior to the brewery opening. However, since then Porter, another Bernese, has become the resident brewery dog! 

Since this brewery is located outside of downtown, you’ll find parking easily. It is a popular local hangout.

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11.  Wild Ambition Brewing 

merch store at Wild Ambition Brewing
Grab some delicious beer to-go! Photo Credit: Wild Ambition Brewing
  • Location: 3314 Appaloosa Rd
  • Serves Food: Yes
  • Come here for: Creative craft beer made with mostly local ingredients

As the only brewery in the interior of BC that has a focus on bottle-conditioned mixed fermentation ales, it’s no wonder they are wildly ambitious! Wild Ambition Brewing combines historical brewing methods with modern locally sourced ingredients to create their “Wildly Creative Craft Beer”.

Try one of their barrel-aged beers like A Suggestion of Dark Places, their barrel-aged merlot sour (5.8% abv); or their Ulpia Severina, barrel-aged sour with empress plums (6% abv).

The renovations to their tasting room have been completed so now you can pull up a chair at the bar, lounge on one of the couches by the fireplace, or sit at a table with your group and nibble on some of their light bites. You can expect to find paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches, burritos, and wraps. There’s something for those who eat plant-based and vegan too!

If you aren’t feeling like beer or want to double fist you can also order a gourmet espresso-based drink as they proudly serve local Bright Jenny coffee.

12.  Rustic Reel Brewing Company

the outside of Rustric Reel Brewing Co in Kelowna
Their building is huge!
  • Location: North End (760 Vaughan Ave)
  • Serves Food: Yes. A large menu catering to those with dietary requirements.
  • Come here for: Rustic vibes and inclusive dietary requirements 

This rustic brewery with its tin paneling and wooden decor, tall ceilings, and huge patio gives the feeling that you have retreated to a farm lodge without having to take a step out of the city. Rustic Reel Brewing Company is an IPA fans’ dream with their robust range including their Black (7% abv), West Coast (6.5%abv), Easy (4.5% abv), and Hazy (6% abv). 

Looking to eat? At Rustic Reel the sausage flight is a crowd favorite but if that’s not your jam, they also offer a range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. They also offer gluten-reduced beers such as their pale ale (4.3%) and easy IPA (4.5%) which are suitable for those with minor gluten intolerances.

Rustic Rell Brewing Company is located in a large building with a wrap-around patio – perfect for summer beers in the sun! Even if you’re visiting Kelowna in the winter the large indoor seating area makes this the perfect brewery to visit. The location on the North End also makes it easy to visit along with many other Kelowna breweries on this list.

13.  Bad Tattoo

inside of Bad Tattoo brewery and restaurant in Kelowna
The modern inside bar area at Bad Tattoo Kelowna. Photo Credit: Bad Tattoo
  • Location: North End (740 Clement Ave)
  • Serves Food: Yes. The pizzas are delicious!
  • Come here for: Unique seasonal beers and limited releases

This Penticton business has recently opened its second location as part of the ever-growing craft beer scene in Kelowna. Bad Tattoo a dynamic range of craft beers ranging from their year-round Mexican-inspired Los Muertos (5% abv) and Counterflow Citrus Circus Hazy IPA (6.8% abv) as well as their range of seasonals like their Patio Pink Lemonade (4.8%), Mango Chilli Lime (4.5% abv), and their Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter (6%abv). 

You can also grab a bite from their range of Italian and Canadian starters, salads, and pizzas ranging from $8-25 CAD. 

Enjoy the beer so much you want to take it home with you? Well, luckily you can sign up for their beer club where every two weeks they create a limited release that you can purchase to be delivered to you at home! A superb addition to Kelowna’s craft brewery district. 

Bad Tatoo is arguably one of the most popular breweries in Kelowna. The large venue and outdoor patio are always buzzing and it is a popular spot for lunch and dinner too with an extensive menu that features gourmet pizzas.

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Best Kelowna Brewery Tours

Kettle Valley Rail Trail in Penticton
Kettle Valley Rail Trail in Penticton

If you want to hit the city’s top breweries without having to Uber or assign a designated driver one of these tour options would be a great alternative to get around Kelowna and allow everyone to relax and have a fun time!

  • Kelowna North End Food and Beer Guided Tourthis 3-hour tour costs $145 CAD hops between River Brewing Co, Rustic Reel Brewing, and BNA Brewing, and on top of that enjoy a coffee and a baked good from a local cafe and sample a variety of Canadian cheeses from a cheese shop. It’s such a great value for the price!
  • Spirited Brews Bike Cruisebike the breathtaking Kettle Valley Railway Trail by following your guide and along the way stop off at 4 awesome breweries and distilleries and enjoy a yummy provided picnic lunch. This tour is the ultimate win as you get to burn off all of those liquid calories. For the guide, transport to the trail, bike rental, safety equipment, and lunch the $211 CAD I would have to say that the price tag is worth it! Note: samples at each stop are at your own cost.
  • Food Tour with Tastings and Drinks in Downtown Kelownathe tour for foodies that has an element of beer! You will get to try 7 different generously portioned samples and drinks from 8 different locations including BNA Brewing. There’s also much to learn about the culture of the Okanagan and your guide will show you many cool gardens, statues, and gardens around town. It cost $83 CAD to go on the tour which is pretty reasonable if you ask me!

Other Things to do While in Kelowna

Hanging out on Okanagan Lake on our pontoon tour
Hanging out on Okanagan Lake on our pontoon tour

Here’s just a glimpse at some of the other amazing activities and tours you can get up to during your time in this beautiful parkland!

  • Flyboarding From a water-propelled flyboard you will fly above Okanagan Lake taking in the views while experiencing the thrill that comes with being around 1.5-3.7 meters (5-12 feet) in the air and zipping around at high speeds. While it seems intimidating it is actually extremely easy for beginners and it usually doesn’t take more than 10 minutes for most people to catch on! Flyboarding costs $127 CAD and is one of the most popular and highly-rated things to do in Kelowna during the summertime!
  • Kettle Valley Trail at Myra Canyon – bike riding the Kettle Valley Trail around the Myra Canyon is one of the most popular activities in Kelowna, BC. What was once a railway for trains is now the most scenic trail for cyclists or walkers. You can either rent bikes for around $39 CAD from the start of the trail at Myra Canyon Provincial Park (40 minutes from Kelowna) or join this guided bike tour for $225 CAD that includes learning about the history as you go, lunch at Chute Lake, and a complimentary tasting at a winery once you finish the 74-kilometer (46 miles) ride in Pemberton (don’t stress about the length, the trail is at a gradual decline).
  • Go boating – when in Kelowna, getting out on Okanagan Lake is a must, and going boating is one of the more fun ways to spend the day! In particular, I love pontoon boats because they’re made for entertaining and there’s plenty of room to move around. We headed out on this privately captained pontoon cruise and had an amazing time soaking up the sun and swimming at secluded beaches. The cost is $960 CAD for a 3-hour rental or $1,770 CAD for a 6-hour rental and they can hold up to 11 people.
  • Go on a food tour – The Okanagan Valley is all about fresh produce and all of the treats made with it. With that in mind, it’s no surprise a food tour is one of the best things to do in Kelowna. This highly rated food tour costs about $83 CAD per person and includes 7-8 different tastings around downtown Kelowna. You’re guaranteed to be stuffed!
  • Visit beaches – Be a beach bum at one of Kelowna’s beautiful beaches. We’ve visited so many beaches in the area that I lost count of them all. However, I did have some clear favorites that include Hot Sands Beach, Tugboat Beach, and Dog Beach.

Where to Stay in Kelowna, BC

outside of Hotel Zed in Kelowna, BC
The very colorful and beautiful Hotel Zed in Kelowna, BC!
Photo courtesy of Hotel Zed.

Good-value accommodation can be hard to come by in Canada. However, we have been traveling long enough to know where to look and who to trust. Here are some of the best-rated places to stay in Kelowna for all budgets!

Low budget

Kelowna International Hostel – This is easily your best budget option. This hostel is centrally located and although it’s not fancy, it’s only $90 CAD for a private room or only $35 CAD for a bunk. You can make your own free pancakes every morning and they have fun weekly events like Tuesday pasta night! It’s also highly rated as a clean hostel with friendly staff. You can book a room on here.

Samesun Kelowna – The last decent budget hotel around the $100 mark is this place. The reviews are really good and the property is quite modern. The location is perfect if you want to be close to downtown and they include a free breakfast. You can easily book a room on either or

Medium Budget

Dilworth Inn – I personally stayed at the Dilworth Inn. This place is a great medium-budget option that’s a little out of the city center but very close to the farmers market and other great amenities. They also have an indoor pool, spa, and sauna!

High Budget

Hillcrest Farm Market – If you don’t mind staying a little out of the city then you may just fall in love with the Hillcrest. Its located 8km from the city center but is beautifully located. It’s around $250 per night but includes an awesome breakfast!

Delta Hotels Grand Okanagan Resort – This is the best high-budget hotel in Kelowna. It does come at a hefty price of $420 a night but it’s superbly located. It has both an indoor and outdoor pool as well as an onsite casino! If you can afford it, treat yourself!

For more info, check out our blog about where to stay in Kelowna, BC!

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Thanks for reading!

friends trying craft beer in Kelowna BC
A day of trying craft beer in Kelowna with my (Bailey’s) sister!
Thanks for reading our blog and we hope you find some breweries that you love from this blog!

All in all, whether you prefer the simple joys of an outdoor patio with a view or seek out the quirky and unique craft beers, tasting rooms, and experiences, Kelowna is a great addition to any craft beer lover’s Okanagan Ale Trail itinerary.

Hopefully, this blog about the best breweries in Kelowna helps you narrow down your favorites so you can spend your time in Kelowna doing what’s most important: enjoying the very best of Kelowna craft beer!

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